About Machine Handyman

Machine Handyman is a site dedicated to providing authentic and accurate reviews of hand tools, power tools, DIY machinery, and accessories.

Whether you are building, upgrading, or fixing something in your home or business, you need a go-to resource to help you find the right equipment for the job.

Don’t waste your money on the wrong piece of equipment for the job that will sit in your garage for the next 10 years gathering dust!

Our passion is to help our readers identify the equipment they need for their activities and to provide helpful guides on how to complete a range of DIY projects.

So, never waste another dollar on the wrong tool! Follow along with Machine Handyman for the latest tips, advice, and recommended products!

Machine Handyman is operated by Sam Morgan, a general contractor based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sam loves hand tools, power tools, machinery, and DIY gadgets of all shapes and sizes!

He is always researching the different types of home improvement tools that will get the best results. This site will cover products like power drills, air compressors, saws, nail guns, screw guns, grinders, cutting tools, and many more.

Thanks so much for visiting my site, I hope you find it useful and helpful!


Sam Morgan – General Contractor.