6 Best Cordless Drill Under 100

While you need to make various sized holes in a different material, you need a precise and handy tool. But if you go for an industrial drill press, it will cost you much. To meet all your drilling tasks, we have made the top-rated list of the best cordless drill under 100. The most pleasing thing is that a cordless power drill will offer and convenience best budget drill.

That means, while you work using a cordless drill, you’ve no worry or anxiety regarding its power plug and tripping extension wires. We have made our top list based on the tool power, swing size, speed range, RPM, chuck size, etc.

Handyman’s pick: 6 Best Cordless Drill Under $100

We can assure you that any tool from our list will be your best match according to your project’s requirements. Remember, while you want to get the best tool with a low budget, you must consider some key factors. And, we have that guideline for you in our content. You will get clear instructions on which tool will be best for you and how you can choose a quality tool.

Our top 6 cordless drill reviews, buying guides, and FAQs will assist you in picking the most cost-effective model with all the nifty features. So, let’s go through our best cheap cordless drill reviews. Here is the top-rated cordless drill under 100 that will meet your drilling needs. These tools will be well suitable according to your drilling job type. so, let’s check out the list-

Top Pick Cordless Drill

Best Cordless Drill under $100

DEWALT 20V Max: Best Cordless Drill under $100

  • It’s nice and proper light could be an elegant feature if you focus for more better on it.
  • You will also get tight drill bits of gripping strength with its 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck.
  • This tool has a handle that is ergonomic and can comfort you very much.
  • The yellow Dewalt 20V drill has a high-speed transmission that delivers 2-speed variations (0-450 and 1,500 rpm).

If you want to invest in fantastic drills and drivers to make your challenging job easy, we think the DEWALT 20V can be the best. It will be the finest and compact drill you’ve ever owned. We highly recommend this quality tool because it makes drilling easy and enjoyable with sufficient power.

Undoubtedly its battery life will be your significant benefit. You will get two rechargeable batteries. And they stay charged for a long time so that you can finish your work without stopping.

Bear it in mind that you will be able to operate the charger on standard 120V household electrical power. But be careful to use it on any other voltage because this is not designed to apply to the vehicular charger.

This battery-powered cordless drill will work with 20 volts. Moreover, its weight is ‎3.64 pounds. So, you can fit this compact and lightweight Dewalt drill into tight areas as well.

The high-speed transmission can cover a range of fastening and drilling applications. Thus, you can choose various applications as you need. Also, you will get a high-performance motor with this tool that delivers 300-unit watts out (UWO) of power.

  • It will be extremely durable to use for a long period of time.
  • You can easily adjust its impact settings.
  • It is well balanced in your hand, so comfortable to use.
  • Lots of power and battery life will make your work continue.
  • It allows you to work with plenty of torque, good speed, and energy.

  • Sometimes it makes a loud noise
  • The drill is not suitable for all types of projects.

Runner Up

Cordless Drill Under $100

Bosch 18V: Cordless Drill Under $100

  • The Dewalt produce 165 PSI from it’s 6 gallon tank and delivers This step drill bit is far too adaptable to be used on stainless sThe cordless drill has a 2-speed transmission for high power mode.
  • The soft-grip handle of this machine will help you do your job comfortably.
  • You’ll get an auto-lock with its ½ inch chuck to change the drill bit easily.
  • Its 1-clutch setting will help you prevent fastener damage.

If you have a low budget, you can check out the Bosch 18 volt cordless drill. It is the most affordable tool that you can buy at any time. And, at that reasonable cost, it will offer you some impressive traits. For example, this tool has come with a swing size of 8 inches. And, it will allow you to drill bigger sizes of workpieces.

Furthermore, this tool press has the design of 480 inches lbs of torque to make the maximum productivity of your drilling job. However, the Bosch 18 V motor will power the modest HP motor to perform excellently. As a result, you won’t get any bad odor while working using this tool.

It has a wide RPM speed from 450 to 700, which will provide the versatility for fast and precise drilling. Also, the depth adjustment gauge of this tool will help you limit the spindle travel.

Therefore, getting an accurate drilling hole is pretty easy while working with this machine. And, it is perfect for drilling through hard materials like steel. It is because of its horsepower.

