Best Drill Bit for Drilling out Broken Bolts

Breaking drill bit is normal case in drilling project. But drilling out the broken bolts is a daunting task. The challenging workflow is easy if you have the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts in your hand.

There are some specific drill bits to drill out bolts from metal, wood, wall and so on. All drill bits don’t build equally and offers the same features. A number of drill bits can spoil expensive belongings and lead you in the wrong direction. To make things better, drill bits come in different sizes and designs.

Handyman’s pick: 3 Best Drill Bit for Drilling out Broken Bolts

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac IRWIN Screw Extractor Material
Irwin Tools
Item Dimensions LxWxH
4.5 x 6.9 x 0.9 inches
Tool Flute Type
Check Price
backpac NEIKO 10037A Material: High Speed Steel
Finish Type:
Cutting Angle String:
135 Degrees
14.17 x 9.06 x 7.87 inches
Check Price
cordlessblower BOSCH BSPE6D Material: Cobalt
Finish Type:
Cutting Angle String:
135 Degrees
Check Price

Our target is to drilling out a broken bolts or seized screw from anything. Drill bits that made from hard metal like titanium or carbide are ideal for drilling out a bolt. As it is a small accessory of drill machine, a number of brands manufacturing different types of bits for different jobs.

We enlisted the top drill bits to remove broken bolts. Using them, you can effortlessly remove the broken bolt without impacting the threads of the hole. So, check out this entire review to pick the right tool before skipping this page.

Our Top Pick

best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts

IRWIN: Best Drill Bits for Drilling Out Bolts

  • Irwin has 10-pieces drill bits for bolts, studs, socket screws, and more.
  • The left-handed design supports both drilling out bolts and extracting.
  • An easy out style spiral flutes help increase grip and driving resistance.
  • You will see extractor or drill-bit size etched on the bit back.

The IRWIN Drill Bit Set for broken bolts offers easy to use and comes with 10 pieces of drill bit. With the deep embed flutes, the bits bite into materials with increased resistance. After removing bolts, you can multitask using it like woodworking, metal work or plumbing drill. Your extractor bit will improve your torque, giving you a cleaner work surface.

Newbies will love to have this bit set for the etched markings for better identification. Stubborn materials like steel sheets will require reverse spiral fluting for a fine work finish. Just round off the head of the bolt, and you can effortlessly remove it.

Having only cobalt as the bit material, both the extractor and drilling bit has high strength and durability. You will find a standard-pattern design, which improves bolt removing even more. A 10 variable size piece makes any bit removal possible from large to small. Both pros and newbies will have no problem using this futuristic drill bit extractor combo.

  • Multipurpose drill and extractor combo.
  • Aggressive left-hand spiral design.
  • Fine gripping power on bolts.
  • High resistance on all working materials.
  • Easy to use for newbies.

  • Small drill bits break easily.
  • High torque required for operation.

Runner Up

drill bit for drilling out broken bolts

NEIKO: Drill Bit to Remove Broken Bolt

  • NEIKO is a high-quality drill bit extractor combo.
  • A titanium nitride coating helps improve durability of the bits.
  • Having a high-speed steel structure, the bits are highly corrosion resistant.
  • With a twisted design, you will have improved cutting a 135-angled tip.
  • You can remove bolts, screws, or studs for home repairs.
  • It has a whole set of bits to help you make holes

NEIKO 10037A drill bit comes with a leading-edge high-speed steel and titanium coating. Turns out, you can handle hole drilling or bolt extraction projects easily with such tough protection. Coating with titanium also improves resistance between the bit and workpiece. If you want to loosen the tight bolt or screws of your machine, just use the drill bit.

When it comes to body design, you are sure to have a heart attack. A twisted design gives the bit proper angled cutting speed up to 135-degrees. You can put the bit on your material and have a precise centring automatically. With the storage box, which comes preloaded, helps organize the bits easily.

Moving the bits is effortless, and you will not lose it while working. Though you need a proper torque and speed combo, the drilling process seems easy after a few rounds.

  • Tough and will last for years.
  • Minimum edge chippings while working.
  • Multi-functional and easy to carry.
  • Easy to carry in all work spaces.

  • Smaller bits have bending issue.
  • Small-bits edge quickly.

