7 Best Air Compressor for Spray Painting

Whether getting the essential airflow and pressure or operating different types of paint sprayers, you must have the best air compressor for spray painting. But choosing the right air compressor that is powerful, versatile, and compatible with most paint sprayers can be a daunting task without in-depth analysis.

Spraying paint will also dramatically reduce the time you waste painting. An air hose, spray gun, and air compressor are essential tools needed to get the job done. Cover anything you don’t need to paint, connect your sprayer to an air compressor. After that, you’re ready to paint.

Thus reading the guide will prepare you to pick the right air compressor. Even you can, fortunately, find the most desired air compressor for spray painting from the recommendation list.

DIYers Pick: 3 Best Air Compressor for Spray Painting

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac CRAFTSMAN 6 Gallon Color: Red
Model Name: CMEC6150K
16.5 x 16.5 x 17.88 inches
6 Gallons
32.5 Pounds
Check Price
backpac DEWALT 6 Gallon Color: Orange
Power Source: Corded Electric
16 x 16 x 17.5 inches
6 Gallons
120 Volts
Check Price
cordlessblower California Air Tools 8 Gallon Color: Silver
Power Source: Corded Electric
26 x 14 x 23 inches
8 Gallons
110 Volts (AC)
Check Price

There are two main types of shower guns that use compressed air. Shower gun HVLP and spray gun LVLP. As the names suggest, your weight requirement is not too high. Both types of shower handles require little volume of air pressure to operate.

Anyway, choosing the best air compressor for spray painting can be difficult as it must meet some facts mentioned above. But we’ll cover the details here and hope to assist you in making the right purchase choice.

With many diverse products and alternatives on the marketplace, we are here to help you get exactly what you want. See below for our seven best air compressor products!

Top Pick Air Compressor

Air compressor for spray painting

Craftsman: Air Compressor for Spray Painting

  • The Craftman air compressor delivers maximum 150 psi pressure at 2.6 CFM. So, you will get enough air pressure for spray painting.
  • The air compressor for spray painting is also lightweight, weighing 32.5lbs, and incredibly portable.
  • Thanks to the oil-free pump, the compressor is very robust and requires little or no maintenance on your part.
  • This compressor has a 6 gallon air storage capacity.
  • This product is made in the US with quality materials.

The Craftsman Pancake Compressor is a great lightweight and portable compressor. People say it is easily one of the best air compressors for painting, at least for small painting jobs.

You get a clutch, PVC air hose, tire tensioner, plug, pressure gauge, gun, rubber tip, and three inflatable adapters for all tastes! The air gun plug is also OSHA compatible. Thus there’s no need to be concerned about your safety when using the compressor.

There is also a one-year limited warranty so that you can use the compressor without any problems. If something happens, you are protected! In fact, it is a winner for those looking to enjoy sprays!

  • The craftsman has released this item with easy customisation and a lightweight facility that is easy to adjust. This item offers a variety of accessories for flexible use. 2.6 SCFM provides fast compression and recovery time to reconnect to your colour. With 150 psi maximum pressure and 2.6 cu nominal Ft/min, this element provides fast compression and tremendous pressure.

  • Some users claim that it has a small capacity due to its compact size, but most reviews have been positive! We also have some negative reviews about its power, but it has enough ability to handle any subject as an air compressor.

Runner Up

Best Pancake air compressor for painting spray

DEWALT: Best Pancake air compressor for painting spray

  • This air compressor has 6-gallon air storage capacity.
  • It can produce 90 psi at 2.6 SCFM. So, spray painting with this air compressor is a simple task.
  •  If you need higher pressure air, it can supply air with a maximum pressure of 165 psi.
  • The great thing about this compressor is how quiet it is! With a rating of 75.5 dBA, it is suitable for commercial and residential use.
  •  The Dewalt compressor is equipped with a high flow regulator and couplings for maximum air tool efficiency.

Those looking for a lightweight air compressor for painting should try the Dewalt Pancake compressor. The integrated carry handle and lightweight of 30 lbs make it an excellent choice for that voracious portability!

Due to its small size and power, the Dewalt compressor is the best air compressor for spray painting. Moreover, it is well-suited for small home paint jobs.

The air compressor stays nice and cool and prevents overheating or other performance problems. Universal connectors provide a wide range of flexibility, allowing the compressor to be transported beyond the paint spray. A long extension cable is also convenient, allowing you to cover large areas without shutting down or moving the compressor yourself.

Although it is more expensive than other 6-gallon air compressors, you will be glad you spent the extra money to purchase it after using it.

