7 Best Floor Drill Press

If you need a drill press that is ideal for various materials with high quality, we’ve got the best floor drill press for you. We have researched the 7 best floor standing drill presses that are budget-friendly with excellence and performance. These drill presses are perfect because they can tackle any material and because their price point makes them accessible to all levels of budget-holders.

Whether home projects or professional work, our alternatives will provide everything you need in an easy operational process. These machines have a wide range of performance from beginner to pro. And, the best part is that no matter which one you choose from our list, each of them will last for years with proper care.

Handyman’s pick: Top 7 Best Floor Standing Drill Press

These drill presses will lead you to an accurate, faster, and easier woodworking job. Whether you need to drill holes in metal, plastic, aluminium, steel, or wood materials for your projects and crafts, our selected tools will be your best match. You’ll find that our list of the best drill presses includes models from reputable brands with various features, so there’s something on this list for everyone. We hope these reviews will help make your decision-making process more manageable. Let’s find out which of our picks would suit your needs!

Here is our top selection for the best floor drill press for your drilling projects. Hopefully, you’ll need no more alternatives than these following 7 drill presses. It is because these drill presses are the top rating tools on the present market. So, let’s try them for once based on your woodworking type.

Top Pick Drill Press

Floor Standing Drill Press

Shop Fox: Floor Standing Drill Press

  • It carries an outstanding standing drum for a flexible rotating shaft.
  • You’ll get its highest height up to 63 Inches.
  • It has 3050 RPM ranges of speed in maximum.
  • The Rock-Solid floor model design makes it sophisticated.

Throw away your old floor standing drill press and upgrade to the modern Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press. This is not any ordinary machine that just drills. This heavy-duty piece of equipment has the versatility you need for your wood projects. The Shop Fox W1848 begins with a 3/4 horsepower 110V motor of 13-3/4″ in its swing. And it comes with a JT-33 heavy-duty arbour for added strength.

Whether drilling holes or sanding down some rough boards, the oscillating feature will allow for fast, uninterrupted work without clogging up. There are many other products on the market today that can make you go tough. But, Shop Fox W1848? No Way!

It works fast with quick release holders and a table to tilt to 45 degrees for angled tasks, for instance, grouting tile. There’s nothing that it cannot do for your own accord! So, stop moving around your local home repository while working with this outstanding tool.

Its lightweight aluminium frame makes its transportation easy, whether moving around on location or at home. It is also very convenient to carry between rooms and work on various projects. To ensure safety when using such an industrial powerhouse of power, they have even included an electric brake. And, you won’t get this feature to any ordinary tool on the market.

However, this floor drill press is easy to use and has a dual-speed pneumatic key switch. It is ideal for any metal fabrication concerns. And this machine’s swivelling capability can help you get into tight corners and odd angles. Furthermore, the side lever makes it simple to set the depth. Pretty Cool!

  • It has a robust design to deliver strong performance.
  • Easy to control the engine and use for a long time.
  • Each of its parts is well fitted.
  • Its strong motor made it durable.
  • You’ll get a mild and flat table with no irritating edges.

  • You’ll get no mortising attachment available.
  • The tension-spring can often be sticking.

Runner Up Drill Press

Best Floor Drill Press for The Money

JET JWDP-12: Best Floor Drill Press for The Money

  • The X-Shaped Xacta laser will ensure your drilling accuracy.
  • It will provide you with good portability.
  • Jet JWDP has a maximum depth cutting capability.
  • It has high powerful induction motor phases.

The JET JWDP-12, 12-Inch Benchtop Drill Press is a boss of the machine. It has an X-shaped XACTA Laser to ensure its drilling accuracy and big ergonomic knobs. Therefore, getting in tight spaces is easy while working with this floor-standing drill press.

So, transform your benchtop into a well-organized workshop with the Jet JWDP-12 benchtop drill press. This powerful workhorse will make quick work of drilling. It will make a straight and accurate hole for your woodworking and metal-working projects.

