5 Best Drill Press for 80 Lower

Want to get a clean-cut cavity that looks like the milled one by manufacturers? Well, you will get the best solution here. The drill press is the most convenient and orderly way to build your 80% lower receiver. While you use a drill press for this task, you do not need many tools. So, here, we have selected the 5 best drill press for 80 lower considering all the reputed brands to solve your problem easily.

However, while you need to build your 80% lower, you have to be sure that your tool will stand up perfectly to the receiver materials. But it is pretty tough for the maximum case, especially if you are a new tasker. In this case, our article will be your best guide because we will guide you on which drill press you should use for ideally building your 80% lower receiver. Let’s begin!

DIYers Pick: 5 Best Drill Presses for 80% Lower

 If you think that choosing an 80% lower drill press is challenging, this mentioned list of our top picks will be a quick survey for you. Just look around our top picks, understand which one will be your best fit. And easily choose your required drill press for 80 lower.

Top Pick Drill Press

Best Benchtop Drill Press for 80% Lower

WEN 4208T: Best Benchtop Drill Press for 80% Lower

  • It has a highly durable induction motor to deliver precisely balanced performance while working at high speed. Therefore, your drilling project will be smooth.
  • Different speed levels are available with this drill press to allow you to set your speed level according to your convenience. So, conducting a 5-speed operation will be easier.
  • Whether the keys are closed or not is an essential concern while drilling. But, in the case of WEN4208T, you’ll get an attached onboard key storage with it. Cool!
  • A cast iron base is exceptionally significant to remove the wobbling when you operate. The good news is that WEN4208T has that cast iron base that will assist you in preventing wobbling during your drilling operation.
  • Brand: WEN
  • Weight: 31 Pounds
  • Dimension: ‎7.5×22.88×11 inches
  • Power Source: AC
  • Speed: 3140RPM
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Amazon Customer Review: 4.9 out of 5

All models cannot ensure your drilling operation with an accurate and repeatable hole. So, here is the best solution for you to meet with the WEN4208T Benchtop Drill Press. It has got its design and model a bit small with high power. We found this tool is enormously perfect for operating in shops.

The highest drilling capacity of WEN 4208T is 1/2″ in 1″ thick cast iron. And, it can assure a precise operation than a hand drill can. Even when you need to have different levels of bits, the JT33 spindle taper with 1/2″ will give you that bit level. Also, the slotted table of this tool will help you mount the clamps to get the most successful work holding.

  • You can drill with several materials like plastic, wood, metal, etc. While using WEN4208. So, dealing with WEN4208T will unlock your material limitations. This tool has got its outer cover with a rigid frame that is perfect for a long time. Besides, as it is small in size, so, needless to say, how comfortable it is to carry to your convenient place. You will definitely like this tool for your budget as well.

  • There is a possibility of getting a spring break during your transport time from shop to home. Here, you have to be careful!

Runner Up

Best Drill press for 80 Lower

BILT HARD: Best Drill press for 80 Lower

  • It will be a bit handier if you get a beveling worktable with your drilling machine than the other models. Well, the BILT HARD has a handy worktable for working from 6.45 to 6.45 Inches. This beveling worktable will adjust the angle from 45° left to right with ease. So it promises the utmost accuracy.
  • A drilling job is risky where you must maintain some safety issues. The BILT HARD has a safety switch with a strong key. It has a yellow cover that will stop powering unless you remove it. It is completely risk-free.
  • It has a keyed chuck with ½ Inches to provide versatility in your drilling bits. So, getting a compatible bit between 1/16 and ½ inches is pretty effortless with BILT HARD.
  • For high accuracy, it will offer you a LED working light so that you can recognize each corner and side ideally. Amazing!
  • Brand: BILT HARD
  • Weight: 22 Pounds
  • Dimension: ‎140x20x20 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Speed: 3000RPM
  • Size: 8 inches
  • Amazon Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5

Getting exactly what you pay for is quite uncertain, but the BILT HARD drill press is a certain tool for investment. It will provide outstanding performance through its high-powered drilling capacity.

Besides, it is pretty standard to deal with different materials like wood, plastic, steel in terms of its diverse speed control. You can use the speed level at 5 other points indicating from 600RPM minimum. Therefore, maintaining the low speed while working on hard materials and the high speed for soft ones will be trouble-free for you.

However, the BILT HARD drill press has 13 pieces of extra bit set to use according to your drilling needs. It has a compact construction outer cover to be more durable and robust.

  • This tool is amazingly suitable for multitasking drilling jobs, for example, general building, home DIY, engineering purposes, etc. Most importantly, the manufacturer will guarantee you no defect in it. So, you have complete confidence to buy it for your drilling purpose.

