7 Best Forstner Drill Bit Set

The forstner drill bit is known as a large bore bit and handy for drilling plenty of materials, including wood, for having an accurate flat bottom and pocket hole. Getting the best forstner drill bit set means you can drill a deeper and more precise hole.

You also can drill through the wood and other materials every time, using the exact size of the tougher and sharper bit. Picking the right set of forstner bits with a large variety of sizes for ease of operation can be tougher, especially if you don’t have previous experience.

DIYers pick: 7 Best Forstner Drill Bit Set

Thus, we have included seven of the best Forstner drill bits set into the guide that come in a wide variety of sizes, are made of tough HSS material and can withstand overheating to offer a deeper and more accurate hole. The drill bits are also ensure a smooth cutting edge and is ideal for a pocket hole, overlapping holes, and bottom holes.

We have included extensive information on the Forstner bit, right from how to use the bit and sharpen the Forstner bit, with safety and buying tips to help you out.

Top Pick Drill Bit

Forstner Drill Bit Set

PORTER-CABLE: Forstner Drill Bit Set

  • These best forstner bits come from hardened steel that promises durable and long-lasting service.
  • The woodworking Forstner bit is designed with open teeth to drill fast and clean holes, leaving a smooth finish.
  • This Porter-Cable Forstner Bit Set is constructed with optimized cutting angles to offer flat-bottom holes.
  • The Forstner bit set comes in a portable carrying case to keep it well organized for easy use and carrying.

PORTER-CABLE has been in the field of DIY drilling and accessories for a century, with a reputation for delivering quality. Thus, investing in this Forstner Bit Set could be worthwhile. Even compared with the typical brands, PORTER-CABLE offers this 14-piece Forstner bit set at an affordable cost while being made of hardened steel and optimized cutting angles.

Thus, this is one of the best Forstner bit sets for woodworking on a limited budget. Despite the set includes 1/4-inch to 2-inch bits to prevent guesswork and apply the exact bit for desired flat-bottom holes.

  • This drill bit set is made of durable, hardened steel and optimized for cutting angle to offer a flat bottom hole quickly and with the repeatable operation. The Forstner bit is set to cost a decent price and includes a range of sizes from 1/4-inch to 2-inches, and it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • The carrying case should be of better quality. It’s one of the snap locks that don’t hold properly. And the drill bit may get dull if it gets overheated so often.

Runner Up

Forstner Drill Bit Set

Freud FB-100 Diablo Forstner Drill Bit Set

  • These Forstner drill bits are made of High-Speed Steel to endure overheating while offering deeper holes conveniently.
  • The HSS Forstner bit is suitable for drilling pocket holes, flat bottom holes, and overlapping holes.
  • The drill bit’s size ranges from 1/4-to-2-1/8-inch to prevent guesswork and ensure an exact and deeper diameter hole through plywood, soft, and hardwood.
  • The Forstner bit set comes in a strong wooden case for convenient storage and protection.

Whether you are a professional or seasonal handyman, you often need to handle top-notch woodworking with various sized holes, so try this Freud FB-100 Forstner Drill Bit Set. especially this set of Forstner bits comes with 16 pieces, a large variety of bits, to offer a wide range of holes through plywood, softwood, and hardwood. The size of this Forstner bit set ranges from 1/4-to-2-1/8-inch with 1/8-inch increments and costs a little more.

An impressive yet safe measurement you have to remember is that this drill bit is extremely sharp and able to offer pocket holes, flat bottom holes, and even overlapping holes efficiently, making the Forstner bit set worthwhile. Thus, it’s recommended to use protective gloves to prevent accidental razor cuts on fingers.

  • This Forstner bit set is suitable for drilling a large variety of holes through different types of wood precisely. Made of HSS material, it’s tough quality bit set is designed to withstand overheating and offer a deeper hole. The bit set also comes with a one-year warranty.

  • The Forstner bit set is relatively pricy, and some of the bits come with a shorter shank. So, it won’t offer deeper holes.

