7 Best Air Compressor for Nail Gun

If you are a professional DIY then you must need the best air compressor for nail gun. Nail gun is a tool that works with air pressure. To get the optimum pressurised air power, you must look for an air compressor to execute such power. An air compressor should have some features that perform great wherever you want to use it like framing or nailing.

As your job is residential DIY then, taking an air compressor for nail gun is wise decision as you have to go for nailing tasks. Here, investing a few bucks will be okay. On the contrary, for aggressive DIY propose a tough one with maximum PSI is a must.

Handyman’s Pick: 3 Best Air Compressor for Nail Gun

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor Color: Yellow
Model Name: CMEC6150K
16.5 x 16.5 x 17.88 inches
6 Gallons
32.5 Pounds
Check Price
backpac BOSTITCH Air Compressor Kit Color: Orange
Power Source: Corded Electric
16.9 x 16.5 x 19.1 inches
6 Gallons
29 Pounds
Check Price
cordlessblower DEWALT Pancake Color: Silver
Power Source: Corded Electric
16 x 16 x 17.5 inches
6 Gallons
120 Volts
Check Price

How do you anticipate which air compressor for nail gun is best for nailer jobsite? Well, the good idea is to buy an air compressor which confirms heavy duty at the same time it mobilizes from one place to another. However, the more powerful it is, the less it will lug around. Considering your pain points, you should adjust between them.

As you get to see, there are so many varieties with the air compressor, so time comes up to navigate through this article. Here we will disclose all the best compressor for nail gun like which are portable, compact and serve the heavy-duty task, so keep reading.

Top Pick Air Compressor

Air Compressor for Nail Gun

CRAFTSMAN: Best Air Compressor for Nail Gun

  • With the 6-gallon tank, it can enforce huge power without interruption and do regular work.
  • The air compressor deliver 150PSI maximum pressure, so it will perform stress-free with nail guns.
  • It comes with all accessories like air hose, tire chuck, blow gun, nozzle, rubber tip, etc.
  • An oil-free engine with pancake tank style and company ensures 1-year of Warranty.

Craftsman CMEC6150K is the best compressor for nail guns in terms of delivering the maximum PSI. Turns out, it is unforgiving to unleash the huge pressure. After researching a number of tools, we find it as a great bait for ensuring tight air fittings while fixing house decks, roofs and many more.

Aside from the high PSI rate, it is also a go-to option for you while you are in the middle of a tough nailing task. For that, you can engage it in both operations while precision and speed matter. Afterwards, we get to see. it is feasible enough to use all-around the year. Because it never faces an issue under any different climate condition.

After delving in many features, the best part we unravel of the craftsman is- its oil-free superior engine, so it lasts longer and requires zero maintenance cost or effort.

  • Comes with additional tools.
  • Enforce huge capacity.
  • Feasible and easy to apply.
  • Free from combustion hassle.

  • The Air compressor machine is not configurable to other tools apart from Craftsman.
  • The powerful compressor seems bulky and heavyweight.

Runner Up

Air Compressor for Nailer

BOSTITCH: Best Air Compressor for Nailer

  • The air compressor has 6 gallons of air tank that can produce a 150PSI air pressure.
  • It is designed with the tough PCV blend air hose which is abrasion and temperature resistant.
  • The air compressor comes with the maximum number of blow guns-10 along with another accessory kit.
  • It produces low noise, not more than 80 dBA.

After Craftsman, the Bostitch is another great bait with the immersive 150PSI rate. For that, it brings a huge capacity for your nailing work. The motor functionality is top of the world because of two reasons. First off, you can use the air compressor for framing nail gun, then it runs for a long time without disruption. Let’s not forget to say, the motor produces minimum noise as well.

Aside from the motor efficiency, this tool is great for upbringing all sorts of required components. This pneumatic tool has some advanced tools like nozzles and rubber tips which are superb functional for your nailing work. Although the 6-gallons compressor seems heavy, it serves multiple tasks so you can find it portable with the longer hose connection.

Bostitch makes the unit environmentally friendly since it never leaks harmful chemicals during the combustion. Again, the 80-dBA operational noise makes the working environment somewhat less noisy.

