7 Best Drill Bit for Glass

The main challenge of drilling through glass is to keep them in shape and without using the best drill bit for glass; you can easily end up damaging the project. Undoubtedly, glass is a hard material, but it is brittle too. While applying the normal drill bit maximises the challenges, using a specially designed bit can make the task fairly straightforward.

Thus, we have reviewed the 6 best drill bits that are constructed specially to conquer glass, mirrors, and other brittle materials to offer a neat and clean hole within a short time.

Handyman’s pick: Top 7 Best Drill Bit for Glass

Luckily, these drill bits are multi-functional too. So you will find them handy for a wide range of projects, including drilling through ceramic, tile, granite, and stone. The drill bit we have reviewed comes in a set of a larger number of pieces to help you get the desired size hole efficiently.

Apart from these, the guide includes crucial instructions for drilling through glass properly without breaking it, and some tips and tricks to help invest in the right drill bit set for a satisfying experience.

Top Pick Drill Bit

Drill Bits for Glass

QWORK: Drill Bits for Glass

  • These glass drill bits are designed with a U-type slot to remove the drilling dust quickly for proper drilling.
  • This drill bit for the glass set has a 3-flat shank to attach tightly to the drill, ensuring accurate centering and preventing an accident.
  • The drill bit comes in a range of sizes to drill pilot holes to giant holes through glass based on project requirements.
  • Designed with a strong tungsten carbide tip to penetrate a variety of materials, from glass to concrete, efficiently.

This Multi-Material Drill Bit Set from QWORK is the best drill bit for glass we have ever found. With a combination of spear-pointed design and tungsten carbide tips, this glass drill bit will offer you nothing but perfect drilling on glass, plastic, and even concrete.

Thus, whether you are a pro constructor or DIYer, this glass drill bit won’t let you down when beating glass, tiles, or other masonry. This includes ¼ to ½ drill bits that will help create a pilot for the larger hole by preventing penetration through the surface and reducing breakout.

  • It’s set of five-piece drill bits is available at a reasonable price and is designed to drill through lots of material. The drill bit comes with a U-type slot and a spear-pointed design along with a 3-flat shank. Plus, the carbide drill bit has a tungsten carbide tip to drill through glass properly.

  • This glass drill bit isn’t compatible with an impact driver. So make sure you choose this drill bit set for the power drill. Despite the drill bits aren’t suitable for reinforced or high tensile concrete.

Runner Up

Diamond Drill Bit for Glass

3 Otters: Diamond Drill Bit for Glass

  • These diamond drill bits are made of carbon steel with a nickel-plated coated body to offer rust and wear-resistant holes with precision.
  • The glass drill bit offers a smooth and accurate cutting edge.
  • This drill bit for fiberglass or glass tile comes in a range of sizes to create the desired hole on various surfaces.
  • Keeping the drill pressure low, this glass drill bit can offer a break and crack-free hole in the glass.

3 Otters brand has over 20 years of experience producing top-class tools and the right tool for a certain task, and this Diamond Drill Bit Set is a great example. In particular, this drill bit set is made of industrial-grade carbon steel along with a nickel-plated coating to withstand friction created during drilling through glass.

More importantly, the feature will help create corrosion and wear-resistant holes through various surfaces, including glass, ceramic, wood, and blocks. This set of diamond drill bits comes with 15 pieces of different size drill bits at an affordable price to create desired sized on the surface.

  • The drill bit set is available at a decent price while including 15 pieces of a drill bit with various sizes from 6 to 50 mm. These diamond drill bits are also designed with a nickel-plated coating for wear-resistant and smooth holes in glass and other surfaces.

  • This diamond drill bill will make the centring cut difficult. So, it won’t be suitable to use for a starter.

Best Overall

Best Diamond Drill Bits for Glass

NEIKO: Best Diamond Drill Bits for Glass

  • This is the best drill bit for glass tile that is made of alloy steel with an extra layer of nickel to prolong its usability and prevent corrosion.
  • An impressive feature includes a side slit to lubricate the bit and prevent overheating. The feature also helps remove debris stuck in the hole saw.
  • The glass drill bit is designed with a universal 1/4″ shank to fit properly with any power drill.
  • With a CNC machined tip, this glass drill bit can ensure a smooth and accurate hole up to 3/4″ deep without breaking the edges.
  • It’s a one-piece alloy steel drill bit that comes with heat treatment for long-lasting service.

With a combination of nickel plate and side holes, this NEIKO Diamond Drill Bit Set will ensure the most versatile cutting through the glass as well as other work surfaces. It’s a 5-piece drill bit set that has a 5/32 to ½ drill bit that can leave a sharp cutting edge after drilling through a variety of applications including glass, marble, fibreglass, and granite, making it the best drill bits for glass.

