7 Best Cordless Grease Gun

Managing to find the best cordless grease gun is surely a tedious task if you’re not adequately accustomed to it. A grease gun is one of the essential apparatuses when you want a specific point lubricated of any machinery.

Most importantly, most grease guns wear out over time. The corded options are usually very messy, and who likes corded guns anyway? Hence, we’re introducing the best cordless grease gun available online.

Most electric and cordless grease guns seem to be hefty and expensive. If you buy an expensive grease gun for the ease of lube application, and it doesn’t serve you the purpose very well, it will be a complete waste of money. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the best electric grease gun which suits your needs perfectly.

Handyman’s Pick: 3 Best Cordless Grease Gun

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT 20V Cordless Grease Gun Color: Yellow
Weight: 14.8 pounds
23.5 x 4.31 x 13.38 inches
Country of Origin:
Model number:
1 Lithium ion battery
Check Price
backpac Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 Color: Red
Weight: 18.1 pounds
‎4.9 x 24.5 x 13 inches
Model number:
5 Lithium ion batteries
Check Price
cordlessblower Lincoln Industrial Color: Purple Blue
Battery Cell: Lithium Ion
Unit Count:
1.0 Count
12 Volts
Check Price

Working relentlessly with machinery need grease sometimes. If you don’t have a grease gun, you have to manually apply grease. However, it will mess up your hands, walls and doors as well. Moreover, improper grease gun can damage the machinery or the equipment beyond repair. So, you must pick the best cordless grease gun for yourself.

Whether you are just someone who likes to play around with DIY stuff or you’re a mechanic by profession, a cordless grease gun is surely one of the most convenient things you can buy. It will surely give you the ease of working and applying lubrication without any mess.

To reduce your labor of picking the best grease gun for yourself, we’ve researched for you! We’re presenting you with the six best cordless grease gun reviews with all the features you’ll need to know. We’ll also be discussing how you can use battery-powered grease guns with ease after you find the ideal grease gun for yourself!

Top Pick Grease Gun

Best Cordless Grease Gun

DEWALT 20V Best Cordless Grease Gun

  • The cordless grease gun elongated 43-inch hose.
  • The grease gun is Equipped with a 10,000 PSI pressure.
  • You will have fully cordless and electronic service.
  • It is fully battery powered and has variable speed trigger.
  • The operation is optimised with LED lights.
  • Sturdy built enhances the durability and you’ll get one year official warranty.

Dewalt is one of the most chosen brands for getting the best cordless grease gun for yourself. The company always provide amazing equipment to make your machinery work easier. Their cordless grease guns are very popular, considering their heavy-duty abilities.

The hose length of the cordless grease gun is unbeatable to date. You can easily reach inaccessible areas as well as stay mess-free with the elongated Length. It’s engineered with a top-notch design to be the most efficient grease gun in the market.

It also has a lock-in and lock-off trigger, making it easy to operate. Hence, when convenient for you, you may lock the gun on or off. The grease gun is on our list in the second position because of how fast it works compared to other grease gun brands.

We have picked the Dewalt cordless grease gun as the first list for how convenient it is to use. In addition, the pressure rating on the cordless grease gun is worth appreciating.

The grease gun also comes with an elongated hose, making it difficult to reach places easier to grasp. The gun also offers a total of 10,000 PSI which is excellent for all types of machinery work. In addition, it provides amazingly sturdy build quality, making it the best battery-powered grease gun on the market as of yet.

  • The company also never fails to provide the best assurance when it comes to its quality. In addition, you’ll receive a year-long warranty with your gun. Hence, you can lay back and relax about not having to worry if your gun wears out!

  • However, the only con about this product is the pricing. If you’re under a tight budget, this gun may not be for you. However, since the brand provides the best quality, it’s a little on the high end.

Runner Up

Cordless Grease Gun Kit

MILWAUKEE M18 Cordless Grease Gun Kit

  • The gun included air bladder provides quick priming.
  • You will love the exceptional 48-inch elongated hose.
  • The device is optimised with a two-speed design between the maximum pressure and flow rate.
  • The tool is Included with an on-off lock trigger.
  • It comes with a preset grease counter dial to provide accuracy.

