9 Best Industrial Floor Drill Press for Metal

A drill press tells a lot of stories when you drill in metals. Standard hand drill is useless for metal work. You must need a drill press for drilling and cutting metals perfectly. Having a good quality floor drill press will help you avoid uneven drilling, shakes, and overall result.

All you need is to find the best industrial floor drill press for metal, and you are good to go. If you don’t know the whereabouts, then this review will help you, for sure.

Finally, we define an ideal drill press in terms of quality, durability, control, and power. We will guide and help you understand how a drill works, its working surfaces, and more.

Handyman’s Pick: Top 3 Best Floor Drill Press for Metal

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT DW4898 Color: Silver
Power Source:
Corded Electric
110 Volts
3050 RPM
24 x 15 x 63 inches
Check Price
backpac HORUSDY 12-Inch Saw Blades Color: Black/Orange
Power Source: AC
2015 Model
120 Volts
3140 RPM
Check Price
cordlessblower Caliastro 12-Inch Color: Black Red
Voltage: 120 Volts
3050 RPM
21.75 x 15.25 x 9.75 inches
Check Price

Our handymen tested a number of floor standing drill presses and selected top 9 considering the sizes, power, performance and built quality. We also disclosed the actual feedback with specifications like motor quality, durability, RPM, actual torque power and drilling speed with perfection.

Hope you will know everything about floor standing drill press for metal work from our research. And your money won’t be wasted if you buy any of the drill press from this list. Let’s find out your desired drill press for metal work.

Our Top Pick

Best floor drill press for metal

Shop Fox W1848: Best drill press for metal

  • The table drill machine has a 3/4 HP motor with a maximum speed of 3050 RPM 3050 improving drilling on all surfaces.
  • Having a JT-33 arbor, the drill can adapt to any machine spindles and lathes.
  • A swing of 13-3/4 inches helps to fit a broad length of materials into the drill table.
  • Including a sanding kit, the drill eliminates the need for external sanders.

The Shop Fox W1848, with its efficient 3/4 HP motor and oscillating sander kit, makes up for its value for money. A swing of 13-3/4 inches, helping you fit twice the width of material on your drill press. If you want to sand and drill with the same instrument, the Shop fox W1846 is just for you. Having a multifunctional drill chuck, the drill can effortlessly hold bits up to 5/8 inches.

The W1846 has a variable speed setting, helping you work on a wide range of material hardness. Turns out, the drill will reach a maximum RPM of 3040 for drilling into hard metal sheets. Weighing about 180 pounds, you can easily drag and relocate the drill anywhere you like. The drill functions as a sanding tool, which is effective for all contour sanding works. Surprisingly, the drill has an integrated sand collector, giving a regular dustless experience.

You can make up to 3.5 inches of vertical travelling, and the controls will always impress you. The parts fit together really well, eliminating the need to lose fit everything together. A flat milled table with no ridges gives you a smooth work experience with minimum edge chipping.

  • Usable in a broad range of materials.
  • All operations tilt 45-degree.
  • Spindle guard for extra protection.
  • Variable speed in all operations.
  • Dust auto collects and sanding.

  • V-belt required.
  • Laser feature missing.

Best Budget

floor drill press for metal

WEN 4208: Best drill press for metal work

  • The WEN 4208 has a 1/3 induction motor with efficient torque and power.
  • Having a 1/3 keyed chuck, the drill holds all major drill bits in radial symmetry.
  • A 2-inch spindle travelling helps lock liner depth for accurate results.
  • With a swing of 8 inches, the drill can outperform all rudimentary tasks.
  • The drill has a height adjustment and a 45-degree bend, which improves working capacity.

The Wen 4208 comes in the market with a 1/3 HP motor, which outperforms the mildest budget drill machine. DIY enthusiasts will love having this drill machine for their wood or thin metal sheet drilling projects. A 1/2 inch keyed chuck helps the drill bind with all drilling bits for a radiant result.

Working with wood, weak metal, and thin plastic will get an upgrade with the five different speed variations. Turns out, the drill has an integrated height adjustment feature for bulky plastic and foam drilling.

A 45-degree tilt gives a bevelling worktable in both left to right directions. You don’t have to break the bank to get the cheap and effective Wen drill machine. Unfortunately, you can’t use the drill below 740 RPM, making the drill more of a home drill press. All in all, you will get a drill machine for all your DIY projects at an affordable price.

  • Money saver for all DIY projects.
  • 45-degree tilt and a wide table.
  • Five-position variable speed settings.
  • Maximum RPM in all conditions.
  • Low power consumption at high RPM mode.

  • Illumination settings absent.
  • Below 740RPM absent.

