7 Best Drill for Electricians

A drill is an indispensable tool for you as long as you’re a professional electrician. It provides the most versatility in a compact design. However, we are heading to introduce the best drill for electricians in this content. So, if you’re an electrician already or want to be a professional figure, this content is for you. Here, we’ll review the 7 drills that are the best electrician drill.

These 7 drills that we have researched out will give the most extended battery life. And, these drills will ensure more than 50% of productivity compared to other ordinary tools on the market. Yet, you’ll get both the corded and cordless drill in our list to match up your drilling types. Conversely, we have found them stronger through their sophisticated motor, high torque, and other necessary parts.

Handyman’s pick: 7 Best Drill for Electricians

These 7 drills are the guarantee for more power and reliability for the electricians. But, despite all those outstanding features, still, these are inexpensive as well as high-end drills. And, you’ll get certain options to buy them because we explored all the drills based on features, advantages, disadvantages, durability, etc.

Therefore, right after reading this article, you’ll get nothing to be confused about which one to choose and why to choose. So, Let’s Begin!

Here are the 7 best drills that are the most capable tools to provide more impact and faster jobs. Let’s see what these drills are

Top Electricians Drill

Best Cordless Drill for Electricians

TECCPO: Best Cordless Drill for Electricians

  • You would be capable of punching holes of various sizes with its 33pcs accessories drill set.
  • The upgraded, powerful 4-pole copper motor is more powerful and more durable.
  • With its 3-Level power indicator, you can know the state of the battery.
  • The ergonomic grip handle design comforts you to do one-handed operations.
  • The impressive forward and backward motion will help you to screw into a standard.
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​​Suppose you want a drill that is nice for your house project. You can prime TECCPO Power Drill, Cordless Drill. As far it is appreciable, you can do everything with multiple settings. Even, you can drill holes and drive screws on wood, metal, and plastic. So, this one is ideally the best cordless drill for electricians.

The drill will not lose power or hang up while working. As a result, you can finish your long-time operations like screwing or drilling without stopping. Another significant benefit is the battery and charger have a unique temperature management system. This system safeguards the battery from being overheated.

Its additional battery and fast charger give you one more remarkable facility. For those, you will get this cordless drill ready to use anytime you want. Sometimes you may need to lay your drill down. But, don’t worry; the button to slide mid-way saves you from accidentally turning on.

By the way, you don’t need any spare tools while using the TECCPO Power Drill. You will get the drill strong enough to create a clean and accurate hole that makes you happy with this product.

  • Its trigger-activated LED light illuminates your dark work area to perform accurately.
  • It has a large carrying case that holds everything and is much more user comfortable.
  • You can use the 1/2″ Metal Keyless chuck easily.
  • By comparing it with other drills, you will get it relatively quiet. It won’t make any noise.

  • They stand too much bent to work on anything.
  • The drill is not lightweight, a little heavier than others.

Runner Up

Best Corded Drill for Electricians

PORTER-CABLE: Best Corded Drill for Electricians

  • Its Lock-on button comes with better control in your lengthy usage.
  • The User-friendly Soft-grip handles soothe you while working constantly.
  • With the six-foot-long power cord, you can do most of your indoor tasks nicely.
  •  It has come with an ion battery power.
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Sometimes you need to do a little bit better in many places. Then you can attempt this PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill. This pretty well-made drill will do fine. It is powerful enough for most household applications. You find this Corded Electric Speed Drill packed with different features. No doubt, it is the best-corded drill for electricians for its high speed.

When you do a lot of projects, you need a drill with plugs in. This corded drill will help you to do your work without having any charge before. The PORTER-CABLE PCC601LB Lithium-Ion Drill is small in size and lightweight. So you can hold it conveniently while moving around.

Besides, you will get the best result for its 0-2500 RPM variable speed. It will be Impressive when you easily control this variable speed. The drill has a ½” keyless chuck that gives fast and easy bit changes. So you don’t need to change the drill bit for each very annoying duration.

The drill is hands-free carrying for its Belt clip. It helps you keep the drill close at hand and hold it safely while working on a ladder. The high-performing 6.5-Amp motor delivers 283 units watt out. It makes the drill outstanding for high performance. For your most challenging applications, its Powerful 7.0 Amp motor is much more helpful.

  • Using one finger, you can switch forward and reverse with this amazing tool.
  • With its high-torque gear, you will be able to drill anything in your house.
  • You can easily adjust the drill speed by pulling the trigger gently.
  • It has considerable value for your money.
  • The LED light provides sufficient visibility and supports you to do the work in the dark.

  • Not much powerful for any heavy-duty drilling.
  • The drill is noisy enough.

