Top 5 Best Drill Bit for Drilling Out Locks

Are you standing before a locked door? Applying methods after methods and still standing outside? Frustrating, isn’t it? Before you bang open your door, why don’t you try one last refuge: drill your locked door.

A power drill is the muscle, so drill out the lock if you have perfect drill bits for locks is your hand. However, not all the drill bits for locks are perfect helping hands. To unlock stubborn locked door, you need the best drill bit for drilling out locks.

Though the last resort, drilling doors with a lock drill bit is a sure way to get inside your house. If you drill the lock perfectly, the tumbler in the keyways of the lock will drill out of the way. Now, you just need a straight-slot- screwdriver to turn the key-way. Excellent, your door is open.

Handyman’s Choice: 3 Best Drill Bits For Drilling Out Locks

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac IRWIN Screw Extractor Material: Cobalt
Irwin Tools
4.5 x 6.9 x 0.9 inches
Tool Flute Type:
Check Price
backpac NEIKO 01925A Screw Extractor Material: Cobalt
Shank Type:
5.67 x 4.49 x 0.79 inches
Tool Flute Type:
Check Price
cordlessblower Werkzeug Material: High Speed Steel
Shank Type:
Cutting Angle String:
135 Degrees
Tool Flute Type:
Check Price

The best part of drilling a lock is your key lock mechanism remains intact. So, no more shattering window glass or scratching door.

There are a great many drill bits available. Not all can drill out locks perfectly. So, to make your task tiny, we made a review of the top five best drill bits for drilling out locks. Sit back and enjoy the ride with us.

Drill bits are an essential addition to your toolbox. Obviously, you can get an individual bit, but a set with varieties of sizes and shapes is the superman. Here is a list of 5 best drill bits for drilling out locks:

Remember, the shank of your drill bit must not be larger than the chuck. So, your first task is to know the size of your power drill chuck.

Top Pick Drill Bit

IRWIN 10-Piece Screw Extractor and Drill Bits For Drilling Out Locks

  • The drill comes with Left-Hand Design for better extraction of the broken screws.
  • You can put firm pressure during any drilling job with the Reverse Spiral Fluting
  • Handing any drilling task is easy with the 10 sizes bits
  • Drill bits comes with etched sides for better penetration
  • The Cobalt Construction will offer robustness and durability

Innovation, style, and design. IRWIN 10-pieces drill bit set for door lock manifests this. The set includes 5 drill bits and 5 extractors. The lock drill bits and extractors are made of cobalt, a sturdy and robust material.

An aggressive left-hand design differs this set from others. Remember to put left-hand drill bits in a reverse or counterclockwise direction.

The reverse spiral fluting digs deeply into the dead-set door lock with extra gripping power. The higher the resistance, the higher the grip.

One useful feature of this set is the sizes are etched onto each drill bit and extractor. So, you can easily find your exact bit for drilling out locks at a rate of knots. The set includes EX-1, EX-2, EX-3, EX-4, and EX-5 extractors; 5/64″, 7/64″, 5/32″, 1/4″, and 19/64″ drill bits that come in a well-organised metal index case.

In addition, the lock drill bits get the most commonly used fastener sizes that unstuck quickly and efficiently.

  • IRWIN drill bits feature an aggressive design for extra power. The drill bit bites into materials with increasing torque while drilling out the lock and generates even more fastener-removing power. For easy identification, sizes are etched onto each lock drill bit.

  • The drill bit works excellently on locks. However, some of the bits are pretty brittle. The bits may dull quickly on hard metals, and reverse bits are vulnerable to cracking.

Runner Up

Werkzeug 20 PCS Drill Bits For Drilling Out Locks

  • The drill bit set is made with High-Speed Steel 4341
  • You can remove any broken or damaged screw with the 20 Werkzeug Damaged Screw Extractor
  • Screwing or unscrewing any size of bit is easy with the universal chuck
  • Using the drill is easy with the One Step Operation
  • You can reach on any corner with the Magnetic Extension Bit Holder
  • No matter what size your drill is the bits are suitable for any size

All-size matters. Werkzeug all-purpose drill bit set serves superbly for all kinds of screws and bolts. The set includes 20 pieces of stripped screw extractor in 10 different sizes. So drilling your door lock becomes smooth and smart as all sizes and shapes are at your disposal.

This all-purpose drill bit set is made of the high-quality High-Speed Steel 4341. As a result, the bits are durable and super hard. Most importantly, its universal chuck allows you to use most of the electric drills available in the market.