This multi-functional diamond drill bit has an extra layer of nickel to maximise the drilling performance while preventing corrosion and rust.

  • The drill bit is especially suitable for creating a deep hole in the thicker glass without breaking the edge, and it comes with a CNC machined tip with a diamond coating. It also has a universally compatible shank and side hole to lubricate and remove dust efficiently for better drilling through the glass and other applications.

  • This diamond drill bit set isn’t super strong, but it gets the job done. And the diamonds may rub off fairly quickly.

Premium Pick

Carbide Tipped Drill Bit for Glass

BOSCH: Carbide Tipped Drill Bit for Glass

  • This drill bit set is constructed with a reinforced head with a carbide tip to prevent bit cracking and prolong the service life.
  • It’s a versatile drill bit that has three flat shanks and offers an improved grip to prevent slippage.
  • Designed with innovative geometry, this glass drill bit set allows drilling faster.
  • This diamond drill bit for glass has a precision tip to prevent bit walking and wandering.

Whether you are a professional enthusiast or seasonal DIYer, having this BOSCH Carbide Tipped Glass drill bit will let you enjoy a perfect hole through glass without creating a center punch. The world glass brand BOSCH manufactures this carbide drill bit to ensure precision by preventing bit walking and wandering.

It’s a unique designed drill bit that has a precision tip to make the centring efficient and create a crack-free hole through the glass. This single piece of the glass drill bit has been available for a decent while and can be used for cutting glass, drilling and fastening mirrors, and attaching concrete screws.

  • This drill bit is perfect for centre drilling without walking and offers durable service. The drill bit also has three flat shanks and diamond ground cutting edges for break-free drilling on glass. This multi-functional drill bit is also suitable for working on tiles, ceramics, and other hard surfaces.

  • The drill bit won’t offer clean-cut and getting the right hole size would be difficult using this drill bit.

Customer Choice

Diamond Drill Bit for Glass Tile

DRILAX: Diamond Drill Bit for Glass Tile

  • This drill bit for glass with a 1/8 shank makes the tool compatible with drills, flex shafts, or even Dremel’s.
  • It’s a tough quality drill bit that can drill through stone and allow you to set a 45-degree angle.
  • The drill bit allows drilling slowly at 3,000-4,000 RPM, making it one of the best drill bits for glass.

If you are worried about drilling clean holes even on sea glass, buy this DRILAX Diamond Drill Bit Set. This diamond drill bit is especially used by jewellery designers for a clean hole and can drill underwater, thanks to its 3,000-4,000 RPM running ability.

Another impressive feature is that this bit set includes 30 pieces of glass drill bit, whereas most competitors only provide 10 or 12. As a result, even if you lose one of the diamond drill bits, you will be able to continue drilling.

  • This set comes with 30 pieces of drill bit, this set is available at a reasonable price and allows you to continue the project at any cost. The drill bit is also compatible with plenty of power tools and is perfect for having clean holes.

  • The drill bits don’t have a hole in the centre, so it will be difficult to lubricate properly.

Best Budget

Titanium Coated Drill Bit for Glass

HOMEIDOL: Titanium Coated Drill Bit for Glass

  • Made of cemented carbide this glass drill bit can create a clean and accurate hole through glass, ceramic tiles, and mirrors.
  • This mirror drill bit can resist small incisions to allow drilling at a fast speed with great stability without breaking the border.
  • With a combination of cross tip design and carbide tip, this ceramic drill bit can reduce breakout and extend the work life.
  • This drill bit set is constructed with fixed clamping and is compatible with a wide range of power tools, including impact drills, hand drills, and bench drills.

The next recommendation for the best drill bit for glass in our list is the HOMEIDOL Titanium Coated Glass Drill Bits Set. Likewise, the title tag, this drill bit set is made of titanium coated while the original material inside is high-quality cemented carbide. Combining these features, the DIYers will have the least wear properties and improve drilling stability.

A unique feature includes a glass drill bit that can resist small incisions that enhance the work efficiency and allow drilling close to the border without breaking it. Therefore, it’s one of the best drill bits for glass tile. comes in a 6-piece drill bit set, this unit has a 4 to 12 mm size drill bit and is available at a decent price.

  • This glass drill bit set offers smooth and neat holes through the glass and other brittle surfaces without broken edges. The drill bit is made of cemented carbide with Titanium Coating and is suitable for a variety of power tools. It also ensures fast drilling and survival for a long time.

  • This set doesn’t include the smaller size drill bit required to create a starter hole. It must constantly apply water to keep the bit cool.

