6 Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Cobalt drill bits are highly appropriate for drilling through both high-density and light-gauge metals, maintaining precision for a long time. So, buying the best cobalt drill bit set will ensure versatile operation over a wide range of materials with enduring and sturdy service.

But the types and quality of cobalt drill bit sets vary largely, making it a dedicated task to pick the right cobalt bit set. Thus, we have reviewed the 6 best cobalt drill bit sets that are made of premium cobalt and HSS material with a quality shank and tips for precise and extremely heart-resistant service.

Handyman’s pick: 6 Best Cobalt Drill Bits Set

These drill bit sets include a variety of sizes of cobalt drill bits that are convenient to store and carry while fitting into the budget. The guide also covers a huge amount of information on cobalt drill bits, including types, advantages, buying, and using tips to let you enjoy the best performance.

Top Pick Drill Bit

Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Set

Hymnorq Metric M35 Cobalt Twist Drill Bit Set

  • This M35 cobalt drill bit set is extremely heat resistant and ideal for cutting through soft and hard materials like stainless steel and cast iron.
  • It has 135° Quick-Cut points for self-centering and drills through quickly at gentle pressure, thus the operator won’t require a center punch.
  • This budget-friendly cobalt drill bit set has a straight shank to fit with most standard drill chucks without slipping and sliding, making the bit ideal for accurate centering.
  • The cobalt bit set is designed with a high flow spiral for the fastest flute removal while drilling through thick metal.
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With an impressive combination of precision, performance, and price, this Hymnorq Metric Twist Drill Bit set is the best cobalt drill bit set you will ever find. Using this drill bit set, you can make hundreds of holes through hardened materials like cast iron and stainless steel without dulling or chipping.

This 13-piece M35 grade cobalt drill bit has 135° Quick-Cut points, a straight shank, and comes with a high-flow spiral design. Thus, this twist bit set will penetrate quickly through a wide range of thick material attached to most standard drill chucks. The drill bit set is also available at a surprisingly lower cost and comes in a plastic case.

  • It’s a budget-friendly cobalt drill bit set that has 13 pieces of various sizes of durable and heat-resistant drill bits. These will offer quicker drilling through thick and hard materials without a center punch and will securely fit with most drill chucks. The cobalt bit set comes with a 90-day warranty and in a plastic case.

  • Though the drill bit has titanium nitride coating for better friction and reducing heat, the user should use cutting oil for a better outcome.

Runner Up

Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set 

DEWALT DWA1240: Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set 

  • This cobalt drill bit set is designed with a patented bit-bar system to allow you to remove the bit easily and adjust the placement.
  • The drill bit is constructed with a pilot point tip to offer clean and accurate hile without using a starter hole.
  • Its M35 grade cobalt drill bit set ensures faster drilling and is less prone to break out.
  • This set includes sharp and durable cobalt drill bits that are suitable for cutting through angle iron, I beam, and ideal for repeatable use.
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DEWALT has a great American success story due to its focus on quality and price. The manufacturer of this fantastic drill bit set says it is literally almost indestructible over tough and soft surfaces, thanks to its high-grade cobalt and stainless steel.

Apart from these, the drill bit set comes in a pilot-point design so you won’t need a starter hole while getting walk-free drilling season. This cobalt drill bit set has 14 piece of a drill bit and its size ranges from 0.062 to 0.375 inches that are suitable for faster and accurate drilling.

  • This set of cobalt drill bits offers long-lasting and fast performance over stainless steel and other tough metals with maximum control. The drill bits are easy to remove, heat resistant, and have a pilot point tip for accurate and clean holes.

  • This drill bit set may get dull faster and needs to be sharpened.

Best Overall

Cobalt Drill Bits Set

IRWIN M35 Cobalt Drill Bits Set

  • This huge set of cobalt drill bits has a 135 Degree Split Point to drill metal with gentle force, minimising the bit walk.
  • With 5% cobalt and 95% high-speed steel, this drill bit set is strong enough and resistant to abrasion and heat to work through consistently.
  • Its drill bit has a shank over 3/8-inch in length to fit with a larger drill and drill press for convenient and effortless hardening of metal drilling.
  • With cobalt strength and Heavy-Duty Web Construction, this drill bit set is highly durable and powerful.
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If you are a busy DIYer and often need to handle a wide variety of drilling applications with a variety of sizes of holes, this IRWIN Drill Bit Set will be a worthwhile investment for you. This set comes with 29 pieces of the cobalt drill bit. This set includes a 1/16-to-1/2-inch size bit that will offer versatile control over the drilling task.

