7 Best Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud

Every DIY expert must know that building a wall from scratch is daunting and tiresome. To alleviate this rigorous process, one should opt for the best drill for mixing drywall mud. To deal with the strong materials like concrete and mortar, a handy drill seems like a breeze.

But while choosing the best bait, you may not fix your mind which to buy. Because half of the novice DIYers don’t know the real-life factors based on whether they can match the perfect drill.

Which drill will be best depends on these criteria, including RPMs, increased torque, variable speed, and so on. These criteria determine whether the drill you are going to pick meets your needs or not. 

DIYers Pick: 3 Best Drill for Mixing Mud

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT DW130V Color: Yellow/Black
Power Source: Corded Electric
120 Volts
550 RPM
Check Price
backpac VonHaus 10 Amp Color: Orange
Power Source: Corded Electric
120 Volts
700 RPM
Check Price
cordlessblower Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Color: Paste/Silver
Power Source: Corded Electric
110 Volts
600 RPM
14 x 4 x 13 inches
Check Price

Keeping these features in mind, our editorial team reviewed the top 6 drills in the market. So, you don’t need to worry about buying a crappy drill.

We try to unravel scenarios or factors. So that, you can pick the best drill for mixing mud. Moreover, we shared the best available current deals at online stores. In the final segment, we will cover some real-life-based FAQs answer. So, have a look at this mud mixer drill review.

Top Pick Drill

Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud

DEWALT DW130V: Best Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud

  • The Dewalt Electric drill DW130 uses an unbendable plastic body, giving it shock absorption and high durability.
  • It has a powerful 550 RPM motor which helps it significant torque during drilling and mixing mud.
  • Having a perfect weight distribution decreases arm fatigue and shoulder discomfort.
  • The grip handle is soft and easy to handle in all working situations.

The DeWalt Electric Drill DW 130 with its 9-amp motor is a power-up to your grilling experience. Having a variable speed reversing switch, the drill machine can adjustable in the most fragile matter. If you want an improved torque for drilling or mud mixing, the 0-550 varying RPM will do you the trick. The DW139V has an even weight distribution, decreasing user fatigue during work hours.

It has a soft and comfortable grip handle, which increases productivity and ergonomics. Decreasing your work downtime gets so easier with this fantastic tool. In small projects mixing mortar can be a pain in the neck. But the DeWalt electric drill has an efficient end, making it the perfect mortar fork.

Professionals often need to mix paint and grout for their building projects. Having the drill machine will decrease the bubble content in the mixture and improve the final result. Turns out, you will have 90 days cashback and three years warranty. Indeed, you will have goosebumps while making plasters, thin-set, drywall mud, and so on. The DeWalt is a badass mud mixer drill, and you will have no trouble using it for hours in a shot.

  • Fine weight distribution.
  • Long-term warranty.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Highly durable.

  • Overheating issue while using over long time.

Runner Up

Best Mud mixer drill

VonHaus: Best 1/2″ Mud mixer drill

  • The drill has a 10amp power-efficient motor, making all drilling and mud mixing projects toll-free.
  • A “no load speed” feature, and it can reach a maximum speed of 700 RPM without a load.
  • Having a chuck of 13 mm, you can attach large diameter bits to drill with ease.
  • You can control the speed of the drill when it comes to drilling materials like metal, wood, etc.
  • The drill has an ergonomic design for left and right handed drill support.
  • It has a robust aluminium gear housing and a 360-degree rotating handle.

The VonHasus 1/2 inch features a ten amps motor, which helps you drill fine holes in wood drilling projects. A varying speed adjustment settings and 13 mm chuck makes it best suited for large diameter bits. Having both forward and backward control, the drill has total command over your working surface. You can always lock on to a specific control if you urge.

The drilling machine has an ergonomic design, making both-handed use possible. A soft grip auxiliary handle with a 360-degree rotating mechanism helps decrease arm fatigue. Turns out, you will get an aluminium gear housing for a comfortable lengthier task. Mixing paint, mud, or concrete is sure to get an upgrade with the VonHaus heavy-duty drill machine.