  • With around 70 decibels of audio, you can chat with anyone, even when turned on. This item comes with a large tank that can hold up to 6 gallons. Surprisingly, it starts up quickly anywhere outdoors and even in the coldest temperatures. Dewalt has released this product with a fantastic cooling system to prevent overheating. This allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas or fill larger areas with less traffic.

  • This air compressor does not have wheels, so some users assume that they should always lift it. But since it is a small object, you can quickly move it wherever you want. And you need to use it carefully. Some users use it rudely and have leakage issues.

Best Portable

Best Portable air compressor for paint spray

California: Best Portable air compressor for paint spray

  • It is an 8-gallon air compressor that produces 90 psi, 2.2 cu ft/min, and can store and compress air at a maximum pressure of 120 psi.
  • One hp motor runs at just 1680 rpm to keep the dual piston pump running and extend the life of the air compressor by reducing pump wear.
  • The compressor is a bit heavier at 48 lbs but comes with a fantastic set of wheels that make portability problems a thing of the past! So, you can use spray blower anywhere.

For those looking for the best air compressor for painting with a bigger tank and extra power, California Air Tools has a compressor for them! The steel hot dog compressor provides consistent performance and does not slow down larger paint jobs.

The wheel-set is easy to install, and you will paint and move around in zero time! It also requires little maintenance. The oil-free pump requires virtually no maintenance after use. It can also work flawlessly at different temperatures, so get rid of your list of worries over time! This compressor produces a little noise, nearly 60dB.

The great thing about this air compressor is how quiet it is. With a rated power of 60 dBA, the compressor is unlikely to bother your neighbors, and you can spray paint whenever you like.

  • This item consumes less energy and dissipates heat efficiently. California Air Tools released this product with a large 8-gallon tank with room for larger jobs. Surprisingly, this item comes with a built-in wheel for excellent portability. The Company has designed this item with a durable steel container for long-term use. The great thing about the California Air Tools 8010 is that it is an oil-free air compressor requiring little maintenance.

  • This item costs a little more, but considering its many benefits, this price seems reasonable. Also, while this item is very portable, you will have to purchase the hose separately.

Best Budget

Air Compressor for Paint Spray

WEN 2289: Best 10-Gallon Air Compressor for Paint Spray

  • Large 10-gallon tanks are constructed from durable strengthened steel for a supreme pressure level of 150 psi, ideal for spray painting.
  • In addition, a 20-gallon air compressor is available at an additional cost for those looking for an even larger tank.
  • The Wen compressor provides an airflow rate of four cfm at 90 psi and five cfm at 40 psi.
  • Because of this proportion, it is one of the most dependable air compressors on the market!
  •  Moreover, the vertical tank has two 7-inch wheels that never stay flat, allowing the compressor to move quickly.
  • There are also rubber handles that are easy to grip and enable you to move the compressor while running.
  • This oil free pump does not need extra lubrication.

The 10-Gallon Oil-Free WEN Steep Air Compressor is an excellent addition to any garage, office, or workshop. For a versatile and secure installation to fulfill a range of joinery and painting demands, attach staplers, nailers, spray weapons, or any other pneumatic instrument.

The beauty of this air compressor is that it has an easily accessible drain valve. The valve allows all fresh air to be released with ease, making it ideal for storage when you’re done with your job.

While this is a heavier choice than the others included, if you want a giant tank you want, you won’t regret your purchase today!

  • This WEN 10 air compressor comes with a sizeable 10-gallon reservoir, ideal for larger jobs. Surprisingly, this item comes with an oil-free pump for easy maintenance. The Company offers large wheels that never get flat and handles to transport. WEN has released this item with fantastic CFM and PSI ratings for outstanding performance. WEN offers an easily accessible quick drain valve that allows easy drainage.

  • It sometimes seems heavier than the other included air compressors, making it difficult to move. But according to your specifications, everything is fine! Some customers also report that it is sometimes more powerful, but anyone can fix the problem with proper maintenance.

Premium Pick

Best Portable Air Compressor for Painting

PORTER CABLE: Best Portable Air Compressor for Painting

  • The Porter Cable air compressor package’s clayey design weighs less than 100 lbs.
  •  The air compressor is relatively lightweight and has wheels attached to the base, allowing users to move the device quickly.
  • It has two rubber mount feet with impressive stabilisation.
  • ASME and CSA have certified the maximum power rating of this 20-gallon air compressor. It offers 4.0 cc. Ft / min @ 90 psi and 5.0 cu.
  •  It simply requires 15 amps of electricity.
  • The oil-free arrangement enables individuals to do tasks on any tract without changing oil, adding oil, or worrying about uneven terrain.

If you want an oil-free air compressor with a large tank capacity, you need the Porter cable. Porter Cable is a well-known brand, and when you buy a Porter Cable labeled air compressor, you know you will be impressed.

