5 Best Drill Bits for Electricians

Setting electric board or passing wire through wall, electricians have to drill out various surface. Electricians need different drill bits for different types of electrical work. To complete these different applications, an electrician needs certain drills that are ideal for a specific task. We made a list of the best drill bits for electricians to deal with those tasks.

Every single day electrician has to face new challenges including creating holes for installing different types of boxes or various wall-mounted devices. Besides creating a pilot is a common task for an electrician to mount fasteners to secure conduit or routing materials to the wall or play wood.

In short, the type of the task isn’t limited to an electrician which he can handle with a single type of drill bit. Therefore he needs to collect different types of drill bits including, the step drill bit, spade drill bit, forstner drill bit, twist drill bit, and more.

Handyman’s pick: 3 Best Drill Bits for Electricians

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT Titanium Color: Gold
Material: Titanium
Finish Type:
8.8 x 1.8 x 8.8 inches
Flute Type:
Check Price
backpac BOSCH IMC500 5-Piece Color: Black/Ash
Material: Carbide, Plastic
Shank Type:
1.58 x 7.25 x 1.59 inches
Check Price
cordlessblower BOSCH DSB5013P Color: Black/Blue
Style: Spade Bit Set
Finish Type: Black Oxide
Shank Type: Threaded
Check Price

While a step drill bit is ideal for enlarging existing holes or drilling in thin material, the spade drill bit is used to drill holes through wood studs to run wires. Conversely, forstner ensures precise drilling and creates holes to hold dowels.

Despite an electrician has to focus on the material used in the drill bit to ensure perfect drilling without considering surfaces. Luckily our expert researcher made a list covering some heavy-duty drill bit that can handle almost all the drilling or driving jobs often faced by an electrician.

Moreover, these are versatile, flexible, and constructed maintained quality design, still fits in the budget. So let’s check them!

Our Top Pick

Best Drill Bit for Electricians

Dewalt Titanium: Best Drill Bit Set for Electricians

  • From drilling out broken bolts, this drill bit is ideal for removing exhaust systems and drilling on hardened steel.
  • Its speed tip design keeps the drill bit from walking on start and offers accurate drilling.
  • These drill bits for electricians Construct with a titanium coating to promises durable service and handle the tough job.

Getting through tough steel, wood or plastic can be difficult without a sturdy and sharpen drill bit like DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set. This drill bit is made of platinum coating that keeps its durability even drilling in non-ferrous metals. The electrician who often handles commercial and residential applications finds this drill bit impressive as it doesn’t produce spin shanks while reduce walking.

Thanks to its speed tip design that keep the drill bit from walking on the start and help the drill for electricians to hold it securely. Apart from dulling, stalling, chipping this drill bit set is ideal for a range of tasks related to the electricians.

The error side of this drill bit is it can break after some use following some user’s report. Besides some customer experience, it quickly dulled

  • This drill bit comes in a set of 21 titanium drill bits in a tough case container and available at an affordable cost. Besides, it is the corrosion resistance and ensures precise drilling.

  • Some user’s experience it tends to broke after some use and quickly dulled.

Premium Pick

Best Drill Bit set for Electricians

Bosch Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit for Electricians

  • Design with robust high-quality carbide head to allow drilling fast in strong material.
  • Its steep flutes design ensure a clean drilling area.
  • Its sharp ground cutting edges makes it ideal for advanced performance.

These Bosch Impact Drill Bits offer the electricians enough convenience, thanks to their versatility making them ideal for a range of applications. For the electrician who endured lapse in their productivity due to dull bit, it is highly recommended to use this set.

Design with advanced sharp ground cutting edges and high-quality carbide heads, these electricians drill bits will remain sharp for a long. Even the electricians who are looking for something easy to use and straightforward to mount and remove can trust this drill bit set. Its hex shank design added flexibility that lets the user use impactors and hammer drill conveniently.

A key feature includes steep flute design that allows drilling through concrete and removing the debris rapidly. The downside of these drill bits is they aren’t ideal for drilling in tile and a bit longer for drilling in tough material.