  • The Bosch is well portable to carry to your job place.
  • It has come with a handy carrying bag to put the tiny parts securely.
  • The built-in LED light will be available to reach the corners properly and work in dark work areas.
  • You’ll find this tool is well optimized for your everyday heavy-duty tasks.
  • It will provide you with 80% more power through its next-generation lithium-ion technology.

  • It often makes some extra noise that is disturbing to work inside.
  • The setting procedure is pretty tough.

Best Cheap

Best Cheap Cordless Drill under $100

BLACK+DECKER: Best Cheap Cordless Drill under $100

  • It will provide an interchangeable battery to make the drilling task more convenient.
  • To prevent your material damage, it will provide an 11-Position clutch.
  • The 2.64 Ibs of this drill will reduce fatigue to make moving easy.
  • Its 20V lithium ION helps connect appropriately with the battery system.

Need to conduct both the heavy and light-duty drilling job? Buy Black+Decker cordless drill. It is the most compact drill that will allow you to tackle even the drilling task through studs. It has come with various outstanding traits, for example, tight spot adjustment.

While you work in a tight spot, it will fit as it is small enough for that adjustment. Even if you compare this amazing tool with other general tools, you will notice that it is 30% smaller than them. Therefore, working behind applications or inside your closets or cabinets anytime will be easier for you.

However, the Black+Decker has higher torque and more RPM. Also, it has the design of a dual-speed transmission to get the drilling project completed nicely. So, this cordless drill will give endless tasks and power for your drilling style.

Besides, if you’re not an expert, you‘ll be an expert through its valuable functions after trying it for four weeks. And, this is the reason why it conveys excellent value to the users. However, this tool will reduce your maintenance cost for two years. It is because it comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • Changing bits is pretty trouble-free in terms of its key-less chuck.
  • This tool is nice-looking and lightweight.
  • It has a mid-handle to help you go comfortable.
  • This tool will offer you a LED light to lighten your unreachable corner surface.
  • You’ll get a balanced feel and manoeuvrability.

  • The body of this tool is covered with plastic, so it seems breakable anytime. However, there’s no record yet.
  • The battery can go dead, but it is unusual.

Best Budget

Cordless Drill under 100 Dollars

VonHaus 20V: Cordless Drill under 100 Dollars

  • 300 Ft/Lbs nut-busting torque will allow you to tighten the nuts-bolts perfectly.
  • The drill has a variable speed trigger to help you change speed control capacity.
  • You can do it simply through its forward/ reverse button when you need to change the rational direction.
  • It requires only 75 minutes of charging time in terms of its 3.0AH battery.

The VonHaus didn’t come with a cord which can scare you of unexpected wiring situations while working inside. It is a mighty machine that has 260ft/lbs of tightening torque. Also, you can define it as a perfect machine if you need an entry-level driller for your housing.

However, it has come with a 20volt battery that promises to give you a long-term service towards your drilling projects. It is because the battery can provide more charging power than the standard batteries on the market. Also, its battery doesn’t require a long time to get charged. On the contrary, it is safer to work for a long time with a charge.

The VoHaus has a premium high-specific motor to allow you to control the speed through its variable speed trigger. You will be able to handle all the light drilling projects with this cordless drill perfectly. Amazingly, it will provide a neat storage bag to put all the tiny nuts and bolts inside it. So, you have no threat of losing any nuts during your drilling operations.

  • This cordless drill is highly portable and can be moved to your convenient site.
  • It is easy to store wherever you want due to its standard size.
  • It bears plenty of power to deal with big DIY projects.
  • You will get it more comfortable to work with its LED indicator light.
  • Each of its batteries is interchangeable with the VonHaus 20V Max Lithium ION D-Series.

  • To set its drill bits into the chuck is pretty tough.
  • Its torque can get down at 100 lbs.

Best Overall

Best Cheap Cordless Drill

BLACK+DECKER: Best Cheap Cordless Drill

  • The cordless drill will offer you 30 additional accessories to get your drilling project done smoothly.
  • This tool has come with only 2.64 pounds of weight to make you go portable.
  • An excellent addition of its LED light is for getting into the corners directly.
  • It has 11 different setting modes for its chuck to get you the utmost convenience.
  • You get the maximum speed with it up to 650RPM.

If you need your cordless drill tool to prevent stripping, you must choose the Black+ Decker tool. 20V ION battery is always available to hold its charge for a long time. And, you will get the guarantee to run this battery for 18 months constant.

