7 Best Corded Hammer Drill

A corded hammer drill is a must have hand tool for professional handymen. Corded hammer drills are more powerful than cordless. Be prepared to handle the demanding task efficiently by investing in the best corded hammer drill. With a combination of consistent runtime, extreme power, and extensive hammering action, this specially customised hammer drill will provide you with better control over any dense material to drill through.

But choosing the right corded hammer drill from numerous choices could be a risky task. The appetizing advertisement can easily mislead you.

DIYers pick: 7 Best Corded Hammer Drill

Thus, we have come up with the most appropriate recommendation list of 7 top corded hammer drills that have been chosen based on extensive research. These corded hammer drills are multifunctional and include different operating modes, ergonomic construction, and versatile design to help you get the desired drilling performance over a variety of solid surfaces.

The article covers a well-informed buying guide to help you decide appropriately on your own.  Reading the guide, you will also have extensive information on the corded hammer drill and its use process for safer and better operation.

Top Pick Hammer Drill

Best Heavy Duty Corded Hammer Drill

ENEACRO: Best Heavy Duty Corded Hammer Drill

  • This multi-functional hammer drill has four functions to handle a variety of tasks, including drilling, chiseling, and hammer drilling.
  • The rotary hammer drill is designed with a 360° adjustable handle and an anti-vibration system for an accurate and convenient strike, preventing user fatigue.
  • The hammer drill is constructed with safety clutch protection to protect the wrist while producing high torque.
  • It can drill 1-1/4 inch holes on concrete and 1/2 inch in metal, making the drill ideal for most convenient use.
  • The SDS-Plus keyless chuck is used for the most secure bit change and consistent operation.

With a killer combination of power, function, and design, this ENEACRO Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill is the best corded hammer drill you will ever find. It is a true heavy-duty corded hammer drill that has a max 13Amp heat-resistant copper wire motor to produce 4200bpm of impact energy to drill through any dense surface efficiently without getting burned.

Available at a decent price, this masonry hammer drill is designed with aluminium alloy housing with an efficient cooling system. Combining these features, DIYers will have a highly durable power drill for any harsh environment without worrying about the motor burning out.

  • This rotary hammer drill is made of tough material with powerful equipment to handle a range of heavy-duty tasks on solid surfaces. The multi-functional drill also includes plenty of accessories, including a carrying case for the most convenient carry and storage, and a 2-year warranty.

  • The trigger button of this corded hammer drill isn’t very sensitive and needs to be engaged completely. Plus, you must wear a mask and goggles.

Runner Up Hammer Drill

Best Corded Rotary Hammer Drill

BOSCH: Best Corded Rotary Hammer Drill

  • This corded hammer drill features a variable-speed trigger with a reverse function to allow you to start with a pilot hole for precise drilling and remove fasteners efficiently.
  • It has a rotating brush plate that produces equal power of up to 1300 RPM and 5800 BPM at both sizes for greater flexibility in the project.
  • This concrete hammer drill has 3 modes of operation to allow you to choose according to the project requirements.
  • The hammer drill comes with an ergonomic D handle and a keyless chuck to allow you to work both overhead and downward conveniently and with ease of bit change.

BOSCH has been a dependable name in the power tool industry for decades. The brand produces this Rotary Hammer Power along with power and precision. Give this item a try if you’re looking for a multi-functional rotary corded hammer drill with precise operation over any tough material.

With three different working modes, a powerful motor, and more importantly, a variable-speed trigger with reversing function, this hammer drill won’t disappoint you at all, though the price is slightly expensive. The corded hammer drill also has 1 year of warranty and offers a carrying case for extra satisfaction.

  • This rotary hammer drill is suitable for precise drilling over concrete and masonry while including a 7.5 Amp motor and variable speed trigger. The power drill is also lightweight and has three working modes, a D handle, SDS plus bit system, and carrying case for convenient operation. The manufacturer also offers an auxiliary handle, a 1-year warranty, and a depth guide.

  • The hammer drill needs to be cleaned regularly. And the carrying case comes with the drill is pretty cheap.

Budget Hammer Drill

Best Budget Corded Hammer Drill

SKIL: Best Budget Corded Hammer Drill

  • This affordable corded drill is constructed with a powerful 7.0 amp motor to drill a variety of solid surfaces, wood, and concrete with ease.
  • The concrete drill includes a Variable Speed trigger to maintain precision while drilling through
  • Its two-finger trigger can lock into position for better control over the project.
  • This hammer drill has a 1/2 In. keyed chuck that accepts large diameter bits, making it ideal for woodworking and cutting.