  • With sturdy construction, these drill bit sets are versatile, long-lasting, and ideal for tough jobs. With Enhanced tip sharpness, these are ideal for a hammer drill and impact driver

  • This drill bit set comes in a longer size, not ideal for drilling in tile.

Daredevil Option

Daredevil Spade Drill Bit for Electricians

Bosch Daredevil Spade Drill Bit for Electricians

  • Design with contoured paddle to ensure fast chip removal.
  • Its hex shank power groove will help reduce slippage.
  • With Spur and reamer tips, it offers a cleaner hole with reduced breakout.

If you need something for drilling a larger hole with minimal effort without slippage, try this Bosch Daredevil Spade Bit Set. This drill bit set Features a full-cone threaded tip that ensures fast and effortless drilling through various surfaces. A professional electrician who has different kinds of impact drivers or drills will find this set most beneficial as they won’t need to invest in different kinds of bits.

Design with 1/4 in. hex shank this electricians drill bit set will fit a range of drill while a power groove ensures better bit grip and greatly decrease slippage. Comes with a full-cone threaded tip, it lets the operator pulls the bit through the material with minimal effort and vibration comparing typical spade bits.

The drawback of this drill bit set is it dulls quickly in hardwoods and the screw tip is the average quality which may get jam.

  • Made of high carbon Steel, this drill bit is set 10X faster than the usual spade bit.  Besides these are powerful, compatible with various drills, and ensure effortless drilling.

  • These drill bits may dull quickly in hardwoods and the screw tip is average quality.

Step Drill Bit

Drill Bit for Electricians

DEWALT: Step Drill Bit for Electricians

  • Comes with a split point tip to offer a faster drilling season.
  • Design with laser engraved numbers that improve the step visibility.
  • Specially optimised for impact driver usage, still suitable for rotary drills.

Next, we have a DEWALT Step Drill Bit Set that is optimised for impact driver usage. So every use of it, the operator will have a precise hole. Electrician finds it ideal for cut through stainless steel while its Laser engraved numbers enhance step visibility.

Another impressive feature it covers is titanium two-flute spiral design that not only ensures longevity but also better chip removal. With a multi-diameter design, the electrician can drill multiple diameter holes without changing the bit making it ideal for a different type of application.

Even comparing other step drill bit you can have this one at an affordable price. To ensure long-lasting use the operator should pre-drill before apply this step drill bit as the tip wears out pretty quickly.

  • This step drill bit is available at affordable while features titanium two flute spiral design, split point tip, laser engraved numbers, and sturdy construction.

  • The tip may wear out quickly and offer only 90 days warranty.

Forstner Bit

forstner Bit for Electricians

Freud forstner Bit for Electricians

  • Comes with seven different size drill bit resulting in making it ideal for drilling pocket holes, bottom holes, and overlapping.
  • Made from hardened steel so it can drill in hardwood, plywood, and softwoods.
  • Compatible with both drill presses and handheld drills.

Looking for the best drill bit for electrical rough-in? Try this freud forstner drill bit. This set is ideal for undertaking precision boring. Design with serrated edges and the super-sharp spur so the electrician can drill accurately with the cleanest finish. This set of drill bits is made from hardened steel making it ideal for drilling in hardwood, softwood, and plywood.

The sizes vary from 0.25 inches to 1-inch so the electrician can fit these either a hand-held drill or a drill press. Whatever the operator planning to drill pocket holes, flat-bottomed holes, and overlapping holes, having this drill set will let him do so.

With cutting-edge design, the electrician will have a faster work rate. The downside of this set is the size range is limited which won’t you complete a variety of the task.

  • Comes in a multi-size drill bit, this set ensures flawless drilling and offers less chipping. Besides, it is durable and design with a serrated edge.

  • The size of the drill bit is limited and it may come in poor packaging.

Built-in Materials in the Best drill bits for electricians

The material used in electricians drill bits:

Black Oxide: A drill bit made of steel with Black oxide coating adds corrosion resistance and also reduces the friction between the work piece and drill bit. It’s a decent combination making the drill bit suitable for softer metal, wood, and plastics. However, these drill bits don’t stay sharp for long and you will miss the advantage since the coating wears off the cutting edges. The event doesn’t use them to cut through metal with more than 1/8-inch in thickness.