Diamond Drill Bit

Best Drill Bits for Glass

DKIBBITH: Best Drill Bits for Glass

  • This tile drill bit set is designed with Vacuum-Brazed Technology that makes the bit appealing against hard materials like masonry brick, ceramic, and glass.
  • This drill bit set comes with integrated wax lubricant to help keep the cutting surface cool automatically and offer accurate drilling.
  • The manufacturer offers a portable storage case with this glass drill bit set for convenient use.
  • The drill bit is designed with a round shank and side flutes that make it acceptable for the most powerful tools and help remove dust quickly.
  • This glass drill bit comes with a diamond coating and can boost the drilling speed.

This DKIBBITH Dry Diamond Drill Bits Set is specially designed to ensure precise holes through glass or other hard surfaces, whether you keep the bit angled or straight. More importantly, these Diamond Drill Bits can withstand higher temperatures, making them suitable for creating holes in ceramic, granite, and other stones. A unique feature includes wax lubricant inside of the bit.

While drilling, this lubricant will melt automatically to keep the cutting surface cool. Therefore, this glass drill bit is still suitable for projects where lubrication isn’t allowed. Another exciting benefit of it is that you can completely focus on drilling instead of lubricating.

  • It’s a 5-piece diamond drill bit set that has a 1/4 inch to a 1/2-inch drill bit for the desired size hole. The drill bit set is made of durable material and withstands higher temperatures, making it suitable for cutting tough surfaces. This budget-friendly drill bit set doesn’t need to be lubricated separately.

  • The drill bit takes a bit of time to frill thicker glass and the set should include a smaller size bit for the pilot hole.

Buying factors to pick the Best Drill Bit for Glass

When it comes to choosing the best drill bit for a brittle material like glass, you have to think about a different track. Otherwise, you won’t get the right set and the project can end up damaging or cracking the glass. So, in order to find the best drill bit for drilling through glass, you should look for the following characteristics:

Tip Material

Effectiveness is a top priority over sturdiness, especially when you need to grab a drill bit to drill holes into the glass. The diamond sprayed tip and carbide tip are the superior options for the task. So, check that the drill bit has such a tip to create a hole perfectly in the glass.

Drill Compatibility

Drill bits aren’t universally compatible with a power drill. So, make sure you are picking a drill bit that is suitable for your drill, as you don’t want to invest in a needless glass drill bit.

Surface Type

Usually, a drill bit can work through plenty of surfaces, making the investment worthwhile. If you don’t find such a thing, pick the drill bit that is least effective for the desired working surface.

Number of Bits and Sizes

Using the right size bit is the key to having a right-sized hole on the surface. While choosing the set of bits, make sure the set includes your desired size. Another crucial thing is to check the number of bits, as the higher the number, the more opportunities it brings.

Shank Type

Take this factor into account so you can remain ahead of potential danger. The shank usually helps the drill to have an improved grip for better drilling. Among two common types of shank, the 3-Flat one offers considerably better grip. But it doesn’t mean cylindrical can’t offer the right grip on the drill.

Types of glass that can be drilled through

You can drill through the mirror and attach it to the wall in the living room using a fastener. Conversely, if you have plenty of wine bottles and are planning to decorate them on the balcony, you can go ahead. Simply use the best glass drill bit to create a hole in the wine bottles and decorate them as you wish. If you have glass tiles, you can still drill through them to extend the beauty of the home. But drilling through glass tiles requires more patience and skill.

Another glass item that you can drill through is an aquarium. By installing an aquarium, you can maximize the beauty of your living hall. More importantly, you can construct an aquarium on your own, simply learning how to drill holes in glass for the aquarium and fix it to the wall. It means you can drill through various types of glass for a range of purposes. But keep in mind, you can drill through safety glass and tempered glass.

The best type of Drill Bit for Glass

Considering the design, two types of drill bits are best for drilling holes through glass, tiles, marble, granite, and even slates. Both are versatile drill bits, but you need to choose based on certain types of glass cutting abilities.

  • Spear Head drill bits
  • Diamond-coated drill bits

Spear Head Drill Bits for Glass

This kind of drill bit got this name due to its spear design. This drill bit is ideal for smaller projects because it has greater precision than diamond-coated drilling bits. with tungsten carbide material, this also isn’t the most used drill bit.

Another must remember thing is that you have to use water or water lubricant consistently while drilling through glass using a spearhead drill bit. Otherwise, drilling through this drill bit can damage both glass and itself, producing extreme heat.

Diamond Drill Bits for Glass

It’s the most popular glass cutting drill bit type out there. Diamond drill bits are suitable for a range of types of glass, including, mirrors, window glass, glass tiles, door glass, and aquarium glass. Comes with diamond coating or diamond-tipped, this glass cutting drill bit can drill through until the coat vanishes.

How to drill holes in a mirror with glass drill bits (step by step)

Drilling a hole in a mirror isn’t as simple as drilling in wood as glass is a brittle material. But using the right drill bit and applying the correct technique can lower the toughness. Choose the sharper drill bit that is specially designed to drill through the glass. In this case, choose any of the glass drill bits we have mentioned above for reliable operation.

