7 Best Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

If you want to set ceramic tiles on floor and walls, drilling holes in tiles is a tedious task. Pretty much everything that goes into the wall, from laying stuff on a roll of toilet paper and soap. For a new tiled floor or wall, it’s need to be pierced holes through tiles. So, it’s essential to have the best drill bits for ceramic tile to drill through tiles precisely.

Ceramic tiles break easily and are difficult to drill a hole. Using the correct drill bits at the correct speed is essential. For drilling ceramic tiles, you must have time and patience. Hold the drill with a slow and steady hand to avoid damaging the tile.

Turning the masonry bit slowly with enough water on top is fine if your tile is porous. For high-temperature, vitreous and dense ceramics, a glass drill bit is perfect.

Handyman’s pick: 7 Best Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

Low-speed drill bits minimise vibration and the probability of shattering and breakage throughout the process for all types of ceramics. The constant water flow cools the product and prolongs its life. Moreover, the running water removes abrasive dust, more vibration reduction, and avoids thermal shock in high-fire ceramics.

If you are unsure if your tile has high or low fire, start with the masonry bit. If it does not penetrate, switch to a more expensive glass cutter drill bit.

Top Pick Drill Bit

Best Diamond Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile

Dunchaty: Best Diamond Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile

  • These premium quality carbon steel-made diamond drill bits are super strong and corrosion-resistant. Besides, the outer cote of the diamond at the head of the drill brings outstanding strength and gives the user a smooth drill experience. 
  • The smooth and exact surface of each diamond drill saw minimises cutting resistance and drilling pressure, improves sharpness, and improves water lubrication efficiency. 
  • The drill is perfect for cleaning, accurate holes in glass or ceramics, and prolonging the life of the product.
  • Its variety of available drill sizes makes you feel safe while you need multiple sizes of holes to make. 

Diamond Drill Bit is a vital tool for drilling various materials such as Glass, Porcelain, Ceramic tiles, etc. This extraordinary drill bit for ceramic tile comes with 15 different types of drill bits to fulfill your various needs. 

Moreover, the super-sharp diamond-coated head makes your drill more smooth and hassle-free. This masterpiece is very much capable of drilling your 0.5” safety glass or ceramic without any problem.

  • This is an ideal drill tool for multipurpose use. It comes with 15 pcs different sizes of drill bits which ensure your workplace is completely ready for any kind of drilling task. You can use this for drilling in Stones, Ceramic, Glass, and as well for Porcelain. It is very reasonable in price and gives the best outcome compared with other available drill bits.

  • According to many customer reviews, these drill bits are a little bit hard to use for the first time, most probably for new users. It may crack your glass or ceramic if you give too much pressure at a time and hold the drill bits flat against the glass/tile.

Runner Up

Diamond Drill Bits for Tile

Drilax: Diamond Drill Bits for Tile

  • This item comes with the best quality steel and diamond coating in the head of the drill bit. 
  • It can easily drill into thicker materials such as Marble, Fiberglass, Slate, Tile Bottles, Ceramic, Porcelain Tiles, Granite, and similar materials.
  • These tools can make a deep drill from 1 to 11/8 inches deep. 
  • This drill bit tool is very easy to use and comfortable to work with. 
  • You should utilize these drill bits at moderate speeds and pressures with a substantial amount of water-based lubrication, much like most other diamond drill bits.

Drilax Diamond Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile is a top-rated multipurpose drill bit for tiles. It comes in various sizes for different task fit. 

This best drill bit comes in a package of 10 different sizes. As a result, it will fit in your work for drilling in Glass, Marble, Ceramic, and many more Porcelain products. 

Moreover, it comes with a maximum of 3/8  shank. It’s a great portable tool and can run with battery power which makes it usable in any situation. Its long-lasting high-quality steel ensures the best quality drilling capability and longer service time.

  • These drill bits have a wide range of sizes to meet your various needs. In terms of pricing, this is the best buy product. It will suit your requirements at a lower cost and for a longer period of time. Its super-sharp drill bits head with diamond coating ensures the best quality drill experience with smooth holes. Also, it can work with a variety of materials without any issue.

  • It doesn’t have a central pilot bit, which makes cutting a little more difficult. Also, it’s a little tough to get rid of the drilled materials.

Best Overall

Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

THINKWORK: Diamond Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

  • With its diamond-coated tip, you may use it to create accurate and clean holes.
  • The drill bits include a self-feed function to make lubricating simpler.
  • To aid accurate drilling, use an adjustable hole saw and suction cups.
  • This is an ideal choice to remove rings from glass, marble, tile, ceramic, PVC, and other materials.
  • There are a variety of drill sizes available, all of which are of comparable industrial grade.
  • It can cut holes in any material with adequate water as a lubricant.

