5 Best Drill Bit For Fiberglass

When you try to drill into fiberglass then, what’s the biggest goal to achieve? We always want to drill a smooth round hole without cracking it. Invest in the best drill bit for fiberglass to save expensive and thick fiberglass.

Drilling through the fiberglass is not that easy compared to drilling into hard metal. Moreover, the whole process takes time especially when you will create a big hole. However, with little effort and time it is viable. By the way, things you need to consider about drilling a perfect chip-free hole. The fiberglass may crack anytime!

Before you jump the gun and get to see our reviews on drill bit, let’s reveal one thing. The drill bits we have chosen fits great for the fiberglass entities. Here is why we give importance to drill bits that come with coating, so it will resist from abrasion and keep the surface unharmed.

Handyman’s pick: Top 3 Best Drill Bit For Fiberglass

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DUNCHATY Diamond Drill Bits Color: Silver
Compatible Material:
Porcelain, Glass, Ceramic,
Stone, Fiberglass
Number Of Pieces:
Check Price
backpac Baban Diamond Drill Bits Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
3.54 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches
Style: 6mm-32mm
Weight: 0.02 Pounds
Porcelain, Glass,
Carbon Steel, Ceramic,
Fiberglass, Marble, Stone
Number Of Pieces:
Check Price
cordlessblower 3 otters Diamond Drill Bits Color: Silver
Material: Metal
2 x 2 x 2 inches
Style: Industrial
0.37 Kilograms
Check Price

The bunch of drill bits that come with the exact features to drill into fiberglass are really noteworthy. We found them vigorous build quality with the high speed steel, coated with nickel plate, and more importantly they have variable sizes.

Finally, we sorted out the top 5 drill bits that will bring amazing results for fiberglass, so let’s delve into the review.

Best Drill Bit for Fiberglass

Best Drill Bit For Fiberglass

DUNCHATY: Diamond Drill Bits for Fiberglass

  • It comes with the diamond coating, making it superior in delivering cutting strength.
  • Nickel plated coat helps to avoid corrosion and let you easily clean after use.
  • Large clearance hole paves the way to escape water and chips simultaneously.
  • 15 variable drill bits come with it including the glass drill bit.

Diamond hole is a premium drill bit because it delivers with the never heated feature with the never rusted carbon steel. Due to having the nickel plate coating, it is easy to clean up as well. While using the gelcoat, this hole saw is the best trait because to bore a big hole, the small pilot hole of it helps a lot. Moreover, it creates pressure solely on the fiberglass and not on the gel at all. Here is why, it can serve you without cracking the fiber.

It smoothly digs deep into the hole at variable speed modes. Even though you use it for fast piercing then it won’t stay on heat rather it will immediately cool down. If you are worried where by-product objects will make a path then the large clearance hole of it allows water and chips to come out at ease.

  • The best part of it is to have amazing sharpness at the same time it ensures the smooth and exact finishing. We believe while dealing with your gelcoat such a feature is a must to have. Moreover, when you tweak it a little bit to the extreme cutting order, then the nickel plate stays cool. So keeping up the speed up to 800 seems like a breeze.

  • This drill bit is a good bait as long as you can keep patience on it. That being said, to bore a hole without cracking the gelcoat, you need to drill at ridiculously slow speed.

Runner Up

Drill Bit For Fiberglass

Baban: Drill Bit For Fiberglass

  • Ensure sharp and smooth cut at reduced or high speed with great precision.
  • Ideal for many surfaces including the fiber glass with 10pcs of variants.
  • It can make a bore at 45 degree angle with the amazing result.
  • Made of high-speed steel and make sure long service life.

Babon brings this amazing drill bit with a solid end, therefore it is a better pick to sustain longer than any core drills. However, it takes time to make a hole in glass. We inspect it as a robust bit that is ideal for the dense surface like fiberglass. Moreover, we have gotten good results making bigger holes for doors. So, we recommend it as the best drill bit for fiberglass door.

It offers an ideal application while you want to drill and get to see a clear circle from glass. The diamond coat will help to create holes in high precision thus the result is quite satisfying, indeed.

