7 Best Drill for Mixing Concrete

The most important part of mixing concrete is the proper use of a drill mixer. The best drill for mixing concrete can be suitable to mix your concrete in less than 10 minutes. If you want to get the perfect match every time, make sure you invest in a good quality drill when it comes time to start pouring!

So, do you need to drill holes in your concrete? If yes, then this article is for you. We have selected all the top rating drills that are high quality for super performance. Also, these drills will be durable, non-hand tools than the common tools on the market. Nonetheless, these tools are extremely powerful and can be your best choice for multiple purposes.

Subsequently, we can help you find the perfect tool for any project that includes drilling, mixing, or pouring concrete. Check out our top list and study our tips on choosing the right drill bit for your specific application.

Handyman’s pick: 3 Best Drill for Mixing Concrete

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT DW130V Color: Yellow/Black
Power Source: Corded Electric
120 Volts
550 RPM
Check Price
backpac VonHaus 10 Amp Color: Orange
Power Source: Corded Electric
120 Volts
700 RPM
Check Price
cordlessblower Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Color: Paste/Silver
Power Source: Corded Electric
110 Volts
600 RPM
14 x 4 x 13 inches
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If you’re new and need to know more about drills for mixing concrete, we’ve got the information and experience that can help. We’ll share with you what features are required to get a quality drill mixture afterward. So, let us know if there’s anything else we can do to make it easier for you.

To buy the best drill for mixing concrete for your constructional purpose isn’t that easy. Investing money in something of high quality is highly required for every user. Therefore, we have researched all the top-quality drills that best fit your budget and tool quality. However, a drill mixture is perfect for drilling holes through tough materials like steel or brick. And, if you buy from anyone on our top list, you can get your job done without damage.

Top Pick Mixing Drill

Electric Drill for Mixing Concrete

DEWALT: Electric Drill for Mixing Concrete

  • This has a 120-Watt motor, which will provide you with both high and low gears.
  • It is well suitable for under-mixing thick materials.
  • You’ll get a special changing button to use a hammer for mixing concrete.
  • It also will offer you the unique paddle mixture to make you go with ease.

Whether you’re mixing up concrete or driving an anchor, this DEWALT drill will dish out the job site goods. With variable speed control for even more power and torque, you can go ahead and mix up your rock-hard concrete. But you need not be worried about air bubbles.

If you prefer to begin with a cordless tool, you’ve got that covered too. Plus, this tool is practically spill-proof by design. So, you don’t have to worry about spilling your coffee on it before blowing stuff up. It is because, of course, you are sitting right next to the detonator box.

The DEWALT electric drill is a heavy-duty construction tool that will clear out any of your projects. Its 9 Amp delivers enough power to start any mixing application with ease. It will work for you in a super fine mode, from anchoring concrete pillars to laying drywall.

In addition, the soft grip handle offers superior comfort and ergonomic quality. Therefore, the best corded drill will help you decrease your fatigue and increase your productivity. So, you’ll remain fit the whole day on your work sites.

  • It won’t create any annoying noise.
  • You can bore the holes trouble-free in any rocky area.
  • It is also suitable to use for mixing grout and paint.
  • This drill machine can mix around 4000ibs of concrete a day.
  • It has excellent torque and is also very lightweight.

  • If you want to mix mortar for small projects, it will be tough.
  • This machine is only for 110v 110v, which is quite disappointing for the users.

Runner Up

Best Drill for Mixing Concrete

VonHaus: Best Drill for Mixing Concrete

  • You’ll have a 360° rotating handle to get total comfort.
  • It has a high-quality gear-housing trait.
  • 1/2″ chuck has made this tool suitable for significant diameter bits and stirring accessories.
  • It has got a rotary dial for reducing air bubbles during concrete/mud mixing.

Now, whether you’re looking to mix up some soup or replace your floor tiles, the VonHaus Drill Mud Mixer has got it covered. The new heavy-duty drill mud mixer with a spade handle by VonHaus is for you to meet your multi-tasks.

The most durable power tool, VonHaus, has come with forwarding/backward control and locks on the button. It will let you be in total control of not only what powder but how much of it goes into any project at hand.

Featuring a powerful 10-amp motor and variable speed that ranges from 0-700 rpm, this corded electric drill won’t cause any wear and tear on your wrists. We found this short, powerful, and versatile corded drill is perfect for any job or hobby. The variable speed control will provide excellent flexibility, while the 10-amp motor ensures power even in harsh conditions.

