7 Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

Drills are the muscle to getting the perfect hole. But drilling through stainless steel is not that easy. It needs the perfect quality of drill bit. The drill bits are what will guide you to achieving the perfect drilling, screwing, and more! If you want to buy the best drill bits for stainless steel or any material for working, you’ve come to just the right article!

We shared our years of experience experimenting with the best drill bits of the market. Whether you’re screwing into a wall or just drilling into stainless steel, you’ll find the drill bits which suit your needs.

Over the years, we have used hundreds of drill bits for virtually all purposes and assessed them on various machines. The best drill bits for metal applications are selected in this guide. Stainless steel, aluminum, hardened steel, and other materials are included.

Handyman’s pick: 3 Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac IRWIN Drill Bit Set Color: Copper
Material: Cobalt
Cutting Angle:
135 Degrees
12 x 7.5 x 4 inches
Tool Flute:
Check Price
backpac Neiko 10193A Titanium Color: Copper
Material: Alloy Steel
Finish Type:
Cutting Angle:
135 Degrees
6 x 4 x 1 inches
Check Price
cordlessblower Hurricane Titanium Color: Gold
Material: High Speed Steel
Finish Type: Titanium
Shank Type: Round
Cutting Angle:135 Degrees
Check Price

What’s the best drill bit for drilling stainless steel? The answer is it completely depends on your needs. Depending on your work and the drill you’re using, the drill bit requirement can interchange.

Most drill bits come in a setting where you can get to choose the drill bits you prefer to work with. Although, some specialty drill bits can be found loose on the market. The most sustainable way of buying drill bits is definitely through popular and affordable sets.

Before buying the best drill bits for stainless steel, you have to know the correct measurement for your drill. You must note the size of your chuck, which is basically the clip in front of the drill which will hold your bit into place. You’ll also need to know about the shank of the drill, which is the base. Next up, all you’ll need to do is browse for the right bit with our assistance.

Our Top Pick

Best Drill Bit for Stainless Steel

IRWIN: Best Cobalt Drill Bit for Stainless Steel

  • The drill bit resists heat very well.
  • It has finessed abrasion handing.
  • It can be used with the drill press.
  • It doesn’t require much force.
  • The drill bits drill smoothly.
  • They’re fully equipped drill bit for hardened steel.

IRWIN M35 Cobalt bit is the real commodity for heat and abrasion-resistant cobalt drill bits. This drill bit has a heavy-duty construction that allows it to drill even through hard materials. It’s very long-lasting, so when you get it, you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Suppose you want to buy a drill bit that will be extremely convenient and easy-going for your next project, considering adding the IRWIN Drill Bit Set to your box of tools. These precisely machined bits with spiral flutes provide accurate, powerful results. These drill bits can withstand moderate heat since they are made of cobalt-fortified steel components.

In reality, the metal includes a full 5% cobalt, allowing bracing tools to retain structural integrity despite the wear and temperature changes. This collection contains all of the parts you’ll most likely need, ranging in size from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch. They reduce travel when drilling using a 135-degree split, making total work both easier and more efficient.

The IRWIN M35 Cobalt drill bit is made of high-speed industrial steel and is thus highly effective. It also aids in the reduction of work surface wandering. A metal index shell makes various bits easy to access and identify. Because incremental increments are only 1/64-inch, there may be some issues with individual bit size. The drill bit doesn’t require much force to use and drill smoothly. However, the drill bit casing is a bit brittle and hard to open.

  • This cobalt drill bit set includes 29 pieces of strong and durable drill bits that are suitable for heavy-duty drilling jobs. The drill bit has a 135-degree split point to reduce walk during drilling through stainless steel. The drill bit set comes in a metal index case for easier bit identification and excess.

  • It is recommended to run these drill bits at a lower speed on steel. Otherwise, the leading edge of these drill bits will get hot and blunt. However, it allows running at high speed on aluminum and plastic.

Best Step Bit

Drill Bit for Stainless Steel

Neiko: Step Drill Bit for Stainless Steel

  • The shank is intended to fit snugly.
  • The double-flute design gives access to quick chip clearance.
  • The drill bits work well under high temperatures.
  • They provide performance for drilling through stainless steel.
  • Neiko provides various sizes to fit your drill.
  • The solid construction provides durability to the drill.

This brand produced some great products. The company doesn’t compromise the quality of the building. This approach also provides flexibility with aluminum, plastic, steel, etc.

So, if you’re looking for a drill bit set to help you drill those sheet metals, you’ll want to examine this toolkit. It snugly fits any regular kit so you have an excellent anti-slip product.