Another exciting feature includes a rubber over-molded case. As a result, you can keep this large number of cobalt drill bits safe from accidental drop and loss, as well as well-organised and portable.

  • This large set of drill bits comes in a metal index case for easier access and classification for convenient use. These are made of tough quality HSS and cobalt for optimum durability and longevity while ensuring quicker drilling through hardened metal.

  • This set of cobalt drill bits needs to run at low speed, otherwise, they get dull quickly when drilling on steel.

Best Budget

Cobalt Drill Bits Set

Drill America M35 Cobalt Drill Bits Set

  • This cobalt drill bit set comes with a gold-oxide finish that makes the drill bit resistant to scratches, heat, and wear.
  • The cobalt drill bit has a lubricated finish for fast-speed drilling through tougher metals.
  • With a 135-degree split point tip, this cobalt drill set offers accurate and efficient drilling without the help of a pilot hole.
  • These cobalt drill bits have a round shank to accept most power drills for convenient drilling.
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Compared to the previous model, this cobalt drill bit from Drill America comes at a slightly lower cost while having 29 pieces in the set with an M35 grade and a 135-degree split point. Despite these facts, this cobalt drill bit set comes in a black and gold container that can be hung on a belt for easier access.

Available at a reasonable cost, this M35 cobalt bit set is made of M2 premium high-speed steel to drill through possibly all the tougher materials, including iron, steel, and aluminium.

  • This 29-piece cobalt drill set is durable and resistant to heat, and wear. Plus, these offer a break and sliding-free drilling through harder metal with impressive longevity and are available at a reasonable price.

  • This cobalt drill bit set comes in a fragile plastic container that can break easily if dropped accidentally and won’t allow storing well organised.

Premium Pick

Cobalt Drill Bit Set

DEWALT DW1263 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

  • The cobalt drill bit set is designed with a Pilot Point tip to reduce lock-up and ensure precise operation while drilling through
  • This cobalt drill bit set is made of premium quality cobalt and HSS for optimum durability while drilling at maximum speed.
  • The size of this 14-piece cobalt drill bit set varies from 1/16-inch to 3/8-inch to allow you to choose the exact bit for a certain hole.
  • This set of cobalt drill bits comes in a heavy-duty carrying case to keep the drill bits secure and well organized with easier access.
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This is another best cobalt drill bit set from DEWALT that promises quality and optimum performance. Though this set of cobalt drill bits comes in 14 pieces like the DWA1240 model, this item costs a slightly higher price, possibly due to the handy and heavy-duty case.

The case is made of industrial-grade ABS material and has an interlocking hinge to keep the cobalt bits well organised, and rubber locked for easier access and improved storage. 

  • This is an affordable cobalt drill bit set that has 14 pieces of drill made of tough material. These drill bits drill precise holes in steel and cast iron without slipping and for an extended period of time.DeWalt also offers a 1-year warranty with this cobalt bit set.

  • These cobalt drill bits are a bit tough to sharpen as the tips get rigid.

Customer Choice

Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set

BOSCH 21 Piece Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set 

  • This large set of cobalt drill bits is designed with three-flat shanks to ensure better grip and prevent slipping while boring through high-density metal.
  • The cobalt drill bits come with laser-etched markings to identify the desired diameter drill bit efficiently.
  • With their no-skate split-point tip, these cobalt drill bits offer precise holes with accurate starts.
  • These cobalt drill bits can’t withstand high drilling temperatures to enhance performance over a solid surface.
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Bosch is the most reliable name in the power tool and accessories industry, and this Cobalt Metal Drill Bit Set is another great example. So, whether you need a large variety of quality cobalt drill bit sets for drilling through abrasive materials or light-gauge metal, this BOSCH Cobalt Metal Drill Bits Set is highly recommended, even if you’re on a tight budget.

This 21-piece cobalt bit set comes with a 1/16 to ½ size range with laser-etched markings. Thus, it won’t be a big issue to pick the desired size drill bit from the well-organised portable carrying case.

  • This 21-piece cobalt drill bit set is available at a decent price and comes with a three-flat shank, no-skate split-point tip, and laser-etched marking. These are highly durable and heat resistant to drill an accurate hole through hardening and soft materials.

  • The smaller-sized drill bits require more pressure to drill through, which also increases the risk of damage.

Factors to buy the Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set          

Size: Shorter drill bits are tougher than longer ones, while the length decreases their strength and resistance to cracking. The shorter drill bits are also more resistant to twisting, spinning, and breaking. The combination of short structure and more twisting ability makes the shorter drill bit ideal for the heavy-duty task.