Pro Budget

Best drill press for metal work

SKIL 3320: Floor drill press for metal work

  • The SKIL 3320-01 drill press with its leading-edge bump-off switch enhances drilling security.
  • A 5-speed variation makes easy drills and avoids all edge chipping.
  • Enhanced laser pointer for proper hole adjustment.
  • Tilting 45-degrees left or right on any working surface.
  • Max speed reaches up to 3050, helping you drill on wood and metals, keeping the quality in check.

The SKIL 3320-01 with a powerful 3.2 AMP stands as the best floor drill press for metal work at a low budget. Having a max RPM of 3050 and an X2 laser, the drill will take your accuracy and support to a whole new level. If you want a craftsman, and you want zero edge and high precision, the Skil 3320 is the drill for you.

Surprisingly, you can drill angled holes (Up to 45-degrees) using the slotted work surface. When you are not working, a safety bump-off switch feature prevents your kids from turning the machine on. However, the drill has no support for speed changing button, and you have to adjust it manually at times.

Being compact and weighing just 50 pounds, the drill makes up for its portability. Carpenters and shop owners will love to have this manoeuvrable drill machine for its safety and overall all features. But if you want an automatic speed-changing button or an AC-powered motor, the Skil 3320 is not your jewel of the crown.

  • Safety lock feature for kids and newbies.
  • Tilting table and angled drilling possible.
  • Five present speed settings available.
  • Well priced at a mid-range budget.

  • No auto-speed changer.
  • AA battery needed.

Customer Choice

Drill press for metal work

WEN 4214: Floor Standing Drill press for metal

  • An infinite-variable speed ranges from 580 to 3200 rpm with improved torque and speed combo.
  • It has a Powerful 2/3 motor for all hardwood and soft metal drilling.
  • Having spindle travel of 3-1/8 inches and a linear depth stop, the drill makes fine repeats and stop.
  • A 5/8 inches key chuck aids in adding variations to the drilling bits and resulting holes.
  • Height adjustment, safety lock, handled width, etc., for fine edges while working.

If fine drill holes in wooden furniture are what you want, the Wen 4214 is just for you. A variable speed setting of 3200 max makes up for the low horsepower of the motor and gives you great outcomes. You can make the drill into a sander after attaching and sanding the pad as the drill bit.

When it comes to repeatable drilling, the drill will impress you with the locking linear depth stop. Turns out, the front to the back of the motor is 22 inches, improving the drill precision. A quill diameter of 2.17 inches, which helps the spindle turn easily.

You will find a laser module in the drill for making accurate drills on your surfaces. The best part is, you will get a table roller extension to adjust larger pieces into the drill table. Overall, you will have a decent table drill for all your wood and soft-metal drilling projects.

  • Crosshair laser pointer for precision drilling.
  • A digital speed readout monitor.
  • Nicely build and reasonably priced.
  • Smooth table roller extension available.

  • Unusable for 1/2 inch steel.

Premium Pick

Industrial Floor Drill Press for Metal Work

JET J-2500: Industrial Floor Drill Press for Metal

  • The Jet J-2500 offers a spindle assembly of four ball bearings for maximum precision.
  • Having a 3/4 HP motor, the drill has the guts to handle any metal sheets you through at it.
  • It offers a larger 1-7/8-inch diameter quill and can travel 3-1/8 inches max.
  • A steel column and cast-iron head assist in vertical stability and motion.
  • Extending the security features comes the telescoping spindle guard for regular usage.

The JET J-2500 drills offer an exact spacing enhancing the drill’s depth control. A 3/4 motor powers the drilling bit to exert maximum power to the surface material. If your wood or metal works need a reliable drill with a wide RPM range, this drill will just picture perfect. Furthermore, the drill has a spindle bearing support, which gives you top-grade accuracy settings.

Weighing 167 pounds with an iron head, the drill is highly stable during drilling. Turns out, the drills’ table travel is above 24 inches, making wider drilling possible. Additionally, a 45-degree table tilt aids in its wide grasp of materials.

Though there is no variable speed to aid in the drilling process, you can use manual adjust the speed. The drill makes up with 15-inch spindle travel to make fine hole drills. Though the Jet 2500 is not the best drill press for metal, it sure packs a pump with a stable structure and amazing control.

  • Wide RPM settings from 200 to 3630.
  • Table tilt of 45-degrees.
  • A 2 years worldwide warranty.
  • Stable cast iron head and steel column.
  • Spindle guard safety feature available.

  • Laser point absent.
  • No auto variable speed.

