7 Best Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

Life is thrilling when you know drilling. I am talking about drilling for ice fishing on frozen lakes. And if you have the best cordless drill for ice auger, the thrill will enhance thousand times.

There is no wired electricity system near river or lakes. That’s why you must have to take cordless drill for ice auger. When the entire world is switching to cordless technology why would the ice auger wait. Cordless drills are not only efficient but also easy to carry and use. Whether it is on the frozen lakes of Michigan or Greenland, you will have the equal ease.

A great ice auger will help you to make the perfect hole on ice without damaging the entire slab. It will make the job easy and smooth. Now you will have all the energy to catch the bigger and better fishes.

Handyman’s Pick: 3 Best Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

Image Product Name Specifications   Price
backpac Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Drill Color: Red
Power Source: Battery Powered
18 Volts
1800 RPM
Check Price
backpac BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill Color: Black/Orange
Power Source: Battery Powered
20 Volts
650 RPM
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cordlessblower BOSCH GSB18V Cordless Drill Color: Blue/Red
Power Source: Battery Powered
18 Volts
600 RPM
Dimensions LxWxH:
7.9 x 7.25 x 2.3 inches
Check Price

As an ice fishing enthusiast, I know how crucial it is to pick the right auger when you have hundreds of options. Believe me I have faced the challenge and overcome it with the help from the pros. I talked to them about learning the features of great ice augers and how to judge their efficiency. And now I am sharing those hard-learned secrets with you.

I have picked the five best auger machines to drill on ice that I have either used or helped others to use. They are the best in their field and have some distinguished features that will make them stand alone from the others.

Let’s not wait for the ice to melt. Rather dig into them with the best ice driller for fishing.

Here is a detailed review of the 5 best cordless drills for ice augers. I promise you; this will help you choose your daredevil without delay.

Top Drill for Ice Auger

Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

Milwaukee M18: Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

  • This cordless drill has a defence system to protect against abusive applications and prevent damage.
  • Its compact cordless drill is constructed with a metal gear case for improved durability.
  • Ensure impressive control and balance, this cordless drill is perfect for overhead and tight space applications.
  • This cordless drill has a 1/2″ metal chuck for optimum impact and shock durability.
  • Brand name: Milwaukee
  • Maximum Speed: 1800 RPM
  • Product weight:  2.5 pounds
  • Maximum torque: ‎500 Inch Pounds
  • Customer rating on Amazon: 4.8 out of 5

Drilling through frozen ice can be daunting as you don’t know how thick the ice is. So having a powerful cordless drill with increased runtime will let you conquer the ice by offering consistent power to your ice auger. Yes, I am talking about Milwaukee M18 cordless Compact Drill.

This cordless drill gets an 18-Volt Lithium-Ion battery and Brushless that are ready to offer more efficient power and extra runtime comparing brushed motors. More importantly, it’s a quite lightweight and compact cordless drill that will come out in handy during home improvement tasks.

  • This compact yet powerful cordless drill will offer extra runtime and impressive torque, making it perfect for operating an ice auger through tough ice. The cordless drill is also durable and suitable for a range of drilling applications while being available at a decent price.

  • The cordless drill is slightly loud and doesn’t include any batteries or chargers.

Runner Up

BLACK+DECKER 20V: Best Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

  • This cordless drill includes a 20V Lithium-Ion battery for greater runtime.
  • This multi-functional cordless drill has a bit holder for extra convenience.
  • It has a variable speed trigger for countersinking for damage-free and precise drilling.
  • It’s an ergonomic cordless drill that has an LED light and a soft-grip handle for comfortable drilling.
  • Brand name: BLACK+DECKER
  • Maximum speed: 650 RPM
  • Product weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Chuck size: 3/8″
  • Warranty: 2 Year 

This complete set of BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drills is available at a decent price to let you prepare for ice drilling without breaking the bank. This cordless drill bit is a budget-friendly appliance but misunderstands its power and capability.

In fact, it’s a multi-functional cordless drill that is suitable for working on metal, wood, plastic, and a variety of surfaces, including ice, thanks to its 11-position clutch setting. Even this low-cost cordless drill has a variable speed trigger for most accurate drilling in verity of surfaces.