Best Overall

Forstner Drill Bits Set

IRWIN: Forstner Drill Bits Set

  • This Forstner bit set has ultra-sharp cutting edges for optimized angles to drill through precisely and more quickly than typical Forstner bits.
  • The Forstner bits are made of tough carbon steel to retain sharpness for a long time while producing accurate flat bottom holes and pocket holes.
  • This professional Forstner bit set is designed with a reduced shank to fit with drills and drill presses with 3/8″ and larger chucks.
  • The Forstner bit set comes in a compact carrying case to keep it well-organized and easy to carry.

This IRWIN Forstner Bit Set is another best forstner bit set for having deeper and larger holes with precision and a flat bottom. This 14-piece Forstner bit set is made of tough carbon steel to ensure long-lasting sharpness while drilling a flat-bottomed hole or pocket hole through hardwood, or for cabinet making.

Whether your woodworking demands 4 or 14 holes, 3 or 6 inches deep, using this Forstner bit set, you will have the desired precise hole from first to last. This Forstner bit set is available at a decent price while the size varies from 1/4″ to 2″ and comes with a reduced shank to perfectly fit with a 3/8″ or larger chuck drill or drill press.

  • This Forstner nit set is suitable for drilling a quicker and accurate hole through soft and hardwood. The bit set includes various sizes of the bits and is suitable for repeatable drilling and deeper holes. The drill bit is made of carbon steel that retains its sharpness for a long time.

  • This Forstner bit tends to slip, so the operator has to be careful. Plus, after a couple of uses, it’s become hard to read the actual size of the bit.

Multiple Usable

Forstner Bit Set

Steelex 16-piece Forstner Bit Set

  • This Forstner bit set comes with a hex and a round shank to prevent slippage and increase accuracy while drilling deeper holes.
  • The Forstner bit is constructed with high carbon steel for long-lasting sharpness and smooth cutting through various materials.
  • This multi-purpose Forstner bit can cut smooth and neat flat-bottomed holes through veneers and thin stock.
  • The manufacturer offers this 16 piece Forstner bit set in a wooden box to keep the bits secure and easily accessible.

Compared to the previous model, this Steelex Forstner Bit Set will be suitable for safer and accurate drilling, thanks to its Hex and Round Shanks. Thus, this Forstner bit set will prevent slippage and increase the accuracy of drilling through a variety of materials, making drilling a breeze.

Apart from these, this Forstner bit set comes with 16 pieces of the bit while making the same material as carbon steel and costs a slightly higher price. An impressive feature includes a beautiful wooden box with optimum functionality. It means the wide variety of Forstner bit sets will remain secure in place while working on busy sites or carrying too long distances.

  • This Forstner bit set is available at a reasonable price while allowing you to pick the exact bit size based on requirements. Plus, the bits are made of high carbon steel for durable and long-lasting service, remaining sharp for a long time. It also includes a handy carrying case.

  • This Forstner bit set won’t be suitable for heavy-duty tasks, and some customers will receive a few dull bits.

Best Budget

Forstner Drill Bits Set

INTOO Hex Shank Forstner Drill Bits Set

  • This budget-friendly Forstner bit set is made of high-quality material that is shock-resistant and ensures quicker cutting.
  • It has a hex shank that makes the bit installing and tightening process easier and offers slip-free drilling.
  • The Forstner bit set is designed with extra-sharp cutting spurs for precise and smooth cutting through soft and hardwood.
  • This Forstner bit can drill pocket holes and flat-bottomed holes without chipping.

Looking for the best Forstner bit set with a limited number of bits at an affordable cost without compromising performance? Pick up this INTOO Hex Shank Forstner Bit Set. Following the title, this Forstner bit set comes with a hex shank that will allow installation and tightening of the bit extremely easily, and ensure slip-free drilling.

Despite this, the bit set includes only 8 pieces of bit, and the size ranges from 1/4″ to 1-3/8″ while available at an exceptionally lower cost. Another appealing feature of this low-cost Forstner bit set is that it is made of extremly sharp cutting spurs for smooth and efficient cutting through soft and hardwood.

