9 Best Diamond Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are hard and fragile. When the material is porcelain tiles or ceramic, the drilling task becomes tough. The porcelain tile needs a special type of drill bit such as diamond drill bits to cut or make different shapes of holes.

A number of manufacturers grabbed the stores and finding the best diamond drill bits for porcelain tile is puzzling. Different brands have different functions and features. We tested some drill bits performance on porcelain tiles and selected the top seven diamond drill bits.

Now a query in mind, why get a specific drill bit for porcelain tile? Won’t the regular drill bit work? Actually the porcelain tiles are hard and brittle. It has such a natural tendency to break, so any regular drill bits won’t work properly. When there is too much pressure at a particular point, the tiles might fracture or shatter.

To prevent that, they need to be drilled gently with sharp bits at low pressure. Diamond drill bits are harder, sharper and able to drill in low RPM.

DIYers Pick: 3 Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Tiles

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DUNCHATY Diamond Drill Bits Color: Silver
Compatible Material:

Porcelain, Glass,
Ceramic, Stone
Number Of Pieces:
Check Price
backpac Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Color: Silver
Compatible Material:
Glass , Porcelain , Ceramic
Grit Type: Medium
Material: Steel with Nickel
Model Number: DRILAX100425
Check Price
cordlessblower THINKWORK Diamond Drill Bits Color: Silver
Compatible Material:
Glass , Porcelain ,
Ceramic , Marble
Material: Carbon Steel
Check Price

For many DIY experts, carbide drill bits are good drill bits for  porcelain tiles. In our opinion, the diamond-coated drill bits are the best choice.

The extra sharp drill bits come in several sizes. They’re also perfect drills for plumbing works related to porcelain tile. Take a look at the ones which we selected for you. For that, we’ve gathered the seven best diamond drill bits for porcelain tile.

Top Pick Drill Bit

DUNCHATY: Diamond Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile

  • The drill bits are extremely hard due to the nickel-plated carbon steel body.
  • Extra sharp diamond edges result in smooth and exact hole finishing.
  • Having a large clearance hole makes it easier to use the drill bits.
  • Multiple size options allow them to be used for almost every purpose.
  • For lubrication purposes, the use of water is more than enough.

SQB is a well-known manufacturer of industrial-grade tools. One of the best tools that they have is the Diamond Hole Saws. Each of these drill bits is made of industrial-grade carbon steel.

For further reinforcement, the steel is plated with nickel. This provides an additional rust resisting layer. Along with the sturdy body, the drill bits tip is coated with a thick diamond coating. Such a robust layer provides more accessible drilling facilities.

If you want the best drill bits for porcelain tile, then this is the perfect one. They’re low-pressure operable. And one of the best things is, you just need water as a lubricant while operating one. With its various size options and sturdy build, you can use one for almost every drilling task.

  • The multiple size variations let you use the drill bits for all activities. Along with the solid and sharp build, you can even use them for glass-type materials. It has a certain freedom to it.

  • Despite the build quality, they aren’t suited for high-pressure usage. If you want to use them with a higher rpm than recommended, you’ll need to use a lot of water.

Runner Up

Drilax: Diamond Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile

  • It has a set of ten different-sized drill bits ranging from 5/32″ to 1″.
  • One of the most cost-efficient options in the case of diamond drill bits.
  • There’s no center pilot drill, so it can be used without any complications.
  • The drill bits are adaptable with almost all types of drills.
  • You can use the drill bits for fiberglass, tile, marble, and even granite.

In the drilling tool industry, there are only a few who don’t know about Drilax. They’re a brand that makes some of the best performing tools. One such tool is their Diamond Drill Bit. It has a premium quality built but comparatively more affordable.

Each of these drill bits is built with the ability to be used with any drill gun you want. As there’s no center pilot drill, you might find them hard to use as a beginner. But for ease in using them, you can take the assistance of wooden guides.

Though we’re talking about porcelain tile drill bits, this particular bit is usable with almost all types of material like make holes in glass, tile, marble, granite, just name it. It’s versatile to the truest sense.