  • Reduces the risk of oil stains.
  • No need to maintain it on a daily basis.
  • Comes with the maximum air tools.
  • Low noise production.

  • The blow gun may fail while chucking assembly.
  • Complicated to use for novice users.
  • It is not for versatile operation aside from cleaning work.

Premium Pick

Pancake Air Compressor for Nail Gun

DEWALT: Pancake Air Compressor for Nail Gun

  • The efficient motor of the air compressor easily gets started in cold or hot weather. So, you can use nail guns in cold weather easily.
  • It comes with a reduced noise level of up to 75.5 dBA.
  • Enforced with the maximum PSI up to 165 and all essential tools.
  • It is equipped with the powerful cable ensures safe electricity flow.

Dewalt has broken the record of previous air compressors in terms of enforcing huge power as it comes with 165 maximum PSI. It is an outstanding air compressor which has designed to do any sorts of technical work of your residence, warehouse, garage and many more places. Due to its maximum power capacity, it is an ideal air compressor gun for crucial nailing work.

The best part of it- the motor comes with the universal supported power cable. The maximum cable enforces 120V therefore, from the distance of 12″ you can easily regulate the air-flow without any interference. Again, the power supply seems stable without pitfalls.

The unit unleashes tons of power but comparatively, it is pretty lightweight The sleek handle designed for portability. Therefore, it is easy to lug around the workplace and you find it pretty convenient while using.

  • Durable fittings without a thin wall.
  • Portable and handy to lug around.
  • Brings the maximum PSI.
  • Comes with a Warranty.

  • Hard to put together as it brings extra pressure.
  • Switching between high to low pressure is not that easy.

Best Overall

Air Compressor for Nailer

PORTER-CABLE: Air Compressor for Nailer

  • It comes with a low-amp (120V) motor which starts in cold winter.
  • Get started with the 90 PSI and easily accelerate up to 150PSI.
  • Available with all accessories like, drain valve, rubber feet, hoses, two-side connectors, etc
  • Oil-free six gallons pancake-oriented tank.

Porter-cable is a popular choice due to its lightweight design, so you can easily bring it to the Jobsite without much hassle. Afterwards, the speciality of its- acceleration to reach the highest PSI. It takes a few moments to raise the PSI up to 150. This is an oil-free compressor and it is shaped like a pancake in which you can compress gas up to six gallons.

The oil-free tank comes with some additional tools which you won’t need to purchase. So it includes, rubber feet, a water drain, and a long hose. Here is why you can start your work from scratch. Let not forget to tell you, the 2-regulated air couples sound handy to support two users at a time. So, you can engage another hand apart from your effort as well.

Additionally, this superb compressor supports the latest shroud, console cover, ergonomic handle which pave the way to provide optimum performance. Overall, if you want to buy a compact compressor that will easily travel around your home then this one is the best trade. Lastly, the durability will charm you when you will use it for residential purpose, even though it costs a bit high.

  • Easily kick-start to the max PSI
  • Works well in all conditions.
  • Easily take to the job sites.
  • Ergonomic design for portability.

  • Sounds loud and somewhat harsh.
  • Vibrates randomly however, the rubber feet keep it stable on the feet.

Best Ergonomic

Best Air Compressor for Nail Gun

DEWALT: Best Air Compressor for Nail Gun

  • It comes with the ergonomic design and weighs only 24 pounds.
  • Low dBA rating ensures low noise and causes no harm for hearing.
  • Brings extras like hose, nailer nozzle, connector, etc.
  • Durable oil-free 2.6 Amp motor confirms universal connection.

Dewalt has made this air compressor with lightweight design as it is easy to carry due to its caster wheel. A perfect bait for the residential repairment for that it comes with the minimum power rating up to 135 PSI. Since you are going to use the air compressor for home or garage repairment, the noise level of it is bearable up to 75 dBA. Turns out, it is as quiet as your next-door people won’t bother at all.

This air compressor is oil free, so it is easy to maintain. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry at all to fill with oil over and over. If it is about the construction, then you will be satisfactory in the long run.