  • This affordable Forstner bit set comes with 8 pieces of bits that are made of quality material with extra-sharp spurs. These can drill through plastic, wood, and other materials efficiently and leave a smooth and precise hole.

  • The drill bit set isn’t extremely sharp, but still great for the value. And it doesn’t have a large diameter bit for cutting larger holes.

Premium pick

Best Forstner Drill Bits

Steelex D1020: Best Forstner Drill Bits

  • This Forstner bit is made of top-class carbon steel that can drill through hundreds of holes without tear-out, burning, wobbling.
  • The drill bit ensures precise and flat bottom holes while the cutting action isn’t too aggressive.
  • The Forstner drill bit is designed with a 1/2″ shank and sawtooth to fit with most standard drills and drill presses efficiently and produce highly precise holes.
  • It comes in a protective wooden box for easy excess and secure storage.

If you do require a single 2-1/2″ Forstner Bit instead of set to drill a deeper and accurate hole through wood with optimum performance, go for this Steelex 2-1/2″ Forstner Bit. Made of top-quality carbon steel, this Forstner bit can endure high-speed drilling to offer the finest holes through wood and other materials. An impressive feature includes saw tooth design.

It means, using this Forstner bit, you will have 100% accurate holes in different types of holes every time you try. Along with a standard drill press, this Forstner bit is compatible with the most common power drill, thanks to its 1/2″ shank.

  • The Fostner drill bits set is reliable and low price than its quality. You can use this bit with drill press as well as power drill. It’s a super durable drill bit because of its carbon stainless steel.

  • The drill bit needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent jam and may need sharpening after drilling a couple of holes.

Customer choice

Best Forstner Drill Bits

Meichoon: Best Forstner Drill Bits

  • This Forstner drill bit is made of a combination of Tungsten steel and Cemented Carbide for higher accuracy, durable and smooth drilling operation.
  • Comes in a range of sizes, this Forstner drill bit set is suitable for a wide range of applications, including hinge installation, and wood processing.
  • It’s a shock resistance drill bit that chips easily and offers neat holes without broken edges.

This Meichoon Forstner Drill Bit Set is another best forstner bit set on a tight budget that is made of tungsten steel for smooth cutting operation. Apart from these, the manufacturer also uses cemented carbide for high accuracy and toughness.

It is a set of 16 pieces of Forstner bit set that is available at an extremely low cost while the size varies from 15-35mm and is a handy item for wood processing, hinge installation, and other applications. Even using this Forstner bit set, you will have a neat and smooth hole without a broken edge as it chips easily and improves the opening speed.

  • This budget-friendly Forstner bit set includes 16 pieces of forstner bit ranging from 15-35mm and is made of tungsten steel. The drill bit offers a smooth and accurate hole and is suitable for a variety of applications while offering durable service.

  • This Forstner bit set gets very hot, so it requires coolant or water to avoid smoke.

Factors to pick the Best Forstner Drill Bit Set

From a wide range of options, the right Forstner bit varies according to personal preferences. We have listed some key factors that will help you pick the appropriate Forstner drill bit set, whatever your budget or intention is:


Picking an exact size Forstner bit can let you complete the task for once. But having a set of Forstner bits with a variety of sizes will ensure greater flexibility and keep you prepared for any time and any size required.

Cutting Edge

Forstner bits come in three types of cutting edge, from knife-edge bits to those that cut through at the quickest speed. However, it puts lots of consistent strain on the drill press motor, gets overheated, and ends up dulling rapidly. Another type is a wavy edge which comes with serrations to disperse the heat and preserve the sharpness for a longer time. But this type of forstner cuts through slowly and may leave a rougher finish. Conversely, a saw-tooth edge Forstner bit can handle higher speeds but isn’t suitable for plywood, especially for cutting at an angle.