Best Beginner

Floor Drill Press for Metal

BILT HARD: Floor Drill Press for Metal

  • The Bilt Hard 13 has a 3/4 HP motor with 3600 RPM, helping you drill all wood, metal, or plastic.
  • There is an adjustable table lock for sudden drill wobble.
  • A 360-degree table rotation combined with a 45-degree tilt provides you with a perfect left or right movement.
  • Having a solid steel frame and a cast iron head, the drill can endure transition with no damage.
  • For mounting onto a bench or work stand, the drill has a pre-drilled hole extension.

The Bilt Hard 13 inches combines a power-efficient motor with top-grade features, making it the best floor drill press for metal. It has a 13-1/4 swing, which helps smash a wide range of materials on both sides. You can effortlessly adjust any drill bit on the go with the 7/64 inch to 5/8-inch keyed chuck. When it comes to raw power, the 6.6A induction motor enough to pass through metal, wood, plastic, etc.

With an adjustable depth stop and variable speeds of 220-3600 RPM, the drill is both safe and multifunctional. Furthermore, the variable speed is automatic, and you will have extra speed in your drilling projects. Having a 13-inch size and 85.2 pounds, the drill is kinda on the compact list.

You will have a bevelling worktable, allowing you to adjust the drilling angle up to 45-degrees left or right. When it comes to body stability, the drill has a stamped steel base and table. Price-wise, the drill is a good value for money and will last for years to come.

  • Table adjustment lock during drilling.
  • Depth stopper drill with gauge enhancement.
  • Steel base table with a stamped feature.
  • Ball-bearing motor for heavy load.

  • First-time wobble issue.
  • Accuracy shifts during wobbling.

Best Alternative

Best Budget Floor Drill Press

WEN 4210: Best Budget Floor Drill Press

  • The Wen 4210 drill features a durable 3/4 HP motor, allowing you to go through any working material.
  • A five speeds adjustment setting gives you proper drilling in plastic, wood, and even hard metals.
  • You will find a linear depth stop for precise, repeating hole drilling.
  • For accurate drilling, you will find a class-ii laser pointer.
  • The speed variation and high torque feature combine to make fine holes in all fragile materials.
  • Having a pinion height adjustment and a 45-degree tilt gives the finest edge result.

Being a professional or a DIY person, having the drill press for metal improves the quality of work and accuracy. The Wen 4210 drilling machine comes with a rigid cast iron body for sturdy and reliable drilling. It has a powerful induction motor with ball bearings, giving you efficient holes every time. If you want to make fine holes on plastic, wood, or metal sheets, the drill will give you a five variable speed setting for it.

A safety extension lock helps you to lock in times of accidents or errors. Variation in the drilling bits is now possible due to the 1/2-inch multipurpose chuck. In tricky operations, your drill can move 45-degrees on both sides and give you a picture-perfect finish. Surprisingly, the drill features five hours of battery support when there is no electricity.

With a laser precision pointer, the drill can fix your accuracy and drilling action. Storing your keys is not an issue as the drill has integrated key storage. The drill is easy to use and has a chunky adjustable table for stability and power.

  • Depth adjustment gauge for spindle travel limit.
  • Workplace illumination and battery support.
  • Class-ii laser precision feature.
  • 45-degree bevelling work table.
  • Five-speed settings for material variation.

  • Laser points inaccurate.
  • Spindle wobbling issue.

Best Overall

Heavy-duty floor drill press

Sunex 5000A: Heavy-duty floor drill press

  • A robust 3/4 motor with drilling bits supporting most sizes.
  • Supporting belt for quicker speed transition and tension.
  • It has a rotating 360 degree and a max 45-degree pivot for flexible drilling.
  • Weighing 138 pounds, the drill makes no trouble while moving.

When looking for a heavy-duty floor drill, you should stumble upon the Sunex 5000A. Having a powerful 3/4 HP motor, the drill totally ramps through any wood, plastic, or heavy metal. A 5/8-inch drilling capacity improves metal drilling quality and helps avoid edge chippings. For a better speed transition, you will find a convenient belt tension lever.

Turns out, the drill has a full 360-degree rotating table, which helps drill without moving the material itself. To facilitate the settings, the drill has a pivot from 0 to 45 degrees on each side. The Sunex 5000A is UL and CSA listed as the best drill press for metal work. If you want a sturdy puller with a large flywheel, you should rush out to get this drilling machine.

The only loose end of the drill is its pricing and the missing three bolts of each size in the kit. With only two bolts, the pull can sometimes make uneven results. Overall, the drill does a pretty good job of making your life a little easier.

  • Easy instalment and highly portable.
  • Powerful motor with a drill-bit variation.
  • Integrated MT2 arbour chuck mounting.
  • 138 pounds easy carrying weight.
  • Corded electric design for max output.

  • No battery included.
  • Only one handle present.