  • It’s easy to use and also can be used on various types of materials. This makes them a great choice if you aren’t thinking of drilling porcelain only. If you want precise drills, you can use wooden guides with clamps.

  • As there’s no center pilot drill, it’s a bit hard to use for beginners. And these drill bits aren’t self-fed, so letting the drills run dry is dangerous.

Industrial Quality

THINKWORK: Porcelain Tiles Diamond Drill Bits

  • It can be used to cut precise and smooth holes with its diamond-coated tip.
  • The drill bits are designed with the self-feed feature for easier lubrication.
  • Guide with an adjustable hole saw and suction cups assist precision drilling.
  • Multiple drill size options that all are of similar industrial quality.
  • With enough water as lubrication, it can cut holes in all materials.

Using a diamond drill bit to hole any surface requires both hands. But the THINKWORK has made it possible to be used with one hand. Their Diamond Drill Bits come with an ergonomic guide. The guide is self-feed, adjustable, and has suction cups for a solid hold.

While making them easier to use, the cordless drills weren’t neglected. Each of the drills has an industrial-grade carbon steel body. To assist in cutting smooth holes, the drill tip has a thick diamond coating. This not only makes them suitable drill bit for porcelain tiles but other hard and brittle substances. You’re limited by the amount of water you use as a coolant.

Due to the self-feed feature, you can use the perfect amount of water the drill bits need. So, with the multiple sized drills and versatile material choice, they’re suitable for DIY projects.

  • Due to the ergonomic design and guide, one can use the drill bit one-handed. And with the adjustable fixture and proper lubrication system, the drill will never become too hot. It will last you a long time.

  • Though they claim to drill anything, concrete is out of the question. And if you’re drilling something, the drill’s lifetime is dependent on the amount of water used.

Premium Pick

SHDIATOOL Diamond Core Drill Bits for Tiles

  • The diamond grain on the drill tip is perfect for smooth and swift drilling.
  • Each of the drill bits is suitable only for angle grinders.
  • Porcelain drilling can be done in both dry or wet processes.
  • Unique drill bit design lets it be used in irregular angles for better freedom.
  • It can be used to drill brick, tile, marble, masonry, porcelain, and even stones.

Most diamond drill bits for porcelain tile tend to be focused on drilling hard but brittle materials. But such is not the case for the SHDIATOOL Diamond Core Drill Bits. They’re strong and sharp enough to cut holes even in rigid stones.

For attaining such sharpness, the diamond drill tip is brazed with vacuum brazed technology. This makes it, so the tip is always sharp no matter what they drill. Such a property also makes the drill usable even in dry conditions.

If you’re worrying about cooling the drill bits while using them in dry condition, there’s a solution to it. Each drill tip has a cooling wax core. So if, for some reason, the temperature rises, the wax melts and acts as a lubricant. Thus, don’t worry about the lubrication part.

  • The best thing about the drill bits is they can be used for both dry and wet drilling. This allows them to be used on materials like bricks and concretes. The angle grinding facility allows the drill to cut faucet holes even in stones.

  • The drill bits are only designed to be used with an angle grinder. So, if you want to use them, you need to get a specific grinder.

Best Budget

Baban: Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile

  • Ten different drill bit sizes starting from 0.23″ to 1.26″.
  • The core drill is coated with high-quality diamond for smooth cutting.
  • High-speed durable steel provides the drill with more robust performance.
  • Using the core, one can cut a hole in porcelain tiles, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, and granite.
  • It’s possible to use the drill bit with different drill types.

Drill bit for porcelain tiles isn’t something fragile. They can be sturdy and long-lasting. To prove the point, Moworve Diamond Drill Bits were created. Specifically, the Baban series. These drill bits are strong and sharp enough to drill not only porcelain but also slates of marble. Such sturdiness isn’t available in most drill types.

Using one of these drill bits is simple. Clean the surface and mark a cut. After that, just drill the hole. But make sure to lubricate the drill sufficiently with water as there’s no self-feed feature.