Most of the Forstner bits are made of high-speed steel to hold the cutting edges and offer repeated operation. Apart from these, you can pick a Forstner bit made of carbide-tip that is also tougher enough and retains cutting power. But choosing the Forstner bit set of high quality will cost more than its lower counterparts.

Number of pieces

Whether you are a professional or a seasonal DIYer, having a Forstner bit set with more size variations will help tackle any wood drilling task while maintaining quality and versatility. Though you can choose from 3 to 16 pieces of Forstner bit set, don’t compromise the quality for the number of bits due to the limited budget.

Type of shanks

In general, the Forstner bit comes with two types of the shank, including a hex-shaped shank and a round shank. The first type is most suitable for impact drivers and ease of removal. Conversely, round shanks are compatible with drill presses, and even power drills, thanks to their adjustable chucks.


The price of the Forstner bit set is directly related to its quality and the number of pieces included. So set the budget based on the drilling task at hand and whether it is heavy-duty or light duty.

How to Use a Forstner Drill Bit with a Drill Press

Drilling through holes using a drill press ensures exceptional precision. However, there is a limit to the versatility of this method.

Place Work Piece and Backing

Start with placing sacrificial wood on the work surface of the drill press. Clamp the wood piece down so it doesn’t move due to the pressure during drilling through it. You can place another piece of wood over the sacrificial wood for practice if you don’t have previous experience. Doing so will also help you prevent blowouts that may occur due to drilling all the way through the workpiece.

Attach the Bit and adjust it

Still, you can insert your Forstner bit into the drill press if there is a previous work piece and backing placed. Now adjust the height of both the drill press and the Forstner bit to drill through at the desired depth properly. You can also adjust the depth whenever you need to, especially for different depths of holes.

Align and Begin Drilling

After attaching and securing the bit, mark on the work piece using a pencil to drill through at the exact point. Then align the mark with the drill bit center, lowering the arm on the drill press to keep the motor off. Now slowly press the bit against the wood piece to control the resistance feeling that is usually caused using the Forstner bit. Once you start creating the hole, you can apply more pressure through the arm of the drill press to increase the speed.

Slow Down, and Finish

Once you almost drilled to the desired depth, slow down the drill’s speed. In particular, you should set the drill press speed at the lowest setting once you reach the target depth. Doing so will keeps the bit spinning while you will pull out the bit and leave a hole with a cleaner vertical edge. Conversely, if you need to create a full hole, you can carry on from this stage, but clear out the excessive sawdust to prevent build-up overheating.

How to Sharpen Forstner Drill Bits

Tools require:

  • Round chain saw sharpening tool
  • Triangular file
  • Vise

The method

Firstly, clamp your dull Forstner bit using a vice and a set of V-blocks. Use the round file to work on the rim and make sure you are working on the dull surface. Usually, the edge of the Forstner gets dull, so you have to sharpen the face with a triangular file at an upward-facing angle.

Sharpen the edge of the bit across its whole length at both sides. You can do it in a better way by counting a number of strokes and repeating it opposite the site. Then place the bit on even surface to sharpen the chipper that is placed at the center of the bit with a triangular file. Then sharpen the Forstner bit following an upward motion. Once you have done it, check the Forstner bit to test its performance.

Pro note: usually larger Forstner bit includes cutting edges on the rims, unlike the common drill bit. If you need to sharpen such a Forstner bit, apply the same process. Start with sharpening on the Forstner bit rim using a round file and focus on the individual teeth.

Use a pointed guide to enlarge the hole

Similarly, spade bits and Forstner bits have a little sharp point in the middle that serves as a pivot point. If you want to extend the existing hole in the wood, the bit can be quiet. So you have to pay extra attention to centering the hole and aligning the bit over an existing hole with the sharp point. After that, clamp, the bit firmly and drill the new hole. even you can secure the workpiece on a backer board to reduce the risk of tear while applying a larger Forstner bit.

Advantages of Forstner Drill Bits

Except for providing greater control in woodworking, the Forstner bit brings lots of benefits over other types of bits. Some of the key advantages are:

More efficiency and accuracy

Using the Forstner bit, you can have precise flat bottom holes. Considering the smoothness of the hole, the Forstner bit offers tremendous quality compared to the twist bit. Even you can have clean holes through thicker wood using the Forstner bit.