The air compressor does not contain oil. So there are no bombs exist. Users gain immensely from oil-free air compressors. 7-inch semi-pneumatic wheels provide mobility, and rubber feet provide stabilisation. It is equipped with a regulator, meters, and a quick connection. It produces 84 dBA noises.

The company designed it for business travelers like subcontractors. Furthermore, the 20-gallon Porter Cable PXCMF220VW portable air compressor is simple to operate. This one is suitable for a wide range of jobs, including automobile painting and a variety of domestic duties. And it is the model for you if you want to use a gadget without bothering about whether or not it rests on a level surface.

  • This unit includes controls, meters, and a quick disconnect device for hassle-free service. This feature has other pneumatic tool support for different types of tasks. It does not contain oil, which means longer life and lower maintenance costs for the user. This product is ASME and CSA certified, so you do not need to feel anxious about performance and durability. Porter Cable delivered this item with built-in wheels for convenient travel and portability.

  • Some customers claim it as a noisy model that requires hearing protection, but anyone can overcome this difficulty with proper maintenance. Yes, and the model is expensive, but many users see this as reasonable with excellent performance.

Best Overall

air compressor for paint spray

Makita MAC2400: Air compressor for paint spray

  • It features a dual 4.2-gallon tank for an extended run time before rebuilding.
  • Your compressor can handle a maximum pressure of 130 psi and produces 4.2 cu—feet per minute at 90 psi air pressure.
  •  Moreover, the company delivered it in a cage on a roll.
  • The compressor can withstand the vibrations that life entrusts to it!
  •  Its solid construction also keeps it glowing no matter the weather!

This device is another powerful air compressor for paint spray. The company also makes it one of the strongest we’ve researched. For those looking for impressive power in their hands, check out the Makita Air Compressor!

 The cast iron air compressor consists of twin-cylinder compressors that deliver incredible air pressure and volume while maintaining its small size and portability.

The air compressor also features a low power consumption AMP, which reduces the number of fired switches at startup. Low AMP ensures your air compressor starts up quickly the first time so you can continue working. This big bore cast iron pump is easy to maintain.

The Makita Air Compressor has a sizeable industrial air filter that contributes to greater efficiency and maintains airflow. Overall, buyers were satisfied with the air compressor. They found it to be very durable, perfect for home and industrial use!

  • The oil lubrication pump is ideal for lower operating temperatures. It has two hose connections, making this device more flexible than others. This element is equipped with a safety cage to protect against extreme environmental conditions. Durable cast iron cylinder and pump ensure long-term performance and prevent wear. The Company offers a large industrial air filter that delivers excellent performance.

  • Regular oil lubrication is required, which means more maintenance. You can use a high-quality lubricant to avoid regular maintenance. Also, this item has a small tank capacity for large tasks, but for everyday day-to-day use, this is quite enough.

Customer Choice

Portable air compressor for paint spray

Industrial Air: Portable air compressor for paint spray

  • The air compressor is equipped with an oil-free pump, which is easy to maintain. You don’t need to clean the compressor a lot so you can use it more!
  • The air compressor features an original 2-piece cooling capacity that ensures durability and longevity.
  • Moreover, the compressor with a five-hp Honda petrol engine is great for home use and minor projects.
  •  Besides, it has two small cylindrical tanks and an efficient motor that delivers excellent power during operation.

For those looking for fantastic portability, check out the 4 Gallon Portable Air Compressor! The mobile pontoon is easy to hold and maneuvers when spraying paint. In addition, the Industrial Air portable air compressor has a genuine air compressor that retains decent portability.

The small size makes the compressor lightweight and incredibly portable, making it an excellent choice for those traveling close to an air compressor. The short lead-time limits you to small projects only. Don’t push the compressor too many times a day!

The Industrial Air Contractor compressor can produce five cfm at 40 psi and provides superior performance. Due to its small size and high efficiency, it does not have a particularly long service life. Fortunately, it charges quickly so that you can use it multiple times a day.

Let your home desires come true with this great compressor! Especially if you are completing small projects, why not invest today?

  • The Company has released it in a small size that is great for portability. An immense 5hp honda gasoline engine powers this element. This small item also features an oil-free pump that requires minimal maintenance. The machine generates an astonishing 155 psi pressure for optimal performance. This item performs a wide range of tasks, not just spray painting.

  • Although the product is slightly more expensive, it offers impressive performance. In addition, the smaller size is better suited for smaller tasks; some clients were dissatisfied with their more important job.

Factors to pick the Best Air Compressor for spray painting

When you are looking for the best air compressor for spray painting and are confused by the massive variety of options available, these little things will help you choose the right one.