As the drill is built using high-speed steel, they tend to rotate pretty fast. This causes much friction and helps to cut the perfect holes. But one of the problems is you have to use water to cool down the drill constantly.

  • The high-speed steel helps the drill rotate at comparatively higher rpm. Using that rotation with high-quality diamond coating, one can drill anything. All these specialties together help the drill bit last longer than the alternatives.

  • Water is a must while using these drill bits. Or else you’ll burn the diamond drill core.

Best Overall

Drilax: Diamond Drill Bit Set for Tiles

  • Long-lasting drill bits that are built with premium quality.
  • Complete kit includes its very own diamond hole saw guide to assist drilling.
  • Each set consists of eighty percent of the different size types for drill bits.
  • Due to the taller hole saw, you can drill through thicker materials.
  • For temperature regulation and cooling, water is to be used externally.

We’ve already talked about what Drilax has to offer. But another one of their creations is the Diamond Drill Bit Saw Set. This set is packed with ten different-sized drill bits. This makes 80% of all the available drill bit sizes.

Such drill bits aren’t only different sized but also different from the standard Drilax products. Each bit tip is coated with a diamond coating and has a sturdy build. That’s a given, but the unique feature is, each drill hole saw has a taller form factor. This turns drilling through thicker materials easier.

And the best thing is though these are porcelain tile drill bits, it can even penetrate marble. With superior sharpness and strength, the bits won’t leave a single hair fracture on the marble. You can use them to drill other similar items.

  • With the wide variety of options, you can work with complete freedom. Moreover, each drill bit by itself is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. So, getting one of these sets will save you a lot.

  • As the self-feed feature is absent, you’ll have to supply water externally. This leads to a messy work surface which is troublesome.

Best Bit Set

Bastex: Diamond Drill Bit Set for Porcelain Tile

  • Constructed with high-strength carbon steel, these diamond drill bits for porcelain tile improve the precision of the hole, ensuring long-lasting service.
  • The drill bit has a diamond dust coating to increase its performance and prevent the bit from sticking in the deeper hole.
  • Compatible with any electric drill, these drill bits are suitable for drilling soft and tough surfaces, including porcelain tile.
  • These drill bits can drill through up to 8 inches deep, round and clean holes.
  • Brand Name: Bastex
  • Shank Design Type: Round
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Warranty: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.4 Out Of 5.

Thanks to its high strength carbon steel material. This best budget diamond drill bit set includes three different sizes of bits that come together to maintain a good balance between cutting strength and superior performance.

If you need to drill deeper and cleaner holes while maintaining an accurate round shape through porcelain and other sensitive surfaces, use this Bastex Diamond Grit Hole Saw Bit Drill Set. Along with the regular glass, tile, and porcelain drilling projects, this set of diamond drill bits will offer you increased versatility over marble and fiberglass drilling projects.

  • The drill bits are sturdy enough to offer long-lasting service and maintain precision. These diamond drill bits can drill through a variety of surfaces quickly and leave a smooth finish. More importantly, the drill bits are the perfect item to drill deeper holes, even in porcelain tile.

  • The drill bit can make a hole quickly, so there is a need to keep the drill bit wet. Plus, the drill bits tend to slip at the initial stage.

Customer Choice

FNEKER: Triangle Drill Bits Set for Tile

  • These porcelain tile drill bits are designed with a triangular shank that ensures the most secure fastening to the clamp and prevents slippage.
  • Its W-type slot helps remove the chip more efficiently for smother and faster drilling.
  • It is made of HSS Carbide material along with a durable alloy to withstand high pressure and offer longer service.
  • Compatible with all power drills for drilling holes in porcelain, ceramic, and other hard surfaces.
  • Brand Name: FNEKER
  • Type Of Shank: Triangle
  • Material: HSS Carbide
  • Cutting Edge: 135°
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.3 Out Of 5.