It has a retractable roller extension that provides support when you need it most. And the cast iron 10″x 16 1/8″ base will help you run within minutes of its packaging. This compact product makes it easy to store when you’re not using it.

Nonetheless, this drill machine requires only 115V of power to generate 3100 RPM and XACTA Laser for accuracy. So, working with Jet’s 12″ benchtop drill press is a kind of exciting activity. However, its compact design provides a precise, powerful tool for any workbench to fit into your workshop or garage. 

Its retractable roller extension saves space when not in use, and the LED light brightens its complex applications with ease. With a 7/16″ maximum sizing, you can handle big jobs while having literal control over the smaller ones too!

  • It will ensure your top-notch accuracy for all your woodwork.
  • You’ll get a quick workpiece adjustment.
  • Its readout displays will spindle the speed for several drilling applications.
  • Well affordable for all levels of users.
  • Weighty and solid towards all benchtop models.

  • The motor can often become overheated.
  • The machine will start smoking while working for a long.

Best Budget Drill Press

Best Floor Model Drill Press

WEN 4214: Best Floor Model Drill Press

  • This machine has a digital speed readout for going through different materials.
  • Its table roller extension will give you a maximum of 17″ support.
  • The tool has a fantastic bevelling worktable for angle drilling.
  • You’ll get an onboard leaser precision for better adjustment.

With a noticeably variable speed range, Wen’s 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press is great for professional and personal use. It can do everything from fine cabinets to rugged building work with an easy-to-use power dial. The 2/3 HP induction motor ensures that this machine delivers plenty of heavy-duty torque and power.

However, this drill press is the best floor model drill press due to its multi-functional features. And, its power makes it perfect for large-scale jobs and also delicate ones. It boasts an induction motor with a power range of 58 control over the depth and accuracy of every project. Moreover, it has got a full one-year warranty. 

All that riding on energy-efficient features like LED display for accuracy can compete with this product’s engineering innovation. On the other hand, its laser module is readily available to get a precise cutting line and cast-iron worktable. The WEN drill press will give you an exact and durable 2/3 hp induction motor. Therefore, you’ll get sufficient torque and power.

What is more, it will be your best choice if you’re new to using such a tool because all its functions and setting process is too straightforward.

This tool is an indispensable addition to any workshop while there are many drills in the mare. So, durability, power, and accuracy are all at your fingertips now. The WEN4214 is mainly the ultimate quality tool for professionals who want high performance. Hence, purchase now to start work immediately with this innovative drill press!

  • It has a high-depth adjustment gauge for easy operation.
  • Reasonable price to purchase.
  • You can work on multi-purpose activities.
  • This machine is well-organised for the users.
  • Easy assembly process.

  • You won’t get any customer service directly.
  • A lot of vibrations and unwanted noise can come out of the motor.

Premium Drill Press

Best Floor Drill Press for Metal

JET JDP-20MF: Best Floor Drill Press for Metal

  • It has a smooth traveling table to carry trouble-free.
  • The machine has a quick-release clamp to position your workpiece anywhere.
  • Its 1-1/2 horsepower motor works too smoothly.
  • Its high-quality ball bearing will help you clean debris perfectly.

If you’re looking for a drill press that will be the best one for working through your metal material, try the JET JDP drill press. It is known as the best floor drill press for metal and also wood materials.

The JET JDP is a power-driven drill press with variable 12 speeds (4200 RPM) and an external depth stop. It includes a comfortable work surface that creates a contented space to work for hours without feeling fatigued.

The built-in work light provides additional visibility by emitting powerful LED light through the machine’s body. And, that visibility makes your way easier on your eyes when working late into the night or early morning hours.

It comes with a quick-release crank-operated table that tilts to 45° to increase accessibility while you’re working away! And, this 45° is necessary when you need precision cutting or drilling different shapes, sizes, and depths. For safety’s sake, the drill’s electric cable has an outlet box with a protective cover. This protective cover keeps pets and children away from disaster. Also, this cover can help you be protected during your drilling operation.