Premium pick

Best Cordless Electrician Drill

DEWALT 20V Max: Best Cordless Electrician Drill

  • This drill has almost 1500 in-lbs of torque, and it has a relatively good impact.
  • Additionally, you can get excellent visibility without shadows with its 3 LED lights.
  • Its ergonomic handle delivers you pleasant comfort and control.
  • DEWALT 20V Max Cordless drill provides you with 2-speed transmission (0-450 / 0-1500 RPM).
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It would not be very pleasant to ask someone to do your work, and you have to pay more. In this case, it would be better to do your project yourself. It will save you a lot of money. But, of course, you need a powerful, durable, and handy drill.

Here you may try DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill. This tool is the best cordless drill for electricians in the present market, the same as the TECCPO Power Drill. This cordless drill is straightforward to use. The DEWALT 20V, however, is a fantastic cordless tool.

You cannot imagine that the power of this excellent cordless drill is extraordinary. Its high-performance motor produces 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power. Also, the power of this drill knows how even to complete a wide range drilling applications.

The compact and lightweight design of the drill is imposing. You can fit it into tight areas. This drill is very much ideal for completing a wide range of applications. It runs on 20v batteries, and the batteries charge faster. So you can accelerate up your work with this smart drill and driver.

Overall, it will make you happy after getting tight bit gripping strength with a 1/2-inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck.

  • Its excellent Battery life and Quick charging times will help in your emergency.
  • This lightweight tool is more powerful, operates much smoother, and runs considerably longer.
  • You can easily add or remove the belt clips as you need.
  • The battery indicator on the back of the battery is amazing.

  • Under the bit, the LED light on this impact drill makes it hard to see what you are doing above it to line something up.
  • It’s not acceptable for a big project.

Japanese Brand

Best Cordless Hammer Drill for Electricians

Makita XPH07Z: Best Cordless Hammer Drill for Electricians

  • The electronically-controlled BL Brushless Motor of this tool will help you increase your performance.
  • Its maximum RPM is 2100 for ensuring high speed.
  • This tool has a BPM of up to 31500 for fast and secured hammer drilling.
  • It has come with an ion battery power.
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More or less, we all want our drilling tasks to be faster. And, if you want the same, decide on Makita XPHo7Z. It will give you around 24% faster drilling than the most common and ordinary drill on the present market. The professionals consider it as the world’s most extensive cordless drill kit with 18 Volts.

Surprisingly, it will allow you to drill around 77 holes with a one-time charge. And, its BL efficient brushless motor can ultimately optimize the battery energy for long time work. Once you charge the battery, it will ensure up to 50% more longer running time at each charge.

For high performance, this tool will deliver 1090 Ibs of its maximum torque. The Makita XPH07Z, however, is the best electrician drill for fast hammer drilling in the case of masonry material. It works through the masonry material in terms of its 500 BPM.

However, while you need to run your cooler, you need your tool BL motor to enable it. In that case, this tool is perfect for allowing the BL motor to eliminate carbon brushes and allow the BL motor. Besides, the motor of this machine is competent to match the RPM and torque for your various applications. The Makita XPH07Z will be your perfect long-run partner.

  • It will provide a clean and comfortable sound.
  • For better performance, it comes with two-speed traits.
  • You can go through lower as well as higher drill control power according to your drilling demand.
  • It pulses up its maximum RPM for precise control.
  • This tool is suitable for different materials, for instance, wood, masonry, metal, etc.

  • It can stop working sometimes. So, you can find it a bit insecure.
  • The chuck can fall off in reverse.

Best Overall

Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

BOSCH PS11: Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

  • The 12V motor will provide 1300 RPM for bringing you the maximum drilling torque.
  • It has a 5-positioning head in the case of your drilling articulation.
  • You’ll get the bit replacement easy in terms of its 3/8Inches auto-lock chuck.
  • Its 3 Inches screws allow you to perform different applications.
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Are you thinking of deburring and chamfering for your pre-drilled holes? The BOSCH PS11-102 will be the best solution then. This tool is especially for deburring and chamfering as well as HVAC constructor. Besides, you need not think of another tool for your electrical and plumbing drilling projects while using this fantastic tool. It is because this tool will suit all your plumbing and electrical tasks.

The BOSCH PS11-102, by the way, is an excellent assistance for beginners. It will assist you in cutting various materials in an accurate measurement. So, no matter whether you’ve pre-knowledge for operating such tools.

Yet, due to the 90° height, users consider this tool as the best right angle drill for electricians. And, you can work from 90° to 180° measurement accurately as a super driver while working in a tight space.

To complete your drilling so efficiently, even while going through any too-hard material, is pretty easy. Due to its super tricky titanium-coated bits and high-speed steel, it will act superbly to solve your hard materials drilling job problems.