If you want the best result when using these components, use them for sheets and wood, for their lovely outcomes with these materials.

The great structure, anti-slip function, optimal heating, excellent tool set chip cleaning are the reasons for which you must consider purchasing it. Neiko 3-bit drill set consists of high-speed steel with a titanium coating to enhance durability. This combination makes it extremely versatile drilling aluminium, copper, stainless steel, and other sheet metal types.

Their unique design is a 135-degree split-point tip. This tipping structure increases speed and aids the self-centred drill bit, so it doesn’t wander off. Another design feature is the two-flute form that clears chips faster, making existing particles simpler to prevent build-up.

Each piece also contains different length steps. You’ll feel the bit stop every step, so you never drill a bigger hole than you desire. The bits also have triflatted shanks to fit your drill securely, without slipping. But one of the most apparent drawbacks is that intense work may dull the drill bit quickly. This is also perfect drill bit for electricians.

  • These step drill bits are made of super-strong steel and finished with a titanium coating to improve durability and longevity. The set includes 3 step bits that can replace up to 28 drill bits and offer faster and smoother cutting.

  • These step drill bits aren’t very long. If you want to drill a deeper hole in stainless steel or another metal, you’ll need to use a standard drill bit.

Best Overall

Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel

Hurricane: Best Drill Bit for Hardened Steel

  • The drill bit is made with durable premium material.
  • The case is made out of high-quality, cutting-edge angular splits.
  • It’s fully optimised with a 135 degree fast cutting point
  • The drill bits have a strong titanium surface coating.
  • They’re widely known for being the best drill bit for drilling stainless steel.
  • They have a wide size range.

If you’re a workshop owner searching for a versatile kit, look no further. Yes, you heard that right – the Hurricane 230 Titanium Drill Set includes everything you may desire.

The collection includes all the fundamental bit widths needed to operate effectively in any project. It is appropriate not just for metal but also for many other materials, such as wood, plastic, and glass.

All components are made of 4241 high-speed steels, which provides them exceptional strength and endurance. You will certainly be able to use the set for a long time.

They give you a plastic box to arrange all your components and parts. Thanks to the box, locating and storing the right part will never be a problem again.

The most beneficial characteristic is the titanium coating that prevents corrosion and increases durability of this drill bit. When you work, you will not experience considerable heat growth, as you would with other products. It is also worn and tear-resistant.

The Hurricane Titanium set will give you the best long-life possible, and it will also help reduce heat build-up. On top of all of its features, it also ensures strength and durability to its maximum extent. It also comes with easy storage and transportation ability. The only con about this product is probably its price point being a bit too high than anticipated.

  • These twist drill bits are made of HSS material and finished with a titanium coating for greater durability and strength. The drill bit has a 135-degree split point for precise drilling, preventing bit walking and working on a variety of surfaces.

  • The drill bits aren’t extremely sharp but do the job very well. And the plastic case isn’t quite durable.

Best Budget

Drill Bit to Drilling through Stainless Steel

Hymnorq: Cobalt Steel Drill Bit to Drilling through Stainless Steel

  • The Hymnorq drill bits are perfect for people looking for lightweight drill bits.
  • They have 13 different drill bit sizes.
  • The bits are optimised with self centring tips which provide precise drilling.
  • Built-in cobalt alloy drill bits make perfect stainless steel drill bits.
  • It provides a much faster cut in comparison to the competitors.

If you’re unfamiliar with drill bits, you should have no difficulty utilizing this product. It includes a comprehensive handbook with much-needed suggestions for a straightforward procedure. Beginning with traditional metal RPM charts, these tutorial handbooks will teach you all you need to know.

Additionally, fast-cut 135 degrees eliminates the requirement for a center punch. The parts insert easily with little pressure.

Although Hmynorg is relatively unknown, it achieves an exceptional price-quality ratio. It is composed of 95% high-speed steel and 5% cobalt. With a spiral flute and straight shank construction, the Hymnorq Metric M35 is ideal for iron cutting. These bits of Cobalt alloy are robust enough to endure some abuse.

The metric design ensures that the sizes are correct for any application. The advantage of these components is that they may be utilized in both light and heavy-duty applications. Metric bits are much more durable and resistant to heat than standard HSS bits.

The set includes 13 bits ranging in size from 1,5 to 6,5 mm. Hymnorq is not required to locate a punch center to shift the bit. Throughout the operation, the tip is centered and angled at 135 degrees. It will not slide over the surface due to the tilt, which aids in penetration with little pressure.

However, pieces may be ineffective against high carbon, strong steel. Because these bits are also very hard, they are more fragile than HSS bits. You may utilise coolants to extend the life of the bit during operation. There are a few durability issues with the drill bits as well.

