5 Best Drill for Mixing Thinset and Morter

A mixing drill is one solution for professional tiler, contractor, or a DIY guy. These drills have ability of mixing thinset, mortar, or drywall mud. But all types of drills are not suitable for mixing thinset. You have to consider several features to take the best drill for mixing thinset.

A thin-set mixer drill is an excellent tool for mixing comfortably and effortlessly.Thinset is such a liquid that needs to mix with a small portion of it multiple times as it hardens faster. A mixing drill lets the user mix the thinset constantly, even without causing fatigue in the hand, thanks to its ergonomic handle design. More importantly, it reduces the mixing time and allows us to finish the job within a shorter time.

Handyman’s Pick: Top 3 Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT DW130V Color: Yellow/Black
Power Source: Corded Electric
120 Volts
550 RPM
Check Price
backpac VonHaus 10 Amp Color: Orange
Power Source: Corded Electric
120 Volts
700 RPM
Check Price
cordlessblower Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Color: Paste/Silver
Power Source: Corded Electric
110 Volts
600 RPM
14 x 4 x 13 inches
Check Price

Some mixing drills cover user-friendly features like a safety lock button, variable speed trigger, and higher RPM which makes the mixing job more convenient. Above all, drill machines are suitable for a variety of drilling and mixing jobs, making them an essential tool in the toolboxes of both professional and DIY workers.

While the market for drill machines is massive, our expert researchers made the shortest list of recommendations. We have prepared this article with 5 top drills for mixing thinset as well as a buying guide that is full of essential tips. Moreover, if you don’t know how to mix thinset using the drill, get the step-by-step instructions in the lower section of this article. So let’s go!

Top Pick Mixing Drill

Drill for Mixing Thinset

DEWALT: Drill for Mixing Thinset

  • A design of 0 – 550 RPM to offer increased torque, making it ideal for mixing mud.
  • With a 120V motor, this corded drill will handle any tough drilling or mixing job efficiently.
  • Construct it with an ergonomic handle that has a soft grip to ensure superior comfort and overall control.

The DEWALT Electric Drill comes with almost all the specifications that should be in a drill for mixing thinset. This electric drill is available at an affordable price while offering a 120V motor to deal with the thinset mixing job efficiently.

Furthermore, it is a remarkably lightweight drill that will allow you to constantly mix the materials without becoming fatigued. Design with a variable speed reversing switch that will help you avoid air bubbles while mixing mud, even for the first time. Plus, the feature will provide overall control while doing other drilling or mixing jobs.

The downside of this drill is that it has a short cord. So if you don’t have an electric plug near the mixing spot, it will be frustrating for you. 

  • It’s a lightweight corded drill contains extremely powerful motor. It also has a variable speed reversing switch and a soft grip handle, and it is reasonably priced.

  • It may spin a little faster at full throttle and doesn’t come with a case for easy storage.

Runner Up

Heavy Duty Mud and Thinset Mixer Drill

VonHaus: Heavy Duty Mud and Thinset Mixer Drill

  • With a variable speed rotary and a 360-degree rotating handle, this drill will ensure a convenient mixing process.
  • The drill has a user-friendly design with forwarding/backward control and a lock-on button, making it ideal for beginners.
  • It has a soft-grip handle that is suitable for both right and left-handed use, resulting in a comfortable mixing season.

If you need a heavy-duty power drill to not only mix thinset but also handle other extreme jobs, try this VonHaus Heavy Duty Mud Mixer drill. The attractive feature includes a 10 Amp spade handle that makes this multi-functional drill ideal for mixing a range of liquids and drilling a large hole with ease.

The customer will get a 0 – 700 rpm speed by purchasing this corded electric drill. The feature will let the user mix the thinset effortlessly without causing air bubbles. The downside of this drill is that it’s a bit cloudy. So the user may need ear protection while mixing them.

  • It’s a superb drill machine, ideal for a variety of drilling and mixing jobs as it’s a powerful and versatile drill. Besides, it includes a powerful motor, Variable Speed, and ergonomic handle and available at a reasonable price.

  • It’s a loud drill machine and has a poor-quality handle.

Best Overall

Best Drill for Mixing Morter

Makita DS4012: Best Drill for Mixing Morter

  • It includes d handle that rotates 360 degrees with 24 detent stops to ensure precise mixing.
  • This drill for mixing thinset has a forward and reverse lever that allows the operator to work conveniently.
  • With all ball-bearing construction, this drill machine will be a durable and long-lasting addition to the toolbox.

If you have a large budget and are looking for a pro-level drill for mixing materials and improving drilling performance, this Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Drill is a good choice. Straight out of the box, the customer will have a power drill with an 8.5 AMP motor and a variable speed setting.

Combine these features and the user will have a superior mixing and drilling operation on a range of liquids and surfaces. With a well-balanced design and lightweight construction, this corded drill won’t cause much fatigue even after a long operation. The brand also offers a long-time warranty and technical support to ensure fearless investment.

The downside of this drill is that it has a poor safety lock. Some complain that it keeps running even after releasing the trigger.