Because it is made of heavy-duty cast iron which is covered across the roll case. So, you are going to find the fullest protection out of this frame. Moreover, the wrap alongside the control panel will protect like a shield, so that’s a big bonus. It is just 24 pounds, so we believe it is the best portable air compressor for nail gun.

  • Extremely lightweight so easy to take job sites.
  • Ensure maintenance free operation.
  • Provide with the long-life experience.
  • Produces very minimalistic noise around the workplace.

  • Not a good bait for heavy-duty usage since it comes with a 1-gallon tank.
  • Not agile enough to do industrial work.

Best Portable

Best Portable Air Compressor for Nail Gun

California: Best Portable Air Compressor for Nail Gun

  • The compressor machine is durable and can increase work efficiency.
  • A noise reducing motor provides up to 1 HP capacity for smooth workflow.
  • Designed with an oil-free pump, the maintenance cost drops up to 30%.
  • With a compact shape and portable toolkit, you can easily carry it anywhere you like.
  • A rust-free steel tank supports the California Air compressor in all hot and uneven terrains.

The California Air Tools CAT-4710SQ is a portable compressor with a durable construction for professionals. Having an oil-free feature, the pump requires no extra care or maintenance. People of all sectors, especially the industrial ones prefer this air compressor for its reliability in high stress conditions. A 1 HP motor combined with a 1680 RPM setting powers this beast with less noise and damage resistance.

DIYers will love having a compact machine in their enthusiastic projects. Your neighbours will not bother even if you use it on the loudest settings. When the temperature exceeds normal range, you can still use the air compressor without any power loss at all.

With a free toolkit out of the box, you can easily transport your compressor from one place to another. Additionally, you will have a year of service warrant and fix anything if any problem arises. A max pressure of 120 Bars eases your workload and gives you a flawless finish.

  • Light and compact for all on the go projects.
  • Doesn’t need too much maintenance.
  • Extra toolkit for locomotion.
  • Low noise with efficient motor built.
  • Durable for a long-lasting experience.

  • Lower support bracket dents decrease performance.
  • Setup is not for the newbies.

Customer Choice

Small Air Compressor for Nail Gun

Makita MAC2400: Best Small Air Compressor for Nail Gun

  • It has a heavy cast iron body for increased stability and power.
  • A 4.2-gallon twin stacked tank turns the table around with an operating 130 PSI pressure.
  • Having an oil lubrication feature, the compressor doesn’t overheat.
  • Comes with a cooler running pump and minimized wear.
  • You will get a larger air filter for more air intake.

The Makita MAC2400 is made of cast iron pump, which provides stability to anyone holding it for the first time. It has a big bore cylinder and piston for a faster workflow and efficient performance. In the start-up, you will have reduced incidence of tripped breakers due to its low AMP draw.

For professionals, the 4.2-gallon twin stacked tank holds 130 pressure and delivers up to 90 PSI on the two nails. Having a 1/4-inch universal quick coupler, the compressor does wonders in constructions and manufacturing. An oil lubrication system provides the compressor with increased work efficiency in overheated conditions.

You can easily take off the parts, clean it, and fix it back up is a slight effort. The tool has a lever handle, valve tank, drain valve, which provides users with a petcock design compressor for easier maintenance. Overall, you will get a reduced wear and increased pump life from this cast iron compressor.

  • Heavy and highly stable during projects.
  • Doesn’t overheat or lose efficiency.
  • It works on heavy loads as well.
  • Even work results after several uses.

  • A little bulky and heavy.
  • Carrying it is a pain in the neck.

How does an Air Compressor for Nail Guns Work?

A nail gun generates power with the help of an air compressor, we all know about it. But very few of us know how an air compressor works. Well it is an engine which transforms power into energy, stores it, and finally pressurizes through a valve.

As you get to see the tank comes up with the machine, so into the tank, there remains air storage. The mechanical part infused the tank to come out when it is required. Again, it creates a certain PSI force, so the air comes up within pressure and paves the way to do the DIY stuff.

By the way, the compressor is either powered by electricity or gas, needless to say, the gas power is more immersive compared to the electrical wire.