Using this FNEKER Ultimate Triangle Drill Bits Set, the DIYer will have an incredibly professional-grade performance even in ceramic as well as porcelain tile. Made from HSS Carbide material, these drill bits will ensure incredibly fast drilling, even at lower pressure.

Apart from this, it’s the best diamond drill bit set for beginner DIYers to get a smoother drill over porcelain tile without any slippage or bit cracking while compatible with both electric and handheld drills and drill presses.

  • This 5-pieces diamond drill bit is safer to use without worrying about cracking and slippage. The drill bit also removes the chip quickly and offers a smoother hole through porcelain tile and other varieties of surfaces. The drill bits are compatible with all power drills.

  • It is better to start drilling with a regular bit and then replace the hole with a diamond drill bit. And the drill bit may not be the right choice for glass.

3 Otters: Diamond Drill Bit Set for Tiles

  • Wear and corrosion-resistant drill bits are nickel-plated carbon steel.
  • Each hole made using the drill is smooth and precise.
  • There are fifteen different-sized drill bits in each set.
  • The drill bit is made for drilling glass as the focus, but it can also drill porcelain tile.
  • All the drill bits are able to cut holes even in solidified concrete.

A dark horse in the drill bit sector is the Johouse. The product that makes them formidable is their Diamond Drill Bit Set. It boasts the highest bit size variation. This makes them suitable for all DIY and professional works.

Most diamond drill bits for porcelain tile are limited to using simple diamond coating on the tips. But this set has bits whose tips are coated with premier silicone carbide material. They’re the same as diamond but have higher wear resistance.

Such durability lets you use the drill bit even on concrete. They’re long-lasting but using them without proper lubricant is disastrous. As the drill has high rpm and also hard diamond on the tip, it can burn out. To prevent such excess water is to be used.

  • While using the drill bit, you won’t have to worry about corrosion or wear. That’s because of the high-quality build material. To properly pair with the body, the drill tip also has higher quality diamond coating.

  • Though the drill can penetrate anything, it can’t penetrate concrete thicker than half an inch. Moreover, without water, the drill is practically useless.

How to Drill Porcelain Tile with a Diamond Bit

Drilling through porcelain tile can be a straightforward task if you follow the right process. To deal with the job efficiently, fix the area where you want to drill a hole and make sure there is no wire or pipe hidden behind the tile. Then follow these steps:

Place the non-slip guide

Locate the non-slip guide plate on the porcelain tile where you want to create a hole. The exciting thing about the plate is, the more you push against the tile, and the tighter it will grip.

Slot the Drill into the placed Guide Plate

Now place the diamond drill bit into the plate and start pressing the bit against the porcelain tile. However, it’s better to wet the diamond drill bit with water before starting the drilling task. Start at a slower speed and don’t drill consistently over ten seconds. Otherwise, it will build up heat.

Remove the guide plate

After drilling for a second, you can remove the guide plate as you don’t require it for longer. Once removing the guide plate, you will find a small pit sunk into the tile that will let you place the diamond drill bit easily. Even so, you won’t require a pilot drill to hold the bit in place. So, place the diamond drill bit on the tile and start drilling. However, drilling into porcelain tile will cause excess heat, which must be controlled.

Apply Wet Sponge to cool the porcelain Tile 

Use a soap bar-sized wet sponge to keep the diamond drill bit cool while you are boring a hole into the tile, otherwise, the bit will go blunt. Holding the wet sponge under the diamond drill bit, you can drill extremely hard porcelain tile efficiently. The reason is that it will not only keep the heat at a lower level but also catch the dust from the tile.

Finish the job

Continue drilling, keeping the wet sponge under the bit until you find the desired hole. If you are using 11 or 12-mm porcelain tile, then you will have a smooth and chip-free hole within 3 minutes.

How do you drill a hole in Porcelain Tile?

Drilling into the tile or grout is far more sensitive than a hammering drill. It will release standard pressure into the tile so you can easily dig deep into it.

Well drilling is easy-peachy, you need to mark the location first around the place where you will bore a hole. To do so use a marker pen. Afterward, try to put the drill bit to the upright position and slowly run it inside the tile.