  • This tool is a bit loud and shaky as well. Or else, it is a fantastic tool.

Best Budget

Drill press for 80 lower

WEN 4214: Drill press for 80 lower

  • Who doesn’t like to get the latest featured tool while investing? Well, the WEN 4214 Drill press is a bit extra beneficial with its digital speed readout screen. Extraordinarily, it has a digital screen to show you the speed level. So, you can be well known all the time about the exact RPM.
  • Another fantastic feature is its table roller extension. To hold up the workpiece to 17 inches, you can expand the table roller.
  • For maximum visibility, you will get the onboard working light. So, you will enjoy making precise holes each time. Also, due to the presence of its laser precision feature, it is easy to point to the correct spot for your drilling straight holes. Therefore, you do not need to focus on guessing work and spend time unnecessarily.
  • Brand: WEN
  • Weight: 89.1 Pounds
  • Dimension: ‎13.5×36.63×16.75 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Speed: 3200RPM
  • Size: 12 inches
  • Amazon Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5

This WEN 4214 has come with all the particular features that you must need during your drilling task. Due to the combination of its amazing features, the users find their investment in it pretty utilised.

However, if you are new to operating this tool, set the adjustment knobs in your very first step. As a result, you can easily limit the spindle travel to ensure an accurate drilling operation. Besides, its cast-iron base will allow you to prevent wobbling at your drilling time. So, your drilling job will be more hazard-free.

The mechanical variable speed of the WEN4214 will deliver an equal torque range. But, you can have a simple turn with its 5 different speed levels that start ranging from 580 RPM. While you need a perfect right angle consistency, it will work at 45° left to right for an accurate hole. It is versatile!

  • This tool is lightweight and multitasking. So, carrying it anywhere based on your job demand will be hassle-free for you. Also, it is simple to operate, which will save you time finding out the different functions that you don’t know.

  • Some of the parts of this tool are toy-like.

Customer Choice

80% Lower Drill Press

Grizzly G0925: 80% Lower Drill Press

  • The Grizzly Industrial G0925 drill press has a Safety paddle switch, including a removable cap. So, unless the key you remove, the machine will not start. As a result, you can be tension-free of an unavoidable accident.
  • 5 various speed levels to adjust the drilling accuracy from 740 to 3140RPM. And, it will allow you to deal with multi-angle drilling and tasks.
  • You can drill the different materials with ease using the Grizzly drill press. Different materials, for example- plastic, metal, wood, fiberglass, composites, etc. And, it is too easy to go through materials with its drilling capacity of ½ Inches.
  • You can make an accurate, smooth, and drilling operation due to the 1/3 HP motor. So, your drilling task will be much pleasing than tedious.
  • Brand: Grizzly Industrial
  • Weight:  36 Pounds
  • Dimension: ‎19 x 14 x 11inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Speed: 3140RPM
  • Voltage: 120 Volts
  • Amazon Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5

While you work with a cordless drill press, you cannot expect your tool to offer perfect drilling for an Etsy Crafter project. But the Grizzly Industrial G0925 drill press does not argue this.

It is well portable with only 34Ibs, making it pretty famous among those who carry their tools to the workplace every day. The benchtop model of this tool is completely perfect for big size floor presses as well. Also, it is suitable for tiny drilling tasks. So, it is a multitasking feature tool for you.

Another advantage is its JT33 keyed chuck with a JT33 spindle taper. It is highly suitable for various projects to accept different bit levels from 1/6 Inches to ½ Inches. So, you have no option but to miss this amazing tool.

  • This tool is perfect for any type of workplace like a shop, home service, etc. Also, you will get it in different sizes, large and small. So, choosing the size according to your demand is your complete liberty regarding the Grizzly Industrial G0925 drill press tool.

  • Sometimes, it is hard to make an accurate adjustment.

Best Overall

Drill Press for 80 Lower

WEN 4210: Drill Press for 80 Lower

  • It often creates confusion to find the right spot. But, the WEN 4210 will provide you with its exclusive laser light. Therefore, specifying the right spot for drilling will be easier.
  • The most important thing for drilling is to set the proper adjustment depth to limit the spindle travel. You will make an accurate drilling operation if you can set it perfectly. And, the WEN 4210 is the right choice for a precise depth adjustment.
  • Working with WEN 4210 will offer you a precise beveling worktable. As a result, you can bevel the work table according to your drilling requirements from 45° left to right for exceptional angled drilling.
  • Its cast-iron outer cover made it more sturdy, durable, and reliable.
  • Brand: WEN
  • Weight: 51 Pounds
  • Dimension:‎ ‎21.5×14.5×9.5 inches
  • Power Source: AC
  • Speed: 3100RPM
  • Amazon Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5

When you need an 80% lower drill press for a giant industrial project, WEN 4210 is the right choice. Indeed, this power tool is the most suitable for all kinds of larger drilling jobs. It is undoubtedly a high-quality product with a reasonable price that you can afford easily.