It will ensure the perfect speed regulations through the variable–speed trigger with the PS 11 to 102. And, you can significantly work faster due to the presence of the Lithium-ION. The tool has an Electrical-Cell-Protection trait to guarantee a long-time running aptitude.

  • The BOSCH PS11-102 is only 2.75 Ibs that makes it extremely lightweight to carry to your job site.
  • You can work in a versatile way using the BOSCH PS11-102.
  • Drilling pilot holes for your project is quite amazing through its ¾ Inches spade bit.
  • This tool has an exclusive motor brake for exact driving.
  • It is super powerful to work according to your drilling demands.

  • Removing the battery for charging is often hard-hitting.
  • It has a sturdy torque adjustment.

Best Budget

Best Cheap Cordless Drill for Electricians

BLACK+DECKER: Best Cheap Cordless Drill for Electricians

  • It has a Quick-Release 1/4Inches HEX chuck for faster bit changes.
  • This tool carries an interchangeable cordless battery to work in lawns and gardens.
  • The 11-Position clutch will help you prevent overdriving screws and stripping.
  • The maximum RPM of this tool is 3000.
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The BLACK+DECKER has come with an extra level of control for the drilling drivers to increase productivity. However, this tool is the production of the trendy brand Black and Decker. Due to its 20 Volts battery, you can comfortably commit your home as well as big drilling. So, it is considered the best cordless drill for electricians among the users.

While you work for different drilling tasks, it requires an extra level of drilling speed. However, changing the speed to control your drilling job is completely possible in the case of this tool. You can easily change the speed level to your required level.

However, this combo set of tools will be a good deal for your long-term battery life. Replacing the 1.5AH battery of the Black Decker drill is easy for every user. On the other hand, you’ll find it easy to buy all its replaceable parts from the same manufacturer.

This drill motor has enough power to make you go smoothly through any materials. Also, it is perfectly suitable for all your home as well as weekend light work. And, each of its parts seems well rubberized while you’ll touch them.

In addition, this fantastic tool has a flat-head drill bit that you can use to snap into the back of the tool handle.

  • The cordless drill offers LED light for more effortless drilling in dark work areas.
  • To its compact design, it’s pretty easy to use in all applications.
  • To get the maximum torque at 1375 Inches Ib, it will provide a high-performance transmission.
  • It has come at an affordable cost for all levels of buyers.
  • Drilling for building sheds, roofs, carports, and shelves with it is impressive.

  • It didn’t come with an impact wrench.
  • It has got its casing plastic which seems not durable.

Customer Choice

Best Professional Cordless Drill for Electricians

CRAFTSMAN V20: Best Professional Cordless Drill for Electricians

  • To run the maximum speed of 0600/01, 900, it provides a 2-speed gearbox.
  • The 1/2Inches chunk of this fantastic tool will offer standard bit retention.
  • The highest RPM and IPM are 2800 and 3500, respectively, ready to deal with fastening applications.
  • It has its highest battery voltage of 20 and a nominal voltage of 18.
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If you want an overall solution for all your fastening needs, we recommend the best electrician drill, CRAFTSMAN V20. It will allow you to match and fit different drill bits for a variety of applications. While you need to use your tool for heavy-duty use, its 340 UWO will give you sufficient power. It can produce 350-unit watts while working for heavy-duty.

The maximum torque rating of this tool is 1500 Lbs that will enable you to deal with the large fastener. To change the bit is faster and easier in terms of its one-handed bit inserting process. However, it has comfortable and over-molded grips to help you reduce your fatigue as a user of it.

With extreme comfort, you can make your transport efficiently with its two combo kits and soft storage bag. You can nicely place your other necessary parts like batteries, chargers, and accessories in the storage bag. Besides, it has come with a brushless motor that will provide you with 25% more durability and improved tool running time.

  • You need not much time to get the total charge on the battery.
  • The battery charge sustains for a long time once you’ve charged the battery.
  • It has come with lots of torques to provide high performance.
  • This tool is well-made with advanced technology.
  • The Craftsmen V20 can quickly identify the issue and promptly manage a new impact drill.

  • It isn’t suitable for demanding or rigid materials like stone.
  • You cannot work non-stop for hours at a time.

Factors to pick the Best Drill for Electricians

Nobody wants to invest money worthless. It is the chronic nature of buyers to expect the highest quality at a reasonable price. And, if it is about a drill, ensuring the quality is beyond the questions. If you’re someone like them and want to ensure productive investment, follow our guide to buying a quality tool. However, here are the three crucial factors that every electrician must follow before they buy their drill-


Motor power should be your biggest concern while going to buy a drill. To determine the tool power, you can check the battery voltage. Because of the much voltage, you’ll get higher torque strength. A drill comes with several voltages ranging from 6 to 20 volts in maximum. We suggest you choose the motor power from 18 to 20 Volts to deal with all kinds of duty jobs.

