5 Best Drywall Screw Gun Reviews

Drywall is basically hard and you must need the best drywall screw gun to install. Because, if screws go too far, it will damage drywall. On the other hand, the drywall will stick out from the ceiling if the screws don’t reach the perfect depth.

Each of the screws needs a hammer to strike with to get them into the desired depth. It takes a lot of time and elbow to complete the grease project. So, investing on the drywall screw gun will be worth 100 times. A high-performance drywall screw gun comes with a nose cone to make sure you put the screw at the proper depth.

We tested some of the best collated drywall screw guns in our drywall installation project. We got the motor power, run-time, and portability of the screw gun make significant difference. Some of them are easy to use, provide much torque and run time, and you can carry them wherever you go. So, let’s check them out.

Handyman’s Pick: Top 3 Best Drywall Screw Gun

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT DCF620B 20V Color: Yellow
Material: Plastic, Metal
Power Source:
Battery Powered
20 Volts
Battery Cell:
Lithium Ion
Check Price
backpac Makita XSF03Z 18V Color: Paste/Black
Material: Plastic, Metal
Power Source:
Battery Powered
10 x 5 x 6 inches
Check Price
cordlessblower Milwaukee 2866-20 M18 Color: Red/Black
Material: Carbon Fibre
Plastic, Metal
4500 RPM
Power Source:
Battery Powered
9 x 2.25 x 7.5 inches
Check Price

Now, the days of hassle are gone with the invention of the drywall screw gun. It’s a special power tool designed to pass screws through the drywall at the correct depth.

In the online market, you will hardly find any value. However, our top five best drywall screw guns are special. They are powerful, easy to use, and yeah, they will last for years to come. So, let us start the review.

Top Pick Screw gun

Best Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

DEWALT 20V: Best Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

  • Ensures an exclusive drilling with superior performance and maximum run time of 4,400 RPM.
  • Has a greater speed than DW272 corded screw gun along with 20V MAX tool.
  • The nose cone locks tightly and removes easily while maintaining a consistent screw depth.
  • Increases the visibility by illuminating dark work areas with the help of LEDs.

Are you looking for a cordless solution to install your drywall? Then DEWALT can be the best drywall screw gun on that behalf. You may have seen multiple 20V MAX tools in the market. But I assure you that none of them can beat Dewalt screw gun so easily.

Moreover, you will get efficient run time and performance with the built brushes which makes this product top-notch. Also, the complexity in compatibility will not bother you as well. So, stay tension free if you are having a DCF6201 Collated Magazine Attachment, since the gun adjusts with it smoothly.

There is a belt hook that comes with the product. By using that you can get a super aid in portability and carry with you whenever you need. And the drilling process will give you enough visibility by the help of LEDs installed in the gun.

  • The DeWalt DCF620B has a powerful battery, which can withstand hours of drywall screw driving. A 4000 RPM supports driving on hard bits without too much external force. Its ergonomic design reduces arm fatigue. An LED extension gives the gun perfect visibility in dark places. Carrying this tool is also easy as it has an awesome belt hook.

  • As the screw gun has no magnetic attachment, the screws sometimes fall off. To solve the problem, you must pinch the screw down to the surface first.

Best Collated

Best Collated Drywall Screw Gun

Ridgid R6791: Best Collated Drywall Screw Gun

  • You will get an extended use since the product consumes lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Gives a fine depth with its over sized adjustment wheels at a desired setting.
  • Eases the usage within rapid and single drive applications having a single lock-on trigger.
  • Operates at a higher speed than any ordinary drills, ensuring a proper depth.

To reduce the workers’ compensation claims, Ridgid R6791 3 In Drywall is the best collated screw gun you can have. Most of the users thrive for extended use, which is rarely to be seen. But once you own this screw gun, that problem will budge out evenly. That is because the ergonomic design of this product provides a good facility in usage as it’s completely lightweight.

There is a tool free nose piece that comes with Ridgid’s oil. This particular feature allows the fasteners to change quickly and easily. And thus it gives a fluency of performance in a change between 1 to -3.