It has an extra level of control through its 24-position clutch to protect over-driving screws. Therefore, ensuring a safe drilling task is pretty trouble-free. However, the Black+ Decker cordless drill is ideal for a variety of drilling purposes. You can use it for wood, metal, plastic, and so on.

Most importantly, you will get it with a soft grill handle to be comfortable during your working time. Also, this tool is reliable to remove your fatigue in the case of its lightweight trait. However, the Black + Decker is one of the top-rated cordless drill to meet your domestic and simple home repairs. It is a tool that will be easier for you to operate.

  • You can use it to tight corners due to its pretty size.
  • It has come with an additional and interchangeable battery option.
  • Working fast through its robust and high-speed tool is pretty amazing.
  • It has excellent battery life.
  • This cordless drill has excellent torque to prevent screws.

  • It didn’t come with a belt hook. Therefore, the drill bits often get shaky.
  • This drill is highly preferable for only lightweight drilling tasks.

Customer Choice

Cordless Drill Under 100

PORTER-CABLE: Cordless Drill Under 100

  • The Dewalt produce 165 PSI from it’s 6 gallon tank and delivers TIt has 370 MWO of power that will help you deal with heavy-duty tasks.
  • The total compact size is 7.4 inches, which will allow you to work in a tight space.
  • Its maximum RPM is 1800 to ensure the full speed of fastening applications.
  • The cordless drill combo kit is ready to provide 20% more reliable bit retention.

While you need a cordless drill for your general drilling purpose, you can buy Porter-Cable. Professionals like this tool due to its high performance. This tool will give 50 % more battery running time than ordinary machines. However, it has a brushless motor that holds 20V total power to handle long battery life.

Furthermore, you’ll not lose your clutch setting while switching to fastening because of its mode collar. Therefore, working without interruption will bring you an accurate measurement of your drilling task.

And, when you are focusing on its battery and charger, you can buy them separately. That means, if you think you have your own previous battery or charger, you need not buy a new one. Here, you have an option to save money. This tool will serve as the top premium drill tool with an adjustable speed and long battery life.

  • It has come with its 3.3 lbs lightweight design for lessening fatigue.
  • This power tool is an excellent replacement for an old dying tool.
  • You can afford it while you’re on even a low budget.
  • This tool will offer you variable speed options.
  • It works fine through wood and metal materials.

  • You cannot rely on this tool for any commercial purpose.
  • The motor often stops working, but it is rare.

Factors to pick the Best Cordless Drill Under $100

You must follow the following factors before you buy your cordless drill under 100. Let’s see what factors consider a cordless drill reliable to buy:


The higher the motor power of a cordless drill, the higher the performance of your tool. A powerful drill comes with HP that ranges from 0.5 to 0.75 HP. If you can choose your cordless drill following this measurement, you will win an outstanding drilling tool. But you can follow the HP range from 0.12 to 0.33 HP if you need to handle the light-duty drilling task.

Variable Speed

The speed of a drill motor is measured in RPM. The variable speed is necessary to control your tool speed during your work. In terms of a variable rate, you’ll be able to make different-sized holes in different materials efficiently. To ensure the highest performance of your tool, you can follow the RPM from 500 to 8000 maximum.

Chuck Size

To determine the drill bit, you need to focus on the chunk size. The chuck size varies between different models. To endure the compatibility of your tool, you must go with a measurable chuck size of your tool. And, the standard chuck sizes are 5/8, 3/8, ½ Inches.

Swing Size

A cordless drill with a perfect swing size will help you get the perfect hole at the centre. The swing of a drill machine is the distance between the edge supporting column and the spindle’s centre. So, we recommend you choose your drill with at least 12 inches to get the maximum result. While you use a large swing size tool, you can smoothly deal with big projects.


And, the final factor that you must consider is your budget limit. Depending on your budget, you can decide what type of cordless drill you should look for. You can get a high-performance drill from $50 to $500. But, if you want the best cordless drill under $100, you’ve to research well. In this case, follow our recommended products to save your time and to get the outstanding tool.

Cordless Vs Corded Drill Which One Should I Buy?

While you’re confused about whether to choose a cordless or corded drill, the answer is simple. Corded and cordless drills are both great for particular projects. However, the key difference between these two types of tools is their power and convenience. You find the cordless drill much comfortable to move and work around. But the corded drill will give you more power to deal with giant projects.