  • This heavy-duty drill comes with double insulation. Besides, it is ideal for mixing thinset, drywall, and plaster, as well as for drilling large holes.

  • Despite the price, this drill machine has a poor safety lock switch.

Best Budget

Best Drill for Mixing Thinset Mud

Genesis GSHD1290: Best Drill for Mixing Thinset Mud

  • A design with a convenient lock-on button, making it suitable for comfortable, extended use.
  • With a higher RPM and a more powerful motor, this drill is well capable of both drilling and mixing.
  • This corded drill has a variable speed trigger as well as a spade handle for the precise mixing of thin sets.

With a Three-Position Auxiliary Handle and Two-Position Spade Handle, this drill will be ideal for those who are tight on budget and still looking for something good quality. Combine these features and the operator will have greater control over the drill for the whole time.

Apart from this, the drill has a powerful 9.0 amp motor. So the user will have enough power needed for mixing thinset, thick drywall mud, and grout. If you need a drill for mixing mortar, it will still be an acceptable option. As a bonus, the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty and US-based customer support while charging half the price of the previous model.

The downside of this thinset mixing drill is that it may smell a bit and produce some noise while running.

  • It’s a budget-friendly drill that has an 850 RPM speed and a 9. 0 amp motor. Plus, the drill comes with plenty of accessories and 2 years of official warranty.

  • This drill machine has a strong odor and may be noisy.

Best drill for Mixing Thinset and Morter

BOSCH GBM9: Best drill for Mixing Thinset and Morter

  • It has a variable-speed motor that allows for high-speed drilling.
  • It has a 360-degree rotatable D handle that lets the operator hold the drill in the most comfortable position.
  • To ensure heavy-duty performance, this best mixing drill is equipped with an all-ball bearing motor and precision-cut steel gears.

This Bosch GBM9 Mixer comes with an extra-long 8-ft. rubber cord and a three-prong ground plug. So if you need something versatile for your job site, look no further than this best drill for mixing thinset. Despite the larger cord, it has a powerful 9.0 amp motor that produces outstanding torque needed for mixing thinset, cement plaster, and epoxy resin.

The Heavy-Duty Keyed chuck will support you in handling a broad range of drilling and mixing tasks. This drill machine is available at a reasonable price while offering a 1-year limited warranty. The downside of this drill is that it doesn’t have a trigger lock. So the drill won’t be ideal for beginner operators.

  • This drill includes a large rubber cord, a Heavy-Duty Keyed chuck, and a Rotatable 360 Degree D handle. Besides, the drill machine has a powerful variable-speed motor and offers a 1-year limited warranty while being available at a reasonable price.

  • This drill doesn’t have a lock button. Furthermore, some customers receive Chinese-made drills despite manufacturers’ claims that they are made in Germany.

Features to pick the best drill for mixing thinset morter

Finding a thinset mixing drill can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with crude tools. A drilling machine greatly helps to drill and mix materials efficiently and quickly. While the traditional method takes time and causes fatigue for the operator, a drill machine saves both effort and time for the project. Follow these instructions if you are a DIYer or an expert to ensure a perfect thin-set mixer drill.

RPM: More RPM means a more powerful drill for mixing thinset. If you need something for dealing with heavy-duty work, obviously you should pick a drill with high RPM. However, do not select a drill with a speed of less than 500 RPM.

Durable: A drill may have to work on an extreme project for an extensive period. So, considering a durable model will ensure consistent operation for all the seasons without causing any repair issues. Plenty of factors, including construction, materials, technology, and working systems, determine the durability of a drill. So check all those qualities of the drill so you can have the most durable one for the thinset mixing project.

Increased Torque: Torque is the basic force of a drill that controls rotation momentum. So the more torque your drill will have, it will bring more driving power. A combination of low speed and high torque is ideal for driving screws into the material.

Once again, a medium torque and speed will lead you to a successful operation for both drilling and mixing. If you only need a drill for drilling, you can choose one with low torque and a high speed.

Variable speed: While choosing multi-functional tools like drill machines, checking a variable speed trigger is a common task. Plus, mixing thinset can be tough for a drill without having such a feature.

High-speed tissue mixing can also result in bubbles. Having a variable speed trigger means you will have overall control of the mixing process to ensure the perfect mixing of thinset.

Ergonomic Handles: It will take a long time to mix the equipment for large projects. So you can not avoid comfortability while checking key factors in the drill. The operator’s comfort level is usually determined by the drill’s handle. Some manufacturers offer a drill with a single horizontal handle that only works in one direction.

However, it is advised to select a drill with ergonomic handles, particularly for mixing utensils. It has a sturdier grip that not only ensures the comfort of the hand but also offers overall control. Whatever you want to do with a drill machine, an ergonomic handle is a way to go.

Cord: The electric plug may be maintained away from the working point. It can be a hassle to plugin, especially if your drill has a short cord. So, consider your working area so you can choose a model between a cord and a cordless drill machine.

