6 Best Auto Feed Drywall Screw Gun

Precision is a top priority when installing drywall, and using the best auto feed drywall screw gun, you can maintain the accuracy of driving fasteners effectively and securely. While installing drywall demands driving the fastener at an exact depth consistently, an auto feed screw gun can make the task even more convenient, allowing you to feed the screw most impressively.

A screw gun is a handy appliance to secure the drywall overhead most conveniently, even in a tight space. But all the screw-guns out there don’t include a depth adjustment trigger with a longer runtime. Even choosing the most versatile and ergonomic screw gun can be tiresome without basic knowledge of it.

Handyman’s pick: 3 Best Auto Feed Drywall Screw Gun

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT 20V MAX Color: Yellow
Material: Plastic, Metal
4400 RPM
Power Source:
Battery Powered
8.25 x 3 x 11.13 inches
Check Price
backpac Makita XSF03Z 18V Color: Paste
Power Source: Battery Powered
10 x 5 x 6 inches
Voltage: 18 Volts
3 Pounds
Check Price
cordlessblower Milwaukee 2401-22 M12 Color: Red
Head Style: Hex
7 x 6 x 2 inches
Check Price

We have listed some of the best screw guns that are extremely versatile, safer, and more comfortable to use while ensuring promising performance for a long time. Apart from these, we covered some useful information, including operating instructions for a screw gun, a debate guide between nails and screws for drywall, and a buying guide to help you add the appropriate tool to your box for a certain task.

Top Screw Gun

DEWALT 20V: Auto Feed Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

  • This best collated screw gun is constructed with a 20v brushless motor to offer maximum run time and greater speed.
  • Design with a nose cone, this cordless screw gun can be locked in three different positions securely for consistent performance at the desired depth.
  • This screw gun is compatible with the DCF6201 Collated Magazine Attachment to boost productivity.
  • This balanced drywall screw gun has an LED light to illuminate dark work areas.

Apart from being part of the Dewalt family, this drywall screw gun itself is a best-selling screw gun due to its quality construction and impressive performance. It comes with a brushless motor, this cordless screw gub is comparable with many corded counterparts, especially in balance and ergonomics.

Using this drywall screw gun, the operator will have maximum runtime with greater speed, up to 4,400 RPM, to install the drywall suitably and securely. Made of plastic and metal, this screw gun is extremely lightweight and can work overhead for a long time while illuminating dark work areas with LED light.

  • It’s a best-selling drywall screw gun that has a powerful motor and ensures high performance. The screw gun is lightweight and has depth adjustment for the precise installation of drywall. It also has a 3-year warranty.

  • The lever for switching directions gets changed every time, however can be solved by adjusting the depth. It doesn’t come with a battery.

Runner Up

Makita 18V: Best Collated Drywall Screw Gun

  • Designed with a lock mode, this cordless screw gun will start only once the fastener is engaged for safer and quieter operation.
  • It’s the best auto feed screw gun that has 3 stages LED light that not only illuminates the work area but also indicates the battery charge level.
  • With a combination of a BL motor and all-metal gear and housing construction, this auto feed screw gun will be a long-lasting addition to any job site.
  • The screw gun has an adjustable nose piece to ensure consistent screw depth for accurate drywall installation.

This Makita Cordless Drywall Screw gun is one of the best auto feed drywall screw guns that offers efficient performance while maintaining maximum safety. Though it has a lower voltage brushless motor compared to the previous model, this screwdriver can deliver considerably higher speeds, up to 4000 RPM. Thus, by using this Makita drywall screw gun, you can handle a range of drywall and framing applications conveniently.

Apart from these, this cordless screw gun has plenty of user-friendly and safer functions, including a 3-stage, LED gauge, all-metal gears, and housing, push drive technology, and lightweight construction.

  • It’s a powerful and durable screw gun that is perfect for installing a drywall and other framing tasks. The screw gun has a brushless motor, a depth-adjustable nose, a multi-functional led light, and metal construction and is lightweight to use.

  • Its clutch doesn’t engage quickly and the unit doesn’t have a warranty.

Best Overall

Milwaukee M12: Best Cordless Screwdriver Kit

  • With a combination of variable speed trigger and 15+1 clutch settings, the operator will have supreme fastening control to prevent over-tightening of fasteners.
  • It is a lightweight and compact screw gun that will give you access to tight job site spaces as well as handle tough drywall applications.
  • Designed with an LED light and fuel gauge for increased productivity without interruptions.
  • Design with keyless chuck for quick changing opportunity.

