6 Best Heat Gun for Crafting

A heat gun is a handy option for crafting as it makes the task more fun. But make sure you are using the best heat gun for crafting since the wrong tool can damage the project and injure the user. If you are new to embossing, choosing the right heat gun for a certain project can be a tricky task for you. Thus, we have come out to lead you on the right track.

A heat gun is a multi-functional tool that is commonly used by seasonal and professional DIErs. It may look like a hairdryer, but it produces extreme heat. So, using a heat gun that doesn’t have a safety feature can cause you serious injury.

DIYers Pick: 3 Best Heat Gun for Crafting

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Color: Yellow
Strong power: 1800W
110V, 50Hz
Dual temperature setting :
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backpac Wagner Spraytech Color: Black
‎11.5 x 4.75 x 2.55 inches
Country of Origin:
Model number:
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cordlessblower Chandler Heat Gun Color: Silver/ Purple Blue
Weight: 13.1 ounces
8.86 x 2.09 x 2.28 inches
Country of Origin:
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The heat gun should have a temperature adjustment system and a user-friendly design so the operator can use it most conveniently and safely. Following the guide, you will have a list of heat guns that are suitable for crafting. These heat guns are ergonomic, safe and easy to use, and powerful enough to handle a range of heating projects. In addition, you will have a buying guide and some useful information about using a heat gun for the most exciting experience.

Top Heat Gun

Best Heat Gun for Crafts

SEEKONE: Best Heat Gun for Crafts

  • This heavy-duty heat gun is designed with a two-power mode that can produce up to 1202°F.
  • It has variable temperature and airflow control buttons to ensure the most precise heat based on the working surface.
  • This is the best heat gun for shrink wrap that has an ergonomic handle to prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  • The heat gun comes with four different types of nozzles to ensure accurate heat flow on different surfaces.

This SEEKONE Heat Gun is our top choice for the best heat gun for crafting. In particular, it’s the best-selling heat gun from the brands that are a reliable option for both light and heavy-duty heating projects among DIYers. More importantly, the heat gun comes with a set of safety and quality features, including two power modes, variable temp control with overload protection, and four types of nozzles.

From setting the desired temperature according to the working surface, this heat gun will let the user ensure the most accurate heat flow while keeping the gun and its circuit from damage. Even a simple nail gun cannot damage this heat gun. Available at a decent price, this heat gun is scientifically ergonomic and suitable for a range of applications.

  • It’s an affordable heat gun that is highly powerful yet lightweight and able to handle delicate projects. Plus, the heat gun comes with an ergonomic design, user-friendly features, and a lifetime free warranty.

  • The heart gun includes five fit cords, which may limit its versatility, and the motor makes a rattling noise.

Runner Up

Best Heat Gun for Arts and Crafts

Wagner: Best Heat Gun for Arts and Crafts

  • It’s a lightweight and small heat gun that has two temperature settings with up to 680°F for light to medium-duty tasks.
  • The heat gun is designed with a retractable stand for hand-free heating and crafting projects.
  • This compact heat embossing gun is suitable for working in small and hard-to-reach places.
  • It is constructed with a built-in concentrated nozzle for precise operation.

If you are looking for a compact heat gun for hand-free operation and work in hard-to-reach places, try this Wagner Spraytech HT400 Heat Gun. Exclusively this heat gun is designed with a retractable stand to help you handle lots of heating and crafting projects safely and without keeping it in hand. Another unique feature includes two operating positions with a cool touch sidebar. So you can hold this heat gun, ensuring the best fit for precise operation.

Especially the feature also makes this small heat gun suitable for working in tiny and hard-to-reach places conveniently. This best heat gun for arts and crafts gets hot quickly and works great, but it includes only two options to adjust the temperature, which can affect the operation.

  • It’s a budget-friendly heat gun that is durable and versatile and suitable for hands-free operation. The gun is heating up quickly and can be used in three different positions and includes 2 years of warranty.

  • The heat gun isn’t suitable for heavy-duty tasks and it doesn’t include attachments. It does, however, have a larger power cord.

Best Overall

Best Heat Gun for Crafts and Epoxy Resin

Chandler: Best Heat Gun for Crafts and Epoxy Resin

  • This user-friendly heat gun has a nozzle safety shield and a stand to lower the risk of getting injured.
  • The heat gun is made of an insulated body to make the operator comfortable even after a long work time.
  • It’s a lightweight, mini heat gun that doesn’t create much noise for a calm environment.
  • This heat gun is UL-Safety Certified and suitable for a range of applications.

