6 Best Air Compressor for Woodworking

An air compressor is a machine that uses an electronic motor in order to turn compressed power into compressed air. It is one of the top energy sources nowadays. This tool is very useful as you can use it for various applications like woodworking.

Therefore, air compressor has been engineered in different sizes and shapes to match the user’s requirements. Because of having various options, selecting the best air compressor for woodworking can seem like a long and monotonous task. 

DIYers pick: 5 Best Air Compressor for Woodworking

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor Color: Orange
Model Name: BTFP02012
Power Source:
Corded Electric
17 x 17 x 19.25 inches
6 Gallons
Check Price
backpac CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor Color: Red
Model Name: CMEC6150K
16.5 x 16.5 x 17.88 inches
6 Gallons
32.5 Pounds
Check Price
cordlessblower DEWALT 6 Gallon 165 PSI Color: Yellow
Power Source:
Corded Electric
16 x 16 x 17.5 inches
6 Gallons
120 Volts
Check Price
cordlessblower California Air Tools 8010 Color: Yellow
Power Source:
Corded Electric
26 x 14 x 23 inches
8 Gallons
110 Volts (AC)
Check Price
cordlessblower Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP Color: Blue
Model Name:
Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP
Power Source:
Corded Electric
20 x 18 x 18.75 inches
4.2 Gallons
Check Price

You need to settle upon an air compressor depending on the level of your operation and the intensity of the project at hand. Therefore, you need to thoroughly go through the top air compressors available out there to understand which one will satisfy all of your requirements. This will need extensive research, which we are here to help you with.

Top Air Compressor

Best Pancake Air Compressor for Woodworking

BOSTITCH: Best Pancake Air Compressor for Woodworking

  • BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor has a PSI of a maximum of 150. 
  • 22.7 litter gallon tank offers a prolonged run time of the tool. 
  • The oil-free operation eliminates risks and provides maintenance-free use.
  • It comes with an extension cord for greater convenience. 
  • The air compressor activates easily even in cold weather.
  • A noise level of 78.5 dBA for quiet operation.
  • The weight of 29 lb. offers portability. 
  • Couplers and high-flow regulators offer greater performance. 
  • The compressor comes with a dual universal coupler for two users. 

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor (BTFP02012) is one of the best air tools for woodworking. If you are searching for an air compressor that requires minimum to no maintenance and also can operate with great efficiency in the long term, then your search is over. Thie air compressor offers a maximum PSI of 150 and has a 22.7L gallon tank that ensures prolonged run time and swift recovery. The lightweight of this compressor makes it easily portable and promotes effortless storage. 

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor offers an oil-free operation and thus guarantees a greater life expectancy. It is also great for using in cold weather because of its highly efficient motor and quick start-up. The noise level of this air compressor is comparatively low, so it is great for a sound-less working environment. 

  • You will find the BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor to be very handy and easily portable because of its lightweight. It is one of the less noisy air compressors for woodworking. You can effortlessly frame nail guns with this model. It is highly suitable for longtime operation. This oil-free machine doesn’t need much maintenance so has a greater life expectancy.

  • Some may find the quality of the regulator of the BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor to be comparatively poor. The package doesn’t include necessary accessories like- gun kit and hose.

Runner Up

Air Compressor for Woodworking

Craftsman: Air Compressor for Woodworking

  • Craftsman Air Compressor has a storage capacity of 6 gallons.
  • It offers a PSI of a maximum of 150. 
  • Oil-free operation improves life expectancy.
  • Durability is high due to requiring low maintenance. 
  • Proper cut-inch pressure makes it highly versatile. 
  • Swift recovery time due to 2.6 SCFM.
  • The weight of 32.5 pounds offers effortless operation and portability. 
  • Dual outlet promotes the effortless connection of hoses.

Craftsman Air Compressor (CMEC6150K) is one of the top air compressors for woodworking because of its versatility and longevity. It has a capacity of 6 gallons that expands both stored air and portability. The high PSI of 150 pushes a higher number of nails compared to other conventional air compressors. It has two hoses that you can effortlessly connect with the dual outlet it provides. 