Minimal Tear Out

Forstner bits usually produce less tear compared to other types of bits. Drilling through wood can remove fibers due to their cutting action, which leaves uneven spots. Thus, it needs further repair. Conversely, the Forstner bit acts soft on wood and ensure neat finish.

No Slippage

Whether it is a starter hole or a larger diameter, Forstner bits maintain great quality right from the initial stage. While using twist bits brings the concern of moving away from the target, the Forstner bit can effectively prevent slippage. Coming with the center spur, the Forstner bit enters into the wood efficiently.

Suitable for creating larger hole

The Forstner bit is suitable for drilling deeper and larger holes. While twist bits come only in a few sizes, Forstner bits are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths to choose from.

budget friendly

Though some of the lengthy Forstner bits are expensive, the common sizes are reasonably priced. Within your budget, you can easily pick up a Forstner bit set of considerable quality.

A few smart tips to use Forstner Drill Bits safely

The following are some helpful tricks to get the most out of a Forstner bit:

  • Using the sharp Forstner bit is the foremost way to get the desired result. Always use a sharp Forstner drill bit. You can check whether the bit gets dull or not by trying to drill through it. If you find the bit ligers on the work surface without drilling through, it’s time to sharpen the bit.
  • Replace or sharpen the Forstner bit to prevent it from messing up the work surface while drilling.
  • Drilling through a vertical surface using a Forstner drill bit can be tough. Still, you have to keep the bit steady for the quality of the task. To make the task more convenient, you can use a secondary handle on the drill to create a straight hole.
  • Some Forstner bits can get overheated quickly, especially when used consistently. To prevent overheating, avoid consistent work.
  • Overheating can also damage the Forstner bit. So if the project demands lots of holes, you should use several bits instead of one.

FAQs on Best Forstner Drill Bit Set

How deep can a Forstner bit drill through?

Forstner drill bits can drill through deeper holes with the aid of an extension. This drill bit is well capable of drilling through 16″ of material. But it needs to drill slowly and clear the bit every so often.

Is a Forstner bit compatible with a drill?

The Forstner bit is ideal for drilling precise and larger holes. But it can be difficult for a handheld or portable drill to control the Forstner drill bit. This special bit is mostly suitable for working through attaching to the drill press.

Is a Forstner bit suitable for a router?

In general, routers produce extremely higher speeds, which make it tough for a Forstner bit. Instead, insert the Forstner bit into a handheld drill or drill press for better results.

What are Forstner bits for?

Forstner drill bits are mostly suitable for drilling large diameter holes through wood, and they are superb for clean cuts. Despite this, the drill bit can carve out flat bottomed holes. Another important thing is that the Forstner bit is capable of drilling overlapping holes and angled holes on the face of a work surface.

What type of material can a Forstner bit drill through?

The Forstner bit is an excellent choice for woodworking, maintaining exceptional precision with a clean edge. This type of bit is specially designed to produce the least tear while drilling through. Despite the Forstner bit is made of high-speed steel with a titanium oxide coating to drill through steel without causing corrosion.

What is the difference between a Forstner bit and a hole saw?

The Forstner bit not only offers a flat hole but also a punch through considering the material depth. Conversely, a hole saw only drills through the material. Both the bits are also different in the depth of the hole. The Forstner bit will offer a deeper hole as it can use an extension.

Final words

Well, now you have six different brands of the best Forstner bit set from which you can choose your desired Forstner bit set for upcoming woodworking and other drilling projects. The Forstner bit set we have reviewed comes from a reliable and reputed brand and is made of optimum craftsmanship to offer long-lasting service with deeper and more accurate holes.

But they are different in pack size, budget and performance, so decide based on their criteria for the right set of Forstner bits. Finally, the Porter-Cable Forstner Bit Set is our overall top pick for the best Forstner bit set.

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