The THINKWORK diamond ceramic tile drill bit comes with industrial-level steel material and diamond coating on the top of the bits. High accuracy and clean cutting are ensured by the thick diamond covering. In comparison to carbide and cobalt-coated drill bits, it is also long-lasting.

These super sharp drill bits come with a package of 10 different sizes to ensure your different needs of drilling work. The hollow core with its substantial clearance holes guarantees that water slides in to cool the drill and remove parts. 

Besides, it prevents the drill bits from being jammed. It also enhances efficiency and assures long-term viability. Finally, purchasing the package is also cost-effective since you get various-sized drill bits in one package!

  • A saw guide, clamp, and screwdriver are included with the diamond drill bits. It is cost-effective and cheaper than other available drill bits. Also, this drill bit has a longer lifespan and super-strong materials. It is capable of making precise and clean holes. Ceramics, marbles, glasses, and other materials can be drilled with ease with this tool.

  • The suction cup instrument has a tendency towards rust and corrosion. To avoid overheating, it must be constantly lubricated with water.

Best Diamond Core

Best Diamond Core Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

SHDIATOOL: Best Diamond Core Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

  • These popular drill bits have a diamond coating on their tip which makes them ideal for fast and smooth drilling.
  • These drill bits are appropriate for angle grindstone drilling.
  • The 5/8 to 11 inches thread can drill hard granite, marble, engineering stone, concrete, brick, masonry, and similar materials.
  • You can use both dry and wet procedures to drill porcelain.
  • The drill bit’s unique shape makes it possible to drill in unusual angles with more flexibility.
  • It works with brick, tile, marble, masonry, porcelain, and even hard stones.

SHDIATOOL Diamond Drill bits for tiles is a top-rated best-buy product available in the market. Its outstanding drilling capability and long-lasting service give you a satisfying user experience. Moreover, its extremely strong steel materials and sharp drill head are perfect for cutting holes even in rigid stones.

The vacuum brazed method is used to achieve such sharpness in the diamond drill tip. This ensures that the tip is constantly sharp, regardless of what they drill. This feature also allows the drill to be used in dry environments.

Finally, its different available drill bits size gives you the ability to use them in ant kinds of drilling works. 

  • The most attractive feature of these drill bits is that you may use them for both dry and wet drilling. Even in stone, the angle grinding function enables the drill to make faucet holes. Drilling is quick and smooth, with a long lifespan and minimum cracking. You can make holes in porcelain tile, marble stone, and masonry bricks in a dry or wet process. Diamond grains of high grade ensure rapid and cutting-edge drilling.

  • The angle grinder is the only tool that may be used with these drill bits. As a result, to use them, you’ll need a special grinder. These drill bits are not suitable for drilling through concrete curbing or sidewalks.

Best Hole Saw Bit

Hole Saw Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

Baban: Hole Saw Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

  • The Baban diamond drill bits come with super-strong stainless steel materials which ensures the perfect drilling and long-lasting product lifespan.
  • It has multiple pieces of various sizes. These components allow you to create any size hole for your fittings. 
  • This is ideal for stone and glass drills. It is very accurate, forming a complete circle from the target surfaces.
  • These drilling bits, which are coated with high-quality diamond coating, provide a clean cut with great accuracy and no broken edges.

Are you seeking a long-lasting drill bit to meet your drilling job? The Baban Hole Saw Diamond Drill Bits can fulfill your needs. It is a top-rated, user-friendly, multipurpose drill bit for your various needs.

These drilling bits are designed to last a long time. This drilling bit is made of high-quality components and provides great drilling services, allowing you to create deep holes as desired. These drilling bits come in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements, whether you need deep or shallow holes.

  • Drilling holes are smooth and accurate with these drill bits. The edges of the holes are perfectly sharpened and are not roughed up or messed up. These are quite adaptable for different sizes of holes. You can attach these drill bits with any drill machine. These are so simple to use and you don’t need any special skills to use them.

  • You need to use lubricants to use these drill bits properly. Otherwise, the surface may be damaged. Many users complain that this takes some extra time before drilling.

Best Budget

Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

DRILAX: Drill Bits for Ceramic Tile

  • These long-lasting drill bits are made of high-quality materials.
  • These bits don’t need a centre pilot drill. Instead, you may construct a plywood guide or begin drilling at an angle before returning it to its original location.
  • This is a better option for low-budget drill bits with satisfactory outcomes.
  • The product package comes with its own diamond hole saw guide to help you understand the right use of these drill bits.
  • You can drill through thicker materials with the higher hole saw.