A terrific addition to your equipment, automotive repairs, and maintenance supplies is this wireless grease gun. The powerful 18 Volt engine produces up to a maximum operating pressure of 10,000 PSI, making this the industry leader. As a consequence, it is interesting to machine operators since it is beneficial.

One of the most attractive features of this grease gun is the included air bladder valve. The seal of an air bladder valve makes it much more resilient to different environments. When the grease gun is paired with the 18V motor that it comes with, it undoubtedly becomes one of the best electric grease guns.

  • If priming time is something you look out for in every grease gun, you may have a winner with this one. The priming on the MILWAUKEE’S grease gun is relatively fast as well. There’s also a preset grease counter dial which makes the grease gun stand out from the rest.

  • However, amid all the good reviews, there were some negative customer experiences regarding the priming of the units. According to some, the priming can get relatively harder. So, although it isn’t something major, you might want to look out on the con just to make sure you’re getting the best cordless grease gun for yourself.

Premium Pick

Cordless Grease Gun

Lincoln Industrial 1264 Cordless Grease Gun

  • This cordless grease gun has a 3-point base to help the DIYer lubricate perfectly, keeping the gun stable and upright.
  • It has high-quality dual-lip followers to avoid grease bypass and keep the working area clean.
  • This battery-powered grease gun can deliver up to 8, 000 psi, making it perfect for a bust through blocked grease fittings.
  • The grease gun includes a vent valve to purge trapped air for easier priming.
  • Brand Name: Lincoln Industrial
  • Maximum PSI: 8,000
  • Product Weight: ‎5.26 Pounds
  • Warranty: 5 Years on The Drill And 2 Years on The Battery.
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.5 Out Of 5.

The common problem with using a cordless tool is that it has a shorter runtime. So won’t you be excited if you get the best cordless grease gun along with increased runtime? I am not kidding. By buying this Lincoln Industrial Cordless Grease Gun, you will have two extra battery kits without investing separately.

And the grease gun itself comes in a powerful yet ergonomic design, making it perfect for construction, automotive, and a variety of applications. Even if you are a novice DIYer, this grease gun will let you enjoy professional lubricating even on dirty or clogged grease fittings without wasting or bypassing.

  • This powerful grease gun comes with a set of accessories, including two batteries, a charger, and even a carrying case for convenient storage and transport. The grease gun also includes 5 years of warranty and is easier to operate and maintain.

  • The price is little bit high but you are getting a top quality grease gun.

Best Overall

Electric Grease Gun

Ryobi 18V Cordless Electric Grease Gun

  • The operation is optimised with LED lighting.
  • An 18V motor provides the best performance.
  • The steel grease tube provides smoothness to the operation.
  • It comes with a max pressure PSI of 10000.
  • It offers excellent durability for its high quality built.

Next up on your list is a grease gun from none other than Ryobi. This brand is known to efficiently have the best performing motors paired with their cordless grease guns. The motor can easily provide you with a stunning 10,000 PSI and a breathtaking 7.5 ounce per minute flow.

The battery-powered grease gun is highly efficient because of the top-notch performing motor. In addition, the grease gun is optimised with a steel grease tube which makes sure no external pollutants get inside your grease gun. The material makes the grease gun one of the best in the market, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most durable.

  • If you’re someone who’s constantly worried about lubrication and whether or not your grease gun will be able to cope with your workload, this grease gun is the one for you. It’s optimised with the world’s largest 18V tool system; the lubrication will be done smoothly without damaging the actual equipment itself.

  • However, this grease gun, too, falls on the higher end in the market. The pricing is a bit high for some customers. There are some issues seen with the packaging of the grease gun. However, they’re minor issues in comparison to their performance.

Best Budget

Best Electric Grease Gun

Lumax 12V Best Electric Grease Gun

  • The hose length is a convenient 18 inch for longer reach.
  • The machine is the best option for moderate workload.
  • You will get 7000 PSI pressure that serves a 3.5 ounces flow per minute.
  • It comes with an extended warranty advantage.
  • The device is optimised with a heavy-duty cast head.
  • Non-slip grip has been installed with chrome plates.

If your workload is moderate, and you feel like you won’t be able to use the power of high-powered cordless grease guns fully, this particular grease gun from Lumax is going to serve you well.