Premium Pick

best drill bit for broken bolts

Bosch: Best Drill Bit for Broken Bolt

  • Bosch works on screws, bolts, and fasteners, leaving zero footprints.
  • A left-hand flute construction gives you a firm metal grip.
  • Due to the heat-treated carbon steel, you will get top grade durability.
  • You will get complete resistance from rust and tarnishes.
  • Having rolled threads provides you with better accuracy while working.

Our next screw extractor is the Bosch BSPE6D, which comes with a 12-piece steel spiral flute extractor set. The extractor has left-hand flutes, giving you an upper hand for stripped screws, bolts, and so on. Single extractors often make mistakes when drilling to screws and don’t accomplish the job well. However, multiple extractor bits help cope up with the problem in all work loads.

A reverse thread design boots up the resistance of the extractor drill bit during extraction. Turns out, heat-treating hardens the bits for better durability and strength. You will always get an accurate driving on the surface due to the rolled threads. The only drawback is, the smaller sized bit snaps with too much pressure. So, you need to use only the low pressure for while using the smaller bit.

A laser etched marking ensures proper size for your projects. The markings will wear out unlike outer low-quality products. Having a steel construction, prevents rusting or tarnishing. All the features combine to remove any screw, or bolt you through at it.

  • Durable body and long-lasting.
  • Zero edge chippings during projects.
  • Superior grip on metal screws or bolts.
  • Rust and tarnish resistant feature.

  • Limited size support for projects.
  • Small-bit snaps off easily.

Best Overall

best drill bit to drilling out broken bolts

EasyOut: Drill bits for Broken Bolt

  • Comes with a set of bit extraction mechanisms for all broken bolts.
  • A reverse thread design makes sure no screws/bolts are left.
  • Variation in the bit sizes gives versatility during hole drilling extracting.
  • Having a 63-65HRC hardness, you will see no chipping or damage.
  • The product has 3 years of money-back guarantee, which makes it hassle-free.

The Essential tool damage extractor kit holds four pieces of screw extractors for counter-clock re-screwing. You can unwind any screw or bolt ranging from 3 mm to all the way to 12 mm. Using a reverse counter clockwise mechanism, you can work on your material until the big release. If you have a tight pressure water screw lurking around, just grab any Essential Screw extractor, and you are halfway done.

All the bits come in handy while removing stubborn stripped, damaged, or rusted screws. The plain design makes the extractor bits easy to use in all workplaces. Newbies will love this drill-bit for a broken bolt as they don’t need any special settings. Just a high torque low and low speed setting is enough to do the job.

When it comes to the bit hardness, you have a 63-65HRC protection. Turns out, this special feature restricts edge chipping and improves durability. Additionally, you will get a three years warranty if the bits break or chip in any why. You can also return the product and get a full refund without a hassle.

  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Powerful and easy to use.
  • Great hardness level with three years guarantee.
  • Works on all bolts or screws.

  • Easily lost while carrying.
  • Four pieces restrict multipurpose use.

Best Drill Bit Set

Topec: Broken Screw Extractor and Drill Bit

  • It is designed as a left-hand spiral consequently it supports gripping.
  • Durable and stable enough since the build material is Cobalt.
  • Usability is for Wood, Plastic and Metal except Steel.
  • Fits the most for electric drill and allen wrench.

A bolt extractor that comes with adding many pieces up to 35 is really great to cover a review. Amidst the multifunctional set, the 13 pieces are for multi-spline, 6 for spiral, and the rest of them are for cobalt drill bits. Sounds like it brings all the features and added value while you are looking for a perfect combination of bolt extractors.

Once we delve into the functionality of it then we get to see it brings various sizes too. It works great as a cool fastener with different suitable sizes. Thankfully, it is made of highly durable carbon steel material, making it a robust tool with the spiral pattern design.

The only drawback we find is its lack of usability while dealing with the stainless steel. That being said, the Cobalt drill bit is not fit as an extractor for steel. Aside from that, it works great for other materials shape in case of tuning up the higher torque to lower profile tools, indeed.

  • Ensure wide range of applications.
  • Available with all essential sizes and spine design.
  • Easily hang on any hook.

  • It doesn’t work for stainless steel at all.
  • For full time mechanical work, it is not performing all-around.