  • These twist bits are perfect for faster drilling through thicker material with their self-centring split point and high-flow spiral design. The drill bit also has a straight shank for slip-free drilling through stainless steel and is made from M35 Cobalt Steel for increased durability.

  • Some users find the drill bit gets dull quickly and the carrying case is slightly tight to close and open.

Premium Pick

best drill bits for stainless steel bolts

BOSCH: best drill bits for stainless steel bolts

  • The drill bit is engineered for professionals.
  • Undoubtedly the best drill bits for hardened steel.
  • Variable sizes for precise drill bit placement are available by the company.
  • Bosch’s quality assurance is top-notch.
  • It has extremely precise drilling.

If you’re looking for a reputable brand drill bit, this Bosch set is an excellent option. They are particularly well suited for usage on abrasive materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, and high-density metals. They are capable of drilling everyday materials such as wood, plastic, and light metals.

Bosch will not disappoint you if you’re searching for the finest drill bits. The drill bit set has split-point tips to minimize “walking,” and the bits are resistant to high temperatures in stainless steel. Indeed, the firm is certain that its cobalt metal drill bits would outlast conventional drill bits by a factor of four.

When one thinks about Bosch, one immediately thinks of German engineering and efficiency. Bosch has established itself as one of the world’s top tool and accessory manufacturers, gaining an enviable reputation.

This 14-piece drill bit set has diameters ranging from 0.063 inches to 0.50 inches, ensuring that this set is capable of handling any job. Bosch manufactured exceptional cobalt drill bits for the convenience of its users.

This set is suitable for contractors and experts since it was built without a skating start and a split-point tip. With a good start, you create precise holes. Hence, it’s mostly recommended for people already professional with drill bit for bolts.

Additionally, they are capable of working with lighter materials such as wood, plastic, and light metals, making them an excellent all-rounder. They’re the perfect drill bit for stainless steel sink usage. They’re engineered for professionals with split point tip advantage. The only thing that we don’t like about the drill bit set is that it’s expensive and very prone to fastening.

  • These drill bits are made from durable and heat-resistant m42 grade cobalt to offer durable service against stainless steel. The drill bits also offer a faster and more accurate start through tough material while ensuring faster metal removal.

  • The larger size bit doesn’t work well, and the longevity isn’t quite impressive.

Alternative Choice

Cobalt Drill Bit Set for Stainless Steel

Drill America M42 Cobalt Drill Bit Set for Stainless Steel

  • Made of high tensile cobalt material, these drill bits are sturdy enough to drill through stainless steel, titanium, and Inconel.
  • These drill bits have round shanks that make them compatible with almost all power drills.
  • The set includes 29 M2-grade high-speed steel that delivers high red hardness and allows drilling at a higher speed.
  • The drill bits have a 135-degree cutting edge, resulting in easier centring and retaining sharpness for a long time.
  • Brand Name: Drill America
  • The product includes: 29
  • Product material: cobalt
  • Coating: Gold Oxide finish
  • Shank design type: round
  • Cutting Angle: 135 degree
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.5 out of 5

While drilling through stainless steel, lubricating is a must-needed job to keep the heat at a lower level. But periodically lubrication is also a frustrating task, especially for beginner DIYers. But if you want to skip this step and want to fully concentrate on the drilling job, buying this Drill America Cobalt Drill Bit Set is your best option.

These drill bits have a gold oxide finish that performs as a lubricant while making the bits wear-resistant. Apart from that, the drill bits are quite stronger and suitable for drilling at higher speeds, and have an impressive lifespan.

  • This set of 29 drill bits comes in a variety of sizes that range from 1/16 inch to ½ inch. The drill bits also come in a plastic carrying case for easier transport, keeping the bits well organised. Plus, the drill bits are sturdy enough to withstand extreme use and high temperatures while being suitable for faster drilling into stainless steel and other tough surfaces.

  • Some of the drill bits are lightly etched and may wipe off easily.

Customer Choice

Step Drill Bit Set for Stainless Steel

IRWIN: Step Drill Bit Set for Stainless Steel

  • This step drill bit has a laser-marked size scale for easier identification and enjoys the accurate size of the hole.
  • This cobalt step bit has a SpeedPoint tip for easier centring, resulting in accurate and faster drilling.
  • Design with the radial concave flute, these drill bits help use the most drilling power.
  • The step drilling is sturdy enough to drill a deeper hole through tough stainless steel.
  • Brand name: Irwin Tools
  • Material: HSS and cobalt
  • Flute design:  radial concave
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.6 out of 5

 Whether you need faster drilling through stainless steel with a longer life span or increased versatility, this IRWIN Step Drill Bit Set is your way to go. This set includes a 3 step drill bit that is made of M-35-grade cobalt steel and varies up to 13 different sizes. It means the drill bits have 5% cobalt for faster and longer drilling and are suitable for creating a variety of sized holes while maintaining precision.