However, making accurate holes for projects with this drill press is a fantastic way. It’s a super helpful addition to any workshop to boost the stability that you require on your job site. The range of speeds, by the way, gives versatility to complete your specific projects faster. Plus, the JET backs every purchase with an industry-leading two-year warranty.

This Jet Drill Press is perfect for carpentry projects because of its durability, sustainable craftsmanship, and quiet operations. So, you can easily enjoy some peace while working long hours each day!

  • It will provide you with a perfect spindling.
  • Extremely lightweight to carry to the job site.
  • It came with an extensive and nice worktable.
  • Comfortable and substantial handles.
  • It has excellent operational quality.

  • The belt cover can become bent.
  • Its belt tension system is not that good.

Best Overall

Best floor standing Drill Press

Powermatic PM2800B: Best floor standing Drill Press

  • This drill press has a quick changeable chuck system.
  • It has a strong protective layer to remove motor damage.
  • There is an adjustable fence system to give 90° perfect alignment.
  • Its reversible handle will make your move comfortable.

 The Powermatic PM2800B 18-Inch floor standing drill press is a corded, electric drill that includes adjustable front and rear handles. It has a considerably variable speed which adjusts from 250 to 3,000 RPM. You can install the handles on either side of the machine for comfortable working conditions.

However, the laser guides provide an accurate indication and alignment markings to keep you particular to work with any material. It means this machine will allow you to use it with any material for pinpoint drilling or general shaping.

It came with a large cast-iron base and a reversible fence system. And it provides a perfect 90/90-degree relationship between the two surfaces (the drill table and fence). The power source, however, is 115 Volts and possesses a mechanical variable speed.

So, step away from your old tools and take a giant leap into modern design with this professional-grade push drill. The bright yellow color of this tool is as easily visible as it is aesthetically pleasing.

All the same, the manufacturers never compromise on quality. And, it means this powerful 18-inch heavy-duty machine will last long beyond those fewer stable versions. It is powerful enough to meet high demand yet small enough to find its home in a workshop or entryway on a shelf. Keep such handy tools like Powermatic PM2800B for precision drilling every time!

  • It has plenty of power.
  • You can change the speed without adjusting the belt.
  • It offers a well adjustable fence.
  • Works at high speed with no interruption.
  • There’s an integrated laser system that will be available with it.

  • There’s a possibility to get the chunks fall out. But not always.
  • The machine can get slower often.

Customer Choice

Laser and Floor Standing Drill Press

Delta 18-900L: Laser and Floor Standing Drill Press

  • Delta 18-900L has a ¾ HP heavy-duty motor for high performance.
  • It came with high quality and flexible LED work light.
  • The tool carries 16 speeds for working through different materials.
  • Its auto tensioning belt drive system will let you change the speed fast.

The Delta 18-900L is compact and powerful enough to do any job. With an independent depth scale, you can set up for repetitive drilling quickly and easily with this drill press.

It is a versatile machine to handle deep drilling applications with its bench or bench mount design. This machine, however, has got the design of 120 volts of power. And, it is ready to feature an auto-tensioning belt drive system for fast and easy speed changes.

 This product has everything necessary to tackle any big or small job, for example, the TWIN LASER projects. And, here, the Delta 18-900L provides the exact measurements for accurately placing holes at any depth.

You’ll get this 18-inch laser drill press is perfect for deep drilling applications like sinking sockets and bolts. It came with an adjustable depth for a quick setting. However, the power corded electric power source for high performance made this tool outstanding. And the size of its heavy-duty cast iron table of 4 by 9-inches with 1/2-inch thickness.

  • It is accurate, user-friendly, and also robust.
  • Designed for versatile functions.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Auto tensioning trait.

  • The drive spindle is pretty weak.
  • This product is available only on Amazon.

Metal Drill Press

Floor Standing Drill Press

ShopSeries RK7033: Floor Standing Drill Press

  • This machine carries variable speed controls.
  • A safety switch is included with it to turn on/off quickly.
  • It has come with an operative security system for your safety issue.
  • It will offer you a tension lever to access the head casing properly.