Want to have a corded hammer drill mostly for home use or light-duty tasks without compromising on precision and power? Buying this SKIL Corded Hammer Drill will be a smart decision for you.

Though this hammer drill comes at a considerably lower cost, it still the seasonal DIYers will have a variable speed trigger along with a powerful 7.0 amp motor to handle any tough applications with precision. Even it’s a lightweight corded drill; it has a 1-year limited warranty for durability assurance.

  • It’s a low-cost corded hammer drill that is powerful enough to handle concrete drilling tasks. Plus, the drill includes a variable speed trigger, side-assist handle, a 1/2 in. keyed chuck, and a 1-year warranty.

  • This hammer drill isn’t suitable for heavy-duty tasks and doesn’t have an extra mode to handle a range of applications.

Premium Hammer Drill

Corded Hammer Drill

DEWALT: Premium Corded Hammer Drill

  • This corded hammer drill for steel comes with a 360-degree side handle and integrated depth rod for optimal handling with top-down accuracy.
  • It’s a lightweight hammer drill that has a two-finger rubber variable speed trigger for the most accurate speed control over the dense surface.
  • This hammer drill has two driving modes, including drill and hammer drill, to let the operator use these tools for common drilling tasks.
  • The hammer drill is constructed with a powerful 7.8 amp motor and a larger-sized chuck to drill a larger-sized hole through a variety of tough materials.

This DEWALT Hammer Drill is another best corded hammer drill on our list that is extremely lightweight and ensures efficient drilling. With a combination of a 7.8 Amp motor and dual-mode, this hammer drill can handle any drilling task over masonry, concrete, and even steel. This hammer drill also comes with an ergonomic design and promises precise tasks, thanks to its 360° side handle and two-finger rubber trigger.

An impressive feature includes a chuck key holder. It means the operator can store the key conveniently without losing it after securing the bit as the chuck most firmly.

  • This versatile cord hammer drill is lightweight, powerful, and multifunctional to drill into steel, concrete, and masonry. It has an ergonomic handle, a variable speed trigger, and DEWALT customer care with a three-year limited warranty and one-year free service.

  • Its rapid strength only works well for the small diameter drill bit, and it may heat up quickly after years.

Japanese Hammer Drill

Best Corded Hammer Drill

Makita: Best Corded Hammer Drill

  • The hammer drill is designed with an 8 AMP motor that can deliver 2.1 ft. lbs. of impact energy to handle the most challenging projects conveniently.
  • Made of Anti-Vibration Technology and integrated with a damper spring, this masonry hammer drill will greatly reduce the vibration for the most comfortable and effortless drilling.
  • Design with three-mode and d handle with a rubberized soft grip for most versatile used based on project
  • The angled grinder is made of ball-bearing construction with a powerful motor for long-lasting pro-grade grinding performance.

Next, we have a handy combo of a corded hammer drill and an angled grinder for both convenient drilling tasks and improved grinding. Adding this combination to the toolbox at a decent price means you will be ready for a wide range of applications. Its hammer drill comes with an anti-vibration system, an 8 AMP powerful motor, three operating modes, and an ergonomic design to deal with a range of solid materials for drilling and chipping efficiently.

The angled grinder also includes 6 AMP power with Labyrinth construction and a ball bearing design for industrial grinding performance.

  • This combination of hammer drill and angled drill will certainly increase productivity along with durable service. The combo is available at a reasonable price, is easy to use, and ensures efficient operation over a variety of applications.

  • The hammer drill motor may get hot quickly, but won’t be extremely hurt. The depth gauge system is of average quality.

Best Overall

Heavy Duty Corded Hammer Drill

VonHaus: Heavy Duty Corded Hammer Drill

  • This demolition hammer drill is designed with an anti-vibration system along with a textured grip 360-degree handle for the most comfortable and convenient operation.
  • With a 10 amp powerful motor and an 850 RPM speed, this rotary hammer drill will provide better control over any solid material drilling task.
  • This corded hammer drill has three different modes to deal with various projects, including demolishing, tile removing, and drilling solid surfaces.
  • The lightweight power drill includes a lot of accessories, including two ergonomic handles for versatile use.