Handyman’s Extra

Floor Standing Drill press for metal

Powermatic: Floor Standing Drill press for metal

  • The drilling machine has a speed range of 250-3000 for materials of varying hardness.
  • Having a spindle travel of 6 inches, the drill can make deeper and efficient holes.
  • With a 3-inch column diameter, you can stack up two or three sheets at a time.
  • An 18-inch swing makes the drill stand out, making angled drilling.
  • The drill is 246 pounds, which gives it its signature stability.

The Powermatic PM2800B has a power-efficient 1HP motor and a combo of 250 to 3000 speed range. If you are a DIY person, this drill will make fine results on your wood, paper, or plastic. Additionally, a spindle travel of six inches will make your drill projects much smoother.

Having a column diameter of 3 inches, the drill is sturdy enough to fit a huge load. When you need a good swing during drilling, the drills’ 18 inches is just mind-boggling. You can adjust more than 20 inches in a single go on the rigid drill table. Weighing 246 pounds, your drilling will see new lights in terms of stability and accuracy.

Drilling on 3 inches of hard maple is just child’s play for the PM2800Bs’ powerful construction. Alongside the product, you will get more than a year of service warranty and user support.

  • Speed variation for multipurpose drilling.
  • Huge table size and table swing.
  • Durable and will last for years.
  • Heavy and sturdy body structure.

  • No dust collector.
  • Uneven first drill.

Factors to pick the Best Industrial Floor Drill Press for Metal work

Getting the best drill press for metal is kind of hard side if you have no mentor guiding you. A newbie can hardly tell the difference between a wood drill press and a floor drill press for metal. Knowing the features of industrial drill presses and their uses will help enrich your knowledge for finding your top choice.


Having a precise drill machine makes any drilling project easy and reduces edge chippings. For some professionals, accuracy or precision is the only thing they look for in a quality drill. To find a more precise drill press, get the best quality drill bit, stop blocks, depth gauge, etc. You can all try getting a drill with more weight, which increases the stability.

Manufacturers of the drill press will give you everything you need to know before you buy. Just remember a drill press with more weight, a good drill bit, and yes, a Laser pointer.


If you are inquiring about an industrial floor drill press, you have to make sure of its durability. For starters, you cannot just spend time replacing or fixing your drill press. Industries need to be efficient and deliver their products in time. Try getting a machine with an overall steel frame and chuck holder for maximum durability.

Speed and Torque

When you want to drill through a variety of materials, speed and torque two things you have to keep in mind. A wide range of speed selections will help drill fine holes into materials depending on their hardness. When the hardness is more, you need low torque and a high-speed drill. And when the material is of low hardness (like wood, plastic), a medium torque and 1500 RPM speed will do the trick.


Drill presses for metal need to be versatile and help the user in a wide range of applications. Many drills offer a rotary sanding disc and a spindle smoother attachment to aid in sanding projects. Depending on the bit (Such as a mortise bit), you can punch square holes, drill on concrete, wood, metal, plastic, and so on.

Safety feature

While working on industrial terms, owners must keep in mind the safety of the workers. Nowadays, drilling machines have safety locks, speed control, dust control, and so on. In the case of metals, edge chipping can be an issue if your drill doesn’t have a dust collector attached.

Additionally, you can attach a magnet to collect all the edge chippings and keep your fingers out of harm.

FAQs on Best Floor Drill Press for Metal

Who makes the best drill presses?

Companies like WEN, Eurotool, Dremel, etc., make the best drill presses. If you want the best overall drill press, get a WEN variable speed drill. However, when your choice is a mini drill press, Eurotool Small Benchtops will do excellence.

Does a drill press need special bits?

Drilling bits offer a better drilling surface and make the drill experience more versatile. If you want edge chippings to stop, try getting a drill with fine ends and of smaller diameter.

How do you keep a drill press from rusting?

Oiling the drill press bit can dramatically improve the quality of the drilling experience. It can also prevent the drill bit from rusting when you are not using it. You can use kerosene, tung oil, or coconut oil to prevent the bit from oxidizing or rusting.

Can I use a drill press as a milling machine?

Yes. You can turn your drill press into a milling machine. However, doing so will take a little effort, and you won’t get a rigid enough mill.

What does the size of a drill press mean?

The size of a drill machine determines the capability to drill holes in the centre of the disk. For example, if you have a 16-inch drill, you can make fine 16-inch holes in the middle. 

Hope you can take the best drill press for metal work!

Finding the best industrial floor drill press for metal is easy once you know how it ticks. Drill presses are stationary tools, and the investment will turn out futile if you buy the wrong one. Newbies can try out a Wen variable speed drill press as they make the best overall drill presses.

So, choose a drill press having a complete package of power, versatility, control, finally durability. Read our review once more to find out which one surpasses your expectations.

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