One best part of this set is you can operate your drilling task in one step. It includes two extension bit holders. So, you don’t need to adjust the chuck or conversion to the extractor.

Except for the size of 6 – 10, you can attach all the other sizes directly to the extension bit holder. You need to install the 6 – 10 bit in the socket adapter first. Using a power drill, you can drill through door lock easily then.

Remember, it is recommended to use an electric hand drill with these drill bits and with low speed for better performance.

  • Werkzeug 20 PCS All-Purpose Set is a fully functional set of well-organized drill bits plus matching extractors in a well-designed box. They are built to suit all sizes and shapes and are pretty long-lasting. The universal chuck and one-use operation make this set a well-deserving part of a toolbox.

  • Though this set includes varieties of drill bits, the quality of bits is questionable. Few may not work that well on hard metal and are vulnerable to cracking.

Best Overall

VSILE 6-PIECE Drill Bits Set for Locks

  • The drill is made with high hardness 63-65HRC
  • You will get a 6-Pieces Screw Set (0, 1, 2, 2, 3, 4) for diverse tasks
  • SuperSpeed Steel 4341 gives the bits extra strength  
  • Highly Durable and Modern Design will make the machine a workhorse in your tool box
  • Whether you are a pro or novice, anyone can use the device with ease

For stubborn bolts and blocks, the VSILE drill bits set is a star performer to many. With its six super screws, it works with any drill or any-sized screws. This high-quality tool with 63-65HRC is a favorite tool for its higher hardness and desirable durability.

One thing that makes this set stand out the most is its operation. The drill bit for drilling out locks is exceptionally easy to use. Just in two easy steps, you can unlock your rebellious door lock. Use the smaller drill bit to create a clean hole first. Then switch the drill bit to the extraction tip, and with consistent downward pressure, remove the screw. Easy, isn’t it?

Made of super-speed steel 4341, the drill bit set ensures strength and sturdiness. In addition, these six golden goddesses come with a cool case. So, you can keep your lock drill bits safe and organized.

  • VSILE drill bit and screw extractor set work on any damaged, broken, or locked screws. Two easy applications complete the task. It’s super-speed steel and hardness of 63-65HRC ensure the durability and strength of this lock drill set.

  • This drill bit set serves easy operation. However, some bits are a bit soft for some hard screws.

Premium Pick

NEIKO Left Hand Locksmith Drill Bit set

  • The device comes with Cobalt Fortified High-Speed Steel for extended life
  • You can both drill and extract any broken screw with the Left-handed Drill Bits
  • Spiral Flute Design is there to put extra pressure during any heavy-duty task
  • The 10-pieces drill bit sets give you diversity for any drilling job.

A versatile addition to any toolbox is the Neiko left-hand drill bit set. This set is great for quick repairs at home, such as drilling out your door lock.

The left-handed drill bits are made from cobalt fortified high-speed steel. This long-lasting drill bit lasts throughout multiple uses with no sacrifice on quality. The set offers dual versatility with both screw extractors and left-hand drill bits to get the job done.

This locksmith drill bit features spiral flutes that dig into the surface with increasing grip as torque is applied. So, you can efficiently drill out the door lock like blazes.

In addition, the set comes with a convenient labeled storage case that can easily hang on pegboard hooks for quick access.

  • The NEIKO drill bit set is highly durable for its cobalt-fortified high-speed steel construction. Spiral flutes ensure extra grip and efficiency. The metal index carrying case is well-organized and easy to store.

  • Some drill bits may not work efficiently on rough or hard surfaces. They tend to get dull after a few usages. Be careful while opening or closing the case; the drill bits may fall out of the case.

Best Budget

ALLmuis 4-Pieces Drill Bits For Door Locks

  • Drill bit are made with durable High-Speed Steel 4341.
  • The Hardness 63-65HRC ensure smooth penetration through any material.
  • You can do diverse drilling tasks with the 4 Piece Set.
  • Two-Steps Operation makes the machine easy to use with any expertise level.
  • The drilling machine is suitable for any drill and any screws.

The ALLmuis drill bit set is a set for all kinds of stubborn snag. If you are standing before a stubborn door lock, rusted or damaged, this tool serves as a great helping hand. These 4 pieces of drill bits and screw extractors work with any drill and any screws or bolts.

The set features high-speed steel 4341 and a hardness of 63-65HRC. The bits are durable and rugged than many other sets available in the market. The set includes a convenient case that keeps the bits well-organized.