If precision is essential to your craftsmanship, then this is the tool for you! Rockwell has a new drill press that will give you a good feel, and it’s sleek with curved hand grips. With five speeds from 620-3100 RPM, this mighty machine makes precision cutting a breeze with its 1/2˝ inch chuck. The RK7033 is the best drill press for metal.

It offers powerful 6.2 amps to power up your every use! 2-year limited warranties cover all Rockwell products against defects in materials or artistry. And, that 2-year warranty will be including all your complimentary repair services. You’ll get the ShopSeries RK7033 available at your nearest Home-Depot store.

The Rockwell RK7033 Drill Press is a powerful machine that can cut and drill many materials with suitability and speed. The iron work table of this machine can bevel up to 45° left and right for your specialized needs. Most importantly, it is well suitable for beginners. This machine comes with clear instructions. So, if you’re not that expert in using such a machine, you will be able to use it precisely.

With its powerful 6.2-amp motor, this drill press allows you to cover no matter what material type or thickness you need to cut through. With five-speed settings at your disposal and 1/2˝ capacity, there’s no more versatile drill press than the Rockwell RK7033 on the market.

  • This machine will last for a long time.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Understandable functionality.
  • A perfect machine for home shop.
  • Its height adjustment is separate from the top assembly.

  • The work table is pretty small.
  • Necessary wrenches aren’t available with this machine to attach the volts.

Buying factors to pick the Best Floor Standing Drill Press

Buying a poor-quality drill press with a high price can occur if you’re not concerned about what makes a drill press the best quality. Let us help you if you’ve not that knowledge-

Depth Stop

A depth stop on a drill machine is a significant feature for drilling accurate holes. If you want to make several holes at a steady depth, you need a perfect depth stop on your drill press. So, make sure before you buy.

Check Out the Features

There are always some essential features that make a drill press high quality. You must check out the parts of your drill press that you’re going to buy. In this case, we recommend you check the worktable, motor size, drilling depth, HP, RPM limits, etc.

Drilling Accuracy

Drilling accuracy is a must quality for a drill press machine. Professionals use the drill press to get all the accurately measured angled holes. In this case, you must be sure whether the model that you’ve chosen is perfect for drilling accuracy.


Choose your drill press with a bit guard to avoid unwanted situations during 3000RPM operations, for example. A drill press is not as dangerous as a table saw. But, still, you need to be careful about the steel spinning while buying your tool.


Speed is another important quality for a drilling machine. You need a slower speed while working on hard material, for example, metal. But, if you’re going for a soft material, you must enhance your speed. So, make sure that your machine has an unfixed speed option.

Ensure What Material Your Tool is Suitable For

There are some drill presses on the market that are designed only for a specific material. If you need your machine to work with a variety of materials, check its specificity. All our suggested drill presses are multi-purposes and suitable for different materials. So, you can choose your required one from our list.

Horse Power and Size

Check the horsepower of your machine before you buy it. It is essential due to getting high performance. If you work through hardwood, metal, or steel, the HP of your tool should be at least three quarters. Or else, you won’t be able to work perfectly. So, fix it out before buying!

What Size Floor Drill Press should I Buy?

The size of your drill press is essential due to getting the specific drilling task. While you focus on the size of your drill press, you’re focusing on the “swing.” The term “swing” determines the size of a drill press. Here, your 16-inch drill press holds an 8Incheees throat distance.

What Size Floor Drill Press should I Buy

However, the standard size for your giant drilling projects is 5/8Inches. And, while looking for small projects, you’ve got to choose the size between 1/2 Inches to ¼ Inches.

If you choose your drill press with the exact size, you can easily reduce the shank drill bits. Also, it will help you increase the capacity of your tool motor. Besides, you will be able to adjust the gauge.               

When to use a Floor Drill Press?