However, it is ready to work with various materials, for example, metal, wood, etc. So, you will get no limitations for material purposes. Besides, the 5-speed level featured in this tool will make your job easy and trouble-free to make the utmost speeding adjustment.

  • The powerful induction motor of the WEN 4210 helps it get an expanding life span. On the other hand, it is a handy tool for dealing professionally. Also, it is convenient and perfect for drum sanders, mortising attachments, circle cutters, etc. Its brilliant design will allow you to enjoy drilling.

  • You have to use this tool carefully, or it will get cracked.

Buying Guide of the Best Drill Press for 80 Lower

The most versatile tool is a drill press machine that will help you do your woodworking and 80% lower. But you should choose the drill press model considering some of the most significant ways. And, to choose the perfect one, must follow the following factors discussed below-

Horse Power

The super higher the HP, the better the performance of a drill press tool. So, it is crucial to understand the HP level. As the high HP tool will cost you much, we ask you to determine your job type. Some drilling jobs don’t require high HP, like small wood drilling.

Unless you need not have high power, go for a lower HP. A drill press with a low HP will also provide you with high performance.

Speed Level          

Another essential fact is the speed level of your drill press. Unless you have several options to change the speed level, your tool will become quite inconvenient because your drilling job will not be the same. In this case, you must use a slower speed for the soft materials and a fast speed for the hard materials like metal. So, it will help if you choose your tool with at least a 5-speed level.


Determine first whether you need the drill press for a larger project or a small one. For a larger project, you might choose the floor model that can handle your everyday giant task easily. But the floor model drill press will be heavier than the general drill press. Also, you cannot move a floor model drill press according to your convenience. You have to fix it in one place.

80 Lower Drill Pres

If you need the tool for a small drilling task, the benchtop will be the best one for you as it is a lightweight tool. Besides, the benchtop model is suitable for portability, while the floor model requires a fixed place.


We have listed all the high-quality drills with a low budget. We have chosen our top-listed tools from all the reputed brands. If you want to get a quality tool within a minimum budget, you must consider a trustworthy brand. Because a highly regarded brand always maintains its product quality to attract users’ attention.


The last important matter that is obvious to decide is your budget limit. Determine your budget before you buy the drill press in a shop. It will help you choose the features, model, size, etc. If your budget is low, you cannot get all the features in your tool.

In this case, determining your budget will help you research which brand will offer your required features within your budget.

Here, these 5 key points are the fundamental facts to determine a quality drill press.

FAQs on Best Drill Press for 80% Lower

Can you do an 80% lower with a drill press?

Although the drill press tools are not exactly fit for milling, still these tools are safely perfect for milling your 80% lower. The drill press is well fitted to complete the lower by drilling cuts and holes vertically. So, you have no option to get confused about whether you can use a drill press to do an 80% lower or not.

What machine is required on an 80 lower?

Thinking of an 80% lower means you have to have control activities. In this case, a drill press can be your perfect solution. Although a drill press isn’t the exact tool for your 80 lower, it is still the highly required one that you cannot ignore. This means, while you are concerned about an 80 lower, you will have to think about a drill press by any means.

Can I use a drill press as a milling machine?

Yes, you can. But it will take a couple of steps to do while converting the function of a drill press into a milling type. And, you cannot deal with the heavy milling project with that machine. So, there is a bit of limitation for you.

How do I choose a drill press?

Well, to determine a quality drill press, you must remember some fundamental factors. And, we have already discussed some essential factors in choosing a drill press in our “Buying Guide” section of this article. So, read it carefully.

What are the different types of drill presses?

You have to choose different types of drill press according to your drilling project. In general, there are ten different types of drilling machines. Let’s see what they are-
Benchtop drill press
Floor model drill press
Portable drill press
Deep hole drill press
Upright drill press
Gang drill press
Automatic drill press
Sensitive drill press
Multi-Spindle drill press
Radial Drill press
Among all the types of drill press above, the benchtop drill press and the floor model drill press are the main two types. And, these two types of drill press are mostly used tools among professionals.

Hope you got the Best 80% Lower Drill Press

Working on an 80 lower is sensitive. So, you should go for it quite readily than your other drilling job. Therefore, it requires the best drill press for 80% lower. We have tried to give you clear instructions on why you should use our recommended tools. Now, you have to find yourself which drill press in our top list will be the best for your 80 lower tasks.

Reading, researching, and gathering information isn’t the same as using it in real life. So, we recommend you choose a drill press and use it. You will only then understand the depth of facility that a drill press can give you. All the best!

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