The DRILAX Diamond Drill Bit Saw Set includes 10 drill bits of various sizes. This drill bit set contains 80 percent of all drill bit sizes available.

You can save 50% on this bundle compared to the large one, but the services remain the same. These drill bits are made of steel with a nickel coating to make them strong and long-lasting. The diamond coating, on the other hand, increases the cutting strength and extends the life of the blade.

Drill bits of this kind are not only different in size, but also from regular Drilax goods. Each bit tip features a diamond finish and strong construction. 

The greatest part is that, despite being porcelain tile drill bits, they can also pierce marble. The bits will not leave a single hair fracture on the marble due to their extraordinary sharpness and strength. You may use them to drill other things that are similar.

  • You may operate with total flexibility with different available-sized drill bits. It’s a best-buy for a low-budget and durable product lifetime. It has a high level of drilling accuracy and drills swiftly and efficiently with outstanding results. It has long-lasting effects and drills deep holes in your fittings to make them more secure. You can use these drill bits with any drill machine such as a cordless and portable that runs with a rechargeable battery.

  • According to many users, these are not perfect for dry surfaces because they cause damage in a dry environment. Users complain that these drill bits move around while drilling which results in imperfect holes.

Customer Choice

Drill Bit Set for Ceramic Tile

3 Otters: Drill Bit Set for Ceramic Tile

  • The High-Quality materials of these  Drill Bits and the diamond-coating gives each hole a clean and precise finish.
  • These drill bits are all wear-resistant.
  • There are 15 different-sized drill bits available in this package. 
  • These provide maximum sharpness for a clean-cut drill on a variety of surfaces.
  • Can be used on glass, wood, tile, plastic, stone, and ceramics, among other surfaces.
  • Nickel-plated coating ensures corrosion resistance and long-lasting service time.

3 Otters Diamond Drill Bit Set is another drilling masterpiece on the market. This drill bit has various unique characteristics that make it very reasonably priced and easy to operate. 

It has the widest range of bit sizes. As a result, they are excellent for both DIY and professional work.

The majority of diamond drill bits for ceramic tile have a basic diamond coating on the tips. However, the tips of the bits in this set are coated with a premium silicone carbide substance. They have the same hardness as diamonds but are more resistant to wear.

The drill bit’s strength allows it to be used even on concrete. They endure for a long time. Moreover, its different bit size gives you extra flexibility in various drilling jobs.

  • It has a high level of drilling accuracy. It drills swiftly, efficiently and produces outstanding results. You won’t have to worry about corrosion or wear when using this drill bit. This is due to the high-quality construction materials. The drill tip also features a better-grade diamond coating to match the body. It has long-lasting effects and drills deep holes in your fittings to make them more secure.

  • The drill can go through anything, but it can’t go through concrete that’s more than half an inch thick. Furthermore, the drill is essentially worthless without water. According to many users, it does not work properly on dry surfaces.

Factors to buy the Best Drill Bits for Ceramic

There are several aspects to consider while buying the best drill bits for ceramic. 

Material types: Diamond bits are designed to pierce difficult materials such as glass, ceramic, and porcelain. If you use it on soft material, the cores may get clogged and malfunction. The same is true for concrete; they should not be used on concrete because they may burn out.

Drill Bits type: Diamond drill bits and Carbide drill bits are the two most common kinds of drill bits available. Which one you choose will be determined by the sort of task you need to do.

Choose the carbide bit type if you want to undertake industrial work. These are ideal for drilling on hard surfaces with low pressure and speed.

Diamond bits, on the other hand, drill slowly but can handle more pressure. This enables them to drill bigger holes without fracturing the framework.

Durability: The combination of stainless steel and nickel alloy is very durable. When electroplated with diamond coating, the sharpness, longevity, and overall strength are all improved.

When electroplated with a diamond finish, industrial-grade carbon steel is also an excellent alternative. Sintered burrs and drill bits, on the other hand, are more durable than electroplated equivalents.

Size/Dimension: If the material is as fragile as porcelain tile, you won’t be able to use a big drill from the start. You should make sure to choose the drill bits with the most variations. This will be very helpful for you when you need to make different sizes of holes. 

Price: This is the last but not the least consideration for buying the best drill bits for ceramic tiles. Price plays a vital role and varies a lot when buying drill bits from available ones.

Diamond drill bits are more costly than cobalt and carbide drill bits. However, the cost of diamond bits varies depending on whether they are multi-layered (sintered) or single-layered.

How to use Drill Bits for Ceramic Tiles?

First of all, you need to figure out what type of ceramic tile you are going to drill in. You will have a better idea of the scale of the work at hand if you know the qualities of the material you are attempting to drill through.