Factors to Buy the Best Air Compressor for Nail Gun

Single or two-stage air compressor: Single-stage comes with the minimum PSI rate whereas the two-stage is more immersive in PSI rate. If you are looking for a portable compressor with the minimum power for the residential fittings then the single one would be lightweight and affordable bait with its 155PSI and 100 CMF rate. On the other hand, the two-stage air compressor is more powerful in terms of PSI up to 175 and the CFM would be more than 100.

Power Source: We know every machinery comes with a source of power so does the air compressor. Typically, an air compressor run with oil or without oil. You have both choices to buy them and depending on a few things to consider. The first heck is the oil-based compressor is more powerful but less portable. On the contrary, the oil-less is less powerful but portable enough. Again, the oil-based produces the least noise so when you need a quiet workplace so this would be great. However, in terms of performance, they both are good to go.

Tank Size: If you want to see your nail gun will work under the fullest power then going with the larger tank size is a must. Because it will draw your gun to the maximum power and ensure long run time. Normally, 6 gallons of compressor seems sufficient to do household fittings work. However, for the industrial chores, you will need a bigger one.

Advantages of using pneumatic Air tools:

Well, there are tons of energy sources out there, but due to the certain merits pneumatic tools like air compressors bring excellent features and benefits. We have sorted out some of them to let you know so let’s see what included:

  • Feasible to use in different types of DIY works since it comes with different ranges of speed and torque control
  • Last longer than any conventional tools and many of them come with warranties.
  • One can operate such tools under harsh weather as they can handle the weathering effects.
  • Safe tool compared to others and environmentally friendly
  • Never causes electrical shock or any fire hazards.
  • Ensure stable power delivery without any pitfalls.

How to use an air compressor with a nail gun?

Using your air compressor is not all rosy especially when it comes with the nail gun. There will be a few hazards that come across when you won’t be careful enough. However, if you will get to know a number of hacks then it would become easier, so let’s tell you how.

Step 1: The first thing that comes up with choosing your nail gun that fits the most at your workplace. Since they are plenty so you should pick up the task-oriented nail gun. Once you are done with choosing the right nail gun then pretty sure, you know where to drive your nail gun, right?

Step 2: Now, it is high time to choose the right bait of a power tool. By the way, choosing the nail gun here is not the end of preference, here you will also choose the right bait of air compressor too, so choose it accordingly.

Step 3: Now, you have to connect the nail gun to the air compressor. You don’t have to be experienced to do that. There is a manual; follow the instructions accordingly.

Step 4: In this step, you have to be sure how much pressure you want to apply to complete the work. Before you do that put your safety gear – a hard hat and goggles on so you can protect yourself from the mismanaged tools.

Step 5: Now gradually lower the regulator, open the safety valve, let go any air left in the compressor, and switch it off.

FAQs on Best Air Compressor for Nail Gun

What size air compressor for a nail gun?

When it comes to telling about the size then the bigger size means the bigger tank of an air compressor. Large size tanks of an air compressor will bring more power but at the same time, it is expensive and not portable. For your residential common work, we will recommend you not to go with a tank size of more than 6 gallons.

What kind of air compressor do I need for a framing nailer?

Central Pneumatic 95275 has moderate pressure for being a framing nailer. Working at medium speed, the one with the 2 CFM rating or higher will keep up a framing nailer.

Do you need an air compressor for a nailer?

Nail guns need a pressure of roughly 120 psi. So, it is wise to use an air compressor to control the pressure. The higher the force, the high chances to cut into the words precisely.

Can you use a nail gun without an air compressor?

There are battery-powered or cordless nail guns; You don’t have to worry about any hose or compressors. It is handy, and you can go anywhere and don’t have to worry about the fixing range.

How long should it take for the air compressor to fill?

It will take not more than 2-5 minutes. The larger the CFM, the quicker the compressor can pump air into the tank.

Take you desired Air Compressor

Hopefully, you get to know the best air compressor for nail gun that suits the most at your jobsite. The variety of power and portable design actually make the differences. If you are looking for the most lightweight version air compressor then we will recommend you to go with DeWalt D55140 but make sure you won’t use it for the heavy-duty work.

On the flip side for the nerdy task you need huge power to do so, we will suggest you to go with the DeWalt Pancake air compressor.

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