7 Best Impact Driver Bits Set

The impact driver bits need to withstand extreme torque consistently to drive or remove the screws and nuts from the working surface. So, while shopping, buying the best impact driver bits set that has a variety size of bits and can endure higher torque and pressure.

Apart from these, you can opt for an impact bit set that has various types of bits and suitable for fastening and drilling along with driving. But make sure the bit set you choose is compatible with your impact driver and can hold the screw securely to complete the task accurately.

Handyman’s Pick: 7 Best Impact Driver Bits Set

You can purchase such a handy combination of impact driver bits sets quite easily by checking out the recommendation list we have listed below. We have reviewed the 7 top impact driver bit sets that include most of the required size and type of impact bit, as well as screwdriver bits and drill bits.

These bits are durable, sturdy, rust-resistant and offer impressive performance consistently for a long time. Plus, you will have some helpful buying tips for the impact driver bit and learn some essential information about the impact bit.

Top Impact Driver Bit

Best Impact Driver Bit Set

DEWALT 40-Piece Impact Driver Bit Set

  • These impact driver bits come with a patented bit-bar design for easier bit removal with customisable placement.
  • It features a clear lid and a clip latch for observing the contents clearly while ensuring secure closing.
  • This set of impact driver bits has a magnetic screw lock sleeve to reduce the screws’ drop and wobble for consistent operation.
  • These affordable impact driver bits have a CNC-machined tip that accurately fits into the screw head and reduces cam-out.
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Unfortunately, many DIYers have had the experience of hearing the awkward clicking of the stripped screw while driving it into the woods. Even in some cases, the driver bit gets damaged and needs to be replaced often. If you want to avoid such a situation, buy this DEWALT FlexTorq Impact Driver Bit Set.

Along with the brands reputation for durability, this DEWALT impact driver bit set is constructed with heat-treated steel that can withstand high torque and ensure extreme durability. Plus, this 40 piece impact driver bit set comes at quite an affordable price and is suitable for driving 4-inch wood screws.

  • These DEWALT impact driver bits are highly durable and designed with a rust-resistant finish. The bits are made of heat-treated steel and come in a large variety of types and sizes and ½ inch socket attachment. The manufacturer also offers a connectable accessory case for well-organized and convenient storage.

  • The rubber mount of the case can’t hole the longer impact bits properly, and some customers don’t receive all the pieces.

Runner Up

Impact Driver Bits Set

Makita 50 Piece Impact Driver Bits Set

  • This impact driver bit is designed to maintain a calibrated heat treating method for increased durability.
  • Each impact driver bit has a manganese phosphate surface to resist corrosion.
  • The bits are comes with optimal geometry for ensuring an ideal fit and superior holding power.
  • The impact driver bits are constructed with high-quality S2 steel for improved lifespan.
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This Makita Impactx Driver Bit Set has two exceptional features over the typical quality that should be in the best impact driver bit set. Firstly, the sturdy carrying case has a special tube to store the longer bits separately. Its latch is also better-designed even compared to the Dewalt and the joints are tight enough to withstand repeated use.

Another impressive thing is the precision tip that ensures complete contact with the screws for optimised performance. Apart from these, this Makita Impact Driver Bit Set includes 50 pieces that cost considerably lower and are made of heat-treated S2 steel.

  • These heavy-duty bits are suitable for a range of screw driving applications that require higher torque. These bits are designed with improved fit and have precision tips for superior performance. Plus, the bit set comes in a sturdy carrying case that is easy to use and ensures the most organized storage.

  • It’s a bit difficult to remove the impact driver bit from the extender. However applying some lubricant oil, you can complete the task quite easily.

Best Overall

Impact Driver Bit Set

CRAFTSMAN Impact Driver Bit Set

  • The Craftsman Driver Bits have an optimised torsion zone to ensure superior performance over soft and hard surfaces.
  • The impact driver bits are made of S2 modified steel to offer maximum durability.
  • Each impact driver bit has a CNC-machined tip for the most accurate fit in screw heads and reduces the risk of cam-out.
  • The magnetic tip of these bits holds the screw securely to prevent drop-off.
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With a combination of Optimized Torsion Zone and CNC-machined tip, this CRAFTSMAN Impact Ready Bits set is another best impact driver bits set available out there. The bit set comes in a beautiful plastic case that holds the bits quite nicely and allows you to find out the desired size bit quickly.

