5 Best Cordless Drills for Contractors

Cordless drill are helpful for construction work.The portability of cordless drill is major feature for constructors. But all cordless drills are not powerful for heavy duty drilling. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the best cordless drills for contractors since they need to drill or drive on the solid and tough surface more often.

Some cordless drill includes a powerful motor and high-quality battery that ensure reliable operation and consistent run time. Despite some comes with functional, lightweight, and compact design to allow the contractors to complete both heavy and light job efficiently by reducing hand stress.

Handyman’s Pick: 5 Best cordless drills for contractors

Cordless drills don’t need any power plug or annoying extension wire that can disturb the work and cause frustration. Even a contraction can have these qualities on a cordless drill within budget!

Since you don’t have enough time to research and experiment but need something reliable and effective, we did the job for you. After hours of research and hundreds of cordless drill test, our handymen made a list covered with some best piece of product that extremely meets contractor requirements.

Plus, we have mention a well research buying guide and a FAQ section. So you can choose based on your project requirements and get the solution of most common problem.

Top Contractors Drill

Cordless Drill for Contractors

DEWALT 20V: Cordless Drill for Contractors

  • Come with a lightweight and compact design that allows the contractor to drill in tight areas
  • With a powerful motor and two-speed setting, this drill will help complete both heavy and light task
  • This best drill for contractors includes an ergonomic handle to offer the operator a comfortable drilling season

With high performing motor and lightweight design, this DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill will be a great appliance for a contractor for his project. Its compact design will fit in tight spaces for longer which will bring a lot of benefits to the different types of projects.

Apart from these, its ergonomic handle will ensure overall control and comfortable drilling and driving. As a contractor, you may want an ideal chuck size that offers tight bit gripping strength. Thanks to its 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck that allows you to do so.

With two different speeds setting with higher RPM the cordless drill will help drill a hole in any material whatever it is concrete or wood. Even considering the price you will have at an affordable price. The drawback we had found is its battery. The brands should improve the battery quality to ensure its longevity and large run time.

  • This cordless drill is available at affordable price while offer tight bit gripping strength and three year warranty. Besides it is lightweight yet strong and Suitable for a range of applications.

  • The battery of this drill won’t last for long and it may produce a banging noise

Runner Up

Cordless Drill for Contractors

Bosch: Cordless Drill for Contractors

  • With an incredibly lightweight design, this cordless drill will be well-suited for continuous overhead work
  • Design with two different speed settings and higher torque to ensure accurate screw driving and drilling.
  • Includes LED lights to improve visibility and allow working anywhere

If you find DEWALT helpful for a small project or looking for something with increased run time, try this Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit. Especially it includes two Lithium-Ion batteries that will boost the drilling or driving season and last for long.

This is incredibly lightweight tool not only for contractors but also a great drill for plumbers and electricians. Plus, its high torque and two-speed settings promise versatile and convenient use over different materials including drywall and metal.

Most importantly the manufacturer offers lots of accessories with the cordless drill while surprisingly cost relatively low price. However, using this cordless drill you will still face battery problems since it is a bit hard to remove. So while you will need to change the battery you may experience a little pain, otherwise, the drill machine will be decent for commercial use.

  • This drill is comes with plenty of accessories and one year warranty which makes it great drill for the value. Besides it is extremely lightweight and ensures faster operation.

  • It a bit hard to remove the battery and it includes poor quality chunk.

Best Overall

Cordless Brushless Drill for Contractors

TECCPO: Cordless Brushless Drill for Contractors

  • Design with 2 variable speed and higher torque setting to allow drilling into ceramic tile, wood, and metal
  • This cordless drill includes large capacity Lithium-Ion batteries to ensure constant running time
  • Comes with a 1/2” keyless metal ratcheting chuck to deal with heavy-duty job

TECCPO Cordless Drill Set comes with a brushless motor with two powerful Li-ion batteries. So if you are tired of battery issue and looking for an advanced quality cordless drill for the heavy project, then go for this one. Its high-performance brushless motor will boost the drilling efficiency and won’t generate any spark during use.

Moreover, its 530 in-lb high torque makes it ideal for a wide range of applications that you may need to complete during the project. A key feature includes a 1/2” keyless metal ratcheting chuck which makes it more powerful and more acceptable for heavy-duty job comparing a 3/8″ plastic chuck.

However this best contractor cordless drill is expensive, but still, you will appreciate it while you will have trigger-activated LED light, lightweight design, and 2-year quality promise. Apart from these due to its larger size the cordless drill won’t be a good option for working in tight places. 