This grease gun is fully battery-powered. If you’re looking for the best battery-powered grease gun, trust us – Lumax’s Handyluber version of the grease gun will do you justice with the ability to deliver up to 5 pouches of grease at once! In addition, you can use the grease gun easily for home or commercial use.

We love that the grease gun from Lumax has a chrome-plated barrel which makes it resilient to rusting and corrosion. Air, moisture, and different sorts of pollutants are unable to get inside the equipment. Thus, the performance reviews from customers are great as well. You also can use the grease gun to lubricate small machines like drill.

  • The grease gun uses a mighty 18-inch long hose which is ideal for most users. Moreover, the material is made with a view for this to be sturdy enough for construction works. Hence, durability will never be an issue with this grease gun.

  • However, one drawback that clients face with this grease gun is the price. Although the specifications of the grease gun are a little lower compared to the other ones we mentioned in our article, the price point is still hefty.

Best Alternative

Pistol Grip Cordless Grease Gun

LockNLube Pistol Grip Cordless Grease Gun

  • The grease gun provides high durability against leaking.
  • The device is optimised with special loop and lock.
  • You will love this as the best in the market 20-inch long hose.
  • LockNLube features one-year guarantee.
  • The non-slip ergonomic handles provide accuracy during action.
  • It comes with a space rebuild kit.

If budget is a concern for you, this cordless grease gun will surely be of great help to you! The gun is affordable yet heavy-duty. That’s what makes it special. This grease gun has made it to the top 5th of our list because of its unbeatable performance at its price point.

The best thing that we like about this product is the lock that it comes with. After all, when you’re working with a lubrication gun, the most important part is to make sure it doesn’t leak. If it leaks, what’s the point of having a grease gun in the first place? Hence, LocknLube constantly perfects its lock systems so your lube doesn’t leak while working.

The grease gun is one of the best pistol grip grease gun out in the market. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but also highly durable. In addition, the cutting-edge design brings a new dimension of cleaning features to the table. With the design, you can remain assured about your grease gun staying clean.

The Zerk fittings are one of the most interesting nozzles in the market. Everyone trusts LockNLube nozzles for how beautifully it clamps onto the machinery without being too hard to deal with.

  • Also, their grease guns incorporate an in-line swivel so you can rotate your hose and coupler without turning the grease gun. They also contain a 20″ high-quality hose – longer than any other on the market.

  • However, there have been complaints about the Zerk fittings being too large and not fitting into tight spaces. Hence, if you’re concerned about their Zerk fitting sizes, look out for this minor issue before getting one for yourself.

How to use a Cordless Grease Gun

First of all, to use your grease gun, you need to know it properly. So, the first step would be to locate all the fittings of your grease gun. Primarily, they’re called the Zerk and Amelites. Later, you can get onto loading and using your grease gun. It may seem like an easy job at first, but you need to handle it with care like any other equipment.

On the grease gun body, you’ll find a plunger along with the barrel of the body. The head, also called the actuator assembly, will be paired with a nozzle, which will help dispense the lubrication.

To load the grease gun, you have to pull onto the plunger, unscrew the head, insert the lube tube into the gun and reassemble it back to its place. You should get the hang of it in no time!

Selecting the grease for your battery-powered grease gun is very important. A bad choice of grease will cost you hefty amounts of money while not performing its best. We recommend you get the type of grease which is the best suited for your work. Since all grease is not made from the same material, we highly recommend not mix different grease types together for optimum performance.

Best Cordless Grease Gun features to consider while Buying

Whether servicing a machine or installing a new one, lubricating a machine’s many parts is crucial. Without appropriate lubrication, a device cannot work to the standard and might heat up. But large-scale lubricating machinery may take time.

Try using one of the best grease guns recommended in this article to save time. We even examined key features and alternatives. While these should be enough to choose the right one for you, others may want to learn more. Check our detailed buying guide for the top grease guns:

Hose Length: If you’re skilled in various lubricating equipment, you need to realise that you must place grease in distinct tight regions and hard spots. While this shouldn’t be an issue when applying your hands, using a big grease gun in a confined area is different.

