Top 5 Best Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware are sensitive and expensive accessories. Decorating cabinet like kitchen cabinet is a part of interior design. The artistic job needs a lot of drilling sessions. And the drilling has maximum chances to ruin cabinet hardwares. You have to ensure better clean entry while cabinet drilling. Such a drill bit for cabinets has the ability to bore a hole with a justified angle.

The tip of the drill bit never gives up and it brings results in different places of your cabinets, including the knobs, hinge, handles, flat or open areas, and many more. When you want to drill your own cabinet, the best drill bit for cabinet hardware will inspire you and save your bucks. Since drilling is not that hard, you should start from today, all you need to know is the right bait and the right way to perform.

The types of drill bit sounds variable as putting those tools into the cabinet door or drawer means you know which drill bit fits the most. For example, while fixing a cabinet door with the maximum number of pieces to drill, you will find true flexibility to customise it. On the other hand, some drill bits are limited to what it offers like it doesn’t come with no spin shank and the shank is not smooth enough to eliminate slippage. 

Handyman’s Pick: 3 Best Drill Bit For Cabinet Hardware

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT Titanium Color: Gold
Material: Titanium
Finish Type: 
8.8 x 1.8 x 8.8 inches
Flute Type: 
Check Price
backpac Hurricane 230 Pieces Color: Gold
Material: High Speed Steel
Finish Type: 
Compatible Material:
Number Of Pieces:
Check Price
cordlessblower COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Color: Copper
Material: Titanium
Compatible Material:
Wood, Metal
Number Of Pieces:
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Cabinet materials are not as tough as steel or PVC, but still you need to invest in a sharp drill bit. Because with the old or dull drill bit you can not push hard, especially while fixing knobs. Moreover, the brad-point is another factor which should not come with thin-lining. Keeping this in mind, we bring to light some of the amazing picks to know them let’s delve in!

A drill bit should come with either cobalt or titanium coating with the premium HSS material. Apart from this, a flute that splits at 135 degree seems more effective and compatible. Last but not the least, to have the different shank sizes is another key-concern which you can not overlook.

The bad or good drill bit for cabinets depends on so many things. First off, the build material of drill bits, the variable size and most importantly, the perfect shank design. After sorting out many picks today we are going to cover 5 different drill bits for cabinet hardware. Using any of them you can easily bore many holes without pushing the bit so hard into the hole.

Our Top Pick

Best Drill Bit Set for Cabinets Hardware

Dewalt Titanium: Best Drill Bit Set for Cabinets Hardware

  • Titanium Flute is ideal for metal, wood, and plastic so it can easily bore holes.
  • The shank is designed with the no-spin bar thus, it can be easily fixed and removed.
  • It comes with stackable kits to keep every piece organised.
  • Clip latch ensures the hassle-free secure closing.

DeWalt has created its masterpiece which we can never overlook. Due to the Titanium build, it will always stay one step ahead to any drill bit set. Turns out, you are going to get an ideal drill bit that is not only fast and agile but also durable.

When we were inspecting it, the first feature that came to our attention is its 21 pieces of set, we really appreciate such diversities. Therefore, it will go across every corner of your cabinet to fix and customize. The shank is so smooth as butter and it eliminates the hazard of slipping and dropping.

The pilot point goes through the hardest wood like oak and pine so easily. Why not? Because it is a standard drill bit to apply on a steel frame as well. However, the speed so fast and only an android hand can put together the cabinets and a slightest mistake turns one’s work futile.

  • The best part of this DeWalt Titanium drill bit is its money-saving investment.  It fits on the cabinet wood work with all its power and accuracy so we recommend this. The shank is sharp and delivers the best result under the best buck.

  • Yes, it comes with a few drawbacks. First off the flex is nice but a little bit short, secondly, the set of pieces not found to the maximum range yet it is manageable. Lastly, it is made of China so don’t expect to see it to be an ultimate bait.

Runner Up

Drill Bit for Cabinets Hardware

Hurricane 230 Pieces Titanium Drill Bit for Hardware

  • Made of high speed steel and work great for wood, plastic and metal.
  • Delivered with the plastic storage box to ensure easy storage.
  • Comes with 135 range of pilot point which penetrates fast enforcing low pressure.
  • Includes versatile pieces and all are coated with Titanium.