The lightweight of this air compressor makes it easier to use for a long time without facing fatigue and also lets you carry and store it conveniently. It offers an oil-free operation that makes it easier to use and also minimises the requirement of maintenance. Therefore, you get an air compressor that requires no maintenance for a long time. This feature also makes this air compressor one of the highly durable tools. Another great thing about this compressor is that it comes with an accessory kit of 13 pieces that makes the compressor whole and serves you well.

  • The Craftsman Air Compressor is a zero to low maintenance woodworking air compressor. It is highly efficient because of its versatility and portability. The compressor has a high life expectancy. Also, the tank’s pressure building frequency is quick. It comes with all the necessary accessories required, as well as a warranty of 1 year.

  • The only problem with the Craftsman Air Compressor is its storage capacity. Even though they guarantee great storage capacity, it is not satisfactory.

Premium Pick

Woodworking Air Compressor

DEWALT: Woodworking Air Compressor

  • DEWALT Air Compressor drives a brad nailer of 18 ga.
  • It can drive through a length of ⅝ inches to 2 inches effortlessly.
  • The compressor has a PSI of a maximum of 165. 
  • Swift recovery time due to 2.6 SCFM.
  • A noise level of 75.5 dBA for quiet operation.
  • DEWALT Air Compressor refers to an instruction manual.
  • It comes with a draw motor of 10 amp.
  • Oil-free pump operation provides a great lifespan.
  • The mechanism offers tool-free jam discharge.
  • Adjustment of depth-of-drive is possible and allows proper setting.

If you are looking for a woodworking air compressor that is very handy, lightweight, and yet can perform heavy-duty operations remarkably, then you should definitely consider DEWALT Air Compressor (DWC1KIT-B). It is a corded electric motor that can perform efficiently with its 165 PSI feature and oil-free operation. The durability of this air compressor makes it one of the bests and also minimises the requirement of maintenance. 

DEWALT Air Compressor also features a tool-free jam discharge that makes it even easier for the users. The adjustable depth-of-drive feature makes the nailing more precise. It doesn’t require much time to startup. All you need to do is plug it in, and it will immediately start the motor. This air compressor also comes with an instruction manual. Therefore, you don’t even need to have previous experience in order to operate this tool.

  • You can easily use the DEWALT Air Compressor for various operations as it is highly versatile. It is very user-friendly and thus lets you operate with minimum effort. The lightweight helps you operate and carry the tool easily. You can use this even in cold weather because of its quick start-up feature.

  • The only problem with the DEWALT Air Compressor is the possibility of air leakage. There are several users who have complained about this occurrence.

Best Overall

Air Compressor for Woodworking

California: Aluminum Tank Air Compressor for Woodworking

  • 165California Air Tools 8010A Aluminum Tank Air Compressor has a PSI of a maximum of 120. 
  • It comes with a draw motor of 8.5 amp.
  • A noise level of 60 dBA for quiet operation.
  • A powerful peak motor of 1 HP.
  • 30 to 60 minutes of maximum constant run time.
  • 8-gallon tank offers a prolonged run time of the tool. 
  • Oil-free operation prolongs lifespan and minimises maintenance.
  • The weight of 37.2 lb. offers portability.

California Air Tools 8010A Aluminum Tank Air Compressor is a woodworking air compressor that features several great attributes. It is not only a product of lightweight but also a tool that operates generating minimum noise. So, you can easily use this tool for projects that require long time operation, in noise-free environments. It has an aluminum body that shields the compressor from rust and increases its durability. 

California Air Tools 8010A Aluminum Tank Air Compressor can operate at any temperature because the oil-free pump it features makes the air compressor highly versatile. The 8-gallon tank and 1 HP motor that it comes with make the tool more efficient and enhances its performance. 