Cordless Vs Corded Drill

Let’s see 3 essential factors to find out the difference between these two types-

Source of Power

A corded drill is designed to connect to a power source constantly. Therefore, you need not be worried about its poor performance. Even it has no hazard to change the battery in your midway while the battery is drained.

Although there is a risk of battery running while working with a cordless drill, it is still more convenient. In this case, you can stay away from the tension of the power cut. Therefore, you can work any time according to your convenient time even if there’s no electricity.


When you talk about the weight, the corded drill will be more lightweight than the cordless drill. It is because the cordless drill has to carry a bulky battery which makes it heavy. So, if you intend to use a lightweight machine, you should not decide on a cordless drill.

But, if you need to work outside where the power plug isn’t available, choose the corroded one.

Storage Difficulty

A cordless drill comes with no wiring or cord. As a result, you can store it in a small space. But, if you think about the corded drill, it will require you extra space. Also, you have to be careful whether the wires are in a safe position to prevent damage.

The corded drill also needs some additional equipment to place it safely. In this case, if you have a storage problem, you must think of a cordless drill.

What Are the Types of Cordless Drills Depending on Usage?

You can easily categorize the type of your cordless drill, focusing on some specific criteria. However, there are three particular types of cordless drills. Let’s see what they are-

Heavy-Duty Cordless Drills

When you go for a heavy-duty cordless drill, you’ve to spend a significant amount of money. They are a bit expensive because these tools can go for large-sized drilling jobs. But these tools are suitable for small jobs too.

However, what helps you determine the heavy-duty drill is its voltage and the chuck size. While the voltage will be 12 to 18 and the chunk size will be within ½ inch, consider them the heavy-duty cordless drill.

Light-Duty Cordless Drill

Another type of cordless drill is the light-duty drill. But, while you need to deal with large projects, we suggest you not buy a light-duty drill. It is because the light-duty cordless drill will not be that productive for heavy-duty tasks. Besides, it will require you some additional parts to deal with the bigger jobs.


When you need to deal with the average drill requirements, you should go for this type of drill. Usually, this type of drill has 12V spaces on its battery. However, buying a general-use drill never means that you have to compromise efficiency, productivity, and power. But you have to determine your drilling project type properly.

FAQs on Best Cordless Drill Under 100

Which is the best cordless drill to buy?

DEWALT’s 20V MAX cordless drill occurs in the first phase while it is about the talk of professionals. It is best in terms of its quality and outstanding performance. Besides, it is the top-rated power tool that you call the best cordless drill under 100. Also, this tool will provide a higher voltage rating to make the power tool more powerful.

What is the best drill on the market?

There are many cordless drills under 100 on the market that can perform the best for drilling tasks. But, if you ask the best drill on the market, we are supposed to say the BLACK+DECKER cordless drill. This drill machine has come with high torque with an expected impact driver. Therefore, doing what you need to do is surprisingly straightforward with this BLACK+DECKER cordless drill.

What brand of power tools is the best?

Well, if you talk about the brand, there are many brands that you can rely on. And, these brands will give you complete satisfaction. Different brands will offer you various advantages with their products. However, VonHaus and DeWalt are the top brands at the maximum rate beyond questions among the users.

What is better, DeWalt or Ryobi?

In general, you will have to pay more to buy the products of DeWalt. In contrast, you can get the same products at lower prices in the case of Ryobi. As we already told, DeWalt is the brand to consider for professionals.
On the other hand, Ryobi is the brand to consider for the best cordless drill under $100 for homeowners. So, you may get the difference between these two brands.

What cordless drill has the most torque?

The cordless drill has come with the most torque available in the Milwaukee 2804 drill. It is the most powerful drill that boasts 1200 Inches of torque. And, the torque size you can consider the highest compared to the other ordinary cordless drill. It also came with its maximum drilling speed of 2000RPM.


Storing your cordless drill is completely hassle-free, and it takes less place. While you buy a cordless drill under 100, it will relieve you of all the unexpected risks during your drilling operations. But, deciding the most convenient tool for drilling jobs is truly tough, especially while you’re new in this area.

So, if you go through our content, it will help you save time as we already have explained all the necessary details about our top products. However, when you buy a cordless drill, you must focus on the battery power to measure the strength of your tool. Happy Buying!

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