7 Best Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer

Many handymen experience ridiculous situations while their nail guns give up for roofing or re-roofing, because of air compressor lacking. We can overcome the situation if we have the best air compressor for roofing nailer tools. But a number of air compressors manufacturer confusing the best pick up.

A roofing nailer needs a small, portable and lightweight air compressor that doesn’t cost much. So, you have to choose a powerful, quiet and industrial quality air compressor for roofing nailer within budget.

After hours of hard work, our handymen made a list with some of the best recommendations that are greatly capable of running roofing nailer as well as other commercial jobs. So, read on and choose the right air compressor through your requirement.

Handyman’s pick: 3 Best air compressor for roofing nailer

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor Color: Red
Material: Metal
Model Name:
16.5 x 16.5 x 17.88 inches
6 Gallons
32.5 Pounds
Check Price
backpac Bostitch Air Compressor Color: Yellow
Material: Metal
Power Source:
21.13 x 19.5 x 18 inches
6 Gallons
Check Price
cordlessblower Senco PC1010 Color: Ash
Model Name:
Senco – PC1010
Power Source:
Corded Electric
14 x 13 x 10 inches
1 Gallons
Check Price

Our handymen tested a number of air compressor and described some major features. Before taking an air compressor you should consider the air tank, powerful motor, better airflow, and durable construction to withstand an extreme Jobsite environment. With a lightweight and portable construction, ultra-quiet motor, listed compressors will be the right options for professional home and garage improvement jobs.

Affordable price air compressors with durable build quality and oil-free design are also in the list. Overall, it’s a complete package for air compressor for roofing nailer.

Top Air Compressor

Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer

CRAFTSMAN: Powerful Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer

  • Design with 2.6 SCFM to ensure quick compressor retrieval time.
  • CRAFTSMAN is environment friendly that easily starts up in cold weather.
  • A complete accessory kit included completing any roofing nailer project properly.
  • Come with an oil-free design that makes it an almost zero maintenance appliance.

Comes with a great combination of cost and quality, this CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor is the number one pick on our list. It features an oil-free air compressor pump that makes it user-friendly since it doesn’t need to maintain even after a longer period.

An attractive feature includes lightweight and portable. The user will be able to carry CRAFTSMAN air compressor top to the roof and the ladder if needed. At the meantime, the manufacturer includes a 6-gallon pancake to ensure maximum air storage and portability for the value.

The compressor design with a max of 150 PSI, the operator will have much quicker airflow. The feature will run the air compressor with nail guns smoothly. So, the handyman who looking for an affordable air compressor with a heavy-duty application can buy this CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor.

  • Budget-friendly option
  • Easily start in cold weather
  • 13-piece accessory kits include
  • Durable construction

  • Longevity is questionable
  • Check all the accessories while receiving

Runner Up

Best Air Compressor for Roofing

BOSTITCH: Best Air Compressor for Roofing

  • Comes with a Straight Finish Nailer that is compatible with 2 ½ inch and 1 ¼ inch nails.
  • Its heavy-duty Crown Stapler will let the user complete a range a fastening job.
  • It’s a cordless air compressor that can be performed being away from electricity.

This BOSTITCH Air Compressor Combo Kit is a multi-functional air compressor that is appropriate for both interior and exterior trimming and finishing projects including roofing nailer.  With maximum PSI and large tank air capacity, this roofing air compressor will allow running tools for longer while ensuring quick air recovery.

Most importantly this three-in-one kit includes a Brad Nailer that is ideal for most indoor projects, including roofing nailer, fixing lightweight decorative elements, and fastening decorative molding. Thanks to its added flexibility which makes the air compressor an appropriate option for contractors and builders. Combining with a high-efficiency motor and oil-free design, this kit doesn’t need much maintenance.

Cutting energy cost and providing improves performance it will be many saving options at the end. Ensuring quiet operation, the air compressor won’t disturb any family person or neighbors

  • Comes with three in 1 kit
  • Cordless design
  • Powerful and lightweight design
  • Appropriate for a range of indoor and outdoor project

  • Some find broken while receiving
  • Average quality air gun

Best Overall

Best Budget Air Compressor for Roofing

Senco PC1010: Best Budget Air Compressor for Roofing

  • With a portable and lightweight design, Senco PC1010 air compressor allows carrying site to site most efficiently.
  • It includes one horsepower peak and one-gallon capacity which make the kit suitable for home improvement jobs, hobbies, and crafts.
  • This compressor for roofing nailer design with handles and bottom rubber leg to ensure stability and ease of use.