  • These three pieces of steep drill bits are suitable for drilling an accurate hole with the exact diameter and avoiding the bit’s loss while varying 13 different sizes. The drill bits are made of sturdy materials and are easier to center.

  • Some customers receive the drill bit set in a little pouch instead of the hard case as promised. And the drill bits aren’t extremely sharp.

How to Drill through Stainless Steel?

Once you’ve assembled all of the equipment you’ll need to begin drilling, including the pilot hole (if applicable), it’s time to get to work. To minimize movement and deflection, you must have the metal securely fastened to the working table.

If the drill speed is set too high, it will produce an excessive amount of heat. The drill will also fail as a result of this failure mode. Identifying the most appropriate feed control will be essential, especially when it comes to breaking the chip.

How to Drill through Stainless Steel

Drilling Tips and Tricks:

  • If you are drilling for basic purposes, you should use either a twist bit or an HSS bit.
  • If you’re drilling plaster, slate, or brick, you’ll need to use a masonry bit. Reduce the drill’s speed to the lowest setting.
  • When drilling glass and tile, use a slower cutting speed and a bit more spear point.
  • If you need larger holes, a hole bit should be used. However, ensure that the drill you’re using can handle this extra power, or you risk destroying the motor.
  • When dealing with tougher metals, the best choice is to use a step bit set to a slower speed.

A drill bit is what makes the hole or cuts in your work. As a consequence, we recommend spending a little more money on higher-quality components. These components will last much longer than low-cost alternatives, enabling you to save time and money in the long run.

How to prevent the Drill Bit from Breaking down while Drilling into Stainless Steel?

Drilling through stainless steel without cracking the drill bit can prove tricky. The following are some handy tips that you can follow to become successful:

  • Don’t put excess pressure on the drill bit. Achieving the balance can be tough, but once you get it, drilling into steel will be much easier.
  • Give the drill bit enough time so it can cool down. A hot drill bit is more likely to break easily. Apart from that, using the drill bit consistently for a long time makes it blunt. Thus, giving the drill bit an occasional break can save it from snapping.
  • Typically, stainless steel is softer than people think it is. So it doesn’t require super-fast speed, while a slower setting is good enough.

What is the Best Drill Bits for Hardened Metal or Stainless Steel?

A cobalt mix is used in the manufacture of the finest drill bits for hardened metals and steels. These cobalt drill bits are made from an alloy that contains 5 percent to 8 percent cobalt. Because Cobalt is a component of the steel mix, the hardness of the bit is not diminished when it is coated with a protective coating (like titanium bits).

Another significant benefit of using these bits is that you can sharpen them as necessary. The fact that cobalt drill bits are considerably more expensive than other kinds of twist drill bits becomes important when you consider the following: When compared to black oxide or titanium bits, you want to save these bits for when you will need them to be used.

A drop of oil on the metal surface before drilling with a cobalt bit can keep the cutting-edge cooler while it drills through tough materials. As an alternative, if at all feasible, you should try putting some wood underneath the steel. This allows you to cut neatly through the material without striking a surface underneath it, which may dull the cutting edge over time.

What Do We Mean by Hardened Steel?

When we talk about drilling in hardened steel, we are referring to medium or high carbon steels that have been heated, treated, and tempered to acquire their hardness. Hardened steels are very durable and resistant to wear, corrosion, and abrasion.

Additionally, they are corrosion and abrasion-resistant. The majority of steel materials used in mechanical engineering, energy generation, and transportation are hardened steel. Depending on the application, the best drill bits for metal may have been designed especially for hardened steel applications or optimised for speed in softer carbon steels.

Another kind that is popular in the business of the metal world is stainless steel. Stainless Steel is a kind of steel that is resistant to corrosion. Stainless steels are alloys of steel that include at least 10.5 percent chromium and come in a range of grades. Stainless steel is utilized in many commercial applications due to its corrosion and stain resistance, high sheen, and low maintenance needs, including cookware, cutlery, home appliances, construction fasteners, and surgical equipment.

Regardless of the external look or chemical composition, both hardened steel and stainless steel are very difficult to drill through, regardless of the hardness of the material. Often, the most effective way of producing high-quality output is via the use of a drill press.