  • One of the great advantages of the California Aluminum Tank Air Compressor is its versatility. You can use this air compressor on uneven terrains and different temperatures without facing trouble. It has rust resistance and low maintenance cost. It comes with a wheel kit making transportation easier. The compressor features ultra-quiet operation. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

  • California Air Compressor can sometimes be a safety issue. It tends to heat up even when it’s not used and as a result, some claim it to be a fire hazard. It also doesn’t come with a hose and enough lubrication.


Best Big Bore Air Compressor for Woodworking

Makita MAC2400: Best Big Bore Air Compressor for Woodworking

  • Makita Air Compressor offers enhanced performance due to swift recovery time. 
  • The compressor runs at 1730 RPM.
  • The powerful motor of 4-pole and 2.5 HP increases productivity.
  • The cast-iron cylinder requires low maintenance and is also removable.
  • It can withstand heavy-duty operation due to its roll-cage construction.
  • The draw of low AMP lowers the occurrence of break tripping during activation.
  • The oil-lubricated pump lowers running heat and minimises wear.
  • A noise level of 79 dBA for quiet operation.

Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP Big Bore Air Compressor is one of the best air tools for woodworking. It is a highly professional air compressor that provides increased performance and great efficiency. It offers higher output in comparison to others because of the big-bore piston and cylinder. This air compressor is capable of handling heavy-duty operations with its incredibly powerful motor. It has a greater air intake because of its oil-lubricated pump. 

The compressor also maintains the heat while operating and thus runs cooler and prevents the motor from heating up. This ensures a long lifetime. It is also suitable for all sorts of environments because of its low noise generation feature. The cylinder it comes with requires low maintenance and is easily removable in case you prefer to change it. Finally, it is a very safe woodworking air compressor to operate with. 

  • Makita MAC2400 2.5 HP Big Bore Air Compressor offers you great protection and portability with its roll-cage construction. It also offers great durability and swifter recovery time. Minimum noise is generated while operating this tool which is very convenient. The cylinders are not only low maintenance but also easily removable.

  • The only problem with Makita MAC2400 Air Compressor is that it doesn’t come with a cord holder. This sometimes causes safety issues because of the air surrounding it.

Customer Choice

Woodworking Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld FP2028: Woodworking Air Compressor

  • Campbell Air Compressor has a PSI of 110. 
  • This air compressor is lightweight than 13 pounds. 
  • Monitoring the air pressure is possible due to an effortlessly located gouge.
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories.
  • The oil-free operation eliminates risks and provides maintenance-free use.
  • The tool operates at a household current of 120 volts. 

If you are looking for an airpower proficient tool for your household use then Campbell Hausfeld FP2028 Air Compressor is the right choice for you. This woodworking air compressor has a sturdy handle and lightweight design that makes it more comfortable and easily operable. You can easily monitor the air pressure with the gouge that’s effortlessly located. The oil-free operation that it offers ensures you maintenance-free ownership. You can also store this air compressor quite conveniently because of its compact structure. 

Another great feature of the Campbell Air Compressor is its prolonged lifespan. You will also find the cost of this air compressor comparatively low. The higher RPM and more torque this air compressor features increase its capability and efficiency even more. It comes with additional accessories like- air chuck, inflator nozzles, needle adapter, needle, recoil hose of 25 feet, onboard storage, etc. 

  • Campbell Air Compressor is a comfortable and easily manageable air compressor. It is suitable for various applications. The compressor offers both excellency and accuracy. It is especially suitable for small indoor tasks. It has a great life expectancy and also comes with all the necessary accessories requires in order to operate. Lastly, this air compressor is budget-friendly as well.

  • Campbell Air Compressor generates high-level decibel while operating that can cause irritation. Refilling the tank takes more time in comparison to other air compressors.