Looking for a lightweight and portable air compressor mostly for basic family needs? Try this Senco PC1010 air compressor.  It’s an electric-powered compressor that can easily carry around from one place to other. 

Comes with One horsepower peak and one-gallon capacity, the kit supply sufficient power for basic household work including roofing nailer, filling air into bicycle and motorcycle tires, and perform as effective support for the Nailers.

With a user-friendly design, this compressor constructs with a handle to allow the device to carry comfortably. The bottom rubber leg will ensure stability while you are utilising the tools. On top of that providing 120 psi max power and ensuring ultra-quiet operation, Senco PC1010 has become one of the popular options among users.

  • The air compressor ensures ultra-quiet
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Cost-efficient option
  • Come with one-year warranty

  • Not appropriate for a heavy-duty project
  • Not for a trim gun

Best Oil-free

California: Portable Air Compressor for Roofing

  • Oil-free compressor design makes it a maintenance-free and costs efficient option.
  • A combination of 125 PSI maximum pressure and a large 10 Gallon Air Tank makes the air compressor proper for any type of air compressor project.
  • With a powerful motor, the compressor ensures the quietest operation.

If you have a healthy pocket and looking for the quietest air compressor, then this California Air Compressor will be the right option for you. Constructing with a powerful 2.0 HP motor, the air compressor produces only 70 decibels of sound and less wear.

It increases the duty cycle and ensures constantly longer run time. A highlight feature includes an Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump System that makes it a durable and high-performing addition. Even if you are seeking an air compressor for roofing nailer that can be used in a variety of temperatures, still it will an appropriate option.

Most importantly, it’s Easy Start Valve not only ensures easier start-up but allows the motor to spin freely. Finally, its 10 Gallon Steel Air Tank makes it ideal for Jobsite, shop, or garage.

  • Large air tank
  • Oil-free compressor design
  • Suitable in any environment
  • Powerful and run constantly up to 60 minutes

  • A bit pricey than competitor
  • Some found motor gets overheated

Customer Choice

Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer

PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer

  • The motor can perform in cold weather and with an extension cord.
  • Design with upgraded shroud and console cover to keep all the vital components safe.
  • Includes an induction motor to ensure a longer lifespan and superior performance.

This PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor comes with a pancake-style tank to ensure optimal stability. Besides its higher-pressure design will allow the user to run the air tool for a long. Moreover, this compressor kit features a 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI a quick recovery time and allows running the high-performing device.

With an oil-free induction motor design, the compressor offers constant tool operation. Having this long-lasting pump means the user won’t experience regular maintenance and constant oil checks. A key feature includes a low amp motor that helps the compressor easily start in cold weather.

Constructing with 150 psi, this best air compressor for roofing will effectively deal with a variety of jobs including roofing nailer, framing nail gun, and blowing the dirt and dust. A good design handle includes allowing the user to transport effortlessly.

  • Ensure rapid compressor retrieval time
  • Comes with a pancake-style tank for more stability
  • Durable oil-free air compressor
  • Portable and lightweight

  • Need to buy some parts separately
  • A bit louder

Premium Pick

Best Air Compressor for Roofing

Makita MAC2400: Best Air Compressor for Roofing

  • Its tough cast iron cylinder will reduce wear and enhances pump life.
  • To ensure lower noise and increase pump durability the compressor can run at a lower RPM.
  • It’s Copper finned discharge tubing so that the compressor can increase heat dissipation and reduce liquid in the air tank.

Looking for the best air compressor for roofing nailer with faster recovery time? Go for this Makita MAC2400 Big Bore Air Compressor. The manufacturer designs MAC2400 air compressor with a Cast iron pump, big bore cylinder, and piston to ensure quicker recovery time as well as superb performance.