Whether you are left-handed or right, using this Milwaukee M12 Hex Cordless Screwdriver gun, you will have precision fastening applications every time. In particular, this drywall screw gun features two belt-clip positions for precise control for both right-handed and left-handed users. The feature also ensures one handed bit change for the most efficient operation.

The manufacturer optimised this best collated drywall screw gun, especially for unmatched precision, portability, and power. Therefore, it includes a variable speed trigger, 15+1 clutch settings, and lightweight construction. Along with the onboard LED light, ergonomic grip, and year-long warranty, this user will have a satisfying experience both in longevity and drywall installation.

  • The auto feed drywall screw gun is designed with versatile function and solid construction for years of service. It is extremely easy to use and adjust, with a variable speed trigger and a range of chuck settings for the most precise drywall application. The lightweight screw gun also has a 5-year warranty.

  • It doesn’t deliver higher RPM and includes a 12v motor, so it won’t be suitable for heavy-duty drywall and framing tasks.

Best Budget

SKIL: Best Collated Screw Gun

  • Design with Circuit Sensor Technology detects the live wire for the safest and most confident fastening and drywall installation tasks.
  • It has an easy bit lock function and comes with 9 pieces of bits to choose the appropriate bit and lock it for the most desired and consistent application.
  • The drywall screw gun has dual LED lights to boost the visibility of tight spaces.
  • The screw gun includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and micro USB charging to offer a longer run time and an easier charging opportunity.

If you are looking for the safest yet handy screw gun to install drywall, you can try this SKIL Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver. To maintain superior safety from the electric outlet, fixture, and switch, this screw gun is mostly recommended for small projects and everyday home use.

This compact design drywall screw gun especially features circuit sensor technology. Thus, the beginner or seasonal enthusiast can detect the electric life wire and outlet before causing an accident and complete the fastening task safely. This drywall screw gun is also multifunctional and includes plenty of accessories to complete any fastening task conveniently.

  • It’s an advanced quality sacred gun suitable for light-duty tasks with safety and precision. The drywall screw gun is lightweight, compact, and extremely user-friendly with plenty of accessories, LED light, and a 5-year warranty.

  • The screw gun doesn’t have torque settings and variable speed settings. So it brings the risk of over-tightening the fastener.

Customer Choice

WORX: Best Auto Feed Screw Gun

  • The auto feed drywall screw gun comes with a 4v MaxLithium battery that can hold a charge for months for a ready-to-go operation.
  • It has an ingenious screw holder that effectively keeps the screw in place for one-handed and trouble-free drywall installation.
  • The screw gun has a Rapid Reloadable Cartridge to store the bits securely without feeling like they are fumbling in a pocket.
  • The drywall screwdriver comes with 6 different bits for the most precise and desired fastening application through a lot of materials.

This WORX WX255L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver will take your screw gun using experience to the next level. Especially it’s a semi-automatic driver that has an ingenious screw holder to drive and remove screws efficiently without worrying about dropping them even during over headed operation.

The drywall screw gun is also compatible with 6 bits and lets them change conveniently for a range of applications, including drywall installation. Despite it’s an extremely lightweight screw gun that comes with an internal battery and charger to let the gun restore its productivity effortlessly.

  • It’s an extremely lightweight and easy to use screw gun that has an internal battery and charger. The screw gun also includes 6 bits and a bit holder for precise operation while available at a lower cost.

  • The screw gun isn’t suitable for tight space and the construction is not promising.

Premium Pick

DEWALT DW255: Drywall Screw Gun

  • The screw gun has a two-finger trigger with a rubber grip for comfortable and precise control over the application.
  • It has a 5,300 RPM high-speed motor for high-speed transmission of drywall installation.
  • The drywall screw gun is constructed with helical-cut steel to boost its longevity.
  • The auto-feed screw gun has a depth-sensitive nose-piece to drive the fastener at the desired depth consistently.

Want a powerful and heavy-duty screw gun to handle any tough application, including drywall installation? Try this DEWALT corded Drywall Screw Gun. This drywall screw gun is designed with a 5,300 RPM high-speed motor to hang the drywall efficiently and deal with other tougher fastening tasks.