This drill bit comes with premium quality HSS material which is why we put this in our list. Also, the spiral flute splits at 135 degrees so it seems effective while drilling and compatible while adjusting. We must appreciate its application as well, sounds like you can use it to cut any sort of metals: drill bit for cast iron, iron, bronze, copper, and hard plastic.

After the compatibility, precision while cutting and applications, the next feature we move ahead with the piece range. For cutting cabinets it offers the range from 1/2 to 3/54, now you can count 20 different shank sizes.

  • It is made of Canadian company, and the 230 sets of pieces seem to be the biggest price-point. We found the twist design remains the same for all-round almost every piece of shank. It enables your drill machine to cut at increased speed at great ease.

  • First off, let’s make you clear so your review won’t be misleading by any means. This is a Titanium coated drill bit not made of Titanium and under such price, you can’t expect though. The little shanks are brittle compared to the bigger one, which is another downside, we guess.

Best Overall

Best Drill Bit for Hardware

COMOWARE Drill Bit Set for Cabinet Hardware

  • It comes with an excellent bit holder and ensure flexibility while carrying and storing
  • The 135-degree split point gives you the flexibility while chipping and prevent walking
  • No need to change the speed settings while using drill for woodworking, plastic and metal
  • It comes with heat resistance ability so it hardly damages the bit

The Comoware is an industry leading manufacturer who churns out this Cobalt drill for any wood drilling stuff. The key reason why we opt for it is its abrasion resistance feature, turns out it lasts for many days without storing it.

To ensure the storage and organisation stuff, you will find the box pretty handy. Let not forget to tell you about the drilling capacity of it. This bad boy will help you to bore up to 200 holes piercing through tough steel.

  • First off, we were quite satisfied to see it has got a variation up to 13 size of bits, so definitely you can use it for cabinet work. Afterward, when you will let your drill bits cut through the kitchen door across the hard steel, then this will be a breeze.

  • It comes with a drawback and you will get to know it while dealing with the metal sheets. To perform so, it is supposed to come with some bigger size of drill bits (1/2″). So the smaller one seems brittle to pierce.

Best Budget

Best Drill Bit for Cabinets Hardware

Metric M42 Cobalt Twist Drill Bits for Cabinets

  • The bits have an 8% cobalt steel composite for resisting heat.
  • You can increase the speed to the maximum without significant damage.
  • A 3-step design ensures boring holes in steel, wood, plastic.
  • The chip resistance feature allows the drill bit to work for hours.

When we talk to many professional Diyers about M42, then we come to know they love it for its multi-functional abilities. Therefore, the 19-piece set of drill bits ensures the total drilling work no matter if it is piercing cast-iron or wood materials. For kitchen cabinets, it can smoothly bore as much as holes you want.

Afterwards, we love to see the 3 steps design of it therefore, it becomes agile and fast. The cobalt percentage is up 8 and this composite unit helps to resist heat. If we put these above two features all together then we are convinced to see it can maximise its speed up 5 times better. Here is why, the investment of it will return its users for sure.

  • Oftentimes, cast iron would be heavy and thick, making it harder to bore holes. Here is why the drill bits come with a three-layer design, so it passes through any hard metal like butter. Unlike other drill bits, you will have better access to materials other than metal sheets.

  • The only downside of the bit is its price. But then again, you will save money on making more holes for the price.

Premium Pick

Drill Bit for Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Amoolo 1/4″ Cobalt Drill Bit for Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

  • The drill bit has a flute length of 69.85 mm for easy attachment in power drills.
  • An industrial-grade 6542 high-speed steel structure gives the bits resilience and better performance.
  • Having a 135-degree split point, the bit can drill straight on metallic surfaces with ease.
  • You will have reduced frictional heat and precise drilling due to its fully ground process.

Amoolo M35 is one of the expensive picks on our list. But who will buy this, it will pay back soon. Because this M35 Cobalt High-Speed Steel drill bit is faster, smoothie, and bore more holes than many others. Suppose you need to work for hours without delay, overheating, or edge erosion. You will get the best drill bit for cabinet hardware, which fits all the majority of power tools without any hassle.

To increase the wear resistance and overall durability, manufacturers used 5% Cobalt in its composition. A fully ground spiral groove design clears any metallic dust from the center for fine hole making.

  • Staying cool during drilling projects is a major concern for most of the mid-budget drill bits. Though the price doesn’t break the bank, you will get full control, longer cooling time, and better performance. A flute length of 69.85 mm allows users to better cope with power tools such as drill machines.