  • With brushless motor, 2 years warranty, all-metal keyless chuck this cordless drill will be a decent option for contractor. Plus it is comes with durable yet lightweight design.

  • The cost and the size of this drill are a bit higher than the other competitors.

Best Budget

Cordless Drill Driver for Contractors

WAKYME Cordless Drill Driver for Contractors

  • This drill for contractors is designed with an all-copper double bearing gear motor to offer a strong load capacity
  • Includes large auto chuck that helps fasten and loosen screws in seconds
  • Design with variable pressure trigger to set the speed based on the desired application

If you are on a tight budget and still looking best cordless drill for contractors, look no further than this WAKYME Cordless Drill Driver Kit. Available at an unbeatable price, this cordless drill covers all the features that should have in an industrial cordless drill.

The manufacturer offers two Li-ion batteries and a quick charger with this impact cordless hammer drill to ensure strong and consistent steady power. Besides, its lots of adjustable clutch settings and step-less variable pressure trigger will offer the user overall control and accurate drilling operation.

A key feature includes a forward and reverse switch that will allow the operator to either screw or remove bits according to the purposes. While researching the drawback we had found in this cordless drill is it is not ideal for working in dark. However, it includes LED light but the position is terrible. 

  • It’s a budget friendly cordless drill that includes double-end driver bits, forwarding and reserve control mode, powerful battery and two year warranty.

  • The LED light position of this drill is horrible and it doesn’t include accessories.

Cordless Hammer Drill for Construction

SKIL: Cordless Hammer Drill for Construction

  • Construct with a powerful brush-less motor which makes it ideal for driving through masonry
  • Its variable speed trigger with a large torque setting will offer maximum control for every project
  • Includes Auto spindle lock to ensure safe bit changes

The last recommendation for the best cordless drill for a contractor on our list is SKIL PWRCore cordless hammer drill. It’s a multi-functional appliance that can be easily transformed between drill, hammer drill, and screwdriver.

Besides, it includes a digital brush-less motor that will produce high-performance power while it needs to drive through tough surfaces. Most importantly the manufacturer design this contractor drill with PWR core 20 lithium battery technology to offer a 25% longer run time.

Highlight features include a key-less metal ratcheting chuck to allow the operator easy bit changes to complete the project efficiently. This cordless drill is available at a reasonable price that includes more torque settings to ensure maximum control. The error side of this cordless drill is its misleading advertising. However, the manufacturer offers 5 years warranty but it is subject to conditions and the process is obscure.

  • At reasonable price this cordless drill includes LED light and offer longer run time and max 5 year warranty. Besides it is ideal for tough surface.

  • It doesn’t have an adjustable torque limiter and the warranty policy is obscure.

Best Budget Cordless Drill for Contractors

BLACK+DECKER 20V: Best Budget Cordless Drill for Contractors

  • The BDCDMT120C offers a 20V powerful motor, which powers any driving or drill projects. 
  • It has a compact design, weighs less, and decreases arms, and should fatigue during extensive use. 
  • With the narrow nose, you can use the drill in any confined space with ease.
  • A metric quick connect system helps start your work faster.

Black+Decker holds a powerful 2-Volt motor, which provides you with tons of boost for driving or drilling. When it comes to drilling through walls or any construction work, you need enough power to punch screws. Turns out, you can accomplish a wide range of applications and attachment works with this wonder drill driver combo.

Having a lightweight and compact size, you can hold and carry it anywhere you like. Additionally, your arms or shoulders will not warn off with the constant stress. You can easily access confined spaces while crown molding or driving nails under the sink.

A newbie will love using this drill machine due to its simple design and comfort. You don’t have to have special skills on this driving drill machine to use it on projects. Having a two-year warranty, makeup for any errors, and the manufacturer will take full responsibility for it.

  • Fine grip and user-friendly handle help to drill accurately. Both drilling and driving features are available at this cordless drill. Powerful 20V battery will support for all types of long projects. The durable and Long-lasting motor will last for more than years. The after sale services are remarkable.

  • The first time can be a problem as we didn’t face any lacking. But less enough torque won’t help you for heavy duty project.

WORX 20V: Contractors Cordless Drill and Driver 

  • With the WORX WX176L, you can alternate between two bits in mere seconds.
  • Automatic torque settings provide strong control over working surfaces.
  • It is well priced, and you can work on many projects by changing the bits. 
  • LED lighting makeup for any low light conditions.
  • Weighing just about 2.7 pounds, your arms and shoulders will feel no pain holding it. 