Brushless Vs Brushed Motor

The benefits of having a drill with a brushless motor are huge. If you buy a brushless motor, it will require less maintenance. Besides, it will help your drilling job produce less noise and will serve more efficiently.

A brushless motor will cost you much more than a brushed one. So, it will depend on the budget you’ve fixed for your tool.


According to the functionality, you can divide the drill into five different types. For example:

Drill Drivers! The Drill drivers drill machine is the best drill for electricians. All the professional electricians choose this type, considering the purpose of driving screws. Cordless Screwdrivers! This drill is especially for removing and fastening screws.

Impact Drivers! While your drilling job requires a higher torque, you should go for the Impact Drivers drill machine. Hammer Drill! If you are a professional and need to work through heavy materials each day, buy this Hammer Drill.

Rotary drill! The most effective and portable tool is the Rotary Drill, which seems the best electrician drill among the users. Here, each of them will work significantly for specific drilling projects. So, you have to decide which one will be perfect depending on your project type.

How to use and set a Drill Torque?

When you think of torque settings, think of it as a clutch in your car. And, wheels of the car start losing their speed and power right after pressing the clutch pedal. Likewise, all the ways of power go to the car wheels while releasing the clutch pedal and starting spinning faster.

The trigger on the drill, on the other hand, acts like an accelerator pedal while you think of your car. The harder you can press your drill trigger, the quicker the drill will keep spinning.

However, in several functional moments, most users turn down the torque to get more control over the drill. Because the different levels of torque settings will help you make the drill’s functions more versatile, it will allow you to deal with the broader drilling job with the same machine.

For example- while you work through a soft material, you can turn down the torque easily. But, the problems will happen when you leave the drill at top torque.

Two More Ways to Use the Torque Settings

There are two most excellent ways how you can use the torque settings more conveniently-

Overdrive the Drill Screws: We recommend you over-drive the drill screw when you’re on the top settings of the torque. It will give you more control over your project and save you from splitting your wood drilling job.

Stripping of the Screw Head: Removing the screws without damage is pretty tough while working through hard materials. In that case, we recommend you strip the screw head, and it will let you remove the screws smoothly hassle-free.

FAQs on Best Drill for Electricians

What kind of drill do electricians use?

A drill that has multifunctional features and doesn’t cost too much is commonly preferable to electricians. The electricians consider the drill machines according to the types of their work. One is for light-duty jobs like household and DIY projects, and another is for heavy-duty jobs.
While they need to deal with the light-duty drilling job, they choose the drill machines with the highest 18 Volts battery rating. But, if the drilling job is for heavy-duty, the electricians, of course, go for the drill machines that range the highest 20- volts model.

What is the strongest electric drill?

Well, while you talk about an electric drill, you talk about the most powerful machines as their batteries. It is because the electric drill comes with a higher voltage which means supreme power.
However, the Dewalt 20V cordless drill is the most robust and compact electric drill. It is the drill machine that can perform the most challenging drill jobs despite being a lightweight machine.

Which power tool brand is best for electricians?

The electricians focus on famous brands to ensure the drilling quality. Let’s see some of the top brands that electricians like most in the present era.
DEWALT, Makita, CRAFTSMAN, etc., are the highly preferable brands for a drill for electricians.

Is a cordless drill better than a corded one?

Debating between corded Vs. Cordless drills have been around for years after years. There, nothing to make any debate or being confused between these two types. It is because these two types of drills are good for two different traits.
A cordless drill is usually suitable for carrying it to your job site or anywhere you want. But, the corded drill is extremely convenient while you need to generate the highest power to deal with heavy projects. So, the significance of both types of 0f drill machines is out-counted depending on your drilling demands.

What is good torque for an electrician drill?

Torque is the critical issue for a drill machine, and it doesn’t matter whether it is a corded or cordless drill. If you can go with around 1500 RPM of torque, you can go permanently for the high-speed hole drilling. Also, it will help you make simple driving fasteners. So, a good torque means about 1500 RPM at least.

To Wrap Up

While your drill can serve higher speed and lots of torque, you can easily make bigger holes having no trouble. But, due to getting an outstanding tool, you must research well before you buy. However, we have discussed the best electrician drill that will help you save your time and anxiety. These drills will give the maximum productivity for your drilling projects.

In our content, you will easily find the different levels of drill tools. As a result, you can choose the best one for you trouble-free. So, why late? Go, research our shortlist and buy!

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