  • The best benefit of using this drill bit is flatten cutting style up to 45 degree angle, making it a perfect drill to cut across the cabinet hinges. Aside from the fiberglass, it works nice for ceramic tile.

  • While drilling it at a 45 degree angle you will need to get the hang of it. Another thing is- while using it for a long time to make a bore, you will need to use water as a coolant, as it doesn’t have such a feature to stay cool.

Best Overall

Best Diamond Drill Bit for Fiberglass

3 Otters: Best Diamond Drill Bit for Fiberglass

  • It comes with 15 pieces of drill bits to crush every type of glass-holes.
  • It is made of carbon steel along with nickel-plated coating body.
  • Drilling is compatible with glass and also can drill wood, tile, blocks and jars or bottles.
  • Performs as smooth drilling at diagonal or upright position both.

Diamond drill bits introduces us with the 15 pieces of drill bits starting from 6mm to 50mm. These variable sets will allow you to do a few different types of drilling work no matter if you want to dig the boat fiberglass, acrylic marble, and ceramic tile. It confirms to have a nickel plated coating body, turns out you can safely store it as it will resist corrosion.

While drilling in at different motions (up & down), you won’t need to worry about the debris, it won’t get stuck inside. However, if debris was already placed before the drilling work, then that would be a different story. Into the large hole, it takes water as a part of lubrication, and if you maintain it well then drilling would be a breeze.

  • Performance-wise, this drill bit set is way ahead of its competitors. The diamond drill bit set will allow you to drill holes taller than almost any other drill bit in the market. So, if you’re looking to drill through thicker materials, you should use this one for the best result.

  • It is easy to talk about many drawbacks, yes we can as well. But look at the price tag of it, isn’t it affordable? However, a few negative reviews are floating on the air about it just because not everyone can handle it themselves. The cons here may resolve with a trick, just you need to run it slow!

Premium Pick

Diamond Drill Bit for Fiberglass

Drillax: Diamond Drill Bit for Fiberglass

  • Features 30% deeper hole saws to drill through thick materials.
  • Shank size of ⅜ inch, perfect for standard drills.
  • Offers dustless and fast drilling for a clean operation.
  • Includes a poly foam insert to use as a guide.

If you’re looking for a drill bit set that not only does its job quickly but also can last a long time, this unit is the perfect choice for you. The Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Set features a diamond coating over the drill bit. Thanks to this feature, it can offer superior performance and higher durability.

The first thing to grab our attention was the sheer variety it offers. Drilax makes the diamond drill bit in ten different popular sizes, ranging from ¼ inch to 2 inches. These variable sizes will help you tackle almost all of your drilling needs. Moreover, it’ll help you save over eighty percent if you buy the entire set.

  • The most enticing fact about the Drilax Diamond Drill Bit Set is that it’s a wallet-friendly investment. Compared to its super-affordable price, this drill bit is quite durable. Moreover, it offers a variety of sizes which comes in handy.

  • Despite its superb performance, the drill bit has quite a few faults. First of all, you’ll need a constant water supply to run this drill. Also, you may need to replace it more often than some expensive variants.

Industrial Quality

Fiberglass Diamond Drill Bits

THINKWORK: Fiberglass Drill Bits

  • Made of high-quality materials to offer enhanced performance and higher longevity.
  • Offers a suction cup tool to deliver a precise performance.
  • Can fit all sizes of drills with its adjustable fixture.
  • Features a nickel-plated coating to fight against corrosion.

Thinkwork has used industrial-grade carbon steel to manufacture this high-quality drill bit set. Moreover, it comes equipped with a nickel-plated coating to fight against corrosion. Thanks to its diamond coating on top, this drill bit offers excellent cutting strength for smooth and precise cuts.

We noticed how the Thinkwork hole saw set features an interesting ergonomic design concept. Its side groove setup helps the drill bit to remove any waste and also allows the cooling water to enter the borehole. That way, we could have a more straightforward drilling process with smooth punching.