Titanium: Titanium nitride coating drill bit is a great alternative to black oxide that also corrosion resistance and reduces friction. Extra benefits it brings are raising the surface rigidity and create a thermal barrier to lessen temperature buildup. As a result, it offers a longer service than black oxide. You can also use titanium drill bit for drilling locks.

Titanium drill bits drill faster comparing black oxide and its chips move through the flutes superiorly. But this drill bit expensive than the previous one and the coating wear off. However, a Titanium nitride coating drill is better for drilling in wood and metal.

Cobalt: A combination of 5% alloy and 8% cobalt, this drill bit is also a better option for an electrician. As the steel blend runs throughout the whole bit, it’s a brilliant gear to sharpen instead of changing. However it is pricy, but this characteristic makes it still worthy. Though it can drill anything, most of the pro electricians are reserve it for the metal due to the price.

Carbide-tipped drill bits: This drill is bit stay sharper for long comparing HSS, steel, and titanium bits. A Carbide-tipped drill bit is mostly used for drilling masonry and tile.

High-speed steel (HSS) drill bit: If you need to drill fibreglass, wood, PVC, or soft metals, then choose this drill bit.

Different type of Drill Bits for Electricians

Twist Bits: The twist drill bit is suitable for drilling in countless materials when it needs to drill hole diameter of 1/2-inch or less.

Spade Bits: It’s a cost-efficient option that also known as a paddle bit. Due to its shape, the spade drill bit throws chips out rather than sending them up. It’s the decent gear for drilling into wood.

Auger Bits: However, it is pretty the same as spade bits, but ideal for drilling deeper holes. Even if you need to remove lots of chips from the entry point while drilling, use this one. Thanks to its full-fluted design. Besides, it needs stronger drills to use this bit. It’s a great appliance for drilling deep holes over 3/4-inches in diameter.

With a threaded tip, this Auger bit pulls the bit forward and ensures nice and straight drilling.

Step Bits: If you plan to drill a hole in thin metal like breaker boxes, or sheet metal, use this drill bit. Starts with a short pilot, a step bit moves through a series of rising thickness.

It includes a flat flute with a bit shrink at every step that allows drilling in sheet material and other thin metal. The error side of this drill bit it can’t drill a hole in 1/8″diameter. Besides, it’s a bit expensive.

Installer Drill Bit: It’s a specialised twist bit intended for installing wiring for the security system. This drill bit can be go up to 18 inches and drill through tough surfaces. Once drilling through floor, wall, or other surfaces, and its need to insert the wire into the small hole and drawback through the hole, this is where it does its job.

Countersink Drill Bit: This drill is also known as screw pilot bit and use to drill in wood. Despite, it can drill pilot, countersink holes, and counterbore, allows the electrician to countersink a clasp, and fix a plug over the fastener head.

FAQs on Best Drill Bit for Electricians

Which is the ideal hole size for electrical wire?

It depends on the size of the electrical wire. However, most electricians drill 3/4″ holes that are standard for electrical wire. Besides it allows you to pull the cable easily even one or two cables at a time. If your cable is 3/8″ wide then drill a 1/2″ hole so it can fit.

How to avoid drilling into wire?

The most common rule is to avoid drilling around sockets and light switches since the electrical wires go vertically and horizontally around these appliances. Plus, get an idea about the wire and pipeline checking in the loft and basement.

What happens if I drill into an electric wire?

Drilling into an electrical wire can almost sever it. It won’t cost you if the wire can carry power but over time the weak point might melt and cut the power. Conversely, if you are unlucky it can set fire to something.

It is allowed drilling into a stud with electrical?

Usually, the wires don’t run between the stud and drywall. So drilling into a stud won’t hurt you.

Electricians must have all these drill bits

Now you have a list of the best drill bits for electricians that can handle a variety of applications electricians often faced. So, having these appliances in the gearbox means an assurance of completing the project whether it needs to drill in wood, masonry, plastic, or tough material like steel.

These drill sets come in different sizes and shape making them ideal for various types of holes still compatible with an impact driver, drill, and hand-held drill.

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