Tip Point: The right tip of a cobalt drill bit is vital to drilling through a tough surface. Pick a cobalt drill bit set that has a stepped tip and split points to bit into thick metal without sliding. Apart from this, you can choose from V-point, fish-point, tapered-point, and brad-point depending on the type of task at hand.

Cobalt percentage: Pick a cobalt drill bit set that has a higher percent of cobalt for better result. It also increases the drill bit’s heat resistance and makes the cobalt drill bit sturdy. Usually, the M42-grade cobalt bit is constructed with 8% of cobalt while the M35 grade uses only 5%. 

Construction: A cobalt drill bit that is comes in a combination of steel offers powerful performance and drills through cast iron, stainless steel, and other solid metals efficiently. Despite this, the drill bit set should have a metal oxide coat for improved wear and corrosion resistance.

Different Types of Cobalt Drill Bits 

In general, cobalt drill bits are available in four different types to serve a certain purpose. Understanding these types will help choose the right cobalt drill bit to get the desired performance.


The twist drill bit comes with angled grooves and it has a spiral around the shaft. The edge of its angle is very sharp and can drill through material efficiently. The cobalt twist drill bit is suitable for a variety of materials and can drill through hard materials quickly. You will find a wide range of sizes of twist bits and a set of up to 30 pieces.


This cobalt bit is ideal for creating shallow holes in the fastener head that can sit flush with the workpiece. It is also suitable for creating countersink holes in tough surfaces. While twist drill bits come with self-piloting tips, countersink bits can only drill through the existing hole into the material.


If you need to sit the fastener hole below the work surface, this Counterbore cobalt drill bit will help you. While countersink bits drill an angled hole for an angled head fastener, this drill bit can drill through a larger hole at a shallower depth. This cobalt bit also leaves a flat ridge where the fastener headrest securely.

Cobalt Step

You will find these Cobalt step drill bits handy for drilling through sheet metal. It can also extend the hole size while moving through the sheet metal, thus the operator can control the diameter of the hole. This step cobalt bit can drill through 1/4-inch-thick sheet metal conveniently. 

Difference between cobalt and Titanium Drill Bits

Both types of the drill bit are suitable for long-lasting and powerful performance but have peculiar properties. While titanium bits lost their coating due to sharpening, cobalt is a tough yet brittle drill bit. Following the debating guide of cobalt vs titanium drill bits will let you learn about these two drill bits briefly:


The key difference between the cobalt bit and the titanium drill bit is the material used to make them. Most of the titanium drill bits are made of HSS with a titanium carbon nitride or titanium nitride coating. Conversely, cobalt drill bits come from steel alloys that mostly have a cobalt component.


Another important thing is that titanium ultimately loses its titanium coating. Even after sharpening the bit, you will only have a high-speed steel bit. Thus, after sharpening the titanium drill bit, it also loses its titanium cutting edge. But the advantage of having a cobalt drill bit is it can retain the cobalt alloy after re-sharpening. So you will have long-lasting quality service using cobalt alloy bits, making it a much better and worthwhile investment over titanium drill bits. 

Which is the better drill bit: cobalt or titanium?

Cobalt drill bits are long-lasting, more heat resistant, and more expensive than titanium drill bits. Plus, if you need to work on a wide range of materials to maintain quality service, you should go for a cobalt drill bit set. Conversely, the titanium drill bit set is most suitable for wood and softer metals and is a cost-efficient solution. 

How to sharpen Cobalt Drill Bits

Sharpening a cobalt drill bit will restore its ability to cut efficiently and offer a perfect hole. 

Considering the type of task and the working surface, the cobalt drill bit comes in a range of sizes and angle points. An impressive thing is, cobalt drill bit comes with high heat resistance, and thus the bit is superb for repeated use. But using it constantly makes the cutting edge of the cobalt a bit dull, which needs to be sharpened. Following an easier process of sharpening cobalt drill bits, this requires a bench grinder:

Prepare for the task

Sharpening the cobalt bit can produce flying bits of steel which can damage the eyes. So wear a set of safety glasses to guard the eye from flying particles. Then power on the bench grinder and set it at a lower speed.

Inspect the cobalt drill bit

Now hold the smooth end of the cobalt drill bit using your finger and check the drilling edge. Look at the point at the end of the bit and observe how the narrow shape is surrounded by ridges.

Place the drill bit against the sharpener

Hold the drill bit tightly and bring the grinder close. Place the cobalt bit at a 60-degree angle and gently tap the sloped side of the conical top against the grinder. Pull away the drill bit from the grinding wheel after a moment and once again press the bit against the grinder. Continue the sharpening process around the sides of the narrowed top of the bit. 