Hence, it’s important to know the kind of drill bit which will be suitable for your work. Let’s get into the buyer’s guide for knowing the best drill bits for stainless steel!

Buying Guide to pick the Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

The different materials used for the production of the drill bit and the finishes applied during the process of production make a major contribution to the performance and longevity of the bit.

Ultimately, the kind and type of bit you pick depends on the task and the substance you wish to drill. If you use the wrong bit, it may break if it’s not powerful enough to drill the material or if it can damage the material itself.

You will also have issues with performance with your drill, as it may overheat to push the bit into the material.

For every project or application, selecting the proper box bit is essential. Whether choosing the right bit for the substrate material, matching its depth and diameter, or just requiring effort, making the right choice may considerably extend your drill bits’ duration; this enables you to accomplish more with each drill bit. This improves productivity to heaps.

Hence, let’s get into the considerable factors needed for you to find the best drill bits for stainless steel:


The diameter of the bit’s body will determine the bit’s size. Certain jobs may need the usage of drill bits of a certain size, which you may encounter.

On the other hand, the majority of sets will include a variety of sizes designed to handle the bulk of jobs in the garage and around the home. If the size you need is not included in the set you purchase, it is always possible to purchase it separately from the manufacturer.


You can firmly hold a drill bit in the shank by using the chuck of a drill press or a hand power tool. Smaller drills are used for household tasks and are frequently equipped with 3/8-inch-diameter chucks.

Hand drills intended for heavy-duty usage will have a chuck with a diameter of half an inch. The chuck of a normal drill press will be much larger, starting at half an inch in diameter and rising.


The angle of the drill bit tip is intended to define the kind of material that it can drill through. A little bit with a flat dot needs to deal with harder materials. These bits are meant to stay much better in the center than a flat point bit. Thus, they frequently result in the exit and entrance hole that look much cleaner.

Bits with a split-tip are intended to enhance the precision of the drilling. The split design prevents the bit from moving away from the target. This also leads to cleaner output and input holes. Hence, the angle of the top drill is extremely important to look over before you buy the best drill bits for stainless steel.

FAQs on Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

What is the best type of drill bit for stainless steel?

Cobalt is considered to be the best material for drilling stainless steel. The best drill bits for stainless steel are in which Cobalt is mixed almost 5 to 8 percent in the raw material construction of the bit.
Carbide and HSS materials are also good for drilling into different materials like wood, plastic, glass, and more. You will need a twist drill type-0H for the perfect drilling. With the right type of drill bit, you’ll be saving a lot of time and energy with ease.

Is there a special drill bit for stainless steel?

Since steel is the hardest material to drill into, it requires a special H-type twist drill. The material should not be overlooked as well. The material of the drill bit must be durable enough to drill through steel.
Hence, the drill bit must be made of solid carbide or Cobalt-made drill bits. For the best drill bits for stainless steel, don’t forget to look at our top drill picks.

Will the titanium drill bit go through stainless steel?

Yes, titanium drill will go through stainless steel. Titanium drill bits are high-speed steel drill bits (HSS) with oxide coating for titanium. They are extremely durable and resistant to corrosion.
Titanium drill bits are tougher than Cobalt, but they cannot be honed since they are covered. They are also extremely heat resistant and exceedingly tough and abrasive. They are particularly suitable for drilling with stainless steel, cast iron, and titanium.

Are cobalt drill bits better than titanium?

Yes, in terms of working with and drilling steel, cobalt drill bits work better than titanium. The titanium steel bits are better for working with other materials such as wood, plastic, and more. Titanium also works on steel.
However, Cobalt is preferably better. Since Cobalt is stronger than titanium, it will be much easier on steel. You’ll find a difference between day and night when you start using cobalt drills as they’re much sturdier and give a precise drill.

What is the easiest way to drill stainless steel?

When drilling through stainless steel, carbide-infused drill bits are a good choice because of their strength. Manufacturers may also create ultra-hard drill bits by infusing Cobalt into the drill bits they are already producing.
High-speed steel, often known as HSS, is the most commonly used drill bit for metal applications for drilling through stainless steel. You can check out our list for finding the best drill bits for stainless steel.

Take the Best drill bit for steel

Drill bits are one of the most important tools to have around while working with drills. After all, they’re like the bullets to a gun – the drills are unusable without the perfect drill. Some drills require smaller drill bits while some require bigger, and there is diversity in the material you’re going to use it upon as well.

Hence, the most important thing to do when buying drill bits is to list your needs and buy the one which checks in your requirement. Thus, our article will hopefully help you in getting the best drill bits for stainless steel for yourself.

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