  • This best budget cordless drill is lightweight, compact, and multifunctional. The unit comes with a charger, a battery, and an LED working while the design features a variable speed trigger and an adjustable clutch.

  • The placement of the LED light can disturb the DIYer as it creates a shadow on the work surface and doesn’t have much power.

Best Overall

Best Drill for Ice Auger

Metabo 18V: Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

  • More Power: Produces powerful 620 in-lbs of torque for heavy-duty.
  • Diversity in Operation: for 22 + 2 Clutch Settings, it can handle various tasks.
  • Easy and Effective: comfortable firm grip with easy replacement.
  • Compatible: Usable in any weather for any work, hot or cold, light or heavy-duty.
  • Elevated Experience: for LED light and indicator, you can track your work.
  • Lifetime Warranty: lifetime tool warranty with 2-year battery warranty, and 1-year charger warranty.
  • Safety: Reactive Force Control (RFC) senses tool overload and stops rotation.
  • Includes: Driver drill, side handle, and number 2 Phillips bit battery.

If you want a cordless drill that provides comfort and control for a long time, Metabo HPT DS18DBFL2QB 18V Cordless Drill is your man. The 18V Cordless Drill is a wonder that produces 620 in-lbs of torque. It can tackle a variety of your toughest tasks like a Targaryen.

This magnificent tool features a brushless motor and all Metabo HPT 18V & 36V Lithium-Ion slide batteries. With these features, you have a tool with lighter weight, only 3. 5 lbs (With 18V 1. 5Ah battery), more power, and longer life. No wonder this Drill-Dragon truly brings power and torque to a whole new level. A bright LED, 22 + 2 clutch settings, and an on-tool battery indicator make this a super-drill.

Metabo HPT DS18DBFL2QB 18V Cordless Drill is a heavy task tool that is more comfortable and usable than Makita XPH07Z 18V. For its lightweight, your task will be fatigue-free, for a long time. It’s cheaper than Bosch and DeWalt, however it provides maximum quality with excellent efficiency.

Metabo HPT, the new brand name for Koki Holdings America, has been engineering power tools for the toughest tasks for over 70 years. Formerly a part of the Hitachi group, Metabo 18V Cordless Drills is a creation of excellence. Compact and comfortable, this cordless drill is perfect for any ice auger adventure.

  • Metabo 18V Cordless drill is a work-horse. It has a superior battery for long run and excellent clutch for precise performance. The powerful 620 in-lbs torque can handle any hard and heavy task. Replacing the bit and battery is easy. LED setting ensures illumination both in work and battery status monitoring. Compact and lightweight, this machine is easy to use.

  • The Metabo 18V drill is a great tool for ice auger. However, it tends to make a loud discomforting sound while working.

Premium Pick

Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

Bosch GSB18V: Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

  • Plenty of Power: Produces powerful 535 in-lbs of torque for heavy-duty.
  • Bluetooth® connectivity: Customise tool settings on a connected device by connecting to optional Connectivity Tool Module.
  • Next-gen Power: Compact CORE 18V Li-ion battery enhances power and runtime.
  • Efficient Performance: Ec Brushless motor produces 535 In Lbs. of torque.
  • Variable Use: It has variable speed settings: one for speed and one for power.
  • Risk-Free: KickBack control and heat management ensure risk-free performance.
  • Durability: Clutch, chuck, and a longer belt clip improve the durability and comfort.
  • Illuminating Work: Bright LED delivers illuminated dark zones and tool-status change feedback.

If you want a next-gen cordless drill for ice auger, Bosch GSB18V  Hammer Drill is what you need.

This solid drill with GSB18 Brushless motors is engineered for tough tasks. A next-gen CORE 18V Compact battery and Bluetooth connectivity enhance its performance excellently. The CoolPack 2.0 heat-management system cools the battery 20% faster than previous 4.0 Ah double-layer versions. Now, that’s a drilling deal!!!

The Bosch 18V drill is a tough guy for the tough job. Its precision clutch with 20+1 settings ensures driving accuracy without any fastener damage. Along with first-rate bit retention, the tool features a high-power cell. Result: long run with greater efficiency. In addition, the LED setting in the drill area not only illuminates your dark work zone but also ensures tool-status change feedback.