Nevertheless, the robust aluminum gear of this tool will be housing its ergonomic design. For that reason, it is acceptable to anyone who needs to mix liquids or drill large holes. The right/left ergonomic design will give you total control of your drilling.

In addition, you can use this with ease in either hand by adjusting the gear housing depending on preference. On the other hand, this is a highly high-torque machine which will allow you to work longer without getting tired. Also, it is great for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts!

  • This drill is the highest torque capacity tool.
  • You’ll get a different mixture with this tool for your drywall mud.
  • It is easy to use for a 5-gallon bucket.
  • The VonHaus is ready to make high-performance drilling with its high torque.
  • It is versatile and also powerful with its dual functionality.

  • It often can lessen the torque speed.
  • Sometimes, you have to face an irritating sound.

Premium Pick

Drill for Mixing Concrete

Makita DS4012 Drill for Mixing Concrete

  • It has a D-Handle’s 360° rotation and 24 locks to avoid your hand slipping.
  • The 8.5 AMP motor exceeds it for improving mixing performance.
  • This tool has come with a ball-bearing construction for smooth operation.
  • The grip is completely rubberized to make you maneuver relieve.

If you’re looking for a well-equipped drill with the power to do challenging work, this Makita spade handle drill is the perfect tool. Its top speed of 600 RPM ensures that no repair or project in your home will be too big for this corded electric drill. Also, the lightweight and compact design make it easy to reach high places.

It’s even easier to its 2-finger trigger, which has modifications for fatiguing fingers. And, heading down continuously for around 10 seconds is pretty comfortable for the users of Makita DS4012.

Whether you’re outfitting your DIY closet space, basement finishing job, heavy-duty outdoor equipment maintenance task, or anything in between, this tool will be a perfect partner for you.

However, we’ve all had to drill a hole in something at some point, but many of us don’t have the two hands we need for hard-to-reach areas. But the Makita DS4012 can transfer power from its corded electric motor into rotations per minute hassle-free. And, it will help you get that fast and effective drilling job done to get on with your everyday drilling tasks.

This drill will work through wood with 20 volts and an energy absorption style PTC inside the machine without struggling or slowing down. The variable speed dial system, on the other hand, lets you set it according to what type of material you are working on.

  • This versatile Makita drill can power through any project.
  • With its well-balanced design, you’ll find it more significant.
  • You can use this powerful tool as an extension of yourself.
  • Makita DS4012 drill can handle jobs through hardwood without breaking a sweat.
  • It will offer you fast and convenient bit changes through the onboard chuck.

  • We didn’t find any noticeable unsatisfactory reviews of this product.

Best Budget

Electric Mud and Concrete Mixer Drill

Genesis GSHD1290 Electric Mud and Concrete Mixer Drill

  • It has a powerful 12-inch drum capacity for heavy tasks.
  • The Genesis GSHD1290 came with 850 RPMs and adjustable speeds.
  • It has a unique speed trigger with dial control to make the drilling task accurate.
  • This tool has a DIE-Cast aluminum gear for maximum sturdiness.

The Genesis GSHD1290 Electric Mud Mixer Drill perfectly mixes larger bits used in thicker drywall mud, paint, and thinnest materials. With its 9.0 Amps, you can maintain control over your drill during operation through its spade handle and auxiliary side handle.

This powerful drill, by the way, allows you to drill into metal, wood, or composite material. So, mixing all sorts of materials to perfection is pretty easy while you work with Genesis GSHD1290. This Electric Mud Mixer Drill will be your one-stop shop for all drilling; we can guarantee! You can add air to tires, mix mud, or do something that requires intense power.

Besides, its ½” inch chuck is perfect for more significant bits for mixing mud or drywall drilling applications. You can never doubt your confidence in this tool for your utmost safety. It is made out of pure steel housing and a gearbox to bring strength while working.

Furthermore, it has come with a lock-On button that ensures consistent precision through different application settings. And, its removable spindle drive-cover makes it easy when needed. However, this Genesis branded tool comes backed by a lifetime warranty. So, buy confidently, knowing your tool is well-built.

  • It will be your perfect drilling machine for stacking your large machinery.
  • This tool is just right for turning even the toughest soils into smooth ground.
  • It can be an integral part of any of your home builder’s repertoire.
  • You’ll get all the money-saving features like- variable drilling depth.
  • Two years manufacturer warranty will be available with it to reduce your maintenance stress.

  • It can become a bit smelly, which is quite awkward.
  • It is pretty heavy to carry to the job site.