At maximum RPM, you can drive fasteners or drill holes without any throttle issue. Spellbinding as it may seem, but at this rate, the drill offers everything better than its counterparts. If you need to seduce your clients with a mesmerising work finish, a VonHaus drill is a way to go. The only drawback of the drill machine is the thin drill bit, which bends during metal drilling.

  • Powerful Motor.
  • Durable Handle and Chuck.
  • Speed adjustable.
  • Multi-functional.

  • Not for heavy metals.
  • Hand pressure required.

Best Overall

Best Drill for Mixing Mud

Makita DS4012: Best Drill for Mixing Mud

  • The drill has a fine weight balance, which reduces arm stress and shoulder fatigue during work.
  • A motor of 8.5 amp powers the drill for all its drilling and mud mixing projects.
  • With the reserve settings, you can prevail on uneven holes, centralizing it at will.
  • Because of the 360 degrees rotating feature, you can use the drill on any horizontal or vertical surfaces.
  • You can drill with both hands, reducing tiring arms in the process.
  • A 24 detent stop feature helps the operator in multi-positional operations.

Makita DS4012 comes with a half-inch spade handle with an excellent variable speed. The best output it will deliver to you is acting as a drywall mud mixing drill. Turns out, it would be great for a mixing solution as a plasterer, painters, and installers. Additionally, you will find it pretty handy for the plumbing and pulling wire tasks.

Starting at a price of just 188$, the drill has a powerful 8.5-amp motor with a variable speed controller. The variable speed control helps professionals and DIY users get the best experience during mixing and drilling materials. Now, you don’t have to worry about air bubbles getting trapped into the mixture when the drill rotates. The drill reaches a maximum speed of 600 RPM and can make a hole in even the hardest materials.

Surprisingly, you will get a forward and reverse lever for removing broken bolts and studs. Weighing just above 6.2 pounds, the drill may be heavy guys with a softer hand. You will get a 360-degree rotating handle, which makes working on random surfaces easier. There is also a 24 detent stops feature, and you will have loads of fun using them for your projects.

  • Solid build quality.
  • Varying speed.
  • Fine torque.
  • Powerful mixing.

  • Slightly overpriced.

Best Budget

Best Mixing Drill

Genesis GSHD1290: Best Drywall Mixing Drill

  • The drill has a 1/2-inch chuck, allowing oversized bits to fit in the drill bit during projects.
  • You will find a 9-amp motor, and it can mix even the thickest semi fluids like wall mud, paint, and epoxy resin.
  • Controlling the drill machine is easy as you will get a spade handle, auxiliary side handles, and speed control.
  • A variable speed trigger reduces form formation while steering liquids and semi-fluids.
  • The drill has a lock-on button when locks the trigger in place while working.

Pricing at just $70, the Genesis GSHD1290 is one of the cheapest mud mixer drills in the market. With a 1/2-inch chuck, the drill can flawlessly mix drywall putty. Furthermore, you can drill holes in all materials, including your concrete wall. It has a powerful 9-amp motor and has a thin body structure for your convenience. Turns out, drilling effortlessly drill into metal sheets, wood, or hard plastic without damaging the drill or the surface area.

The drilling machine, with its spade and auxiliary side handle, helps you maintain complete control. Using both the handles together gives you a rigid feel while working on hard surfaces. If you are a pro driller, you will love having this drill around for regular use. Once you get the hang of it, the drill will boost up your confidence level, making you work smoother.

On the side of the handle, you will see a speed-changing trigger, which improves the versatility of the drill. You can now mix paints and remove all air bubbles at the same time. A lock-on button helps lock the trigger in place for more extensive usage. Out of the box, you will get Chuck key, aux, side handle, spade handle, and other product extensions.

  • Cost-effective.
  • Comfortable using.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Powerful and efficient.

  • Side heavy.