When it comes to drilling holes or driving screws into your interior or exteriors, the WORX WX176L is truly amazing. You can use this beast as a contractors drill and also a screwdriver. Then again, alternating the bits on the switch driver head is very easy, and it will take mere seconds. The product has a powerful 20V or 40V motor, which provides enough power in even the strongest material. 

A variable gear train lets you go slow and steady on your working surface. Furthermore, this feature allows you to cope up with tricky materials or just go fast driving your screws. In low light conditions, your work quality will improve dramatically for its LED lighting.

With a 2.7 pound weight, you will not have any problem carrying the tool or smashing it with full force. Turns out, the drill stays in the middle of the surface and doesn’t wobble under pressure. 

  • Fast and easy to use for its helpful features. Multiple functional and can be used in drilling or driving. LED lighting is available for low light construction drilling conditions. Lightweight body and compact design ensure portability and effortless projects.

  • Batteries are not included in the package, you have to buy extra battery. Uneven first-time use and good for only beginners, professionals should go for another contractors drill.

Factors to pick the Best Cordless Drill for Contractors

Durability: Contractors need cordless drills with proper drill bits to complete the project quickly and efficiently. But getting a drill made of low-quality components can bring the opposite result. It may not only cause the project speed but also waste money.

Thus the contractor should go for the cordless drill that can meet the demanding challenge. A cordless drill should have the following feature to ensure durability:

  • Brushless motors
  • Li-ion batteries
  • Top-quality materials
  • Strong constructions

Battery Performance: The next consideration is battery performance. It’s crucial since a good battery saves lots of time for the contractor. A cordless drill with a poor quality battery won’t be a good addition for the busy project as the contractor had to replace or recharge the battery very often. 

A cordless drill with Li-ion batteries will be a promising tool for the contractor that will run longer and last for years. 

Power and Torque: A cordless drill for a contractor should have the ability that can handle both heavy drilling jobs and small tasks. So choose a drill that offers enough torque and power. 

Chuck size: Chuck size varies the power and capabilities of the cordless drill. The larger the chunk size, the drill will be more powerful. As most of the time, a contractor needs a drill for the heavy task, so a large chunk drill will be the right option for the project. 

Brushless motor: A cordless drill with a Brushless motor offers 50% more runtime comparing brushed motors. Currently, most professional-grade cordless drills design with a brushless motor. It not only eliminates friction but also reduces the waste of energy. However it cost more than a cordless drill with a brushed motor, but still, you will appreciate such a device, especially as a contractor for the heavy product.

Variable Speed Trigger: Some cordless drills allow operating at various speeds. It’s called a variable speed trigger that will let the contractor adjust the drill’s level of torque based on the task. Since there is some variation in this feature considering different brands, so the contractor should pick a drill with more speed settings.

FAQs on Cordless Drill for Contractors

What is the best cordless drill for contractors?

However the list we recommended above is covered with the best cordless drill for contractors. Among them, DEWALT Compact Cordless Drill Kit will be the overall best option. At an affordable price, it offers a compact and lightweight design cordless drill that includes a powerful motor and acceptable chuck

Can I use a cordless screwdriver instead of the drill? 

In short, you can. But before you start, you will have to check some basic things including which if it’s operating and functional. Then you can drive your screws with ease.

How do I choose a cordless drill? 

There is a range of types of drills out there. To offer the high-performing one, we do various tests at a construction site. Besides, we check each drill’s power quality on different surfaces including plywood, concrete, and wood.

On the other hand, we had paid attention to comfortably and suitability.
Is it portable and lightweight? Is it includes multiple speed settings or includes led lights?
Finally, we made a recommendation list covering all durable and functional. Each drill has a solid battery run time and sturdy construction to withstand a beating. 

Are 12V cordless drills any good?

12V cordless drills are beneficial for both Pros and DIYers. It can deal with almost all the task that the 18V/20V model can. Even comparing with the compact 18V class, this 12V cordless drill is lighter with a smaller footprint.

How long will a brushless motor last?

A Brushless motor is the best option that you want in the cordless drill. They are not only powerful but also long-lasting, especially comparing with a brushed motor. On average a brushless motor can last 1,000 to 3,000 hours.

Take your desired cordless drill for constructors

At the end of this article, you have the best recommendation list and info to choose the best cordless drill for the contractor as well as any DIY works. The products we mention above include two batteries, a quick charger and come with a lightweight design.

But each of them got a different function and motor, chuck size, and cost. So you have plenty of options to consider choosing from the list for your next project. However none of the drill disappoints you if they met their class.

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