The set includes 33 pieces of impact driver bits that have a light coating of grease or oil to protect them from rust. Apart from this, the bits are sturdy as they are constructed with S2 modified steel.

  • This budget-friendly impact driver bit set has a variety of sizes of bits that are sturdy enough to drive the screws securely. The bits are made of quality material and hold the screws properly and withstand higher torque while fitting with a versa-track portable storage system.

  • The bit set includes only 3 driver nuts and some impact driver bits are a bit harder to remove from the carrying case.

Premium Pick

Impact Screwdriver Bits Set

BOSCH 44 Piece Impact Screwdriver Bits Set

  • Each impact driver has a silver sleeve and laser marking for improved visibility and ease of identifying the bit size.
  • These screw driving bits are designed with a precise tip to lower the change of cam-out.
  • The impact driver bits have an extended torque zone to soak up the torque and reduce the risk of breakage.
  • It comes in a portable case that has rubber bumpers and a secure latch for superior durability and extra security at the busiest job sites.
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Bosch is another famous name among contractors and DIY enthusiasts. While researching and checking the user’s feedback, we found this Impact Tough Screwdriving Bit Set from Bosch is high-performing and long-lasting investment. Like the previous bit set, these impact driver bits are also designed with an extended torsion zone that can effectively absorb the higher torque.

As a result, the bit tip doesn’t get much stress and can drive the screws conveniently. Another impressive feature is that these bits are greatly customisable. It means the DIYers will have increased productivity as they won’t need to search for the right bit more often.

  • These impact-rated bits are highly tough, precise, and extremely durable to absorb the higher torque and drive the screw properly. The set includes 44 different-sized impact driver bits and comes in a uniquely designed portable case for easy access and organization.

  • The holder may not withstand daily use for long, and some customers find the bit tips wear out quicker than expected.

Best Budget

Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set

  • These impact bits are made of proprietary steel and maintain a heat treat process that makes them durable and strong.
  • The impact driver bits are constructed with a geometric design to absorb the shock and ensure convenient driving.
  • Each impact bit has forged tips to maintain maximum grip.
  • The impact driver bits come in a convenient carrying case.
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If you are looking for an impact driver bits set for maximum grip with shock absorption ability, consider this Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Driver Bit Set. Likewise the title tag, this set includes some incredible impact drill bits that can absorb shock quite effectively, thank to their Geometric design. Apart from these, each impact driver bit also has forged tips to ensure maximum grip while driving in a variety of applications.

Despite, the set includes 40 different-sized bits and cost slightly higher. Although the case is also pretty nice, it’s a bit hard to pull some bits off. But if you pull the bits a little forward in the rack while removing them, they will come out efficiently.

  • These impact bits are highly durable, strong, and ensure maximum grip. These bits come in a variety of sizes and can absorb shock and are easier to access in a carrying case.

  • These bits may not withstand higher torque.

Customer Choice

Impact Nut Driver Bits Set

NEIKO Magnetic Impact Nut Driver Bits Set

  • Each nut driver includes a 1/4-inch hex shank that is compatible with most impact drivers and allows you to insert it quickly.
  • The impact driver bits are designed with a heavy-duty magnet to hold the nuts and screws, securing them even in tiny spaces for convenient operation.
  • These versatile impact bits are 6 inches long, making them perfect for working in hard to reach and narrow spaces.
  • Construct with heat-treated CV steel and Black Phosphate coating for increased durability and corrosion resistance.
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Whether you need some quality nut drivers to complete the job under the hood or some impact bits to work in a tight space, buying this NEIKO Impact Driver Bit Set will be the right decision for you. This set includes 6 impact drivers that are 6 inches long, allowing you to drive the nut even in the tightest of spaces.

More importantly, each nut driver has a magnetic tip to hold the nuts, screws, and bolts securely while operating for successful operation every time. With a combination of Cr-V Steel and Black Phosphate Coating, these impact driver bits do not only ensure maximum durability but also offer longer service life protected from corrosion.

  • These impact driver bits are highly durable and have a magnetised plate on the head to hold the fastener securely. Plus, the bits are long enough to reach in tight spaces and have an extra coating to protect them from corrosion. Finally, this set of impact driver bits is available at a decent price.