Mud mixer drill

BOSCH: Best Mud mixer drill

  • The BOSCH GBM9-16, with its nifty torque, provides outstanding performance in both professional works and DIY projects.
  • A 9-amp motor powers the drill without compromising performance during overheating.
  • You can slow the speed down to the minimum variable settings without damaging the material surface.
  • The anti-foam feature (variable speed setting) reduces the number of air bubbles in mud mixing and paint steering.
  • You can adjust a variety of drills and mixing accessories due to its heavy-duty keyed chuck.
  • Having 8-ft long wiring, the crude tool is easy to carry and doesn’t lose efficiency at all.

The BOSCH GBM9 displays a top-mounted handle and will deliver a vibration-free torque. Having a 9-amp motor, the drill easily outperforms its rivals by miles. You can increase or decrease the drill speed varying on the material you are drilling. While mixing cement plaster and epoxy resin of any sort, you can reduce the torque and remove air from entering the mix.

Due to the 360-degree handle, you can use the drill in any position you like. This feature allows the user the best holding position for all drill and mixing projects. The drill has a heavy-duty chuck, which supports a broad range of surfaces to work on. As a crude tool, the BOSCH GBM9 is kind of on the side heavy part.

Supporting no trigger lock, the drill’s safety lock is a little compromised. However, the D handle makes up for it while reducing the chances of sprain of hands or wrist. The drill has an extra 8 ft. rubber cord and is great if the power source downstairs. Looking closer, you will find a three-prong ground plug, offering you ease in any job site.

  • Powerful motor capacity.
  • Varying speed.
  • Fine torque.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Highly efficient.

  • Trigger lock missing.
  • Constant pressure required.

Heavy Duty Mixing Drill for Drywall Mud

DEWALT DW130: Heavy Duty Mixing Drill for Drywall Mud

  • The drill machine, with its soft grip and comfortable body design, improves the quality of work and relieves hand fatigue.
  • A power-efficient nine-amps motor with 120V capacity helps to make clean holes in almost all surfaces.
  • The drill has a reversible switch, helping you make bubble-free paints or wall mud.
  • There are variable speed settings, and you can control the speed when you need it the most.
  • Metal or wood drilling just got an upgrade with 550 max RPM settings.
  • Side heavy drill machine with pressure enforce feature to drilling hard materials.
  • A combo of 2-position rear spade handle and 3-position side handle for multi-functional use.

The DEWALT DW130 is a leading drill for mixing drywall mud, giving you total command over your projects. A variable speed switch helps decrease the air content while mixing mud, paint, and so on. If you are a DIY person, the drills’ speed reversing switch will churn out great torque and drill control.

Drilling metal, wood, or even fragile plastic is not an issue due to the powerful motor and speed adjustment feature. The drill has a fine rubber grip with a comfort improvement design. If you want more torque from this tool, just adjust the settings, and you are good to go. Being able to overpower dense fluid, like cement mix or epoxy resin, the drill is one of the best choices of pros worldwide.

Arm fatigue or strain is not a common issue with the drill because of the excellent weight distribution. In the body of the drill, you will see a two-position rear spade handle, and three side handles for maximum control. The handles also improve stability and reduce vibration while working with both hands. You will get a chuck key holder out of the box, helping you tighten the chuck without any other tool.

  • Highly comfortable.
  • Fine weight arrangement.
  • Excellent torque.
  • Cost-effective

  • Loud sound problem.

Customer choice

Portable Electric Drill Mixer for Drywall Mud

CtopoGo: Portable Electric Drill Mixer for Drywall Mud

  • This drywall mud mixer has a 1,600-Watt motor to mix the thickest compounds.
  • It’s a versatile concrete mixer that has six adjustable speed settings to handle a variety of material mixing jobs.
  • Constructed with die-cast aluminum and helical blades, this affordable drywall mud mixer is durable enough to mix viscous compounds.
  • It has two ergonomic handles to reduce hand fatigue and offer comfort for longer operations.
  • Brand Name: Ctopogo
  • Maximum Wattage: 1600 Watts
  • Product Weight: 4.33 Kilograms
  • Accessories Include: A Mortar Mixer, A Mixer Shaft, A Helical Blade, A Wrench, Two Carbon Brushes, And an Instruction Manual.
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.3 Out Of 5

This CtopoGo Drill Mixer will make your drywall mud mixing task a breeze. It’s a portable 1600W concrete mixer that can mix the glue, mortar, plaster, and paint efficiently and effortlessly, even at 6 different speeds for improved precision. Above all, it’s a safer drill mixer for mixing drywall mud as the tool features a finger lock and thumb trigger. It means the thin-set mixer won’t accidentally turn on and doesn’t require holding the trigger continuously, making it perfect for novice DIYers.

