6 Best Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing

A cordless nail gun is a solution to setting up large fencing around yards with improved versatility and precision. But while choosing the best cordless nail gun for fencing, you must check some specs to get the most satisfying result.

Fencing demands consistent nailing at exact depth for a longer time for a proper and successful installation. Thus, the nail gun should be compatible with exact nails and offer improved productivity safely at minimal effort. There is a range of types and quality nail guns out there that also vary in budgets, while they aren’t universally suitable for fencing.

Handyman’s pick: Top 6 Best Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing

That’s why we came up with the top-six cordless nail guns that are most suitable for fencing, maintaining better accuracy, consistency, and safety, as well as fitting into the budget.  Despite the article covered massive amounts of information on building fencing, including choosing the right nails, the fencing installation process, and safety tips. 

We have also included an informed buying guide along with our best recommendation to help you invest in the most reliable nail gun for impressive performance.

Top Fencing Nail Gun

Best Nail Gun for Fencing

PORTER-CABLE 20V: Best Nail Gun for Fencing

  • It’s the best nail gun for fencing because it is designed with an advanced motor to let the operator fire consistently over different surfaces, even in any climate condition.
  • With a tool-free depth adjusting setting, this cordless nail gun ensures precise control over the project to increase productivity.
  • Design with LED light and optimal center of gravity, this fencing nailer ensures comfortable operation even in a dark place for a long time.
  • This fencing nail gun can fire up to 1300 nails per charge for a consistent fencing project.
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This PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer is the overall best cordless nail gun for fencing for multiple reasons. It’s a delicate brad nailer that shoots pins within moments of pulling the trigger without taking build-up time. By buying this 18-Gauge Brad Nailer, you can enjoy quality firing over different surfaces throughout the day, whether it is 2″, 1 1/4″, or other size nails.

The nail gun has a larger capacity magazine, longer run time, no-mar tab, and depth adjustment to let the user have impressive performance over the fencing panel or other surface.

  • Available at a decent price, it’s a versatile cordless fencing nail gun that has LED light. Besides, the nailer offers a longer run time and sets the nailing depth more effectively while being easier to use and fire precisely. The gun also has a 3-year warranty.

  • The gun won’t let you know when the nail has finished. You have to check it physically and it doesn’t have a rapid-fire option.

Runner Up

Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing

CRAFTSMAN: Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing

  • With a powerful battery and motor, this CRAFTSMAN fencing nail gun offers consistent firing power on a variety of materials during different climates.
  • It’s completely versatile fencing nailers that ensures tool-free depth adjustment and jams and stall settings.
  • Design with an over-molded handle and optimal centre of gravity this nailer maintains great balance and offers longer and more comfortable operation.
  • The fencing nail gun also has a belt hook for extra safety and convenience.
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CRAFTSMAN built this cordless Brad Nailer with a pretty similar function to the PORTER-CABLE Cordless Brad Nailer. Considering the similarities, both the guns are brad nailers that can fire 18 gauge nails and are portable, versatile, and ensure longer run time.

But the function makes the best nail gun tool-free jams, and depth adjustment is added efficiently. Even you will have an over-moulded handle and a belt hook for improved safety and comfortability, but this fencing gun doesn’t have a LED light or warranty policy.

  • It’s a lightweight and comfortable nail gun like the previous one, and it offers versatile and long run time. The nail gun also has a safety function and ensures tool-free adjustment for ease of use.

  • The battery takes a bit more time to charge at low temperatures and may get jammed a little more. But it won’t be a big issue as the unit ensures a tool-free jam setting.

Best Overall

Nail Gun for Fencing

DEWALT 20V: Nail Gun for Fencing

  • This heavy-duty fencing nail gun has a brushless motor and a Lithium-Ion battery to maximize durability and run time.
  • Exclusively designed with a micro nose to help improve line of sight and ensure that the nail is fired in the exact location every time.
  • This nail gun for fencing ensures tool-free jam release and depth adjustment for quicker and accurate countersinking of nails.
  • The nail gun also features a tool-free selectable trigger and a stall release lever for improved productivity.
  • The brad nailer comes with an LED light and an adjustable belt hook and ensures extremely easy and safe operation.
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DEWALT is already a dependable brand among pro DIYers and enthusiasts, and this Cordless Brad Nailer Kit is one of the best-selling items right now. This brad nailer can handle any nailing task, including fencing, casing, molding, and others that require 5/8-inch to 2-1/8-inch nails.

Thanks to its micro-nose and brushless motor. However, you have to invest a relatively large amount of money to get this beast into your toolbox.