  • You have to add water to reduce the temperature during work. Again, while working with ceramic materials and high carbon steel won’t bring a picture-perfect result.

Key features to pick the Best Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware

Drill bits are drill bits, if you believe in it then you will fall into big trouble. Because not all drill bits are the same. However cabinet customization is a type of wood working, there are still many features on the go. What are they?

An ideal example would be a set of cabinet hinge drill bits. This drill bit won’t slip inside the hinge of a cabinet. Turns out it won’t make any scar at all. Many of us buy an expensive pick like the splints are made of Titanium but still they are not suitable for the cabinet doors because it messes up with some of the debris.

An ideal drill bit for kitchen cabinets comes with an affordable brad point which has a tiny point at the end of the bit. Therefore, this point avoids the drill bit from shifting or drifting once you start drilling.

Last but not the least, best drill bit sizes may have many variables, but it fails to keep the 3/16” size then don’t even borrow it from friends.

How to Install Cabinet Hardware?

When you add a new style to your kitchen cabinets then you will need to consider a few tools to keep while working. Afterwards, consider how much money you will need to spend on the entire project.

For example, if you are going to change the knobs then you should unscrew the busted ones and replace them with new knobs. Besides, there are many more things you may need to replace accordingly. Below the guideline we will take you to every aspect to install cabinet hardware.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Drill with 3/16-inch twist bit
  • Screwdriver
  • Straightedge

1. Figure Out the Door Knobs

Many of us get confused where to position knobs. There is no such rule of thumb to do so. However, you can put it from 2 and 1/2″ aloof from the centered access door. To perform so, measure the stile and break the area by 2 so you can sort out the center area.

By the way, if it is about the Cabinets Slab door where you won’t find the stiles and rails, there you can plan to position the knobs as well. Keep the same distance as we have said about the center area but the change will come with the placing, which is the side edge of the door.

2. Create a Template

When it comes to setting up two knobs at a time then you can easily do it by measuring each time. But when you will be dealing with the multiple knobs to install them, then creating a template would be a breeze. Here we will suggest you to use the cardboard template. By the way, the cardboard style template is the best choice to you when you opt for handle style pull knobs

3 Position Knob Location:

As you make up your mind, to use cardboard then let’s find out how to position the Knob location. To do so, you will find a hammer pretty handy to use. On the other side of it, you will push the nail to trap it and mark the door.

Once you mark it, then using the nailing point you can bring it out then the rest of the job will be done by your drilling machine.

4. Drill the hole

First off, we should come to know that a knob screw requires 3/16″ diameter while boring a hole. We have already marked where to bore and you can let your drill machine go inside of it just need to snap the right size of drill bits. Lastly, don’t invest in the wrong drill bit for cabinet hardware that comes with an incomplete set of pieces.

5. Fix the knob

So you have already dug up a nice hole, now all you need to do is to bring two screws. By the way, the screws are two types, one of them for the cabinet doors and the other is for the drawer boxes.

The short one is for the door and the longer one is for the drawer boxes. First off, fix the short one, to do so simply insert it and then use the screwdriver. Again tighten the screws inside the drawer boxes as well.

FAQs on Best Drill Bit for Cabinet Hardware

What size hole to drill for cabinet hardware?

It depends on which screw will go inside the which hole. But the recommended drill bit size is 3/16″ which easily allows 8/32″ screws to penetrate. The correct size is mandatory to fit inside the hole accurately without binding.

How to drill holes for cabinet hardware?

Before you go drilling the hole, you must mark the location first. Afterwards, you will attach a drill bit which will fix with the size of your screw, now pierce into the marked area.

Where do you drill holes for cabinet knobs?

Most of the knobs are placed in the center of the door so you will need to drill holes at the center. However, some knobs remain adjacent to the boxes and it is a customised setup.

 What should I use in kitchen cabinets, pulls or knobs?

There is no rule of thumb whether you should use pulls or knobs. However, a common practice with them is to use knobs for doors and to use pulls for drawers.

Take the Best drill bit for cabinet hardware

So, we come up at the end of this review. Hopefully, you have sorted out which is the best drill for cabinet hardware. The last thing to say, never invest in a drill bit that will slip a bit, here is why it will scratch your beautiful cabinets. The range of the drill bit set is another concern to look for. You can pick anyone from the above reviewed drill bit just to make sure it won’t break the bank.

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