NEIKO: Drill Bit to Remove Broken Bolt

  • It comes with a carry case so it is easy to lug around.
  • Made of highly durable Cobalt and thus long-lasting.
  • One can easily hang it on a hook.
  • Size is engraved so one can easily understand it.

Neiko 01925A is the best broken bolt extractor when it comes to choose in case of affordability. The great feature we get to see is its carry case so you will enjoy it while lugging around. Well, this is another screw extractor which offers a left-handed version drill. Turns out, fixing broken studs and bolts would be a breeze.

Aside from it, you will easily fix the damaged screws then easily fit a new set of screws. This one is made of an alloy extractor formed by Cobalt. Let not forget to tell you that, the box of carry bags is made of metal so if it mistakenly falls on the ground don’t worry.

Once you will unbox it, then you will find every bolt extractor showing up its size engraved in the upper portion. Here is why it will save your time to understand especially when you are a novice fixer. Overall, the design is good, and you can easily hang on a pegboard hook easily.

  • Portable with tons of adding application.
  • Fix many damaged bolts without an issue.
  • Design is lucrative with the carry case.

  • It is not a suitable deal to fix the 8-grade bolt.
  • Under heavy pressure it might wobble.

Bosch: Drill Bit for Broken Bolt

  • It is devoid of any looseness or wobble while drilling out broken or seized bolts.
  • The power hex shank is ideal for universal fittings.
  • It offers fast loading and quick-change mechanism.
  • The self-centring for decreased walking and less downtime.

The Bosch Click is a smart drill bit for broken bolt since the 3 self-centring pieces easily bring out the damaged bolt. It is more compatible than you can imagine due to the hex shank drill bits. There are tons of adding bolts out there with many shapes or designs, but this one is especially designed for faster release with single-handed load.

Once you get your hands on it then you won’t need to change the bit set as the CC2430 offers easy to change bolts without any rechecking. The precision is much better when you compare any lower torque drilling set. Turns out, it may reduce the bit, so you won’t face any challenge at all.

We find it as one of the most convenient and durable tool sets for delivering support without any hassle. Again, it helps to swap bits between bolts just because it stays fine due to having the self-centring design. Turns out, you will fix the issue in less time with less effort. 

  • Convenient as it comes with so many hinges.
  • Accurate while using and effortless to use.
  • It guarantees to have a perfectly centred hole.

  • It is not for multi-purpose usage.
  • Seems somewhat expensive.

Amazon Basics: Best drill bit to drill out broken bolt

  • The product has 21 drill-bits ranging from large to medium.
  • A high-speed steel base makes it rigid and damage resistant.
  • With a black nitride finish the drill bit resists any edge chipping.
  • To enhance the durability the drill bit is quenching treated.
  • It has a position lock edge for better resistance while drilling.

Getting into metal screws isn’t so hard when you have the right angle drill bit. The Amazon Basic High-speed steel drill bit set offers up to 21-bits for any drilling or driving jobs. Furthermore, you can grind off stuck screws right from the code with its multiple bit sizes.

The bits have a high-speed steel layer, and a black nitride finish for extra rigidity. Quenching treatment of the bits provides zero edges even on hard surfaces. You can place the bit onto your working surface, ensuring fast drilling and impressive cuts. If you want to avoid chipping or uneven edges, try out the Amazon basic drill bit.

When it comes to warranty, you are sure to have a blast with its 1-year service warranty. Though the bits struggle through bulky steel sheets, it is still one of the drill bits to remove broken bolts.

  • Good strength in all hardness levels.
  • Improves resistance while working.
  • Bend proof with zero edge chippings.
  • Long-lasting bit with one-year guarantee.

  • Smaller bits crack under more pressure.
  • Not for large steel sheets.

Drill Bit for drilling out Broken Bolt

Drill Hog: Drill Bit for drilling out Broken Bolt

  • The Drill Hog extractor bit offers you all the size variations for your projects.
  • A Niobium Nb41 steel body guarantees you zero edge chipping and max performance.
  • With the left-hand thread you can remove all bolts or screws.
  • Its counter clockwise flutes make up for the high friction requirement.

The Drill Hog drill bit extractor is the best drill bit for drilling out bolts as it is all the size you need for your projects. Having Niobium Nb41 Steel as the come component, you are sure to find a top-grade performance. Bolts or screws vary in size or shape, depending on which machine you have. Turns out, the Drill Hog extractor can remove any screw ranging from 1/16 to all the way 1/4 by 1/64.