Check the sharpness

Test the bit’s sharpness using your finger and if you still find the bit sharp enough, continue the process. Make sure you don’t grind away the drill bit too much as it can damage the cobalt drill bit.

Key advantages of Cobalt Drill Bits

Drill through tough materials: Cobalt drill bits are constructed with steel and have a tough quality structure to drill through solid materials like titanium and stainless steel. Most of the cobalt drill bits come with cobalt M35 and M42 grade construction to increase the bit’s longevity and offer heat resistance service while drilling through tough surfaces.

Versatile operation: Most of the cobalt drill bits are compatible with almost any power tool. Cobalt drill bits are available in a variety of sizes that firmly sit in the power tool and drill through without twisting or spinning during a heavy-duty job. This drill bit is also suitable for boring through a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, and other hard materials. 

Efficient DIY projects: The Cobalt drill bit comes in a portable set and ensures precise drilling, making it handy and safer for the DIY enthusiast. Despite this, these drill bits come wear-resistant and have size markings, so the DIYer can easily pick the desired size of bit for the best result. Cobalt drill bits are useful for a variety of household applications and provide durable and quality performance when attached to most of the common drill guns.

A few crucial tips to use cobalt drill bit set properly and retain its sharpness

Though the cobalt drill bit can suitably drill through plastics, wood, and other soft materials, using the bit solely for such materials can damage the drill bit. Despite keeping these techniques in mind to retain the powerful performance of the cobalt drill bit set:

Sharpen the cobalt bit

You can easily sharpen the cobalt drill bit using a belt sander or bench grinder. you can even invest in an industrial sharpener for better results. It means you won’t have to replace or purchase the next cobalt drill bit set after a few uses or when it becomes dull. But don’t wear a glove and keep your hand a distance from the sharpener, as these can be caught up and cause injury.

Wear protective gears

A cobalt drill bit is a quite powerful attachment. But its tip may crack, can form sparks, and many other things during boring through. Thus, wear your protective gear for a safer drilling operation using a cobalt drill bit.

Clean the flutes frequently

To retain the sharpness of a cobalt bit, pull out the bit after drilling a few inches to remove the wood chips or flakes. Otherwise, those flakes can get stuck in the flutes of the bit, resulting in it getting hotter and becoming dull quickly. Thus, you will need to sharpen the bit every so often.

Apply stop-and-cool technique

You can follow the stop-and-cool technique to retain the sharpness of the cobalt bit, especially during drilling through hardwood. You can keep some cold water and apply it to the drill bit frequently.

Use two cobalt drill bits set

It would be better if you could manage two sets of cobalt drill bits. Following the expert’s suggestion, use the new set to drill through the starter hole. then replace the older cobalt bit to drill through the rest. After completing the task, sharpen the bit to keep it prepared for further projects.

FAQs on Best Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Which cobalt drill bit is better M35 or M42?

The cobalt drill bit is usually made of a blend of steel and cobalt materials, where a higher percentage of cobalt means more durability and heat resistance. The M35 cobalt bit contains 5% cobalt; while the M42 cobalt bit contains 8% cobalt.M35 cobalt bit is ideal for drilling through metals, whereas the M42 is mostly suitable for boring through harder metals. One more important thing is that higher grade cobalt bits are more expensive and prone breakage.

Are cobalt drills the best?

Considering the strength, cobalt drill bits are superbly strong and perfect for cutting through most hardened metals like cast iron, bronze, stainless steel, and titanium. A cobalt bit with a quality cutting edge is longer-lasting than a typical HSS drill bit. Even these are more head resistant than titanium drill bits and ideal for repeatable use.

Who makes the Cobalt drill bits?

In the industry of power drills and attachments, you will have lots of reputed and world-class names. Among them, the most reliable cobalt bit brands are Bosch, DEWALT, and IRWIN.

What drill bits are harder than cobalt?

Titanium drill bits are harder than cobalt and last longer than standard HSS drill bits. These can also cut through tough metal efficiently. But the coating of titanium drill bits isn’t long-lasting and the bit can’t be sharpened, while cobalt drill bits can be re-sharpened and offer a long-lasting coating.

Final words

Now you have some of the best cobalt drill bits sets that are suitable for precise and convenient drilling through hardened surfaces with long-lasting service. Though this set includes highly durable, sharp, and quality cobalt drill bits the set is different in a number of pieces, budget, and versatility.

So consider these factors to pick the most appropriate cobalt drill bit set and follow those essential tips for getting the most out of the cobalt bit set.

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