This VonHaus Rotary Hammer Drill is perfect for demolishing tasks as well as removing tiles and drilling through masonry. The corded hammer drill surprisingly costs a relatively lower price while including plenty of impressive features. Firstly, it is one of the best hammer drills for tile removal, thanks to its powerful 10 amp motor, chiseling moods and comes with plenty of demolition kit.

The hammer drill is also reliable for heavy-duty drilling tasks through steel, masonry, and concrete due to hammer and rotary hammer mood and higher impact energy up to 3900 BPM.

  • This budget-friendly hammer drill is ideal for heavy-duty hammering projects as it includes powerful motor, functional modes, and plenty of accessories. The power drill is also lightweight and durable to withstand harsh environments.

  • The hammer drill doesn’t have a variable speed trigger, so maintaining precision will be difficult. Plus, the operator may need to use a dust guard.

Customer Choice

Corded Rotary Hammer Drill

AOBEN: Corded Rotary Hammer Drill

  • This corded hammer drill is designed with a heat exhaust system and an anti-dust mechanism to prevent the motor from overheating and keep the dust away from the drill to prolong its longevity.
  • The hammer drill can be operated in three different modes and has a double switch button to set the speed based on the project.
  • It has a fully adjustable rubber 360-degree handle and vibration control system to allow you to hold the drill most comfortably while keeping the vibration at its lowest.
  • This is the best heavy duty hammer drill that is made of hard material and includes a 13 amp motor for better control over the tough job.

You can consider this AOBEN Rotary Hammer Drill for the extreme power and life-sustaining design.  Though the manufacturer offers only a 1-year warranty, this hammer drill will endure for a long time, thanks to its heat exhaust system and anti-dust design.

The unit also gets a max 13-amp motor to drill through anything, including masonry and steel. Despite this, the rotary hammer drill is easier to operate with three different functions and comes with plenty of accessories to make the project even more comfortable.

  • This rotary hammer drill is suitable for any heavy-duty drilling project through dense material as it has a powerful motor. It’s a long-lasting power drill that is equipped with an anti-vibration system and heat exhaust system. The unit also includes plenty of accessories and a one-year warranty.

  • After extensive use, the chisel can be difficult to remove, and the user manual isn’t quite helpful.

Buying factors to pick the Best Corded Hammer Drill

Most electric hammer drills include rotary and hammer action characteristics. But individual models vary their specifications and features, making them less or more appropriate for certain requirements. So, while looking for the best corded hammer drill, check these aspects:

Impact rate

The impact rate is usually measured in BPM, which indicates the amount of a drill bit that pummels the working surface every minute. It’s better to choose the hammer drill that offers a greater number of blows. The higher numbers mean more efficiency through dense brickwork and concrete. It also makes the hammer drill more aggressive when tackling hardcore materials.


Consistently punching through concrete will not only damage the project but also hurt the drill and the operator. The extensive forces produced by the hammer drill increase the risk of wear and tear of the tool as well as induce physical pain in the operator. Thus, pick a hammer drill with an anti-vibration system that increases the durability of the machine and protects the user from fatigue.

Maximum speed with variable settings

In general, the faster the rotation of the bit, the faster the drilling operation will be. Though it’s not vital to deal with masonry, you will find the function handy for timber boring, especially when applying the tool with a hammer action. The best corded hammer drill should produce at least 3000 RPM. Despite this, the model should incorporate a trigger throttle to offer speedier bit rotation by squeezing the trigger harder. It not only allows you to choose the maximum speed, but it also prevents you from over drilling and damaging the surface.

Keyed vs keyless chuck

The key advantage of a keyless chuck is you won’t require any key to insert the bit. Thus, it will speed up the work and prevent the frustration that may feel like losing the key. Conversely, the keyed chuck ensures optimum bit security by allowing the operator to fit with serious density and preventing sticking and spinning.

Additional accessories

The corded hammer drill is ready to use straight out of the box as it doesn’t require assembly. Thus, instead of a battery and charger, manufacturers offer plenty of handy kits that can enhance the hammer drilling experience. Considering the budget, a corded hammer drill may include a cord operator, a hard carry case, a depth gauge, lubricant, and an auxiliary handle.

Differences between Rotary Hammer and Hammer drill

Rotary hammer: A rotary hammer usually engages in multiple actions at a time. It can not only push the bit forward to drill into the metal, but also keep the bit turning, similar to the drill. Working through air pressure and a piston system, it can drive the bit into masonry or concrete efficiently. The rotary hammer comes in a different shape and size than the hammer drill and also doesn’t require assembly like a standard drill. Apart from these, you can drive the fastener using a rotary hammer.