  • This DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit comes with a pack of improved features, including a brushless motor, a Lithium-Ion battery, an adjustable belt hook, a multi-functional LED light, and tool-free larger operations. Overall, it’s a heavy-duty nailer suitable for enjoying precise nails fired consistently over a larger surface.

  • This brad nailer is a bit pricy and slightly heavier than competitors.

Premium Pick

Fencing Nail gun

Makita LXT: Fencing Nail gun

  • This portable nail gun design with a compact center height lets the operator view the nails around the nose tip for accurate driving in tight spaces.
  • The fencing nailer is designed with an Anti-dry Fire system to prevent blank driving and ensure damage-free operation.
  • It has two mode switches to decide between trigger lock and depth adjustment for safer and more precise nail driving over various surfaces.
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If you are looking for a cordless nail gun to drive thicker and more sustainable nails over the fencing panel, try this Makita Straight Finish Nailer. In particular, it’s a cordless finish nailer that can drive 16 gauge from 1″ to 2-1/2″ in length up to 1, 000 per charge.

Apart from these, it’s a compact fencing nailer that has a safety function and multiple handy features for accurate and efficient nail driving for fencing projects as well as other nailing tasks.

  • This nail gun can be compact and safer to use while firing thicker nails. The nailer also has a reversible belt clip, and a design with Star protection technology to prevent overheating. This fence nailer offers a 3-year warranty and safety glasses.

  • It doesn’t come with a battery and needs to operate with a full charge battery to prevent misfire.

Best Budget

Cordless Framing Nail Gun for Fencing

Metabo HPT: Cordless Framing Nail Gun for Fencing

  • Design with an Air Spring Drive System and Pivoting Rafter Hook, it’s one of the best cordless nail guns for fencing, with improved performance and easier storage.
  • This fencing nailer has two transition modes, including bump-fire and sequential mode, to ensure rapid nailing, while Tool-less Depth Adjustment offers a professional finish.
  • Compatible with 21-degree plastic strip collated nails with a round head from 2 inches up to 3-1/2 inches in length to ensure the most secure installation in thicker materials.
  • Design with a battery charge indicator to prevent blank fire and ease of use.
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If you are looking for a pneumatic type nailer that performs without sticking with an air hose, buy this Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer. Even if you buy this professional-grade framing nailer, you will have a longer run time with less maintenance and powerful performance.

Thanks to its brushless motor, 3. 0Ah Lithium-Ion battery and exclusive air spring drive system. Another impressive thing is that the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the tool, which makes the fencing nailer worthwhile, even though it is expensive.

  • This cordless framing nailer comes with plenty of accessories, including a battery, charger, carrying bag, and glass. Plus, the manufacturer’s design features powerful motor, versatile functions for a pneumatic feel, and offers a lifetime warranty.

  • The unit doesn’t offer a longer run time as it can fire 400 nails between charges and is a bit heavier.

Customer Choice

Cordless Nailer for Fencing

Paslode: Cordless Nailer for Fencing

  • This fencing framing nailer can drive nails through harder wood, lifting fewer standing nails for increased productivity without using a hammer.
  • It’s a fuel cell-powered framing nailer that can run properly under 14⁰F temperature, making the tool ideal for the older area.
  • Design with a 7V Li-ion battery and pivoting Rafter Hook for longer runtime and easier storage.
  • It comes in a compact design. This framing nail gun will fit properly between joists, studs, and roof trusses.
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This Paslode Cordless XP Framing Nailer includes plenty of impressive features to ensure satisfying fencing and nailing tasks whenever you prefer. The cordless framing nailer can drive through LVL and other hardwoods and can be operated less than 14°F temperatures.

Not only that, the brand includes a 7V Li-ion large battery that promises up to 9,000 nails between charges. Combine these features, it’s one of the best cordless nail guns for fencing and larger projects.

  • This framing nailer is suitable for larger fencing projects throughout the years. Plus, it’s a lightweight and compact framing nailer that is easier to use and store.

  • The user will need to buy fuel separately to run the framing nailer. And it’s a bit louder than the framing nail gun.

Buying factors to pick the Best Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing

Buying the best cordless nail gun for fencing can be the most auspicious decision, whether you are a contractor, DIY enthusiast, or seasonal handyman. Picking a cordless nail gun with an awesome package of features will definitely help you get the desired result on a fencing project. But it can be a tougher job since there are top-notch nail guns available out there. Thus, keep the following factors in mind to get the most desired cordless nail gun for your fencing project:

Depth adjustment

Materials for working surfaces vary in depth, so the fencing project can demand a variety of lengths of fasteners to drive through. Thus, adjusting the depth and nailing through the desired depth is vital for the most secure attachment. Once setting the desired firing depth, you can drive the nail consistently, which will boost productivity. Thus, go for the cordless nail gun that has a depth adjustment function. 