Best Overall

Best Drill for Concrete

BOSCH Bosch GBM9 Best Drill for Concrete

  • Its precision-cut steel gear is to ensure maximum productivity.
  • The motor is capable of generating the highest torque at any speed level.
  • This machine has come with a three-prong grounding plug to give you further assistance.
  • Its 360° rotatable D-handle is available for maximum comfort in all applications.

The Bosch GBM9-16 Mixer is an outstanding tool with its 9.0 Amp motor that will allow you to produce high torque. Its variable speed control for gripping materials such as cement plaster and epoxy resin. And it will allow you to hold it in the best possible position.

 Its steel saw feature is a wide variety of drilling and mixing accessories to secure within the material. Also, it’s extra-long 8ft. rubber cord will provide great flexibility when you’re on-site working.

However, the Bosch GBM9-16 drill/mixer is perfect for your high-power and heavy-duty work. It has come with a 5-inch variable speed and 0-700 no-load RPMs. Therefore, you can do your job drilling in wood or metal, precision steel gears limitless.

This drill can do forward and reverse drilling with its head to rotate the entire device. And, it is precise with greater torque more than you need! Moreover, it has a 1-year manufacturer warranty, thirty-day money-back guarantee, and a 1-year service protection plan. So, you won’t find any risk in buying this excellent concrete mixer drill.

  • You’ll find its full keyed chuck well-supported for mixing accessories.
  • It is an excellent powerhouse of all the safety features.
  • This is the tool that all levels of users can afford.
  • The lightweight trait of this tool will make it more acceptable to you.
  • You’ll find your heavy-duties like-10 buckets of thinnest drywall, are completely okay with this tool.

  • This tool has no trigger lock.
  • It didn’t come with a 90° grip.

Customer Choice

Concrete Mixing Drill

DEWALT DW130 Concrete Mixing Drill

  • It has an AC/DC rocker switch (forward/reverse) for mixing drywall mud.
  • The 5/8-inch spindle lets this tool increase its durability.
  • It’s unique nozzle production helps reduce air bubbles.
  • The low 450 RMP of this tool provides large diameter holes in wood and metal.
  • It will offer you a 1-year full warranty.

The DEWALT DW130 Drill is the ultimate multi-tasker when it comes to job site drills. When you face a multitude of your jobs, this drill can assist you in handling them all. Its speeds differ depending on the job for more control in difficult areas, for instance – mixing mud or drilling into different materials.

This lightweight, powerful tool also features a three-gear transmission that dramatically reduces torque reaction. So, when you start heavy loads, it will allow you faster speeds with easier handling. You can go over its chuck key and holder adjustments without completely disengaging gears.

Most importantly, it’s the world’s first drill that can make holes in minutes. With its 7x speeds, you can now complete countless projects without wasting your time. So, the days of fumbling around with crazy settings are gone. And, the DEWALT DW130 drill will do a great job for you.

However, you’ll find yourself drilling through steel like butter with this cordless drill which delivers 600 watts maximum power output. And 3-speed ranges are ready to avoid air bubbles. When mixing mud, slide the reversing switch up. So that it doesn’t get in your way when busting through drywall or plasterwork.

Its quick balance between weight and power ensures perfect control when starting delicate screws. So, don’t miss out on this great concrete mixing drill.

  • The DEWALT DW130 Drill is a high-quality grain grinding tool.
  • It has high stability to drill holes in a variety of balance.
  • You can use it in high-torque applications.
  • It will give you a precise measurement of drilling.

  • It is too loud to do the drilling job. And, you need your hearing protection.
  • You’ve to be careful to avoid injury while working with this tool.

Alternative Pick

Drill for Mixing Concrete

F2C Pro 1600W Drill for Mixing Concrete

  • This tool came with a cover of copper wire to resist extra heat.
  • The heat-radiator on its top will give you an improved air environment.
  • Its motor-speed control buttons will help you mix at different thicknesses.
  • You’ll get an adjustable speed power mixer.

Are you looking for a heavy-duty mixer with a mix of practicality and tradition? This F2C Pro 1600W Concrete Mixer is perfect for your project. F2C PRO 1600W is a dual-speed to 7-speed handheld electric cement mixer for improved efficiency and reduced fatigue. And, its dual speeds with seven different speeds (MIN-1, 2, 3, 4, 5 MAX) make handling plaster or mortar easier without tiring yourself prematurely. You’ll find the handles ergonomically designed ready to reduce fatigue.

Also, you’ll find its 1500-Watt power motor is ideal for home and landscaping projects. And it can mix up to 2.5 yards of mortar or plaster at once. Pretty Amazing!