This Chandler Heat Gun will be the best heat gun for a beginner in terms of safety and easier operation. Though the heat gun doesn’t come with a typical handgun style, it still has plenty of safety and quality features, making it ideal for seasonal DIYers for handling home use. This versatile heat gun is made of impact-resistant plastic coupled with steel precision-heating elements for long-lasting and comfortable operation.

A key feature includes the Nozzle Safety Shield. The feature will keep the operator safe from accidentally touching the hot metal and getting burned. Apart from these, this heat gun for arts and crafts designs features two-speed settings with up to 300 degrees Celsius of heat to ensure precise light-duty heating tasks over different surfaces.

  • This heat gun is available at a reasonable price and includes plenty of safety and user-friendly features for easier operation. Plus, the heat gun is durable, lightweight, and includes a 6-foot flexible power cord for more mobility.

  • Its temperature switch is a bit hard to change in one hand. Besides, the gun is made of lead, which is harmful to health.

Best Electric

Best Electric Heat Gun for Crafts

Homidic: Best Electric Heat Gun for Crafts

  • This heat gun for crafts is constructing with stainless steel and ABS plastic for enhanced stability.
  • It comes with a longer cord to ensure improved mobility during the operation.
  • The low-cost heat gun includes heat vents to reduce internal high temperatures and extend its longevity.
  • This versatile heat gun can heap up to 200° within seconds and includes two temperature modes.

If you are on a tight budget and want to have a quality and portable heat gun for crafting, drying paint, or other operations, buy this Homidic Electric Heat Gun. Especially the heat gun is made of stainless steel and ABS plastic to ensure increased stability. The best part of this cheap heat gun is its 6.5-foot long cord, which makes the gun more portable than a twice-priced heat gun.

The heat gun also fits in hand nicely while getting hot quickly up to 200°. Another unique feature includes a heat vent to reduce the internal high temp and increase the gun’s longevity.

  • This portable heat gun is easy to use and gets hot quickly. Plus, it is portable and durable enough to handle plenty of heating tasks comfortably.

  • The heat gun can’t run for over 10 minutes continuously and isn’t suitable for resin projects.

Best Mini Heat Gun

Mini Heat Gun for Crafts

Mlife: Mini Heat Gun for Crafts

  • This craft heat gun for the resin is constructed with a heat sink to stabilize the internal temperature.
  • With an overheat protection design, this heat gun will save the operator from accidentally burning themselves.
  • This heat gun has a retractable bracket for hand-free, comfortable operation.
  • It has two temperature settings, with a maximum of 300°C, to handle a range of crafting projects.

Next, we have a stylish yet ergonomic heat gun that is especially suitable for resin as well as crafting and wrapping paint. This Mlife Mini Heat Gun is available at an affordable price and packs a pack of impressive specs and features. It’s a mini heat gun that has a retractable bracket for hand-free operation. A unique feature includes overheating protection. This mini heat gun will stop automatically if it overheats, making the heat gun safer to use.

With two temperature settings and up to 300°C, this heat gun can handle any light to the medium-duty task. This heat gun for crafting is made of stainless steel bracket and plastic and will be a long-lasting investment for any DIYer.

  • This heat gun is available at a relatively cheaper cost with plenty of color choice and includes a larger cord for increased mobility. Besides, the gun is made of durable material and has safety features with higher temperature speed.

  • The heat gun does not have a warranty policy and can be used repeatedly for a longer period.

Customer Choice

Heat Gun for Crafts

ENERTWIST: Heat Gun for Crafts with Variable Temperature

  • This heat gun is designed with overload protection to prevent the gun from overheating during extensive use.
  • The heat gun includes 5 paint scraper kits and 4 nozzle deflectors to deal with a range of applications conveniently.
  • With an ergonomic soft-grip design, this heat gun will be suitable for longer use.
  • It includes a variable temperature setting with a powerful motor to conquer a range of surfaces appropriately.

If you have enough budgets and want to have a complete set of heavy-duty heat guns, then this ENERTWIST Heat Gun will be the way to go. This heat gun is designed with a 1500 watt and 12.5 Amp motor to produce up to 500°C of heat, making it the best heat gun for wood burning. Not only that, it has 9 temperature settings to ensure the most precise heart based on the surface requirement.

It’s a stable heat gun that includes a non-slip soft-grip handle. Combining these features, this heat gun can be placed upright for hand-free operation and held comfortably for a longer time. Despite this, this heat gun includes 9 different accessories and a durable carrying case for easy transportation and screw gun cannot damage the case.