When it comes to high precision, the drill press is at your service. The pillar-mounted chuck helps you get exact roundness and depth when working with wood, metal, or plastic. So all of your holes are perfect in terms of the drill press. It also bores vertically and can be used horizontally for a variety of different tasks. 

Enlarging holes, smoothing out edges, and drilling angled requires a drill press. Also, while you need to get the exact thicknesses up to 4-3/4″ without tilt adjustments, you must depend on this appealing tool. In addition, a drill press is a tool to cover your everyday small house repairing task.

If you’re a job holder and get your time only on your weekends, you must keep a benchtop drill press at your house. It is because no one wants to spend money on all the little woodworking for home purposes. So, you need a drill press not because to deal with large projects. Also, you need it while you want to save your budget. In this sense, a drill press is your everyday tool which means no specifications.

What should I look for in a floor drill press?

If you’re in trouble with plenty of space, it should be your priority to think about the compactness of your tool. It will help you be worry-free of spacing. In this case, our suggestion is about a benchtop drill press. You can space it in any narrow area easily. With your spacing problem, we recommend you not to go for a floor-mounted drill press.


Depending on the motor power of your tool, you can think of the hole size or material type. While you need to work through larger diameters, you have to consider the high motor power. While you can have your tool motor power high, you can do any job, small or big. So, try keeping the HP at least 1+ to do your regular drilling task.

Drilling Power

Some floor-mounted drill presses will be with high drilling power. And, these machines are required for larger projects based on the swing distance and stork distance. But, if you need to handle the everyday delicate tasks, the benchtop type will be better for you. Therefore, focusing on your task type, you have to choose the floor-mounted or benchtop drill press.

Chuck Size and Type      

1/2″ to 1/5″ chuck size is the standard size to determine the shank of your accessories. But you need not pay extra attention to this chunk size. Having ample motor power will be available with this size. And while choosing the chuck type, we recommend you to go for the keyless chuck than the keyed chuck. Keyless chuck will relieve you from the tension of holding keys each time.

Customer Reviews

You must go around the customer reviews online about the model that you’ve chosen to buy. It works significantly to make you a good product sense.

FAQs on Best Floor Drill Presses

What can a drill press do?

The drill press is the most overrated tool in the workshop with its hard-hitting frame and tough precision bits. It can easily take on any material, even when dealing with tough materials like metal or masonry. From drilling holes for hinges to tapping threads into a threaded rod, get all your drilling tasks done efficiently.

Can I mill aluminium with a drill press?

Yes, you can! It is entirely okay if you want to do your milling job with your drilling machine. But it will require you some extra settings for your machine. Also, you might need some additional parts for an attachment. It will allow you then to start your milling task with a drill press machine.

Does a drill press need special bits?

Well, if you want your drill press to provide you with the highest performance, you should add some extra bits. In this case, you can use spade bits, twist bits, and hole saws to get more exactness to complete your job. A drill press is the only tool you’ll find that can spin any material, for instance, wood, metal, aluminium, etc.

How deep can a drill press go?

A drill press can get down up to 6 inches as you can rotate your handle. But, if you’re working with the Benchtop models, it will allow you to make 2 or 3 vertical depth movements. But, if you can choose the best models like Delta 18-900L/ Powermatic PM2800B, you will get more profound movement with ease.

What is the difference between an 8″ and 10″ drill press?

A 10 Inches drill press will offer you a profound hole alignment at a minimum cost. It will be available with a variety of features, including angle adjustment, and depth control. A 10 Inches drill press is a fantastic innovation for versatile drilling for your garage or job site.
8 Inches drill press, on the other hand, will have little depth control than the 10 Inches drill press. But, still, it is powerful for a different kind of material.

To Wrap Up

You will get different machines on the market, but you’ll be confused about buying one if you don’t keep a basic idea. However, we are content to present you with the best floor drill press to make you go faster and confusion-free. We hope you’ve understood the essential features that you must know to get the best one.

And, if you’ve not enough time to go around the market but are in a rush to get the best one on your budget, check out our top list. You will surely find your required drill press within minutes.

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