  • This multi-functional drywall mud mixer is sturdy and powerful enough to mix a variety of types of thick material. The drill mixer is also ergonomic, easier to use, and includes plenty of accessories while being available at a decent price.

  • This drill mixer isn’t suitable for mixing compost and doesn’t include any warranty information. And some users experience a smell like burning plastic at first use.

How to Use and Maintain the Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud

The mixing paddles come in two types of fittings. So, the first duty is to find out the compatibility between the mixing paddle and the drill. Another task is to determine how quickly the mixing paddle needs to go for the proper mix of the drywall mud. 

If the shaft of your mixing paddle is a hexagonal shape, it will fit in the chuck of the drill. These paddles also need to run at a lower RPM than 1000 RPM. Considering the size of the paddle’s shaft, the power drill should have ⅜, ½, or ⅝ inches chuck. In more detail, an 11mm shaft fits in the ⅜-inch chuck, while a 14mm or lower shaft requires a ½-inch chuck. Likewise, your power drill should have a ⅝-inch chuck to accept a 17mm or lower shaft. After connecting the paddle to a mixer drill, prepare the mixture in a container or bucket.

After pouring the material, stick the paddle head into the mix. Then run the drill and you will notice the paddle spinning and blending the mix. Keep blending the mix until you find a consistent and smooth mixture.

Factors to pick the Best Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud

Finding a mud mixer drill can be a mess if you have little knowledge about crude tools.

A drill machine aids in mixing and drilling materials as fast as possible. It reduces the time and effort in the project. Traditional methods often take more time to execute and leads to a fatigue user experience.

If you are a professional or a DIY guy who is trying to make a toolset of everything nice, follow the instructions below to buy a perfect mud mixer drill.

RPM variation

RPM or rotation per minute improves the quality of work while working with a variety of materials. RPM can be high or low, depending on the material you are working on. If you have drilling projects and you want to drill on metals, try getting a drill with high RPM. Turns out, there are tons of manufacturers, who make variable RPM drills, and you can adjust it accordingly.

Low-speed RPM makes mixing paints, resin, or other semi-fluid without creating any foam inside. Nowadays, a good quality drill machine should have 500 to 700 RPM. Trying to get the best out of your drill? A drilling machine with a variable speed setting will serve you perfectly.

Increased Torque

Torque is the fundamental force, causing rotation momentum. More torque means more driving power, and low means the opposite. A low speed and high torque the best suites when you drive screws into your material surface. Then again, a medium speed and torque indicate the drill is meant for both drilling and driving.

Some of you may just want to drill and do nothing else with your drill. For projects like this, you can consider finding a drill with low torque and more firepower (Speed).

Variable speed

When it comes to multi-functionality, a drill machine with a variable speed trigger is kind of our personal favourite. Mixing mud can be a tricky part if you don’t have a drill with variable or low speed. Often air bubbles or form forms when you mix semi-fluid with a high-speed drill.

Having a variable speed drill has its uses in holes and mixing projects. The major drill makes use of this technology to drive up sales and improve the work quality of users.

Ergonomic Handles

The handles of the drill will determine how comfortable it is to the users. Many brands offer a single horizontal handle, which works in one direction. However, ergonomic handles are the crown of the crop when it comes to drilling with both hands. They have a stronger grip, reduces drilling vibration, and make clean drill holes every time.

No matter which type of work you do, getting a drilling machine with an Ergonomic handle design is the way to go. We highly recommend you buy a drilling machine with a comforting Ergonomic handle.