  • It’s a complete set of a heat gun that is powerful enough and produces extreme heat. The heat gun includes plenty of accessories, lingering cords, safety features, and a carrying case for a satisfying experience.

  • The attachment that comes with the heat gun is flimsy and the unit surprisingly doesn’t have a warranty, despite being available at a higher price.

Factors to pick the Best Heat Gun for Crafting

The requirements of a heat gun vary from person to person so it can’t be chosen randomly. But by keeping some key factors in mind, the buyer can narrow down the list and pick the most desired heat gun for certain needs.

The temperature

The heat gun you will pick shouldn’t produce extreme heat if you need precise and delicate crafting. A heat gun that delivers a maximum of 400 degrees Fahrenheit will be suitable for light to medium-duty crafting tasks.

Conversely, opt for a unit that delivers around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for dealing with heavy-duty projects.


Most of the heat guns come with plenty of nozzles to handle different projects accurately. So make sure the heat gun you pick includes at least 4-5 nozzles, multiple scrapers, and other accessories. Even if you require a heat gun for a specific project, pick the unit that has the right attachment and nozzle needed for a certain task.


A heat gun is a multi-functional tool that can be used for plenty of tasks, including crafting, shrink wrapping, roofing, and painting. So invest in the tools that will be with you for different types of tasks and become worthwhile.


The heat gun may need to be used continuously for a longer time, especially if it is a heavy-duty task. Picking a heat gun that has non-delivery and a well-built handle will be a smart decision to complete such a task comfortably.


Choosing a solid-constructed and quality-designed heat gun is a must-need to make the investment worthwhile. But having a heat gun with a warranty will boost confidence. More importantly, it will help restore the productivity of the heat gun without spending extra bulk. In this case, choose a heat gun from a reputed brand to get supportive customer service.

Embossing Gun vs Heat Gun: Which is better?

While embossing guns are used for small crafting projects, heat guns are perfect for light-duty applications. A heat gun can create gentle airflow with moderately high heat.

Usually, a heat gun and an embossing gun function in a same way and are perfect for heating projects. But the embossing gun produces low heat compared to heat guns since embossing doesn’t need extremely high heat. A standard heat gun can also handle any heavy-duty project that requires extreme heat, like 800 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

How Does a Heat Gun Work for Crafting?

A heat gun is a handy appliance to soften adhesive and strip the paint off a surface. Different types of heat guns are out there which have both pros and cons considering the way they work.

A heat gun looks like a hairdryer. However, its design process and the way it works are different. Properly understanding its purpose will help you learn the heat gun’s working way. This gun is used to heat some materials or surfaces without using fluid and flame. Some heat guns include an air chamber and an electrical coil that let them blow heated air to the working surface. Conversely, some heat guns use directed infrared light emission to heat the surface.

Most heat guns are designed with a fan that draws cool air into the body of the gun. It also has a heating element that heats the air quickly and a nozzle that directs the hot air to the working surface. The user can operate and control its temperature by one hand, thanks to its lightweight and temperature setting system. Even some heat guns can be placed on the table for hand-free and safer operation.

While a normal heat gun can reach 100 to 300/400 degrees Celsius, an infrared heat gun can go up to 400 to 600 degrees Celsius. It also uses infrared light emission to apply heat, while a typical heat gun uses hot air to complete the heating task.

How to Remove Paint with a Heat Gun

Heat guns come with plenty of attachments to control the heat accurately. Using a nozzle, you can narrow the flow of heat and heat the desired area without damaging the surrounding area. Alternatively, you can place a heat shield in between the working surface and the nozzle. To build a heat shield, cut a hole in cardboard and make the hole a bit bigger than the working area. Then cover the cardboard using foil.

How to Remove Paint with a Heat Gun

Prepare the heat gun

While a typical heat gun for paint stripping comes with one heat setting, an advanced model design with multiple settings handles multiple purposes precisely. Check the user manual of the heat gun to set the gun properly for stripping paint.

The required amount of heat generally depends on the type of paint you will have to remove and the building material under it. To remove paint using a heat gun, you’ll need at least 700°F. If you need to remove paint on an older building constructed before 1978, don’t use a higher temperature than 1,100 °F as it can increase the change of exposure to dangerous lead fumes.  If your heat gun has separate controls to set the airspeed and temperature, set these at the right setting before powering on the gun.