More importantly, this corded screw gun comes with a combination of heat-treated steel gears and helical-cut steel construction to become a long-lasting addition to any professional or seasonal DIYer’s toolbox. Even it’s a lightweight screw gun, it has an ergonomic rubber grip trigger for the most comfortable and fatigue-free operation.

  • It’s a powerful and heavy-duty corded screw gun that is suitable to hang drywall efficiently and quickly. The screw gun has a steel construction with a rubber grip trigger for precise and comfortable use. The manufacturer also offers a 1-year warranty with this screw gun.

  • The screw bit may be pulled out surprisingly easily and isn’t a versatile option.

Buying Guides to pick the Best Auto Feed Drywall Screw Gun

Check these factors in the auto feed drywall that you are going to choose to get the desired performance:

Screw Length

When you need to work on drywall, the screw length is vital. While many DIYers use ½ inch screws, you can also apply ¼ and 5/8 inches. Among them, 5/8 inches is thicker, which is most suitable for garage walls.

Screw Threads

Choose between coarse-thread and fine-thread screws based on the work requirements. The coarse thread is wide and offers a good grip. However, it is prone to get stuck in the hand. That it’s recommended to wear gloves during the operation.

Conversely, fine-thread works great on metal studs and slowly cuts through metal to get a good grip.

Cordless Vs. Corded

Corded drywall screw guns are best for consistent run time and powerful operation. However, they are limited in portability. Between 110v or 240v power options, a corded screw gun with 240v is most recommended.

Conversely, cordless screw guns are more portable, lightweight, and require an extra battery for a longer run time.


Pick an auto feed drywall screw gun between 3 to 7 pounds for efficient operation for a longer time without fatigue. It also lets you work on overhead conveniently.

Speed and Clutch

A combination of adjustable clutch and variable speed will boost the quality of the drywall project. By using a screw gun with such functions, you will have better control over the gun based on the working surface and requirements.

Depth Gauge

The drywall screw gun should have an adjustable collar to set the desired depth for screwing. Using such a function, you can consistently fire screw guns at the desired depth and maintain the quality of the task.

Additional Features

Considering the budget, you can have an extra yet essential feature on your auto feed drywall screw gun to make the task more comfortable. Features like LED lights and belt hooks can be handy for working in tight and dark spaces as well as carrying the tool while keeping the hand free.

How Does a Drywall Screw Gun perform?

A drywall screw gun can drive the screw at a pre-set depth, which is a place by using a function near the nose. It also needs to set the screw at the head section and engage the clutch before firing the screw at the desired depth.

Keeping the screw set, you can feed another screw into the head section automatically or semi-automatically using the collated magazine. Despite different screws, guns are compatible with certain size screws. Thus, if you are a beginner, you need to pick the right screw gun with the exact screw size needed for installing drywall securely and properly without causing any damage.

How to use a drywall screw gun?

A drywall screw gun is a handy appliance for fitting and installing drywall into the interior. Drywall is a finishing and rewarding task that can be sped up by using a screw gun. The drywall screw gun itself is a simple tool that works in pretty much the same way as a regular screw gun. Still, it requires some basic skills to operate the screw gun to make the task safer and more precise.

How to use a drywall screw gun

Choosing a Screw Gun

Choose the best drywall screw gun to make the task easier and more convenient. If it is a cordless drywall screw gun, make sure the battery is fully charged so you can get maximum run time.


Having an automatic screw gun means you can store all the required screws at once, while a manual load gun needs to fix each screw individually. Automatic models are a bit more expensive but still helpful and more convenient. It is also compatible with a drywall screw gun that comes in a coil and can be loaded through the gun to fix drywall easily.

Screwing the Drywall

Position the screw gun at the exact location and press the trigger against the drywall to fix the screw properly at the required depth. Repeat the process until you have the drywall sheet fixed securely against the wall.


Most drywall screw guns feature this function to let the operator drive the screw a bit deeper if required. Doing so also makes the screw hardly noticeable even without ripping through the wall. Driving a screw gun may seem easy, but it requires enough practice to make the hand dependable. Despite adjusting the depth also requires extra time initially, but take patience in terms of the quality of the drywall project.

Which fastener is Best for drywall: Drywall nails vs screws?

Nail gun nails and screws are the most common fasteners used for a DIY project. But considering the project, you have to use any of them, which should be the most appropriate one. However, the choice is almost clear amongst pro enthusiasts for different materials and applications.