Though Bosch 18V is more costly than Dewalt and Makita, it provides perfect performance and quality costs. This driving drill provides two variable speed settings: one for high speed and one for high power. It functions better than a Metabo 18V drill.

This drill includes a longer belt clip and a comfortable grip for smooth and smart work. You can go up and down the ladder with the drill like Spiderman. In addition, The KickBack control and CoolPack let you work cheerfully as you are in a safe hand now.

  • The Bosch 18V drill has great battery life. It is a lightweight tool with tons of power. You can have precise performance with its built-in-light setting. Convenient belt clip and comfortable grip ensure safety and security.

  • The KickBack setting may stop drilling if you start drilling with high power and speed. So, start from low speed.

Best Combo Kit

Best Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

DEWALT 20V MAX: Best Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

  • Power: 57% more run time over brushed.
  • Energy Booster: XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge provide 33% more capacity.
  • Efficient Performance: DeWalt brushless motor delivers 2000 RPM.
  • Variable Use: 2 speed settings for high-speed transmission.
  • Comfort and Control: Ergonomic grip for balance and control.
  • Gripping Strength: Chuck ensures superior bit gripping.
  • Illuminating Work: Bright LED delivers illuminated dark zones for 20 minutes 20 times brighter.

If a tight space is your work zone and infinitive is your time, DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill  is your best friend. This ice auger cordless drill is a perfect tool for tough times in tough space.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill with its brushless motors provides 57% more run time and with XR Li-Ion batteries with fuel gauge 33% more capacity. It is lightweight and compact, only 6.9inch front to back. So, your task is fast and fatigue free.

DEWALT 20V MAX features high-speed transmission with two speed settings (0-550/0-2,000 RPM). The result is up to 30% faster application speeds. The driver drill provides superior bit gripping strength with its metal 1/2-inch ratcheting chuck. So, your task is safe and secure in a strong grip.

DeWalt 20V Max is not just about the power, but also the break, small size, high quality chuck and LED. Its LED light is 2o times brighter than a hammer head 20V 2-Speed Cordless Drill. Its LED Spotlight Mode features a 20-minute shutoff function. So, you can extend your work time in the dark also.

  • DEWALT 20V MAX features 57% more power with 33% more battery capacity. This light and compact tool can speed up to 2000RPM. The LED setting is perfect for brighter light that can enlighten you for 20 minutes. With comfortable grip and easy accessibility, this tool offers a 3 years warranty.

  • The chuck of DEWALT 20V MAX can be an issue. The keyless chuck tends to loosen and the drill bit falls out, when the trigger is released.

Best Budget

Cordless Ice Auger Drill

Teccpo 20V: Best Drill for Ice Auger

  • Power Provider: Brushless Motor produces Max 530 In-lbs Torque.
  • Battery Booster: 2 Pieces 20V Li-ion Batteries for continuous drilling.
  • Efficiency: Fast drilling without spark generation.
  • Variable Use: 2 Variable Speed Settings for different holes.
  • Comfort and Control: The comfortable grip and 21 + 1 Position Clutch deliver balance and control.
  • Durability: 1/2″ All-Metal Keyless Chuck ensures unbeatable performance, compatibility and durability.
  • Illuminating Work: Trigger-activated LED Light provides upgraded visibility.
  • Includes Brushless Drill; 20-Volt Batteries; 2.0A Fast Charger; Contractor Bag; Belt Clip; 32 * Driver Bits; Extension Rod(60mm); User Manual.

Power, performance and pleasure, if you want these three in your ice auger task, Cordless Drill  Brushless Drill is your perfect partner. It includes excellent features that will surely bring smile and satisfaction in your task.

TECCPO 20V Brushless Drill is an ice auger beast. The high-performance brushless motor produces 530 in-lb high torque without generating any sparks. Therefore, it can fulfil a wide range of various applications without any risk and damage.

The drill contains 2Pcs 20V Li-ion Batteries. Result: the machine is always charged to serve continuously. In addition, 1/2″ All-Metal Keyless Chuck ensures compatibility and durability. 21 + 1 Position Clutch & 2 Variable Speed ensure control and comfort in your ice auger.