Power (hp): This is the most important specification to consider. For household and non-industrial applications, a 1 to 2 HP motor is best suited. With injectors rated 6 CPM and 30-40 PSI. Nowadays, a two-horsepower compressor is available in the mainstream retail market, but it must have at least eight CFM at 40 PSI.

best air compressor for spray painting

CMF classification: CMF stands for Cubic Foot per Minute. From the name, it is clear that it corresponds to the amount of air supplied by the compressor. It will not tell you the running hours, but it will tell you the volumetric power that a particular compressor has to offer.

Noise and disturbance reduction: Compressor noise is a huge problem, and it gets worse if you are working in a safe place. While looking at the compressor with the lowest decibel (dB) level, make sure you buy and install some accessories.

Weight: This is another crucial point to keep in mind before making your final decision. Weight determines the portability of this product.

Tank size: The size of the air compressor is also an essential factor. Look for an air compressor with a capacity of 5 gallons or more to operate more efficiently and quickly at this capacity.

Safety Cage: The cylindrical cage can protect the essential components of the air compressor. So, if you don’t want to buy again and have a lot of experience, make sure the product you choose meets these specifications.

Price: If you are concerned about price, portable air compressors and pancake air compressors may be the best choice for you. They are usually smaller, lighter, and daisy-chained, so you don’t need to use a 220V outlet.

How to use Air Compressor for Spray Painting?

Painting with paint rollers can be a difficult task. Instead, use the spray gun with the air compressor to apply a regular paint coat of paint to your walls.

Prepare Yourself

Before starting a career as an artist, there are a few things you need to understand. First, choose the correct type of paint thinner and paint. Mixing paint with a suitable solvent will enable more color to come from the sprayer. Also, it improves the appearance of the paint.

best air compressor for painting

Next, you have to rub the surface of the paint to remove any imperfections. Also, use an anti-static cloth to exclude any sanding residue from the surface.

Choosing the Perfect Spray Gun

You can use the siphon gun for a miniature painting. This one has a base that attaches under the body of the gun.  A gravity gun is also similar to a siphon gun in that it also stocks paint in the container.

But the gravity pistol container is connected to the gun body’s top, not the bottom. It needs less air force as the paint is drawn into the gun body by gravity.

Start painting now

Once you’ve selected all you need for the job, you can start painting. Just connect the gun to your air hose, and then initiate the trigger lock switch by pressing it in. Ensure all hoses are attached to the correct plugs and plug the power cords within an electrical outlet.

Once all the tools are adjusted, you can fire your spray gun. Adjust PSI to its correct air pressure and then check the flow of paint on the sheet of paper before beginning to the walls.

FAQs on Best Air Compressor for Spray Painting

What is a good size air compressor for spray painting?

Instead of judging the performance of an air compressor by its physical size, Operators should consider the quantity of air it emits in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Roughly, the most powerful tool air compressors are in the 10-110 CFM range. While some air spray guns have a CFM rating of less than 10, we suggest a CFM of at least 12 for spray painting.

Which type of air compressor is used for spray painting?

Spray guns have come a long way since their introduction in 1887. Nowadays, there are two types of air compressors that people used. They are,
HVLP paints make painting less messy and more fun. They shorten the time it takes to complete the painting.
These devices absorb compressed air and cause it to discolour in the disposal tank in the form of a fine mist of coloured particles. These devices make drawing faster, but they are easy to use.

Can I use an air compressor to spray paint?

Of course! Using an air compressor and spray gun can help you cover more space at the same time and ensure an even paint coat on your surface. In particular, if you are using a spray gun rather than an airless gun, you will need an air compressor to power the spray gun.

What is the best air compressor for painting cars?

If you’re looking for the best air compressor for painting cars, look for a pressure of at least 15 psi. It would help if you also explored this with some applications, such as clear coat, which works best at 20 or 25 psi. Power – 10 hp compressor usually enough for painting a car. However, larger compressors can operate more efficiently and be used for other applications.

How many CFM do I need for spray painting?

Using a spray gun, you will need an air compressor with at least a three-gallon air reservoir that can produce 12 CFM or more. These spray guns do not require high pressure per square inch from the compressor, but they need a lot of air over a more extended time.

Take the Best Air Compressor for Spray Painting

Air compressor is a handy tool for spray painting, and in this article, we have covered the best air compressor for spray painting. I personally like the Craftsman air compressor for its compatibility and performance. For plenty of work, you can use California Air Tools 8010 Steel Tank air compressor. 

Even we have mentioned each air compressor’s specialty above. So, You can choose one according to your preference.

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