Hammer drill: A hammer drill is a special type of drill that adds a percussive action to drill into various solid materials. Designed with a set of impact gears, the tools rotate the bit consistently while producing vibration against each other. It happens at an extremely high rate of up to 20,000 IPM (impacts per minute) as it includes lots of ridges and the circumference of the gears.

Rotary Hammer vs Hammer drill: Differences in various aspects

Compared to hammer drills, rotary hammers can deliver much greater force. While a hammer drill depends on the operator to push into the surface to create a large amount of pressure, the rotary can do it itself via a flying piston. A hammer drill generally vibrates against concrete to drilling through it, while a rotary hammer chips away at concrete to do the same job.

Maximum hole size

A rotary drill can drill through larger holes, up to 2′′ in diameter, whereas a hammer drill can only drill through holes up to 1/2-inch in diameter. Despite this, the hammer drill is superior to the rotary hammer for drilling 1/8′′ to 1/4′′ holes.

Types of jobs

Both the tools are suitable for handling light to a heavy-duty job which requires large numbers of holes on a dense surface within a short time.  But the hammer drill is more comfortable to operate than the rotary hammer as it offers extra features without added cost.  So, whether you are a plumber, carpenter, HVAC technician, or MRO, using a hammer drill can help you extend your working season without becoming fatigued.

Another impressive thing is that a hammer drill is perfect for drilling 1/4-inch or smaller holes to install. Being an affordable option, the hammer drill is multi-functional and suitable for both wood and masonry. Conversely, the rotary drill has a limited amount of work as it can only drill through concrete and work as a chiseling tool.

Drill bits

The rotary hammer uses either SDS-Max or SDS-Plus bits for faster chip removal. These also come in a more aggressive flute pattern and better concentration of carbide. Conversely, hammer drill bits are pretty much the same as standard drill bits, though they include carbide at the tip. These greatly support a wider core with shallower flutes.

Rotary hammer vs hammer drill: which is batter?

To drill through concrete for a smaller project, the hammer drill is better while the rotary is most suitable for a larger project. But the hammer drill is a multi-functional tool and can work through plenty of surfaces, including wood. Despite these being more comfortable to use, they come at an affordable price. Above all, keep this comparison in mind to ensure investment for a certain task.

How to use a Corded Hammer Drill to drill a hole in the concrete

Whether you are a professional or a beginner DIYer, reading the section will lead you through correctly and safely using a corded hammer drill to accomplish a certain purpose.

How to use Corded Hammer Drill

Be prepared and ready for the workplace

Safety first. Wear your protective goggles, face mask, earplugs, and hand gloves to lower the risk and injury that may cause accidents during the project.  Clean the work area and make sure there is enough space so you can perform the tasks while standing comfortably. Plus, clear the workspace if there is any debris.

Set up the corded hammer drill

Select the right size masonry drill bit for creating a hole through concrete. Then plug in the corded hammer drill into the power outlet and make sure it won’t come out due to the lack of mobility during operation.

Take the right position

To operate the hammer drill comfortably, place your feet firmly on the ground and hold the drill handle with one hand. Use the other hand to support the back of the hammer drill.

Mark the targeted spot

Use a permanent marker or pencil to identify the spot to drill through and double-check it. At this stage, you can plan the drill depth, especially if your hammer drill doesn’t have that feature. Simply marl the desired depth on your drill bit using masking tape.

Start with a pilot hole

Place the drill bit perpendicular to the marking spot and get ready for a few bounces back. Turn on the hammer drill and set the speed at the lowest speed. Don’t drill over 0.25 inches.

Start drilling

At this stage, you are ready to drill the rest of the hole. Remain in the right position and begin applying firm pressure to the hammer drill and also pull the trigger. Don’t put extreme pressure on the machine and let the hammer do its duty.

Don’t drill consistently

Stop drilling every 15 seconds and remove the dust. After reaching the marking depth, stop drilling and spray into the hole gently to remove the existing concrete dust.