This cordless drill is one of the best drills for ice augers that is compact, lightweight and well-balanced. It weighs only 3.37lbs with a battery ensuring fatigue-free work for long. This compact tool is easy to use and allows you to access any tight area. In addition, the Trigger-activated LED Light delivers excellent visibility in tight and dark areas.

  • This cordless drill is a powerful performer. With its 2 batteries you can work day long. Save time and energy with no spark function. You can change the 2-variable speed setting for your preferred hole. Compact and Lightweight, this tool is safe and easy to use.

  • Cordless Drill Set is a high-quality ice auger drill. However, it may stop drilling if the battery is low. That time you may need to release the trigger and re-engage to get it to drill again.

Heavy Duty

Cordless Hammer Drill for Ice Auger

Makita 18V: Cordless Hammer Drill for Ice Auger

  • Power Play: Produces powerful 1,090 in-lbs of torque for heavy-duty.
  • Energy Pack: Compact 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery enhances power and runtime.
  • Efficiency: BL Brushless motor works smooth without discomforting sound.
  • Variable Use: 2 Variable Speed Settings allows control and power.
  • Durability: All metal 1/2-inch self-ratcheting chuck for stronger bit grip.
  • Illuminating indicator: 3-stage L.E.D. gauge battery status.
  • Includes Tool with side Handle, side clip in MAKITA Retail Box.

Makita: a name of excellence and efficiency. Makita Cordless Hammer Drill is one of the best ice auger drills. This drill is compact, lightweight and highly efficient.  

The Makita XPH07Z 18V works everywhere with its ground-breaking 1,090 in-lbs of torque. The brushless motor ensures longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. With its excellent features, this work-horse can operate in harsh job site conditions.

The two-speed setting of the drill is great. The lower speed allows for better control and power, and the higher speed pulses up to 2100 RPM. It’s all metal 1/2-inch self-ratcheting chuck enhances bit gripping strength and durability.

This cordless drill is very light and highly compact. Only 8-1/8″ long, the tool has ergonomic design. It weighs only 5.9lbs. In addition, it includes a side handle and side clip ensuring additional safety.

The Makita XPH07Z 18V Hammer Drill also includes a 3-stage LED gauge. It indicates battery charge level precisely. Comfortable to hold and easy to use, this power tool is ergonomic and robust. The best part is, this machine works wonderfully without any discomforting sound.

  • The Makita XPH07Z 18V is an excellent of ground-breaking power: 1,090 in-lbs of torque. This tool delivers longer run time with longer tool life. The speed can pulse up to 2100RPM. Compact and lightweight, this drill works excellently without roaring. This is robust, ergonomic and easy to use in any area.

  • The Makita Cordless delivers good drill but unsatisfactory chuck. The entire chuck may unscrew from the drill and fall off while bringing out the bit. So, be careful while replacing the bit.

How to Drill an Ice Fishing Hole with a Cordless Drill and an Ice Auger?

Drilling an ice fishing hole with proper planning and preparation can make it fun and productive. Follow these steps to create a small radius and experience subsistence fishing.

Check the spot

Observe what is going on under the water’s surface before it is frozen. Generally, 2 to 4 feet from the base of the lake is the perfect depth for the finish. After creating holes, you can measure the depth using a depth indicator. While finding, look for some signs to choose a place where the fish are more likely to be. You can choose rocky areas, sheltered areas, or deep pools and don’t select weedy areas, inlets, or spots where the water moves faster.

You can also talk to a pro angler to find a spot that froze later than others. The dredging and water maintenance crew can also aid you for getting the right spot.

Know the ice auger

Choosing the right ice auger is a technical task. A power drill ice auger is a popular choice and is suitable for drilling plenty of holes quickly into thick ice. But these can be harder to control. Hand augers, on the other hand, require a lot of physical effort and are nearly impossible to use on thicker ice than 4 feet thick, despite being lightweight to control.