Reverse or Forward

A Traditional drill machine has a forward drilling motion, and that is it. But getting a drill with a forward and backward momentum will help drive screw guns faster and without damaging the screw holder. Making changes in the spin direction will eliminate the blocks and help tackle clog-ups.

Speed settings

In earlier technology, we have seen the trigger or dial version controlling methods. But nowadays, it has become easier than before with the digital monitor look-up clear view alongside the settings, so you should consider the newest technology while buying a new one.


Don’t just buy a drill seeing the feature. Get info from online sources and even reviews from Amazon. Often you will find real reviews in the four-start section. Check out how the drill performs and how long you can use it. Trust me, getting a durable drill will help you do tasks like a pro in no time.

Materials you will need to mix using a Mud Mixer Drill

When you need a drywall mud mixing drill, you need to fix some compatibility issues first. Mixing semi-fluid like mud, epoxy resin, or paint requires a large drilling bit. Furthermore, you will need to have low speed, high torque drill settings. This setting will prevent air bubbles from entering the mixture, giving you a foam-free mixture.

If you don’t have a premium drill machine, then you should attach a larger attachment to the drill bit for drywall. Doing so will prevent the mixture from being imperfect.

What are the top 3 Brands of Mud Mixer Drill?

Nowadays, brand value will determine the quality of the drill. The best five drill manufacturing giants are,

DeWalt: When it comes to making top-grade tools, DeWalt is an industry leader. The company is well-known for its cordless platforms when it comes to drills, combo kits, grinders, and so on. If you want a drill, which has fine variable speed control with the best cordless experience, try getting a DeWalt drill.

Makita: Makita hits the market hard with its industry-leading hardware tools and accessories. Being a US-based company, Makita drills comes right after DeWalt. It makes the best grade accessories, and you will get a long service life with these tools. Turns out, the company has more than a hundred years of tool-making experience and is growing day and night.

BOSCH: If you are looking for a corded drill with next-level performance, BOSCH drills are gold. Having a power-efficient motor and extra-durable outer shell, BOSCH is the second-best choice for a pro constructor. Most of the BOSCH tools are from Germany, and you will like having them around for your DIY projects as well.

Why you need Wide RPM Range?

RPMs are a common thing now in every tool. It sets on high and low in figures. Before buying a drill, you can get to know the range of RPMs. Here another trick with the higher RPMs is with the precise working. Because higher RPMs tool comes with not only higher speed but also, it has slower speed as well. It turns out, you can adjust the speed in the lower tune-up and get the maximum accuracy. Last but not least, the range you will find is between 500 and 700 RPMs.

FAQs on Best Drill for Mixing Drywall Mud

What is the best drill for Mixing Mortar?

After roaming around from one drill too many, we come to know DeWalt DW130V is the best bait as a mud mixer drill due to a few reasons. First of all, it worth both money and quality. Aside from it, the thin-set and Morten mechanism is awesome to solidify the mixer.

Can I mix Thinset by hand?

Yes, you can; however, the professional way to mix thinset is by using a drill. Unless you are facing lots of problems, lastly, to perform so, try to look for a corded or electric drill without investing in a battery-powered drill.

Why should you use a Mud, Mixing Drill?

You can use your hands and conduct the mixing process, but it kills all of your time and effort. Here is why the witty decision is to use a mux mixing drill when you are running a big project. It turns out, you will not only save time and effort, but the quality of work will also be far better than before.

Can I use a hammer drill to mix mud?

Well, it is possible, but the accuracy would be bad. Because the whole process has to be run slowly. Moreover, the way is a cheap solution where high RPM and torque must need. Finally, the manipulation seems so difficult to accomplish, and only professionals can successfully mix it.

Take the Best Mud Mixing Drill

Hopefully, you got the best drill for mixing drywall mud. However, the whole task seems daunting to many of us. We believe based on work types, and one machine will make a difference from another. Here is why you should not only look for the features or how it works.

The bonus tip for you is to take our recommendation, which is not to choose drill machine without a spade handle. Here, we find DeWalt Electric Drill is a top-notch tool for a DIY mixer.

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