Besides, it includes an oil-lubricated pump to reduce wear and ensure cooler running temperatures. Even if you need something for the busiest project, still this compressor will be an acceptable option. Thanks to its Roll cage construction that offers complete protection so it can withstand extreme job site environments.

To allow the operator maintenance easily the compressor comes with improves upon standard petcock design. Still, if you finding something new, it includes a bulky automotive style commercial air filter that boosts the air intake and better effectiveness.

  • Quiet compressor
  • Effortless to maintain
  • Affordable price range
  • Decent CFM rating

  • Low tank capacity
  • Quite overweight

Best Budget

Air Compressor for Roofing Nail Gun

WEN 2287: Budget Air Compressor for Roofing Nail Gun

  • Constructed with reinforced steel tank to ensure maximum pressure and durability.
  • The air compressor includes an onboard handle and wheels so the user can carry it easily.
  • Hot-dog style tank maximise stability and prevent the compressor from tipping.

The last recommendation on our list is WEN 2287 Air Compressor. With maximum pressure and high-power motor, it’s a perfect option for job site, workshop, or garage. Apart from the roofing nailer, WEN 2287 air compressor will let you complete a variety of painting and woodworking projects efficiently and properly.

Following a pancake design, its air tank includes three rubber foot legs to ensure maximum stability. The design will provide enough protection to keep the kit from tripping during the operating period. The air compressor has a 12A motor and reinforced steel tank, combining it to offer maximum pressure.

An attractive feature includes an auto shut down function to protect the compressor from damage and provide the user years of service. Most importantly WEN air compressor includes two pressure gauges to monitors the internal tank pressure and regulates the airflow rate.

  • Decent price
  • Two-year warranty
  • Design with Onboard handle and wheels
  • Suitable for both personal and industrial project

  • A bit weight than other competitors
  • Noisy motor

Buying Guides to pick the Best Air Compressor for Roofing Nailers

Whether you start a DIY roofing project or have a roofing crew, a quality air compressor is for the job. Searching for an air compressor is not all about getting knowledge about job requirements but is sure what to look for in the compressor.

Following the short buyer’s guide will help you compare and choose the most preferred air compressor for specific needs.

Motor Capacity

An expert roof worker can easily realize the importance of motor capacity in an air compressor. Comparing the horsepower among diverse motors will help you pick the right air compressor for heavy-duty work. Besides, the experiment will help find the long-time performer.

The people who have sensitive neighbours can alternatively consider a motor with less horsepower to reduce the noise level. However, an air compressor comes with a tank storage capacity that won’t allow putting extra strain on family or neighbourhood.

Another fact is, communication is a must need for any type of project whether is a job site or a home project. That’s why Noise output is a big deal to complete the project comfortably and successfully.

Required Maintenance

People often use a compressor for roofing work, it is vital to maintain the machine properly. You may need to do roofing work in colder weather. So, the ability to start in low temperatures of the air compressor shouldn’t avoid while choosing the model.

Luckily some modern-grade air compressors run without oil and don’t need much maintenance for a longer time. Going for such an air compressor model will be a good idea since it will not only be a cost-efficiency option but reduce stress.


As the air compressor is designed mainly for roof nailing projects so it should be durable enough to withstand any pressure even after accidentally dropped. Thus, the design of an air compressor is important to consider. Compact and pancake models, roll cage design are sturdier comparing with longer and vertical tank models

Maximum Pressure

The air compressor should have 70-1110 PSI so it can be eligible for a roofing nailer. Luckily, we have covered some models in our list that provide maximum pressure that will allow you to run two or three pneumatic tools together. The advantage of choosing a maximum pressure compressor is it helps complete the job faster while minimizing the cost. 


Lubricated and oil-free are the two common types of air compressors available out there. Using a lubricated design compressor, you will need to change the oil in regular intervals to keep the compressor running. But oil-free compressors don’t need much maintenance and they don’t fall. However, many experts recommend lubricated air compressors in terms of better performance. But the user can choose any type of compressor matching with the weather condition and personal preference.


While we are talking about something for a roofing job, it will need to carry around the job site and up to the ladder. So, having a portable air compressor for home renovation enthusiast to finish the roofing nailer project easily and comfortably. However, it is better to carry the compressor with assistance to prevent serious injury. Fortunately, we have some recommendations that are lightweight and built for maximum portability.