To fix the issue, fat guns feature a flexible front hose. But not all grease guns have the same tube. Even while most of them give an 18-inch tube length, others may use a 27-inch or 42-inch long tube for the comfort of operation.

Pressure Rating: To make sure that your grease gun is robust enough to go with your workload and application, make sure to check its pressure rating. As you’d think, drawing oil out of a grease gun with increased pressure becomes extremely easy. Nearly all grease guns there give 6,000 PSI or 7,000 PSI. You may even locate certain grease guns with an even higher pressure of 10,000 PSI for increased performance.

Cartridge Capacity: When you start working with something that requires a hefty amount of lubrication, you’ll, of course, want the refills to last longer. But, at the end of the day, if your cartridge capacity is low, it will get annoying to refill it over and over. This may be confirmed by examining the capacity or capacity of a grease gun. Fortunately, most have a 14-oz cartridge capacity, which should be more than sufficient to hold a lot of oil at once.

Warranty: Whenever you buy a heavy-duty or industrial instrument like a grease gun, you’d expect it to endure without difficulty. Therefore, make sure you analyse a particular grease gun’s quality since you should only acquire a solid one. Another thing to verify for a grease gun is its warranty. You’ll notice that most grease guns come with a 1-year lengthy warranty, some with extended guarantee periods.

How to Clean Grease Guns

Can you clean grease guns? If you have one, know the correct stages and methods. Besides, it’s only proper to clean and preserve the item since it’s not a very cheap buy. But, of course, using grease guns routinely will generate filth and filth. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the instrument is a requirement.

Note that grease guns always function with lubricants, greases, and oils. You know, for sure, how messy these things may become in the process. Accordingly, cleaning the instrument and the operating space is required.

There are several methods to clean your grease guns. Indeed, folks who used the tool know how to accomplish these tasks appropriately and successfully. But for those in the industry who are “newbies” and first-time users, these recommendations may aid you.

Step By Step Guide to clean grease guns:

  • Wiping using clean cloth: wipe the fittings first with all other grease gun components is How to Load a Grease Gun essential. Before using the tool, make sure you eliminate any dirt and residue by air compressor.
  • Another thing you can do to keep your grease gun clean is to avoid putting the instrument in locations where dirt and dust are prominent.
  • Use water combined with an anti-grease solution: if you clean grease guns, you’ll need an anti-grease solution. That’s because water alone won’t eradicate the grease and its leftovers.

Process to keep your grease guns clean:

  • Remove the old grease cartridge from your gun. The correct procedure to achieve this depends on your model or kind of grease gun.
  • Wipe any excess grease and residue and any debris discovered in the exterior nozzle, interiors, and other tool components using a clean cloth.
  • Wash the grease gun’s exterior and inner components using the proper solution.
  • Rinse thoroughly and avoid any residue and dirt.
  • Let the grease gun dry. More often than not, it may take a day to load a fresh grease cartridge.

How to maintain grease guns

Inspect the grease guns before usage. Make sure all components and parts are at their best. Use the tool’s standard components. Designate the fittings according to the particular grease used to prevent contamination and mixing. Clean your grease guns regularly. Wipe fitting to clean debris. Use a clean rag or lint-free to remove debris. Inspect fitting grease. Replace faulty or broken fittings.

Standardize fitting type when possible. Mark the grease fitting with the kind of grease used. Avoid changes whenever possible. Learn appropriate grease gun usage and know the amount of distribution for each shot. Occasionally calibrate grease guns to ensure correct volume delivery.

Some grease guns pressure up to 15,000 psi. Caution against over-packing and/or seal damage. Keep guns clean, avoiding filthy surfaces. For example, repack a gun loader on a clean bench. Keep grease guns covered while unused. Caution to guarantee safety. Make adjustments such as fitting to prevent any hazards.

Wipe the fitting and pressure line to avoid contamination while repacking grease guns from a pressure line. To change the tube, relocate to an environmentally-controlled location.

Tips for using a Grease Gun

Using a grease gun may be done in a variety of ways, including the following:

Based on the calibrated delivery volume of the grease gun utilized, calculate the right amount of grease necessary for bearing re-lubrication. To aid in washing out old grease and decreasing the risk of excessive bearing pressure, use a vent plug in the bearing’s relief port.