A few common Usage of corded hammer drill

The corded hammer drill is a powerful yet reliable machine among professionals and do-it-yourselfers to drill holes and drive screws into any dense surface. This tool is particularly intended to deal with concrete, stone, brick, and other masonry materials with efficiency and ease. With a combination of concussive hammering action and bit rotation, a corded hammer drill can pulverize concrete. Thus, the operator can create a hole through masonry three times quicker than with a typical drill. Let’s check out some common usage of a corded hammer drill:

Drill pilot hole on masonry

Most professional contractors, plumbers, and electricians often use a corded hammer drill to drill a pilot hole through masonry for attaching screws. The screws need to be inserted into the tapcon that can thread into the hole as it doesn’t require any anchors. Thus, the project demands an accurately drilled pilot hole, and a hammer drill is the most reliable item for the task.

Install metal anchor

For the wood frame constructions, the DIYers need to drill a hole into concrete slabs, piers, and footings to attach metal anchors. The project also demands a ½-in.-diameter hole or even larger. Luckily, a corded hammer drill comes with enough power and speed to conquer the concrete and complete the task efficiently.

Drilling hole into a boulder

Using feathers and iron wedges are the easiest methods to split large stones and boulders. The project needs to start by drilling a large number of holes into the boulder using a corded hammer drill.

Drilling into mortar joints

A corded hammer drill is also broadly used to drill into brick or mortar joints in the brick wall. Mortar is usually a softer material and can be drilled through more easily than brick, but screws and anchors remain more securely in the brick.

The alternative of a drill

Switching off the hammering mode, a corded hammer drill can be used as a typical power drill on a range of materials for drilling and driving tasks.

Benefits of Corded Hammer Drill

If your project involves drilling through masonry, concrete, or brickworks, it would be a smart decision to invest in a corded hammer drill. Though there will be some mobility restrictions, you can reduce them by using a longer cord. Despite this, you will have an extremely powerful appliance to conquer dense materials with its strong hammering action.

More importantly, it will keep you worried about charging or replacing the batteries and ensure consistent tasks compared to cordless hammer drill. Many enthusiasts consider a corded hammer drill to be the ultimate DIY machine that offers multi-medium versatility to handle most garage and home projects. Some other advantages of the corded hammer drill include:

  • The corded hammer drill is an affordable power drill, especially compared to the rotary hammer.
  • These are powerful enough to drill through dense concrete and brickwork.
  • Allows for the selection of rotary or rotary hammer functions based on project requirements.
  • Produce at a higher speed to increase productivity.
  • offers an impressive impact rate.
  • Allows for the selection of a keyed or keyless chuck for rapid bit changes.
  • Most of the corded hammer drills feature vibration busting technology to reduce users’ fatigue.

FAQs on Best Corded Hammer Drill

Who makes the best hammer drills?

The ENEACRO Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill is the best hammer drill out there. It has almost all the required features for the most efficient operation, including, a powerful motor, tough construction, safety clutch protection, and ergonomic functions. But if you are on a tight budget, consider this SKIL Corded Hammer Drill to enjoy considerable and reliable service.

What is the best brand of the corded drill?

Though there is a range of brands that produce corded drills, you can depend on only a few names. Some of the best brands of corded drills are BOSCH, Makita, DEWALT, and ENEACRO. Along with producing high-performing corded drills, these brands also offer cooperating customer support for customer satisfaction.

Are hammer drills more powerful?

A hammer drill is an extremely powerful appliance compared to the typical power drill. Designed with a hammer mechanism, this appliance can drill through dense material more efficiently with around 25% faster speed. Despite this, the watts of the hammer drill also range from 450 to 1500, which is far more than a common drill.

What to search for when buying a corded drill?

A corded drill is mainly chosen for powerful operation, so a high amp motor is a key consideration. Apart from these, look for solid construction, higher RPM, variable speed trigger, ergonomic handle, and lightweight design. But more importantly, set the budget and choose accordingly based on your certain purposes.

Can I use a hammer instead of a drill?

A hammer drill is a multi-functional tool that doesn’t come out only to bore a borehole in the masonry with a hammering action. So you can certainly use this power drill to drill through a wide variety of materials, similarly to a standard drill, but make sure you have turned the hammer mode off. Still, you have to be careful while using a regular drill bit, as the extensive power generated by a corded hammer drill can easily break the bit.

Final words

Hopefully, you have got the best corded hammer drill for your certain purpose from the most capable recommended list we have mentioned above. If not, the buyer can still be your perfect mentor to track down the right corded hammer drill from the broad market.

Simply look for those factors in the corded hammer and pick the most desired item within your budget. Despite following those hammer drill operating instructions properly to increase your skill and handle the tough drilling task safely and conveniently.

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