Stand securely

Before starting the drilling, place your feet firmly on the ground so you can operate the ice auger properly and safely. Start by creating a small snow pitch on the ice surface for a strong stand, as snow ensures better grip compared to ice. Doing so will bring two benefits. Firstly, if the auger breaks into the ice and rushes into the water, the snow under your feet will become slush. This slushy snow can also be used as an anchor to secure the tent skirt.

Leave the job on the blade

While using your power drill auger, don’t apply extensive force to the lade. If you push the blade with extreme force, it will make the job slower. Keep the balance in your hand while the blades drill into the ice and go through water. Simply apply gentle pressure on your cordless drill to let the auger drill through downward.

Prepare the hole

Clear the debris from the ice hole. Throw away the snow that is surrounding the hole so you can make a channel for debris that you will pull out of the hole. Make sure there is enough snow to surround the hole to act as a barrier between the hole and slush. Then pull out the loose ice or residual slush from the hole using your ice auger.

Features to pick the Best Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

It’s ice we are talking about. So, you need to consider some important factors. Here are some features that can help you choose the best cordless drill for an ice auger.

High Torque Level: You need a machine that cuts through the ice without difficulty. For this you need a high level of torque rating. So, before selecting any drill, check what torque rating the machine creates

Durability: Cutting ice is not cutting butter. Ice is a solid and tough material. So, you need a durable cordless drill for an ice auger. Check for reviews with low failure rate from hardware experts and also from ice fishers.

Portability: In ice fishing, you need to move a lot. So, portability is one big factor. Go for the tool that is compact and lightweight.

Add-Ons: Buying a drill set without an ice auger kit is disappointing and a waste of money. Therefore, always check that preferred purchase comes with an auger extension.

Waterproof: As you will cut ice, definitely your tool will be exposed to water. Therefore, before buying the drill, check if it is waterproof or well-designed to work near water.

How to Turn a Drill into an Ice Auger

Yes, it’s easy to turn a drill into an ice auger. All you need to do is to collect a hand auger with high-quality blade, a drill machine, and ice auger drill adapter.

How to Turn a Drill into an Ice Auger

Remove the handle from the ice auger by lessening the wing nut. While you are removing the handle make sure not to put too much pressure. It may damage the blade assembly itself.

Now insert the ice auger drill adapter into the blade assembly. Tighten the wing nut to fix the adapter in place. Now the auger is all ready to use with the drill. The open end of then adapter will fit in any best drill machine for regular use.

Simply turn on the drill and cut through the ice of any thickness.  

FAQs on Best Cordless Drill for Ice Auger

Do you need a hammer drill for an ice auger?

A hammer drill aka percussion drill or impact drill, is chiefly for drilling in hard materials. Usually, you don’t need a hammer drill for an ice auger. For, it will “pound” while drilling on ice.
For an ice auger, any good quality drill with an ice auger kit is suitable. Just make sure you have good battery and durability.

How much torque do I need for an ice auger?

High levels of torque are a priority when you buy a cordless ice auger drill. When you have a high torque rate, you know your ice will cut smoothly with no time.
Generally, a minimum torque of 750 pounds is what you need for an ice auger. You can find this important information in the product description easily.

What is the best size auger for ice fishing?

Size matters. Augers are made in all different sizes from 4 inch to 10 inch. How big a fish you want to catch, your auger size depends on that.
Most agree that either 8- or 10-inch holes are best. However, 8 inches is the most popular hole size for ice fishing. This size is large enough to drag maximum fish through it as well as small enough to drill easily with any compact tool.

Do drill ice augers work?

Drill ice augers work fine if you are working on early ice. On early ice, less than 10 inches thick, the drill ice auger will work smoothly. However, if the ice gets thicker, the task will be hard.
On thick ice, if you plan to drill one or two holes, a drill ice auger will work. However, if you want to do ice fishing with many holes, you need a good power auger.

Which cordless drill has the most torque?

Torque level ensures efficiency and speed. So, a cordless drill with maximum torque level is always a best choice.
Makita XPH07Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2″ Hammer Driver-Drill is an excellent power tool that produces 1,090 in-lbs. of Max Torque. A new level of ground breaking torque.

Final Words

A cordless drill is always best for ice augers. A compact, lightweight and durable drill can make your ice fishing exciting and entertaining. So why waiting; buy the best cordless drill for ice auger.

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