Portability: Another key consideration is portability. That will let you work in various places comfortably. Again, if you need a travel-friendly drill, simply go for a cordless drill. Moreover, choose a lightweight and compact-designed drill machine that will let you transport the product efficiently. 

How to Mix Thinset Perfectly using a Mixer Drill?

We’ll take a look at them now because they’re mostly used for tiles. Before discussing the process, make sure that you have collected all the essentials mentioned below:

How to Mix Thinset Perfectly using a Mixer Drill

Tools and Supplies:

  • Power Drill
  • Five-gallon buckets (x3)
  • Mixing Paddle
  • Gloves
  • Dust Respirator
  • 1-3 quart plastic measuring containers (x2)
  • Safety Glasses
  • Digital Scale (optional)

Add Water to the Bucket

It is better to add water to the bucket before the thinset. Check the back of the thinset bag to know how much water is required for the whole bag. Then, as a starting point, count the number of tilesets needed for twenty square feet of tile.

Don’t mix the whole bag the first time as the thinset may harden before you use all of them. So, start with a little amount and mix the entire bag multiple times. The back of the bag, on the other hand, will tell you how much the amount will cover per square footage.

Mixing the Thinset until it reaches the desired consistency

You can mix the thinset in two ways. You can apply a scale to calculate the ideal amount of thinset to the water. It’s a well-accepted way and the possibility of error is almost zero. But you will need a scale and have to measure the amount of thinset per quart of water.

The other way is to add a thinset based on imagination and mix it until you get the preferred consistency. It’s basically the same as making peanut butter. It won’t be a perfect mixture. However, a little runny will work. You don’t even need to be concerned if you find it a bit thicker. 

If the mixture can’t hold a notch while drying on the floor or wall, then it is too runny. Conversely, if it doesn’t stick to the substrate, then it is too thick.

Continue to mix at the time indicated on the bag

Depending on the brand, the mixing process may differ. Thus, it is better to follow the direction found on the back of the bag. Usually, it will suggest you mix for around 2-3 minutes using a drill at a slow rpm.

A drill for mixing thinset is a helpful tool for such a task. While using a drill, make sure that you have set it to the slower setting to prevent mixing too quickly. If your drill has only a one-speed setting rather than a variable, hold the trigger halfway so you can prevent it from spinning quickly.

Allow it to soak for 10 minutes

Leave the mixture alone for around 10 minutes to allow the water to mix with the thinset perfectly. At this time, the chemical reaction will start to take place. Plus, don’t place the mix under the sun. If you don’t want to make it more difficult quickly and don’t require a lot of working time,

Mix for another 2-5 minutes

When the liquid has been completely absorbed, it may thicken slightly. But if you start mixing, it will turn back into a practical over time. Remember, don’t add water after the slaking stage. Otherwise, it can reduce the strength of the thinset mortar. It will increase the tile’s longevity and durability. That’s why you dial in the proper consistency while mixing at the first stage.


Now the thinset is ready for use. The working time of the mixture can vary, considering several things. Among them, the most effective thing is the temperature. The mixture usually hardens quickly in hotter temperatures. Cooler temperatures, conversely provide twice the working time as hot weather.

The mixing amount of thinset also changes the rate of hardening time. Because the majority of the mixture was directly exposed to air, smaller amounts of thinset set quickly. On the other hand, a larger amount of mixture sets up fairly slowly. However, one should mix a smaller amount at the start until one gets the hang of things.

Remixing the dataset several times can lengthen the working time. Furthermore, you should try to avoid wasting money as much as possible. Some waste is acceptable, especially through the learning method. Working constantly, you can improve the skills of mixing thinset quickly and efficiently as well as applying them properly.

FAQs on Best Drill for Mixing Thinset

What kind of drill need to mix thinset?

Mixing thinset is needed consistent power and torque. So using a corded drill will be a better decision rather than cordless. The items we have mentioned above are well capable of dealing with such tricky tasks.

Will a cordless drill mix thinset?

While most of the cordless drill comes with 3/8″ drill bit, mixing thinset using such bit can destroy the drill. Thinset need to mix consistency and it gets fairly thick. A 3/8″ cordless drill doesn’t have the required torque to deal with the job.

Can you mix Thinset without a drill?

It is possible to mix thinset without a drill, but it will take a lot of time and effort. Besides, you have to mix the thinset in several small batches so it doesn’t harden before you completely apply it.

How long will Thinset last after mixing?

Thinset isn’t made of long-lasting morter. It contains Portland cement, which reacts with water and hardens quickly. You can not keep it dry, even by evaporation and packing it in an airtight container. The mixture of thinset will harden within few hours.

Take the best mixing drill

It takes a lot of hard work and ample research to prepare this best piece of information on the best drill for mixing thinset. While reviewing a dozen of the products, we considered their construction, design, convenience, versatility, and budget.

As a result, any of the tools on the list are worthwhile investments, whether they are for mixing thin sets or drilling holes in solid surfaces. Our top pick is the DEWALT Electric Drill. However, you should give priority to your personal preference and budget before making the final call.

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