Factors to pick the Best Air Compressor for Woodworking

There are several factors that you should consider before settling upon an air compressor for woodworking. Because these factors plan an important role in defining your compressor’s worth and credibility. Such as-

Tank Size 

It is one of the most important aspects. The size of the tank is directly proportional to the durability of the air compressor. If you buy an air compressor of a larger tank size, the best air compressor will take more time to go down due to the pressure level. So, depending on how long you plan on using the woodworking air compressor, you’ll have to select the proper size of the tank.


Cubic feet per minute is one of the top concerns regarding air compressors for woodworking. Because this value represents the speed of the passing air. Therefore, CFM needs to be enough to carry out your project. Otherwise, you’ll face difficulty completing your task, and also the entire project will seem quite time-consuming. So, make sure to get an air compressor that offers you as much increased CFM as possible. 


It is important to consider what is the maximum noise at which you can operate your air compressor without having to irritate your neighbors or yourself. Air compressors tend to generate a lot of noise and they feature specific decibel levels. Therefore, you’ll need to search for the one that keeps the level at a minimum and provides oil-free operation. 


Portability is another major concern regarding woodworking air compressors. You need a compressor that you can easily carry to your job location without having to worry about it.

air compressor for woodworking

Therefore, you need a compressor that comes with wheels. This way, you can easily roll your compressor to different job locations. Another thing you can look at is if the air compressor comes with an extension cord. Because this also helps with portability. 

FAQs on Best Air Compressor for Woodworking

What is an air compressor used for in woodworking?

An air compressor is an extremely useful tool for woodworking. It is a very bulky and noisy tool that some may find intimidating. During woodworking, your pneumatic tools need to get proper power in order to achieve satisfactory results. Air compressor acts like a power supplier in such cases. It is designed in such a way, that it can power up any sort of pneumatic device, starting from sanders to spray guns and nail guns while also cleaning up the dust. That’s why we use air compressors in woodworking. 

What is the best industrial air compressor?

There are a large number of air compressors, but not all of them are efficient enough to run industrially. Among the best air compressors, DEWALT Air Compressor (DWC1KIT-B) is at the top of the list. It not only has a longer run time because of its PSI of a maximum of 165, but it also has great durability and portability. You can easily use the compressor for heavy-duty operation because of its high-performance motor. In case of any confusion, you can also look through the instruction manual it comes with.

What is the quietest air compressor?

Whenever operating with an air compressor, everyone wants the operation to be as quiet as possible. Because this way the irritation due to noise can be kept at a minimum while operating. Therefore, it is important to operate an air compressor that has low decibel levels. Among the available air compressors for woodworking, the quietest air compressor would be the California Air Tools 8010A Aluminum Tank Air Compressor. As it has a noise level of 60 dBA which is so low that it’s equal to the conversation decibel level. 

Is a bigger air compressor better?

As we already know, the size of an air compressor is directly related to the durability of the tool. The larger is the size of your air compressor, the greater will be its efficiency and life expectancy. However, you may find a bigger air compressor more difficult to use in comparison to a moderate-sized air compressor. So, if the user is looking for a long-term air compressor then bigger is the better option, but if the user prefers something that’s easily portable and effortlessly operable then the answer may be different.

What is a good size air compressor to run air tools?

The size of an air compressor completely depends upon the additional features you want your air compressor to offer. It also depends on the project on which you plan on using the certain air compressor. Most people look for two main features while buying this tool. Those are- portability and life expectancy. So base on these popular demands, the air compressor of 20 gallons is said to be the right size for running air tools. 

Select the Best Air Compressor for Woodworking

In this article, we have discussed the best air compressors for woodworking. We have talked about a few of the top air compressor types for your benefit. We have not only provided you with their features, advantages, and disadvantages but also provided you with several additional pieces of information to guide you through the buying process. We have also added a buying guide so that you understand what features are most important to look for in a woodworking air compressor. 

Now that you have all the information regarding the topic at hand, it is up to you to use the above-mentioned information to choose wisely. Make sure to understand the features beforehand, because depending upon those features you’ll have to choose the air compressor that suits you perfectly and fulfills all your project-related requirements. 

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