Firing modes

Some cordless nail guns include two fire modes, including single-shot mode and bump-fire mode. Having such a function means you can choose between delivering fasteners one at a time or delivering the nail in super-fast style.

Magazine capacity

A nail gun usually includes a salient magazine compartment, and the capacity of the magazine affects the consistency of the fencing task. Picking a cordless nail gun with a large capacity magazine will keep you from reloading the magazine frequently and increase the nailing task between reloading the nail. The nail holding capacity of a magazine varies from  50 to 100. 


An ergonomically designed nail gun will offer an incredibly user-friendly experience. The features include quality with solid material, a firm and secure grip, a comfortable handle, an anti-dust inlet, a no-mar tip, and an air exhaust. Buying a cordless nail gun with these features will provide the most promising performance every time you run the gun.

Some popular usage of Cordless Nail Gun

The benefits of having a cordless nail gun aren’t limited only to saving money and improved safety. It’s an impressively portable and hassle-free tool that even doesn’t require any electric outlet or air compressor. A cordless nail gun also doesn’t require heavy maintenance like a gas-powered or pneumatic nail gun. However, these are heavier nail guns because they carry the extra weight battery and offer limited run time. The following are some common types of cordless nail guns with their specific usage:

Framing nail guns: It’s the best cordless nail gun type for heavy-duty projects like building a deck and framing the entire house. The nails this nailer uses are also heavier and broader.

Brad nail guns: It can drive 18-gauge nails through the woods and is mostly suitable for delicate jobs like molding, trimming, and building birdhouses. This type of cordless nail gun uses a small-headed nail and leaves hardly visible nail marks on the work surface.

Finishing nail guns: It’s the cordless nail gun for detail work like building furniture, installing trim. This nail gun uses thicker and more sustainable nails.

Roofing nail guns: This gun is specially designed to nail down shingled roofs. Roofing nail guns aren’t ideal for other nailing projects as they only use specialised nails.

Siding nail guns: This cordless nail gun is better suited for installing siding and uses smaller nails with broader heads, especially compared to framing nails.

How Fencing Is Different from Other Nailing Works

All the DIY jobs that require driving nails aren’t quite the same, thus requiring different types of nail guns. Building a wooden fence is pretty similar to framing a building, where precise measurement gets top priority.

It requires a sturdy foundation to make the fence long-lasting. Thus, the operator had to go through plenty of extremely repetitive steps to place the hardware accurately. This is where a nail gun plays a vital role. The nail gun you will use must offer the desired performance consistently. Though hammers can be an effective alternative, it will take an eternity and extreme effort to complete the project.

Conversely, fencing projects require proper nailing even if there is not enough room to work or a comfortable angle. Thus, fencing is a different nailing project than others, where precision always remains uncompromised.

How to install garden fencing with a cordless nail gun

Fencing is a stylish way to enclose the garden, which also boosts the beauty of the house. Though you can install a fence by hiring someone, learning the process and doing it yourself can save you some bucks and let you repair and upgrade whenever you want. After all, it’s a simple process and requires some commonly available kits.

The tools you’ll require:

  • Cordless nail gun
  • 75mm galvanized nails.
  • Stainless steel tape measure
  • Fence posts
  • Spirit level
  • Pencil.
  • T or L-shaped timber props
  • Spade or post-hole borer
  • Builder’s lines
  • Fence panels
  • Bamboo canes
  • Screws
  • Bricks
  • Cement and all-in aggregate
  • Trowel
  • Post caps
  • Gravel boards, if using

Layout the fence post

To attach the fence panel, you have to build a fence post on the ground. So start with marking the position of the fence post first. It will be better to use a timber post that is pre-treated with a preservative. Post spike is also a good alternative. Run the tape measure along the line which the fence will follow. After that, measure the distance between each post and mark the centre of the position with a bamboo cane.

Dig the post hole and position the post

Dig holes of 450mm depth if the posts aren’t taller than 1.2m. If so, a minimum of 600 mm would be better. Drive the T or L-shaped props into the ground with the aid of a club hammer to get support to hold the first post in place. After placing the first post, momentarily screw it to the props. Then use a spirit level to check and make the post vertical accurately.

Following the same method, place the last post and run the builder lines at both the top and base of the first post to the last post. The intention is to make a straight line between each post and place them easily in line and keep them vertical.