Collect these following tools before going out for practical:

  • A power drill with variable speed function
  • Flat surface
  • Cardboard
  • Marker
  • Lubricant (oil or water)
  • Painter’s tape
  • Protective equipment (gloves, safety glass, long tight pants) 
  • a towel
  • Cushion

Be prepare

Drilling through glass is a quite risky project as it can cause small particles that can injure the body and eyes. So before turning on the drill, wear your protective outfits.

Attach the mirror and mark the spot

Firstly, put the mirror on a level and solid surface and use the painter’s tape to fix it firmly to the cardboard as a mirror is prone to sliding during drilling. You can also use a cushion to adjust the firmness to prevent movement. After that, mark the exact location where you want to drill a hole using a permanent marker.

Insert the diamond drill bit

Attaching a smaller diamond drill bit at the first stage will be the right decision to create a pilot hole and desired. Even if you require a giant hole, it is still as effective as you can make it.

Start drilling

Now power on the drill and place it at a 45-degree angle to the mirror for a better start. Don’t panic and make a hasty decision to create a hole in the glass. Remember, putting extra pressure can easily break or crack the mirror, so let the drill do its job.

Hold the drill straight

After creating a primary hole, now start the next step by positioning the drill at a 90-degree angle against the mirror. Then the drilling continues.

Apply lubricate

Put the lubricant periodically on the drill to keep it cool and prevent overheating. The reason is that overheating can not only break the drill bit but also work surfaces like glass as well.

Complete the job quietly

Once again, don’t get hyper and finish the task calmly. Considering the thickness of the glass, it may take 4 to 5 minutes for the usual mirror and 5-10 minutes for the thicker glass mirror. If the glass is thicker and you are worried about cracking, you can drill from both sides.

A few crucial Tips to drill glass without breaking it

Using the right tools is the key to drilling through glass without breaking or cracking it. Whether you choose a diamond-coated or carbide drill bit, make sure it has a spear-tipped variety for convenient drilling. These specially designed drill bits can scrape fine fragments rather than gouge out large particles. Thus, you will have a smooth finish over the glass. Other tips to follow are:

  • Rather than drilling consistently on the glass, keep the glass wet by spraying lubricant.
  • Don’t try to drill through tempered or safety glass as any little rupture will shatter the whole glass panel. These types of glasses are specially constructed to use as a car window or large sliding door.
  • Don’t drill close to the edge of the glass as it maximizes the risk of a crackdown.
  • Use the new or sharp drill bit for drilling through glass. It will increase the chance of drilling holes through glass successfully.

FAQs on Best Drill Bit for Glass

What is the best drill bit for glass?

The QWORK Multi-Material Drill Bit Set is the best drill bit for glass. This drill has tungsten carbide tips and a U-type slot to drill tough yet brittle material properly and remove dust quickly. The drill bit is durable enough to withstand high heat and comes in various sizes for the desired hole through the glass. 

How to drill a hole in the glass without breaking it?

Start with drilling the starter hole to prevent breaking the glass while drilling through it. To do so, use an 18-to3/32-inch bit and set it on the working surface’s midpoint, staying at least 34 inches away from the glass’s edge. Apart from these, don’t apply excessive force and pour a few drops of lubricant to get a proper hole in the glass.

What do drill bits for a glass look like?

A diamond coating drill bit or spear-shaped carbide are two common tools that are used to create a hole in the glass. These are available in a variety of sizes, but 18-34-inch is the most commonly used for applying to glass-tipped drill bit comes with a tiny spade-shaped point that is constructed with extremely hard tungsten carbide. Therefore, this drill bit can endure the friction created during drilling into glass.

How do you drill a hole in glass?

To drill through glass properly, secure the object on a flat surface firmly. Then mark X on the drilling point and start drilling using a diamond drill bit attaching to your cordless drill. Starting with a smaller hole and gradually increasing the hole size will let you enjoy the proper hole in the glass. Drill the glass gently and apply lubricant regularly to prevent cracking in the glass.

Do I need a special drill bit for glass?

Though you can use a normal drill bit on glass, it requires a dependable hand and lots of patience. Instead, you can handle this risky task using specially designed drill bits like carbide bits or diamond drill bits. These tools have special coatings or tips that help create a hole through glass without breaking it. You will find these types of drill bits in most DIY shops along with ceramic tile tools.

Select you desired Drill Bit for Glass

If you don’t have previous experience of drilling through glass, let’s give some trials on a waste piece using the best drill bit for glass. It will enhance your confidence level and lead you through the proper drilling with an accurate finish.

In particular, you can choose any of the drill bit sets we have reviewed to apply to the glass. But the size variation and number of the drill bits are key here to getting the desired drill bit set. Overall, these drill bits are multi-functional and will be by your side even after finishing the glass project.

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