  • The bits don’t have a hollow body. So these may not be suitable for driving nuts into long bolts.

Alternative Choice

Impact Driver Bits Set

ENERTWIST 112-Pieces Impact Driver Bits Set

  • Each impact bit has a 1/4″ hex shank for easier and faster bit changes without spinning out, while being compatible with 1/4″, 3/8″, and ½” impact drivers, screw guns, and drills.
  • Drill bits are made of HSS material with a titanium coating for superior durability and strength.
  • These huge impact and drill bits come in a portable and sturdy transparency case for secure storage and easy access.
  • It includes a fast-release magnetic bit holder to allow you to work in tight spaces efficiently.
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This ENERTWIST Impact Driver Bit set will be the best impact driver bits set for constructors and serious DIYers in terms of convenience and versatility over the task. This Screwdriver Bits Set includes a maximum of 112 pieces and includes drill bits, impact bits, and screwdriver bits that are suitable for metal, wood, and a variety of surfaces.

So whether it’s drilling, driving, or fastening, and the necessary variety of bit sizes, you’ll have better control over the project at all times. Impact driver bits are made of plastic and metal and come in a convenient case, while surprisingly available at an affordable price.

  • This professional-grade impact driver bit set includes a masonry bit, a drill bit, a screw gun, and an impact bit to allow you to conquer a wide range of applications. The bits are highly durable and compatible with a large number of power tools and come in a transparent case.

  • The carrying case looks cheap and the drill bit isn’t sturdy enough to penetrate steel but suitable for masonry.

Buying Guides of the Best Impact Driver Bits Set

In general, bits always remain in contact between the working surface and the impact driver. As a result, the possibility of wearing out for a bit is quicker than other parts of the driver. While shopping for the best impact driver bits set, check the following:

Driver Bits Durability

Impact driver bits are mostly made of steel. But choose the drive bits set that comes from S2 steel alloys or carbon steel for a durable experience. Despite this, the bit should have some type of non-corrosive coating for heavy-duty use.

Project Material

Consider your project’s working surface, whether it is metal or wood, to pick the right size and type of bit set. This will help you penetrate the working surface successfully. Remember, wood surfaces require different bits than masonry or metal.

The Size of the Bits

Though the most common sizes of bits are 1/4′′, 3/8′′, and 5/16′′, you should choose the size based on the material you will be working with. Pick the right impact driver bit set, you will have a range of sizes of bits, but make sure the most needed size exists in the set. The majority of impact driver bits come with either a single end or a double end. The first model mainly fits with a ¼ ” hex shank and is also compatible with other power tools like an electric drill.

Conversely, double end bits are suitable for 1/2″ and 3/8″ hex shanks. Despite these types of impact bits being perfect for drilling holes into tight spaces, a single end bit can’t reach them. Even some double-ended impact bits include magnetic ends to keep the bolts and screws in place.

Durable Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion is one of the main concerning issues when it comes to impact driver bits. Manufacturers handle this problem differently by applying a coating. So, choose the impact bit set that has either thermal treatment or powder coating solutions.

Torque Resistance 

Using an impact driver bit consistently can lead the bit to lose strength. The reason is that the bit can’t withstand consistently high pressure. Thus, opt for a bit set that can endure 2,000 pounds of torque to get the best performance.

Flute Design

An impact driver bit with a fluted design will make the drilling task more convenient by offering the dust enough space to escape. Between 30-degree angle and parabolic flute designs, the first one will let you drive into tough metal, while the second type is perfect for softer material.

Different Type of impact driver Bit

Impact driver bits come in a wide range of types to give improved versatility over the project. Some common types are:

  • Titanium Boride and Titanium Nitride bit: This type of impact bit has higher hardness ratings, withstand high torque, and last for long
  • Flat bits: mostly suitable for driving bolts and screws efficiently.
  • Depth Gauge Ring Bits: design with adjustable depth gauges to allow adjusting the depth of the bit based on the requirement.
  • Black oxide bits: mostly suitable for bigger items as they are extremely easy to use. but don’t have a hardness rating.
  • Countersink bits: helpful for making an even countersunk head on metal or wood
  • Bombing ring bits: these types of bits can penetrate masonry and concrete quickly and are handy for projects that require repeated impacts.
  • Masonry and wood bits: designed with longer flutes to escape more particles while drilling holes and offer longer long-lasting service.