Having an air compressor that allows multiple nail guns will be a huge bonus since most of the models can’t. So, look for an air compressor that lets you split the pressure and running two devices. Thus you will have the opportunity to coordinate with your framing crew, trim mate, and painting professionals to complete the job within a short time.


Another consideration is the budget that should take into count before going for any air compressor. However, the market is filled with lots of expensive models with fancy features, but you should go for an affordable option. Considering your requirement, you will have plenty of models that are affordable and heavy-duty.

Benefits of an Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer

An air compressor is such a handy tool that covers plenty of advantages. It’s a superb tool to invest in both personal and commercial roofing projects. Following some benefits, you will have after buying an air compressor for a roofing nailer.

Portability: Air compressors come in lightweight and allow carrying easily. Thus, the professional operator can transport it from one site to other. Since it’s not huge, it won’t let you down. So, it’s ideal equipment for the workshop and on the rooftop.

Speed: Another impressive advantage that the compressor offers is its top-class speed. In this way, a compressor helps complete the roofing nailer project in good time. Using this device, the operator can perform at high speed constantly.

Minimal maintenance: Considering other highly powerful tools, air compressors don’t need much maintenance. All the thing is to do is maintaining a few routine checks, thus the user will enjoy long-lasting service. The major maintenance is draining extra moisture oil and changing the filter.

Ease of use: Until you use an air compressor you won’t realise how much easy it to operate this power tool. It’s so convenient to use that don’t need any special skill.

Economical: It will cost you a lot if you had to pay someone for a project that needs an air compressor. This is where an air compressor is an economic device that helps deal with all the projects at a minimal cost. Besides this device uses relatively less electricity which makes it a conventional power tool.

Reliable: An air compressor is a dependable, reliable, and efficient option, thanks to its heavy-duty design. So, having such a device means you will have continuous air to complete the project. Thus, it’s an incredible device to have especially for roofing nailers.

Noise levels: Combining with a powerful motor, these tools surprisingly ensure noise-free operation. It’s a perfect tool for use in scenarios where noise is not allowed. Even it won’t disturb any neighbour even running with high speed for a longer period.

Air Pressure Requirement for Roofing Nailers

An air compressor is versatile tools that work by forcing air to complete a lot of necessity including blowing tires and winterize water sprinklers. But if you need to fire a roofing nail out of a pneumatic nailing gun, it should have a minimum pressure so you can finish the job efficiently.

An air compressor with 2 to 2.5 CFM of pressure and 70 to 110 PSI will be an acceptable option to run a roofing nailer. So before planning to use a roofing nailer, make sure that compressor has the specifications. Apart from these, there are several factors subject to an air compressor that affects the performance. Thus, it is better to use an air compressor that can handle the job solely. Check our recommendation list as well as buying guide to make an informed decision!

FAQs on Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer

What is the ideal size of compressor for a nail gun?

Roofing Nailer is a lightweight appliance. A small capacity portable unit will be good enough to conveniently run this device. A portable air compressor with 2 to 6 gallon of air tanks and 2 to 3 CFM of air volume will be perfect for a roofing nailer.

What is the best air compressor for roofing?

However, you can choose any product from the list above, but specifically, CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor for Roofing Nailer will be the ideal option. It covers all the specifications and features needed to complete the roofing task properly.

How many PSI do I need in an air compressor?

An average most of the air tool needs 70 to 90 PSI. Any type of air compressor including, light, medium, or heavy-duty can easily handle 90 PSI. However, most of the operators want more airflow than required.

Is higher CFM better air compressor?

Lowering PSI output, CFM usually increases. A higher CFM rating allows the air compressor to produce more air which is better for heavier applications including framing nail guns and operating air wrenches.

Final Words

We have explained all the functions, features, and benefits of the best air compressors for roofing nailers in this guide. We have produced a good research buying guide so you can choose from the wide market in case if you can’t find it from the recommendation list. Now it’s your turn to consider your personal preference and requirements based on the budget for the most suitable air compressor for roofing nailer.

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