Moreover, you will get an oversized depth adjustment wheel with this product. Its role is to countersink the screws at a desired point. Again, for a rapid and single driving application, the single finger trigger is always there for you. Now, let us have a look at its benefits.

  • Being a collated screw gun, it will give you extended usage without causing rotational damage. Turns out, a lightweight ergonomic design  makes good portability in all situations. The fasteners change quickly, which improves the efficiency of work. The best part is, you won’t see any wobbles as the screw’s countersink remains at the desired point. It has a rapid single drive potential that saves your valuable time.

  • The only problem is, this tool works great for single hand use. Professionals can’t use it regularly.

Runner Up

Best Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

Milwaukee M18: Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

  • Delivers 3 times longer run time than other cordless screw guns within auto functionality features.
  • Results in faster productivity since the brush-less motor spins at 4,500 RPMâ€s.
  • Provides low noise when it comes in contact with the drywall in an automatic feature.
  • With only one charge, it can deliver up to 64 sheets in an industry-leading amount.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Drywall is one of the best choices for a fine collated screw gun. The best part about this product is its performance. You may notice that other corded productivity is not as swift as Milwaukee’s screw gun. That is because the gun provides industry leading 64 sheets in just one charge with its 4,500 RPM.

Here, you will not need any motor running to make the tool trigger locked on. Since the motor automatically starts, the screws will come in contact with no sounds at all. Furthermore, the gun provides 3 times longer run time in an auto start mode.

What annoys most, if your screw gun does not catch the batteries. The most common and compatible battery you can find is the M18. And this gun is like a best friend of such alternatives. And, the thing that will own your preference, is the comfort. As a lightweight screw gun, this product gives a convenience in usage and portability as well.

  • The screw gun has a durable body and with rotation protection for longer usage. A maximum RPM of 4500, gives the user an extra edge on harder surfaces. You can attach any M18 battery to the gun and have a cordless experience every time. It is lightweight and so your hands won’t feel the stress or the constant burden.

  • Unfortunately, the motor sometimes vibrates and makes a wobble while drilling.

Premium Pick

Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

Makita 18V: Best Drywall Screw Gun Review

  • BL Motor handles a variety of framing applications in a range of 0 to 4000 RPM.
  • The motor starts in a lock on mode having a push drive technology.
  • Saves battery power when the fastener remains engaged, providing a quieter environment.
  • The BL Brushless Motor uses energy efficiently by the demands of applications.

LXT Brushless drywall screw gun is one of the top-notch preferences of consumers. You must be thinking, why. The reason is its compact design. It is true that we all thrive for quality and convenience in usage. That facility will be in your hand as the gun holds an ergonomic design as well.

What else do we need if we can find continuous use in our screw gun? Yes, you are thinking right. LXT collated screw guns are always there to serve you for a long time, owning a lock-on button. And, the best part is, you will not need those annoying cables and use the product smoothly.

Here, the battery charge is also up to the mark. Because of the 3 stage LED gauge, you will not have to worry that much regarding the battery level. Hence, this gun can be super handy for installing subfloor, hanging sheer stock, decking applications, and so on.

  • The drywall screw gun is multifunctional and provides a wide range of applications. Starting from drywalls to all the way to framing, this gun will make wonders happen. A BL brushless motor saves a few bucks on electricity bills as well. Turns out, the gun is highly durable even in the hands of professionals.

  • Due to the brushless motor, the price of the screw gun is a little higher than the regular ones.

Best Collated

Best Collated Drywall Screw Gun

DEWALT: Best Collated Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

  • Small and ergonomic design makes the carrying easier and gives effortless drilling.
  • Tool-free parts ensure varied and clean drywall operation.
  • A 360-degree rotation provides the best driving position.
  • Having a slim nose-cone can be pretty helpful for drilling inaccessible corners.

DEWALT Screw Gun DCF620CM2 provides fast, varied, secured, and clean driving. Specifically, operating this machine is easier than you could imagine. To remove or lock on the nose-cone, just rotate the nozzle back and forth. And press the release button for further application.    