Which is better for Porcelain Tiles, Diamond Drill Bits or Carbide?

Both diamond drill bit and carbide are stronger than hardened steel bits, but the diamond one is the king. Diamond drill bits have the toughest hardness scale among all the bit types in the market. We always want the best tool from the buck, right? 

Diamond Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile

Diamonds, due to their atomic covalent bond and a cubic lattice, form the toughest material on the planet. Carbide is strong too, but the metallic bonds inside the carbide bits aren’t as rigid as covalent bonds. Edge erosion in the diamond bits is way less than the carbide one. 

When you drill through porcelain, the friction between both of them will decrease the sharpness of the bits with time. Like any metal bits, carbide bits wear off, get dull, and even break. Additionally, diamond bits give off less heat during drilling, which results in less damage to the porcelain.

Unfortunately, after a few rounds with the carbide bit, your result won’t be as regular. The holes will have uneven edge results, making a complete mess to the work surface. So, if durability is your thing in life, a diamond drill bit is one to choose from.

Guides to Buy the Best Diamond Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile

In the case of drill bits, there are thousands of variations that you’ll have in the market. You might be thinking about how we separated the best among all those options. Well, we followed a simple plan of finding some specific features in them.

Type of Bit: There are mainly two types of drill bits that you can get – Diamond bits and Carbide bits. The one you chose will be dependent on what type of work you want to get done.

If your wish is to do industrial work, then choose the carbide bit type. These are suitable for hard surface and low-pressure but fast drilling.

On the contrary, the diamond bits are slow drilling but can withstand higher pressure. This allows them to do larger drills without causing a fracture in the structure.

Specific Features: Drill tips are classified based on the purpose they’re supposed to serve. Some of them have a self-feed feature, while some are spearhead. Both tungsten carbide and diamond dips are high-quality, but they work with different mediums.

Among the tip types, we recommend the self-feed type. That’s because they’re suitable for wet drilling. And in the case of porcelain tile, it’s best to do wet drilling as this results in lower fracture formation.

Dimensions: You can’t use a large drill from the first stage if the material is as brittle as porcelain tile. Make sure to get the drill bit with the highest number of variations. This will help you make custom holes and make sure that your tiles hold their integrity.

FAQs on Best Drill Bits for Porcelain Tile

What makes porcelain tiles unique?

Like most tiles’ porcelain tiles are hard and have a glossy finish to them. But unlike most other materials, a porcelain tile is brittle. This causes them to break or have fractures when pressurised over a point. It’s a material made of sand and other minerals. So, the brittleness is unavoidable.

Can a hammer drill be used for porcelain tiles?

The tricky part of drilling a porcelain tile is distributing the pressure appropriately. To do so, you need to drill the porcelain glaze first. Once that part is drilled through, you can use almost any type of drill. This also includes a hammer drill. But to remove the glaze, you first need to take the help of hole saw drills.

What’s the best drill bit for porcelain tile?

Due to the fragile nature of porcelain tiles, they aren’t easy to handle. If you want to drill a hole in them, you’ll have to take care. So, using the perfect drill bit is a must. The best drill bit for drilling porcelain tiles is the diamond-tipped ones. They’re sturdy and have a sharp but blunt tip. This allows the pressure to distribute properly and not break the tile.

How does a hole saw benefit in the case of porcelain tiles?

Porcelain pipes are mostly layering washrooms or kitchens. This makes so that you need to cut the tile to allow piping and drainage. To help with such a situation, hole saw drills are used. They’re able to cut the perfect and smooth hole in almost any type of tile. This makes your work easier while preserving the porcelain tiles’ integrity.

Take the drill bit which one you find perfect

Porcelain is a brittle material to work with – there’s no doubt about it. But they aren’t unworkable. To make that possible, diamond drill bits are used. So, if you’re a professional or doing DIY projects, it’s a must to get the best diamond drill bits for porcelain tile. To help you find the best, we’ve gathered all the information. Hope the article helps you.

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