However, it has a high-speed motor that can go for thinner materials such as mortars. It has settings for pale face mixes like thin-set mortar grout. On the other hand, there’s nothing more annoying than rushing to pour concrete. And, you can’t use your cheap, small hand mixer for such concrete mixing.

But, with the F2C Pro 1600W, you’ll be able to mix that kind of biz with ease. In addition, it also has various additional features that make this tool stand out from the rest.

Accordingly, you can work more efficiently on your next craft project with the F2C Pro 1600W drill for mixing concrete. No one wants to spend hours mixing jobs when there are other projects left undone. The F2C Pro 1600W is 110V/60HZ, so it will work without worrying about voltage exchange or adapters.

  • It will give you a long time of working support.
  • This tool is extremely lightweight to carry to your convenient place.
  • It serves high stability and constant power during long-term projects.
  • The working procedures are too easy to deal with.
  • It is highly comfortable for both simple as well as heavy tasks.

  • The machine can often be stuck during the drilling operation.
  • Its setting procedures are pretty hard for beginners.

Best Drill for Mixing Concrete: Buying Guide

While you think of a drill for mixing concrete, you must think of some specific features. It is too important to weigh the quality of a drill machine. Among these essential features, you have to consider the handles, variable speed, torque, speed settings, reverse/forward switch, etc. And these features are highly notable. Let’s know about those features in brief-


Most of the drill machines have different styles of handles. You’ve to find the most suitable handle that will provide you with the top comfort. The handle is essential to move to your required location with ease. And, a handle can help you control, no matter whether the drilling project is high-powered.

Variable Speed

Check out the variable speed of your tool before you buy it because the variable speed is helpful to keep control over the material during your mixing process.


Drill torque is indispensable to deal with various materials like mixing cement, mixing drywall mud, mortar, etc. So, try having your drill with increased torque.

Optional Speed Settings

Speed setting is available for every drill, but some drills on the market have an optional speed setting. As a result, it will be more helpful for you to adjust your speed level more precisely.

Reverse/Forward Switch

Drilling with both switches is highly recommended for your mixing job. While your drill has both reverse and forward switches, it will allow you to adjust the rotation of your mixing paddle trouble-free. In this case, we suggest you choose your drill with both the forward and reverse switches.


And, the most significant point is to consider your budget. If your budget is low, you have to research which drill will be perfect with quality features. Therefore, before going to buy a drill, you should determine your pricing limit. Our suggested seven drills are pretty inexpensive with high quality. So, why don’t you take your matched-one from there?

FAQs on Best Drill for Mixing Concrete

What kind of drill should I use to mix concrete?

If you want to experience the joy of mixing concrete without fear of getting your hands dirty, choose the DEWALT DW130. The DEWALT DW130 Drill mixer is an affordable solution for you to spend less time handling gallons and gallons of materials for mixing.
It will give your work looks crisp. You can accessorise this machine with additional drills that allow you to drill holes on different surfaces. So, it will serve you with a dual purpose.

Can a cordless drill mix concrete?

A cordless drill can do everything from mixing and dispensing concrete to finishing your walls all in one go. It is also perfect for mixing any concrete in minutes with no mesh. The days of hand mixing, pouring, and using a small shovel to push the material around are over. Also, the cordless drill is lightweight and ergonomically designed for both right-handed and left-handed users.

Is a hammer drill good for mixing concrete?

Yes, it is. It is better to get a hammer drill if you don’t want your mix to be tighter and less watery. The hammer drill is a key to making sure you’ve blended all the ingredients properly. It is an excellent way out if you end up with wet hard-packed mixing materials that are impossible to use.

What size drill do I need to mix concrete?

Good size drills can range from 800 to 8,000 watts. But if you work in industrial power, you may need more. Ideally, if you require maximum power to spare for other projects, choose your drill capable of manufacturing a minimum of 1,300 watts.

How to use a mixing drill?

Don’t use a regular drill to mix the concrete, as the metal will contaminate it and destroy any material nearby. The cleverly designed drill mixer utilises two pitches that work in various materials like mortar, cement, mud, etc. This means you can create perfect concrete mixtures without compromising on quality. However, you can securely use your drill if you attach a mixing paddle in the opposite direction of your machine.

Take the Right Drill for Mixing Concrete

When you need the best drill for mixing concrete, look no further than the drill machine. It will be committed to providing you with high-quality performance for your long-term constructions if you buy a quality tool. With more unique features and traits, these tools are ready to give you what it takes to get your job done from start to finish.

However, if you require a power tool that will help you save money in the process, we seek your attention today. Our selection includes drills that are highly suitable for any of your needs. So, don’t take too much time to make your decision.

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