Use extreme caution while loading grease into the grease gun. This will help you get rid of the contaminants. Also, take care not to introduce metal slivers into the grease while removing the metal cover from a cartridge.

Before using the grease gun, always make sure that the distributing nozzle is clean. Before connecting to the grease fitting, dispense a small amount of grease via the dispensing nozzle and wipe it clean with a clean towel or lint-free cloth.

Clean the grease fitting completely before inserting the grease gun. Examine and replace any broken or worn-out fixtures. Additionally, clean the grease fitting after applying grease. While grease-fitting covers help keep fittings clean, it is still required to wipe fittings clean before adding grease.

Ascertain that the correct grease is used at each grease location. When the wrong grease is used, it might cause incompatibility, leading to bearing failure quickly. Therefore, locations for lubrication should be properly identified with the kind of grease to be used.

To prevent oil from evaporating from the grease, you should maintain grease guns unpressurised, clean, cool, dry, and horizontally. In addition, storage is made easier and more organised using grease gun clamps. Also, maintain the coupler clean and clear of contaminants by covering it.

To guarantee the right delivery volume, calibrate grease guns regularly. Use caution and safety while working near moving equipment or while using a grease gun. You must know the grease basics also.

How to Load a Cordless Grease Gun

The operating system of a grease gun can vary from model to model. So, it’s better to read the user manual if there are any special suggestions. The following is the most common process of loading a grease gun:

How to Load a Cordless Grease Gun

Start by pulling the plunger back and resting it on the catch of the gun body. Then remove the body from the head. If it has an old grease tube inside of the gun, then you have to remove the grease tube. if the grease tube gets jammed, then carefully release the plunger so you can push out the tube. After getting a grip on the grease tube, re-latch the plunger.

Check the gasket to see whether it is buried in grease or still remains effective. If it is buried, then you have to replace it along with the tube. So, take a new grease tube, put off the plastic cap on it and place it in the gun. Make sure the open side of the tube faces toward the plunger.

Now carefully remove the foil, as it can be extremely sharp. Before reassembling the gun, you have to bleed the air from the gun. If you have a self-bleeding grease gun, you don’t need to be concerned about it. 

FAQs on Best Cordless Grease Gun

What is a cordless grease gun?

A grease gun is a lubricating instrument that’s often seen in workshops and garages. The grease gun’s job is to administer lubricant to a precise spot via an aperture, commonly from a grease cartridge to a grease fitting or ‘nipple.’ A cordless grease gun is just a grease gun without the havoc of having cords.

How many types of grease guns are there?

The grease gun is a useful instrument for transferring grease to the point of application, and it comes in different types. Grease guns come in various forms, including lever, pistol-grip, hand-grip, air-powered, and battery-powered. Of all the grease guns, the lever design is the most cost-effective and commonly utilised.

What do you need a grease gun for?

A grease gun, which is typically found in workshops and garages, is a piece of lubrication equipment. The function of the grease weapon is to dispense lubricants accurately through a hole, often from a grease cartridge into a grease fitting or ‘nipple.’ The grease nipple canals lead to locations where lubrication is necessary.

Are all grease nipples the same size?

There are a variety of grease nipples to choose from. The easiest approach for detecting the thread on the grease fitting is to use a tool specifically developed for this purpose. Two types of grease fittings are pretty common. The NPT thread is 1/8′′, and the thread on the 1/28′′ is 1/28′′. Other nipples, however, are used on a less regular basis.

How much grease do you put in a grease fitting?

The best way to find out how much to put in your grease gun is to look at the instruction manual. When greasing Zerk fittings, remember not to overfill them. On the other hand, over-greasing a joint pull grease out of the seals, as mentioned above, attracting dust, sand, and filth. In addition, excess grease may harm moving components, so don’t let it squeeze through the seals.

Take you desired Cordless Grease Gun

Since we’ve reached the ending of our article, we hope by now you know everything there is to know about the best cordless grease gun for yourself. Remember, it’s always difficult to get the hang of something at first. However, once you get habituated with using the equipment, it’ll turn out to be the best electric gun for yourself.

Hence, till the next time, have fun with your grease gun and be safe!

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