Just two simple steps, and your job is done. Use a suitable size drill bit to drill a hole with cutting size and extract the screw or bolt using an extractor tool. Fast and furious, isn’t it?

So, no more standing outside the door with frustration and fury. Drill out the lock and open your door.

  • The high-speed steel and 63-65HRC make the drill bits hard and long-lasting. The strong and powerful bits work with any drill and fight victoriously with any obstacles. Its easy application allows drilling out any stubborn door lock effortlessly.

The quality of the bit and its spiral cut is questionable. I may not bite deeply while drilling.

How to Drill Out A Lock With Drill Bits

Drilling out a lock is not rocket science. With proper steps, you can easily complete the chore.

Before you start drilling the lock, closely examine the lock, especially the center pin.

Match the drill bits to the size of the lock and attach them to the drill. You need a relatively smaller bit to create a clean hole without damaging the mechanism. You can start with a bit that’s about an eighth of an inch wide as a starter.

Take a hammer now. Just below the shear line in the keyhole center, punch the hammer to make a point. This hammered-punched-point is your guiding star.

Now take your drill, and through the guidance point, drill a hole through the lock cylinder. Move like a tortoise and feel the drill.

At first, you will face resistance as the drill bit fights each pin. The moment you feel the resistance is gone, you know the pins are defeated. With a proud smile of victory, you can force the lock open now.

After the smaller drill bit, attach a slightly larger drill bit to your drill. Now, slowly drill the lock again to break up the pins further.

Now take a flat-headed screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver into the lock-head and turn the locking mechanism as you do with your key. If your drilling is correct, the locking mechanism will turn, and your stubborn door will open again.

However, if you find yourself still standing outside the door, you may need to destroy the entire lock cylinder.

Attach a larger lock drill bit to your drill and go through the whole mechanism. Yes, it is the complete destruction of your lock, but look at the bright side: you are inside your house.

Key factors to pick the best drill bit for drilling out locks

An enlightened buyer is an expert buyer. Before you add a drill bit set in your toolbox, consider a few aspects of the set. That is the way to get the best drill bit for drilling out your locks. So, let me enlighten you with the things you should consider before buying the best drill bit without further delay.

Material Construction: Cobalt is the core construction material of almost every drill bit. However, not all drill bits offer high-quality cobalt construction. Our recommendation is to choose the drill bits made of high-quality cobalt.

Reason: high-quality cobalt construction always creates a high level of speed. The faster the bits will rotate, the sooner you will breach the locks.

The Tip: The tip is one major part of a drill bit to consider. A split design is always recommended when choosing a drill bit for the door lock. A split-tip prevents walking and makes proper contact with the surface.

Building Angle: The angle of the tips usually tells you if they will break through more rigid surfaces or softer surfaces. Locks have generally rough, uneven exterior. So the broader and higher angular tip of drill bits is the best choice to drill out the locks.

Wanna know why? A higher angle of the split prevents walking and discharge damage efficiently. Enjoy the silky smooth drilling.

Coating: A quality coating signifies the durability of drill bit set. It also reduces rust and increases the level of lifespan. You will find some coatings helping the drill bits survive the higher level of heat. As a result, you can drill the locks for a long time without facing any performance problems; titanium-coated.

Usually, most drill bits have a gold coating; titanium-coated drill bits are also available.

FAQs on Best Drill Bits for Drilling Out Locks

Can you drill through a lock?

Yes, you can drill through a lock. You can use a drill and a ¼ inch drill bit to go through the lock. Make sure it goes through the center of the mechanism.  Once drilled, the locking mechanism will be destroyed and needs replacing. However, it is way better than damaging the door to gain entry. 

What best drill bit is used for a locksmith?

The TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) drill bit is an ideal solution to any locksmith drilling. This locksmith drill bit is highly abrasion resistant and can withstand higher temperatures than any standard high-speed steel bits.  It is perfect for drilling carbon or stainless steel as well as euro cylinders and other locks.

Where can I drill a lock to open?

Before you drill out a lock, you need to know where to drill. The drilling point should be just below the shear line, the dividing line between the inner and outer cylinder of the lock. It will keep the drill bit on the center plug.
Moreover, this should be high enough to drill through the pin tumblers effectively.

Take the Drill Bits for Drilling Out Locks

Drilling out the lock is always the last call. However, with the best drill bit for drilling out the lock, your drilling duty will be hassle-free and effortless. Therefore, no more standing before a locked door with fret and frustration. Drill the lock and open the door.

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