Types of coating of the impact driver bit

Different manufacturers design their impact driver bits with various types of coating to resist wear and tear. Some of the most commonly found coatings are:

  • A nickel-plated coating is mostly used and greatly resists oxidation.
  • A tungsten carbide coating is preferable for the top grip of a bolt.
  • The zinc-plated coating protects the bit from oxidation.
  • A diamond finish coating is preferable if the bit needs to withstand extremely higher torque power.
  • The ultra-silver coating effectively resists corrosion.
  • The titanium nitride coating is perfect for working on smooth surfaces.
  • The colored coating is mainly used to make it a bit different from others to pick and use suitably.
  • An ultra-gold coating is preferable for tasks that have a higher chance of damaging the bit.

A few key Advantages of using the Best Impact Driver Bits Set

The impact driver bits are mostly made of tough materials like high-quality steel that ensure durable service. Some are also designed with a powder coating to resist wear and corrosion. Despite these bits, avoid tightening the screw or nut manually, which makes the operation much faster and effortless. Even it doesn’t even need electricity, which makes the task eco friendly as well.


The best impact driver bits allow drilling into a variety of tough and soft surfaces. Some impact bits are also able to drill into tight spaces. Another impressive advantage is that the impacted driver bit is suitable for drilling a deeper hole into 2″ wood. Even the impact bit comes with a simple design. So, whether you are a beginner or professional, changing and using the bit won’t be a big issue.

Various Applications

There are lots of high-impact bits out there that come with a unique purpose. The carbon bit can endure higher torque before breaking down, and it has an amazing design that makes it less prone to damage and able to drill quicker than typical masonry bits. Conversely, iron bits are extremely powerful to drill into concrete, but they can’t withstand much torque.

Lastly, non-metallic impact bits are superb for driving into plastic even without a pilot hole. These types of impact driver bits are tougher than standard drywall bits and require lubricant.

Easy Storage

Impact driver visits are extremely easy to store in a toolbox or belt, but some brands offer storage cases. Apart from this, impact bits also fit perfectly into portable cases and a small box for easier transport, keeping them well organized.


Impact driver bits come with a power boost that makes them safer to use. So, whether you are a starting DIYer or a professional, driving scores into the wall won’t be a demanding task.


Impact driver bits are quite affordable and are available in hardware stores and online. Even you can opt from the recommended list to pick the most affordable impact driver bit set without compromising on quality and performance.

FAQs on  Best Impact Driver Bits Set

Is there any difference between an impact driver and an impact wrench?

Generally, impact drivers are lightweight and less powerful compared to impact wrenches. The working area and using components are also different from these two DIY tools. Impact drivers use 14-inch hex drive to drive screws, whereas impact wrenches use a square drive to loosen or tighten sockets.

Does an impact driver need special bits?

Most of the impact drivers are compatible with ¼” hex shank driver bits. Plus, the impact bit needs to be durable and sturdy enough to withstand high torque while driving or removing screws or nuts.

Are impact-rated bits better?

In general, impact-rated bits offer two key benefits compared to typical driver bits. This bit has greater torsional strength and is designed with a larger breaking angle to offer improved flexibility. Impact-rated nits also offer a longer service life and are perfect for high torque applications.

Can I insert a regular bit into an impact driver?

Obviously. You can use a combination of an impact driver and a drill bit to create small holes in wood and even steel. But make sure the bit has a hex shank and is compatible with your impact driver. Despite this, drilling larger holes than ¼ ” in hardwood, heavy steel, or pressure-treated lumber can be hard using this combo.

Do impact drivers split wood?

Of course, the impact driver can split wood like the standard drill driver. Thus, it’s handy to create a pilot hole before starting the actual process. Even you can use screws so you can create holes without drilling pilot holes.

Final Words

Now you have some of the best impact driver bits set for driving, drilling, and fastening. Though impact driver bits are mainly used for screw driving applications choosing a handy set can increase the limit of productivity. The impact driver bit set we have reviewed includes an impact driver, a screwdriver, and a drill bit that will ensure better control over a large number of DIY applications.

So all you have to do is pick the right impact driver bit set, considering the size and type vary based on the requirements, and enjoy the impressive performance.

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