This DEWALT kit is well known for screw length and depth adjustment. With it, you can adjust the screw length to get varied length results with detect marks. Not only that, it allows different screw installation depths too. As a result, you can plant screws on your drywall as you like to do.

Another most impressive thing is its collated screw gun strip. Once you attach the strip to the chamber, you can insert screws just by a single trigger press. No need to use your hand to insert screws one by one.

Moreover, there is a built-in LED light that lightens up your drilling area. Additionally, you can use this piece at any angle to drive the tight corners. In a word, this cordless drywall screw gun is totally user-friendly.    

  • With a flexible and lightweight design, the screw guns provide an easy and strong grip. You can even operate the gun with one hand, saving time on refills. Manufacturers made it with an ergonomic look, which fits in your palm with ease. The screw length and depth is tough and responsive for all users. It has a built-in LED light that illuminates a dark working surface.

  • This DeWalt Kit is a little overpriced. The DEWALT DCF620B is a much better option when it comes to the price.

How to use a Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

Using a drywall screw gun is easy. All you have to do is, follow the instructions below. However, safety comes first. Don’t just shove a screw into the machine and hope for it to work.

Safety Glasses: Screw guns make a lot of dust and sharp bits. If they get into your eyes, the experience won’t be pleasant. So, what to do now? Wear a safety glass just in case things go out of hand.

Gripping gloves: The clutch driven motor vibrates the gun’s body, which creates pinch points. Keeping the support hand away from the drilling point doesn’t always ensure safety. A pair of gripping gloves can remove this problem and give you a sturdy grip.

First off, you need to adjust the head section (nose of the screw gun) to ensure the screws will insert at the right depth. Then, you should direct the nose toward the drywall with screws. Secondly, it requires you to press the clutch. When you press the clutch, the motor starts rotating and lets the screws spin into the drywall paper. Once the nails reach the desired depth, the motor will turn off automatically.

Steps of using a drywall screw gun

  • First, make an adjustment to the depth settings.
  • Make sure that the screw is just 1 mm away from the bit.
  • Try placing it on the bit and engage the trigger.
  • Test the settings before working on the work surface.
  • Now press the screw to the drywall until it reaches its lowest depth.

Best Drywall Screw Gun: Buying Guides

Before buying a drywall screw gun, the first thing you should do is get its specs. Here are the things you should check before you go on buying it.

Motor power: The motor of a drywall screw gun is the first thing you should check. Make sure that your motor can give up to 4000 rpm for drywall. Sometimes the requirement can vary, but for harder drywall you will need this much power.

Ease of usage: Won’t it feel great to find a screw gun that has an instant fire option? Find a gun with one squeeze operation. Newbies often feel a vibration while driving a screw with a screw gun. If you have to use a lot of pressure, the machine isn’t for you.

Multifunctional: We don’t just use a screw gun for driving a screw inside. During repairs, you may need to remove screws and also use it on something else. Make sure, your gun isn’t restricted to just the drywall. Keep it simple and effective.

Storage: If you don’t need to use your gun regularly, you don’t have to buy a big one. Try using a small one first. If it doesn’t work, then get a bigger one. Big screw guns are often harder to carry. You can also try a cordless one. They are a little more expensive by the way.

Productivity: While driving screws, there can be a lot of hard work involved. You have to go on for hours and your hands can get tired. You can try an auto refill one if you don’t want the trouble of filling the screws again and again.

Why you need a Drywall Screw Gun

You may be wondering why should get a screw gun while a manual screwdriver can install those drywall? Well, a drywall screw gun is beneficial in a different way. Let’s have a quick tour of some of those key advantage:


Lack of a convenient power outlet can put you in trouble if you had to work a lot with screwing or drilling. Plus maintaining the cords of a small power tool can reduce its flexibility and cause headache. 

A cordless screw gun appropriate for this situation. It will keep you free from finding any power outlets close to the working area. Besides screw gun comes in a smaller size which is pretty compact to store. The feature especially makes them ideal for apply in confined and tight spaces.

