5 Best Left Hand Drill Bits Set

You deserve the best left hand drill bits set as long as you’re an expert machinist, automobile restorer, or auto mechanic. It is because a left-hand drill is the easiest way to remove studs or screws in many cases. You’ll find the best solution to drilling the entire broken fastener using your left-hand drill bit set. Using a left-hand drill will allow you to remove all your confusion about the drill bit size. Because if you buy a left-hand drill bit, you’ll get a set of different drill bit kits.

Therefore, it will allow you to check which one is best fitted. But, remember, the high carbon steel bits break off quickly when you drill through the fastener. It means you need a good sense of the left-hand drill bits while thinking of investing in a new one.

Handyman’s pick: 5 Best Left Hand Drill Bits Sets

And it will lead you to huge market research. But, you’ve nothing to be worried about unless you’ve not that time to pay off. We will give you the 5 top and high-quality left-hand drill bits based on the present market demands. And, these tools will act at the highest level to complete your tasks. These drill bits, however, will make your job as easy and accurate as promising. Based on the user’s reviews, we believe these 5 left-hand drill bits are the best left-hand drill bits set.

Here, the 5 best tools will give you extreme sharpness for any application. You’ll find them stronger and less likely to break down while dealing with broken screws. So, check out whether our top-listed tools have all the necessary features to get combined with your drilling projects

Top Left Hand Drill Bit

Best Left Hand Drill Bit Set

NEIKO 10037A: Best Left Hand Drill Bit Set

  • It comes with a strong cutting angle string.
  • It has a metal index storage box as though you may quickly specify the sizes.
  • High-speed steel material is most convenient for your drilling.
  • This tool fits easily into the drills to remove screws as well as bolts.
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If you want to strive with a quality drill bit for your home project, you can buy this NEIKO 10037A Left Hand Drill Bit Set. It is favorable for saving your money and getting a better set. You will become happy with this 15-Piece left-handed titanium screw extractor because it is simple to use. With this different left-hand drill bits set; you can do a flawless straight operation.

This amazing drill bit will never make you disappointed in terms of its incredible structure. It comes, however, with high-speed steel with a titanium nitride coating. For that reason, working through a high surface-hardness to help bore your rigid materials is pretty easy with NEIKO. It can even reduce friction between the bit and the workpiece thoroughly.

With its 135-degree split point, you can increase your cutting speed automatically. You can, moreover, cut holes faster because it prevents shuffling. Additionally, it clears chips and particles more quickly.

The great advantage is that it comes with a reversible drill with screw extractors. Removing broken fasteners with its screw extractors will be trouble-free for you. Yet, it is not enough. You can similarly extract screws, bolts, and studs with ease. Also, it will give you each bit with an assigned hole in a drill bit holder to predict the size properly.

  • They accomplish your chore satisfactorily that you want them for.
  • This drill is more suitable for your home repairs.
  • Buying this standout tool will be a great value for your money.
  • The design of this tool is excellent, with a 135-degree point for precise self-centering.
  • The size index markings on the bit holder stand for your quick association.

  • The quality of this tool isn’t enough to deal with large projects.
  • The bits will not cut into the metal.

Runner Up

Left Handed Drill Bit

COMOWARE: Left Handed Drill Bit

  • It comes with a hard and hone cutting edge that provides sharpness.
  • With its staggered cutting teeth, you can precisely countersink as you need.
  • If you need to increase your cutting speed, its 13-degree split point will help you.
  • You will get this complete set designed with high-speed steel material with a gold plat titanium coating that provides ultimate durability. 
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 Sometimes you may be bothered by the rusted bolt, which is an issue for days. Don’t worry, and you may step out with this particular left-hand drill bit set COMOWARE. No doubt you will solve this issue in no time. You will easily be able to extract the bolt with this left-side drive bit set.

This one is much more favorable for your home projects. If you take care of the bits of drills properly, this set will last for years. The twist design of this special left-hand drill is incredible to avoid walking. It can even clear chips and particles faster. You will be able to know its value only when you go on with this.

Besides, you can use it widely because it is pretty good for wood or plastic. But bear in mind that you have to use the COMOWARE left-hand drill bit set gently. When you use it smoothly, this drill will be your best one.

  • The quality of these well-made bits is quite good.
  • Its chatter-free design assures a smooth, clean hole.
  • You can easily organize and store it because it includes a drill bits holder with the size index in the set.
  • The metal index case for metal storage is an advantageous one.
  • You will be happy with this drill bit set for having all the sizes you need for everyday usage.

  • It is costly for several cases.
  • It is not suitable for regular use.

Best Overall

Best Left Hand Drill Bit

IRWIN: Best Left Hand Drill Bit

  • This drill features Lithium-ion 20V MAX technology and is lIt will provide you with 29 pieces of a complete set of metal index drill kits to adjust any applications.
  • The drill bit sizes differ from 1/16 to ½ Inches for better drilling augmentation.
  • It has automatic indexing for trouble-free kit identification in the case of the kit.
  • The molded case gets its coat of rubber to give extra protection.
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Are you stressed about drilling on hard materials like heavy-duty abrasive metal? Well, an excellent solution is right here for you. The IRWIN drill bit will be your great solution to go through the roughest materials. It is the result of industrial-grade HSS that is pretty amazing for working for a long time.

This drill set is completely abrasion and heat resistant in the case of its 8% cobalt alloy. It will require no force to start your drilling job in terms of its 135° split point tip. Therefore, you can start straight away and easily prevent “walking” across your work exterior.