Porcelain tiles, for example, are more difficult to break through than ceramic tiles due to their density. As a consequence, drilling porcelain tiles will need more effort and planning than cutting through other varieties of tile. 

A specific drill bit capable of penetrating the hard surface of porcelain tiles is also required. Drilling through stone tiles is the same.

Choose the right drill bit

It is very important to choose the right drill bits for your specific drilling task. The right size and type of drill bits will make your work easy and give you the best outcome.

Never use a worn-out drill bit for tiling, regardless of the material you’re attempting to drill through. Worn-out drill bits may cause damage to your tiles. 

Standard drill bits will not operate on tile, but that’s not a problem. A carbide bit may be used to drill ceramic tile, while a diamond-tipped bit is required for glass and porcelain. Choosing the right-sized drill bits is also essential to get the best result. 

Plot your tile and mark it

In this step, plot your tile on a plain surface and mark the point where you need to drill through. If your tile is not on a plain surface and moves around while drilling it will most probably crack or the hole will not be perfect. 

So be careful while drilling and make sure the tile is laid perfectly and not moving. Make measurements and find the point you need to drill before starting drilling. 

Start drilling

Start drilling slowly. Don’t be so fast. Tiles tend to be cracked with high-speed drilling. So, keep patience and keep drilling at a slow speed. 

When you find the hard glazed surface is drilled, you can speed up your drilling gradually. Don’t put so much pressure on the tiles. Keep the pressure constant from the starting of the drill. It will keep your tile safe from being cracked. 

Keep your drill cool

While drilling through ceramic tiles, the drill bits get very hot due to extensive temperature generation. If you don’t cool down the drill bits they will be damaged. So, use some wet sponge or cool water, or other lubricants to keep your drill bits cool and protect them from overheating. 

Pool back the drill bits

It’s time to kick back the drill bits from the tiles after the drilling has completed the hole in the tiles. Do it slowly and smoothly. Don’t be rushed otherwise, it can crack your tile with backward pressure.

FAQs on Best Drill Bits For Ceramic Tile

How long does it take to drill through ceramic tile?

Ceramic tiles are made of hard materials and tend to crack while drilling. So, be careful and take your time to finish your job without any problem.
Generally, you will need to spend three to five minutes on each hole, but it might take longer sometimes. Using the right drill bit can speed up the process and help you make the most of your time. Don’t worry if you’re late; you’ll make it!

Can I use a metal drill bit on tiles?

Drilling through the ceramic tile with wood or metal drill bits won’t result in a good outcome. You will need drill bits with carbide tips.
It’s crucial to understand that not all ceramic tiles are the same. The hardness differs from tile to tile. If you attempt to drill through porcelain tile, you’ll quickly run into problems.
Glazing is a common feature of ceramic tile. It’s a hard layer of glass glaze on the tiles. Glass cannot be pierced by a wood or metal drill bit. That’s why you need carbide drill bits to make holes in tiles.

Can I drill a hole in ceramic?

You can use a typical drill bit to drill a hole in a ceramic. But, if you want to make it perfect and without cracking the ceramic, you should use a diamond-tipped drill bit. It will make a sharp-edged smooth hole in your ceramic tiles. 
While drilling through ceramic you need to follow some safety measures. Drill through the ceramic slowly, don’t give so much pressure on the tiles, and keep the drill bits cool to protect them from getting damaged.

Do you need a hammer drill to drill through ceramic tile?

When working with ceramic tile, never use a hammer drill. Drilling using the hammer drill will fracture or split a ceramic tile. For brick or concrete, hammer drills are good, but not for ceramic tile. For ceramic tile, you can use diamond drill bits to drill through safely. 

How long do tile drill bits last?

It will depend on the type of materials you want to drill through, your usage load, drilling speed, the environment in which you are working, etc. If you are careful while using the drill bits and follow the proper measures to keep your drill bits safe, they will last as long as 20 or more drilling jobs. 
While drilling use water or other lubricants to keep your drill bits at a cool temperature and keep the speed in a minimal stage to prolong the lifespan of the bits. 

Final Verdict

Drill bits seem to be must-have equipment to work with ceramic tiles. So, choosing the best brand products with durability, quality and best outcomes for your job is the right investment. 

If you want extended service, a good price, and, most importantly, durability, Diamond drill bits should be your first pick. You will have no cause to complain about the quality if you select the finest diamond drill bits for the suitable material. 

The Drilax Diamond Drill Bit for Ceramic Tile is our second choice because of its outstanding performance, durability, and reasonable price. Otherwise, have a look at some of our top recommendations from the list above.

Finally, we hope that our buying guide and other information helps you to understand the required features for the best drill bits for ceramic tile purchase.

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