Put the fence panels

Start from the first post and continue to fit the panels, alternatively working on the fence. Now, calculate and mark six places on the internal face of the framing of the first fence panel using a pencil. The six positions will be on both sides at the top, middle, and bottom, maintaining an equal distance. The intention of marking six positions is to get the nail driving spot to secure the fence panel on the post.

Now raise the fence panel about 50 to 75mm from the ground by using brick under it. If you want to fit gravel board under the panels, raise the panels by 150mm. Before turning on the cordless nail gun, place every panel at the same distance as 25mm below the post top.

For the last time, check the horizontal position of the first fence panel with a spirit level. Now start driving the nail into the first marking spot to start securing the panel with the post. Continue driving the nail to maintain a bit of an upward or downward angle till the last mark. Then place the second panel vertically against the first one and secure driving nails. Continue the technique till the last post to secure the last panel.

Concrete all the post

Before securing the post using concrete, make sure every post remains in line from top to bottom and rearrange them using a spirit level if required. Then mi concrete and fill every post up to slightly above the ground. Wrap a towel around your hand and make a slop in the concrete to allow rainwater to drain properly. After the concrete becomes strong, nail the post cap on the post.

Which is the Best Nail for Fencing: Brad nails vs Galvanised nails vs stainless steel nails?

Though all three types of nails come with a unique purpose, they won’t offer the same performance as fencing. So let’s find the best nails for fencing:

Brad nails

Its standard-type nails that don’t have any surface coating. Thus, the nails can cause rust and corrosion if exposed to the elements. Therefore, bright nails aren’t suitable for outdoor use, especially for fencing. But these nails are good enough for an internal project.

Galvanised nails

It’s a regular steel nail with hot-dip coated zinc. The coating in particular creates a shield to protect the nails from oxidation and corrosion. So the galvanized nails can be used for fencing.

Stainless steel nails

With a combination of ordinary steel and 10% or more chromium, stainless steel nails are extremely strong and have rust resistance. Due to the extra chromium coating, these nails are stronger, bright, and shiny than galvanized nails. At a time, the chromium coating makes it pricier than galvanized steel, which is suitable for fencing.

Which nail is better?

You can have an effectively secure fence using galvanised nails, but stainless steel nails are more preferable for coastal areas. Since salty sea air has a harsh effect on metal, using stainless steel nails will give you extra protection to enjoy a long-lasting fence.

Helpful Safety Tips for using a Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing

The following are some strongly maintained safety tips while using a cordless nail gun for fencing:

Don’t overlook the protective gear, especially on the nailing project. Wear eye protectors and goggles even if you are confident enough. Putt off the nail gun if you feel tired, otherwise continuing the project can lead to poor quality tasks and may end up causing injury.

Don’t let the kids and other people come to close the worksite and warn you about using a nail gun. Don’t let the beginner perform the nailing task before practicing enough, as the gun only allows the dominant hand.

Before powering on, check that the cordless nail gun’s battery is fully charged for maximum run time.

FAQs on Best Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing

What is the best type of nail gun for fencing?

A framing nailer is the best type of nail to handle a range of nailing projects, including fencing, roof sheathing, building decks, and framing. In particular, it can drive larger size nails, thus making it suitable for nailing thicker materials like wood fence panels.

What gauge nailer is ideal for a fence?

Usually, a fence board needs a minimum of an 8-d nail for holding power. So you will require a framing or roofing nailer to drive such large nails. Despite, the nail should point ahead rather than be straight, as the head will prevent the fence from backing away.

What is the best cordless framing gun?

Makita LXT Straight Finish Nailer is the best cordless framing gun with a thicker and longer nail driving capacity on a variety of surfaces for a longer time. The cordless nail gun is also lightweight and prevents bland fire while letting the operator adjust the depth for the precinct framing project.

What is the best nail gun for DIY projects?

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless the Brad Nailer is the best nail gun for DIY projects. It includes plenty of versatile functions and comes with a solid and reliable construction to let the operator handle multiple nailing projects precisely and promisingly.

What size nail gun is perfect for framing?

A 15-degree nail gun is ideal for framing jobs like floor, joists and wall studs, as it can hold a lot of full-round-head nails, which are more permeable for framing by building codes. However, framing nailers are a bit heavier, making the over headed task difficult.

Take the Best Nail Gun for Fencing

In general, the hammer can drive nails pretty successfully. But when it comes to nailing consistently and precisely for longer on fencing projects, physical strength limits the productivity of this tool. This is where the best cordless nail gun for fencing plays its role, offering increased versatility with high productivity with precision at minimum physical strength.

After reading the guide hopefully, you have to find the most preferable nail for your next fencing project and get some helpful tips to complete the task accurately and safely.

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