Place the nozzle

Putting the nozzle too close to the working surface can cause it to sing. To avoid such an accidental situation, keep the nozzle at a consistent distance of about 4 inches to work safely and produce heat evenly. If you find the heat can’t separate the paint from the surface, move the heat gun slightly closer. But make sure there is a distance of about 2 inches between the working surface and the nozzle.

Follow the sweeping motion

Work methodically by moving the gun continuously. Follow the back and forth motion multiple times over the painted surface and you will find it starting to separate. Conversely, holding the gun consistently in one spot can damage the material underneath the paint.

Continue moving the gun

While the heat gun is doing its job, you will notice the paint starting to bubble up and pull off from the surface. Continue moving the gun until the final section doesn’t bubble up and pull off. The process will still work if there are several layers of paint over the surface.

Scrape the loose paint away

After bubbling up the final section, keep the heat gun away and safely store it. Then peel away the loosening pain using a scraper.  Then, wipe the surface using a clean shop rag and throw it in a trash can. But make sure you are using a flammable chemical-free and clean rag.

Benefits of buying the Best Heat Gun for Crafts?

A heat gun is a handy tool to handle a range of repairing and renovative tasks both for professional and seasonal craftsmen. The following are some key reasons for buying the best heat gun:

Varying temperatures for diversified DIY: A higher dryer may help in lots of home applications, but these are not as reliable and versatile compared to heat guns. For example, a heat gun can blow air at extreme temperatures to complete a difficult task like embossing powder on electronics.

Relatively affordable: A heat gun is considerably more affordable than typical blow dryers, but it includes a unique feature with improved versatility. Plus, these are more durable and offer improved quality servings to keep the operator safe.

Professional tool: A heat gun is an appropriate item for having a professional-grade finish with increased productivity. Thus, this tool will definitely be needed for an electronics repair shop.

Safety tips for using a heat gun for crafting

  • Wear your long-sleeved shirt and heavy-duty gloves before operating a heat gun. It will keep your skin and arm safe from the heat of the gun nozzle.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near your work area and learn how to use it properly, as working with such a powerful heat source is dangerous.
  • Heat gun uses a higher current and it can overheat the extension cord and cause a fire. Sp plugs the gun directly into the wall socket to reduce the risk.
  • Keep flammable materials such as drapes, chemical solvents, and paper away from our work area. It will create a fire if the heat gun comes into contact with these materials.
  • Don’t block the air inlets of the heat can as it can make the gun overheat and end up catching fire.
  • Don’t place the nozzle of the heat gun directly against the working surface as it can damage both the gun and the surface. Maintain a minimum distance of 4 inches between the nozzle and the heat gun.
  • Even after wearing protective gear, keep the nozzle away from your body to prevent burning yourself.

FAQs on Best Heat Gun for Crafting

What is the best heat gun for crafts?

Overall, SEEKONE Heat Gun will be the best heat gun for crafts. This heat gun includes a powerful motor that can produce high temperatures which can be controlled by variable temperature control settings. Plus, the heat gun is durable, lightweight, and includes plenty of accessories needed for precise crafting.

What is the best heat gun for resin art?

The Mlife Mini Heat Gun is the best heat gun for resin art that is specially designed to be used for epoxy resin. Despite, the heat gun is suitable for most craft projects, it is made of a powerful construct with useful features.

What is a heat gun used for crafts?

A heat gun is a typical hot air blower that is a must-have for craftsmen and DIYers. This tool is commonly used to weld or bend plastics and strip the paint off of the different surfaces. A heat gun is more versatile than plastic welding tools, making it more acceptable among professional craftsmen.

Are a heat gun and an embossing gun the same?

Though both the heat gun and embossing gun work in a pretty similar way and are used in the heating project, they are different in their design and productivity. While a heat gun is ideal for heavy-duty heating projects, an embossing gun is mostly used for light-duty tasks.

What to search for when buying a heat gun?

Choosing the right heat gun for a certain purpose needs some key consideration. The heat gun should be powerful and allow you to adjust the temperature and airflow for precise heating based on a different surface. Plus it should have LED Displays, Temperature Scanners, and Residual Heat Indicators. We have mentioned above an informed guide to help get the best heat gun for crafting.

Take the Best Heat Gun for Crafting

It’s difficult to suggest one heat gun as the best heat gun for crafting as the requirement varies from person to person. Thus, we have reviewed some of the best heat guns that are suitable for different heating projects while having different features.

So understand your project type and determine the requirements for the project, then choose the most compatible heat gun from the list. Though some of them include a warranty, all the options are reliable and offer supportive customer care with free shipping.

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