When it comes to installing drywall, there is enough confusion that needs to be solved. Thus, following the section, we have compared both the drywall screw gun fasteners on different factors to let you find the more acceptable one.


Generally, drywall nails are considerably cheaper, even if you compare the brands, coatings, and length. However, installing drywall will require more sheets than you initially thought. Conversely, drywall screws are overall worth considering the project’s quality and cost.


Formally, a seasonal drywall contractor was comfortable and quicker with hammers and nails. But currently, it is almost impossible to change an installer that has a magnetically tipped screw gun-armed and stable hand. If you have the basic skills, drywall screws will ensure faster operation.


You can rate the strength of a fastener by multiplying it. Nails can be stronger than screws in a pound-for-pound method for an equal length. But when it comes to installing drywall, grip strength is more important. Nails are more flexible and can hold promisingly against shear force, but screws have impressive grip and tensile strength to prevent drywall from pulling away from the studs. Even considering holding power, screws offer unbeatable performance.  Still, if you want to stick with drywall nails, use the ring shank nails for improved hold.


Both the nails and screws are risky for house owners. The impact can go out of control due to excess humidity and sudden earthquakes. However, it can be completely preventable by taking the right precautions.

Luckily, the grip strength of the screws is much safer here as they cause less movement compared to nails. Therefore, using the right length and number of screws per sheet can ensure safety.

Which fastener is better?

Undoubtedly, screws are the superior fasteners to use in installing drywall. These have stronger holding ability, ensure faster driving, and tend to pop over time. That’s why many contractors are reliably using screws to install drywall.

Benefits of a Drywall Screw Gun

The following are some major advantages of using drywall screw guns for a different project:

Easier installation: It ensures quicker and easier installation of interior drywall by driving the gun faster compared to typical screwdrivers. Drywall screw guns also maximise effort and time, thus becoming a favourite choice among DIYers.

Safer operation: Using a drywall screw gun, you don’t need to twist your wrist to fix or remove the screws in the wall. This mechanical tool is powered by a battery or electricity and rotates the drill head to drive the screw automatically. Thus, it lowers the risk of wrist damage and fatigue during the action.

Driving at the desired depth: The Drywall screw gun allows you to set the depth and adjust the need to drive through drywall to ensure precise and continuous performance. Driving the screw at the desired depth also leaves a bit of a dimple in the drywall for a natural and smooth finish.

Store the screw: A drywall screw gun allows the storage of the screws required for installation. Thus, the operator won’t need to reinsert the screws while moving along the width or length of the drywall installation. 

Worth investment: Drywall screw guns are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last a long time. The tools also require minimal maintenance and repairs.

FAQs on Best Auto Feed Drywall Screw Gun

What is the best brand of screw gun?

Dewalt is the best brand of screw guns as they produce faster, powerful, and ergonomic screw guns both for professional and home use. The warranty and customer service from the Dewalt brand are also impressive, making them a reliable brand among contractors and other DIY enthusiasts.

What is an auto feed screw gun?

It’s an especially designed screw gun that provides an automatic feed of collated screws for easier and faster driving. This auto-feed screw gun is mostly suitable for repetitive tasks like building a house.

What is the best screw gun for drywall?

The DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Drywall Screw Gun is the best screw gun for drywall out there. From its brushless motor with higher RPM, nose cone lock, LED light, and balanced and ergonomic design, this screw gun has all the features required to install drywall accurately.

Is a screw gun similar to a drill?

Screw guns may have the same appearance as drills but are mainly designed for firing screws. Despite the screw, the gun has a nose while the power drill includes a chuck. The screw gun’s nose holds the interchangeable shank bit that is also known as a tip.

How do you use a Senco auto feed screw gun?

The Senco auto feed screw gun is a multi-functional and extremely easy to use screw gun that ensures automatic feeding of collated screws. Plus, you can use this screw gun in one hand without a screw drop for increased productivity.

Take the Best Drywall Screw Gun

The initial purpose of designing a screw gun was driving screws. But with the blessing of modern technology, the brands have started producing specially customized home appliances for certain tasks. Luckily, the products we have reviewed above are some of the best auto feed drywall screw guns that are specially designed for drywall and framing applications.

These are versatile yet powerful, safer, and multi-functional for installing drywall precisely and securely. Finally, if you choose any of them, you will enjoy free shipping and reliable customer service with enhanced productivity.

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