Work Versatility

Most of the screw gun comes in a pack of feature and some even allow to work like a drill. Thus this multifunctional tool can lower the usage of an extra device. it will not only make the job more flexible but also help complete task within shorter time.The screw gun includes magnetic chucks that allow installing the bit super quickly. 

Home Use

A crew gun is a handy tool for people who need to work occasionally. From inserting a screw on the door to work with drywall, this tool is a nifty one for such a job. 

Pro Use

Screw guns are mostly used among pro DIY workers who often need to install drywall. The best drywall screw gun made the project more effortless to complete. Compatible with multiple bits, some screw gun includes speed controlling feature, making them ideal for pro working at a construction site.

Attributes of the Best Drywall Screw Gun

With Cable or With Batteries: if you need to hang a piece of drywall, corded drywall will offer ample power to complete the job conveniently. However, a screw gun with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery can generate the same power for a certain period. 

Self-Feeding Accessories: A device with automatically charging ability will boost the work speed. While you are busy with a driving screw, this feature will place the next screw in position to ensure fast and accurate driving. However, you will have to buy a compatible screw for the tool which can limit your options.

Adjust the Chuck on the Screw: Before inserting the screw, ensure that you have adjusted the depth of the taper. It will let you drive any size screw without damaging the drywall.

LED Lighting: a best drywall screw gun allows the operator at any desired place whatever it is tight or dark, thanks to its LED light. The feature increases the visibility of the targeted area so the operator can insert the screw inaccurate spot.

Balance Your Guns Weight: However cordless screw guns are lightweight to use, but an extra rechargeable battery can increase the extra weight. So it is recommended to check the compatibility of such devices before buying to prevent fatigue. 

Differences between a Drill and a Screw Gun

However drill is also used to install drywall, but this is not the main intention of making this device. Conversely, screw guns are specially manufactured for drywall. Thus it includes a powerful motor that offers more torque at lower RPM’s to handle the job smoothly while keeping the board from damage.

Moreover, an electric drill for drywall needs a compatible attachment and it doesn’t let the user adjust the screw length. Besides drill will take a longer time comparing screw guns to complete the job which can leave you upset. 

If you had to install plenty of drywall pieces, buying the best drywall screw gun will be more appropriate. Overall it will help you complete the project conveniently. 

FAQs on Best Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

What is the difference between drywall screw gun and drill?

A drill comes with a bit, which can drill into any kind of work surface. On the other hand, a screw gun holds a screw and drives it into drywalls, boards, wood, etc. Though you can use a drill to make pre-holes, but can’t use it to drive a screw without special equipment. Also, a drill bit has no depth adjustment feature for driving screws.

Who makes the best collated screw gun?

At present, the collated screw gun market is running parallel to one another. The top five brands vary from one another by mere inches. Here are our pics from each brand.
Makita XSF032Z LXT Cordless.
DeWalt 20V Max XR.
Black and Decker 20V.
Senco DS332-AC.

Can you rent a drywall screw gun?

Renting is a wonderful option for drywall screw guns. But the problem is, no company officially rents hardware tools. You can ask your friend for a machine and pay him later on.

Can a drill be used as a screw gun?

Yes. But unlike a drywall screw gun, the steps are kinda different. You need to have a dimpling bit and then attach the screw in it. The only drawback of a drill is, you won’t get depth adjustment with it. Other than that, the steps are all the same.

How long should drywall screws be for 1/2 inch drywall?

1/2 inch drywall will take 1/4 or 1-3/8 inch nails or screws for its complete fitting. If you use screw length less than that, the stability won’t be as long lasting.

Take your desired Cordless Drywall Screw Gun

Drywall screw guns come with a lot of user friendly features for both pros and newbies. However, finding the right match for your job isn’t always easy. If you don’t use a screw gun for regular use, take a small collated drywall screw gun.

For us, the DeWalt 20V screw guns churns out the best results in all situations. Other companies offer somewhat similar results. But, hey, we can’t all be winners right?

So, what do you think? Give us your comments below. Bye, and have a good day.

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