This radically versatile set offers ten different drill bits. These different sizes will help you to take care of various drilling needs without a sweat. Moreover, its adjustable fixture with suction cup is large enough to fit all sizes of hole saws.

  • The most eye-catching feature of this hole saw set is how economical it is. You won’t have to worry about its performance and longevity owing to its ergonomic design and industrial-grade materials. We also appreciate that this set offers ten different sizes to help tackle a wide range of drilling tasks.

  • There’s no unmixed blessing on earth, and this product is no different. Despite its cost-effective service, the suction cup tool bearings won’t last forever. They may show signs of corrosion after a few uses.

Key factors to buy the best drill bit for fiberglass

There are plenty of choices out there in the market of drill bits, isn’t it? So you should better choose a pick which seems perfect to bore holes on fiberglass. To perform so, the first thing you can’t overlook is its build type. We recommend you with the high speed steel drill bits (HSS). Because HSS is especially made to drill into soft metals like fiberglass. Never opt for the Carbide drill bits.

Another thing to consider is to see the large clearance hole. Well, this is the ultimate feature which you will get to see in almost every drill bit for glass. Because while drilling a large hole into a fiberglass, the corrosion is a common thing and to reduce the temperature you need to pour water. The large clearance hole will allow water to swirl and also let the debris get out.

Lastly, we will recommend you to get a drill bit which comes with the perfect number of pieces. Well, it varies from 10 to 15 pieces (maximum). You can save some bucks before getting started with the drilling work when you don’t need that much variation with the number of pieces. This is how you can look for the best drill bit for fiberglass.

How to drill into fiberglass without cracking?

Drilling fiberglass without cracking is a time-taking process. It becomes more challenging when the drill bit tends to chip the edges of the hole. However, with a lot of effort and time, you can drill the fiberglass without cracking or chipping the hole.

Below, we will break down the steps of drilling through fiberglass without damaging it.

Firstly, start your workflow by making a groove with a sharp knife in that place where you wish to drill a hole. It prevents the drill bit from wandering around the fiberglass. As a result, there will be no risk of scratching the fiberglass.

Secondly, don’t forget to make a pilot hole. Make sure you keep the hole small compared to the finished hole you intended to make. When drilling, try to not put pressure on the drill bit. Allow it to drill by itself. Therefore, drill at a slow speed to avoid chipping the hole.

Thirdly, once you make a hole using a small fiberglass drill bit, it’s time to use the bigger drill bit compared to the first one. It will help you to drill the Gelcoat, not the fiberglass. And it helps the final drill bit to drill through the Gelcoat without cracking the fiberglass.

Finally, use a sharp and clean drill bit to make the final hole. We recommend you again not to put any pressure on the drill bit and try to drill at a slow speed.

FAQs Drill Bits for Fiberglass

What kind of drill bit for fiberglass?

If you really want to dig into the sea boat then put your hands on a drill bit that comes with a minimalistic set of pieces, mostly the smallest one. Because these are the boats which barely require to make a large hole longer than 3mm. However, for the different act of fiberglass cutting work, you can opt for different sizes, but they should come with two things- large clearance holes & made of high quality steel (HSS).

How to fix a stripped screw hole in a fiberglass boat?

Well, you can’t do any repair, the thing you can do is to replace the screw using a bolt also, a washer would be suitable to do so. However, if it is not completely stripped and only stuck with debris then clean the hole real well.

How do I identify a masonry drill bit?

You can identify masonry drill bits with its carbide tip. This especial carbide tip brazed just at the front of the drill shaft and it is pretty similar to the SDS and glass drill bits.

What to use to fill holes in fiberglass?

We recommend you to use a hardener which is epoxy. Before using it, make sure the hole is free from debris. By the way, while using epoxy you can try to use pump-style epoxy as it is easy to pour into the hole.

Select your best drill bit for fiberglass

Hopefully, we come to know one of our best drill bits for fiberglass. Throughout this article, we talked about a variant number of drill bits and all of them suitable for your job-site. Based on how many variations you want in terms of sizes and features, you can opt from the top 5 choices.

We recommend you with the diamond drill bit as it is a winner tool in regards to the durability and finest cutting results.

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