A left-hand thread design helps a drill bit into the material, and allows no movement before removal. The flutes also act as a resistance maker between the bits and the screw or bolt. When your washing machine has a stuck screw, feel free to use a low speed setting to remove it.

You can drill through truck frames, stainless steels, or even farm implements by any standard drill press. However, don’t use a smaller bit on a heavily stuck stud, or you might just break it. Having a melting point of over 4000-degree Celsius, you can work for hours without any erosion.

  • Strong and rigid for all uses.
  • No edge chippings during work.
  • Can be used for both drilling and extraction.
  • Highly durable under constant pressure.

  • Smaller bits chip a little.
  • Uneven first-time use.

Key factors to pick the Best Drill Bit for Drilling out Broken Bolts

There are a number of determiners before you are dealing with the best drill bits for drilling out bolts. Well, no worries, we are going to show you up below:

Drill Bits Materials: The material a drill bit is made of directly relates its durability. On the other hand, it relates to longevity as well. For example, you start using a tool but soon after a few days it will break apart, then there is no reason to invest in it.

Considering the current build in materials of drill bit, we prefer Cobalt and Platinum since they are absolutely robust. The Platinum is the best pick but they are too expensive to invest unless you are not a professional mechanic. The Cobalt is for regular usage and has great usability.

Extractor Design: Commonly, we get to see a drill bit come with two types of design, the one is left-handed spiral and the other regular. However, another uncommon type is self-centric based which comes to help you while you are finding suitability to adjust something in the right manner. The left-handed one is the most common one which is great to use for getting the maximum gripping power. On the flip side, if you are not comfortable to use it on the left side then invest your money on the regular one.

Different Types of Usability: To be honest, a specific extractor may not be 100% satisfactory in all areas. Some are good for metal; some are for wood and a few for similar materials. However, a few extractors would be gently run across in all areas, so our recommendation is with the decent extractor that will work both on wood and metal.

Drill Bits Manufacturer’s After Sale Service: More or less every decent extractor comes with a warranty policy. We always suggest you to go with a renowned brand (we already reviewed them above) that comes with a good warranty duration. Because, hand drills often face struggle with the crux and break apart, so if you have the warranty with the tool then you can get back with a new one.

How to Remove a Broken Drill Bit

How to remove a broken drill bit

First off, bring the copper rod or soft metal near to the hole diameter. Then, access into the drilled hole forcibly and use pliers to unscrew it. We can’t assure you that it works 100%. But the positive side is- the soft metal rod may take the shape of the voids of the carbide drill flutes. So, it can make the process easier to remove a broken carbide drill bit.

FAQs on Best Drill Bits for Drilling out Broken Bolts

How do you stop a small drill bit from breaking?

Small drill bits require a low torque and high-speed settings. Then again, they might break at extensive pressure or might crackle. To avoid this problem, try getting a bit which is primarily steel and has been heat-treated.

When should you replace drill bits?

Replacing a drill bit depends on the material you are working on. If the hardness of the working surface is more than the bit, edge chippings may occur. After a few rounds you have to replace the bit with a new one. That is why, drilling bits, which you use on wood tend to last longer.

Why did my drill bit break?

A drill bit will not last forever. Depending on the rigidity of the material, your bit will either bend, break, or hold its shape. Follow a high-speed setting combined with a low torque, and your bit will be just fine.

Can you drill out a broken drill bit?

If the broken drill bit has a working tip, you can use it to drill holes too. However, the results may be uneven and sometimes not acceptable.

How do you get a stuck drill bit out of a Chuck?

To remove a stuck drill bit out of a chuck, first you need to put the drill assembly into a vice. Now with force, turn counter-clockwise using some pliers. Hopefully, the chuck will loosen and your bit will come out.

Take the Drill Bit to Drill out Broken Bolts

Hopefully, you got the insight of the best drill bit for drilling out broken bolts. Throughout this review, we discussed how it works and in which you should invest.

If you have not made up your mind which to buy then our recommendation will go with the IRWIN Screw Extractor because of its versatile usage.

But make sure, if you are not comfortable to use the left-handed design then you may look for Bosch Click-Change. It comes with the self-centring position allowing you to sort out damaged bolts easily.

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