In addition, this toolset has a fantastic metal index case to help you find and access your drill kits easily. Therefore, choosing the right kit depending on the drilling job will never waste you any extra time.

  • You can do any construction drilling job with these drill bits.
  • These are extremely strong and highly durable.
  • You can easily extend the durability of the cutting edges with these drill bits.
  • It has a convenient selection chart as an additional accomplice to help you be safe from inaccurate dropping.
  • You can remove the cartridges and make them lightweight to carry to the job site.

  • The speed can change into slow motion. But, it is not a recurring problem.
  • It doesn’t work that fast to make your go faster.

Best Budget

Best Left Handed Drill Bit Set

Drill Hog NIOBIUM: Best Left Handed Drill Bit Set

  • It has 90° cutting angles to get accurate drilling.
  • The Drill Hog is a high-speed drill bit.
  • You’ll get a twist design to enhance your cutting speed.
  • It has come with a high surface.
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Drill Hog is the most renowned brand in the present market for its quality productions. This time they are extremely proud to release their most recent machinery in terms of the left-hand drill bits. This brand has been considering its recently launched 13 pieces NIOBIUM Left Hand Drill Bit Set as the best one in the market.

The Drill Hog left-hand drill bit has got its outer cover with the material of Niobium. And, this material contains a melting point of up to 4476°F. Therefore, it is highly suitable to adjust with tough materials, for example, spring steels, stainless steel, grade 8 volts, truck frames, farm implements, etc.

It will, however, work in the opposite direction or counterclockwise. Therefore, it will give you the feel of an easy out while removing rusted fasteners or broken studs. This set will give you space to use a variety of drill bit sizes for different drilling types. As a result, it will make certain accurate angles. And, it will convey to you the super value for your job site. So, we found this product super for professionals.

  • This drill bit set has high durability.
  • It works fine even to get the frozen bolt out.
  • You’ll get a lifetime warranty while having these drill bit sets.
  • The HSS technology of this product will allow you to deal with large projects.
  • It has come on the market at an extremely reasonable price.

  • The bits can break unless you work carefully.
  • Its shiny golden look will vanish right after applying to a few projects.

Customer Choice

Left Hand Drill Bits Set

Drill Hog: Left Hand Drill Bits Set

  • 15 Pieces set kits that have come with 1/16 t6o ½ Inches to match various projects.
  • It will provide the 135° Split point to remove drilling errors.
  • The highest melting point of this bit set is 4753°F, which makes it suitable for tough projects.
  • It is well suited for grade 8 bolts to unlock your drilling limitations.
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We found the Drill Hog EZ-OUT Drill Bit as the leader in case extraction. These left-hand drill bits have got their outer cover with the material of HI-Molybdenum M7 Steel. Therefore, this drill bit set is much more long-lasting than the most common high-speed steel (HSS) bits on the market. This bit set requires no material boundaries. As a result, you can use these bit sets for different materials depending on your drilling requirements.

It will give you sharp and accurate drilling to get a professional look at your tasks. And, all the beginners like to work with this bit set due to its sharpness and accuracy. This amazing tool set has some uniqueness that will give you extra working support, such as its M7 steel. Its M7 will not only allow you to work on bigger projects but will allow you to work with the scrawniest materials like stainless steel.

However, you will get an excellent and well-organised steel kit case. And, all the kits, in this case, are well-placed in unfasten slots so that you can take them out hassle-free. Moreover, it will give a lifetime manufacturer warranty for those who are the original buyers. So, if you fall into a kit braking problem, the manufacturers will provide you with a free-of-cost replacement set.

  • Working with this 2-pound lightweight drill bit is comfortable.
  • You can easily deal with the marine industrial drilling purpose in terms of these bit sets.
  •  It will last for a long time to cover up your investment in it.
  • Drilling through the toughest materials will be your effortless job.
  • You can effortlessly deal with large projects while working with these bit sets.

  • We found no significant unpleasant points.

Factors to pick the Best Left Hand Drill Bits Set

To make sure your left-hand drill will give you a longer lifetime, you must keep a few certain things in your mind. And, keeping them in your mind will help you to get the best left-hand drill bit. Let’s check out what you should consider before buying your machine-

High-Speed Steel

You should focus on the high-speed steel bits to make your cutting mode faster and smoother. While you can use high-speed steel bits, it will allow you to go through several materials- softer metals, wood, plastic, etc. However, high-speed steel bits are outstanding for all the whole drilling projects.


Not all the drill bits are made of the same kind of materials. Different drill bits come with a combination of different materials. In this case, choosing the right and appropriate material is a critical part to consider before you buy your machine.

Bit Size

Almost all left-hand drill bit sets that we have taken to our list are between 1/16 and ½ inches. Among these sizes, which one will be best preferable will depend on the type of your drilling projects. However, if you do a minor drilling job with your tool, buy a 5-piece or 13-piece kits version. Big projects, on the other hand, will require you a 29-piece kits version.

Bit Design

Design is an essential factor of the left-hand drill bit while you deal with messy materials like wood. A split-tip design will allow you to prevent chipping easily to get the utmost comfort.

Drill Case

To organize all the pieces of your drill bits perfectly, a drill case will especially work for you. We recommend you avoid buying drill bits in stackable containers. It is because the stackable containers will make it tough to grasp and move. Also, you should avoid plastic cases while buying. In this case, the drill case of metal is excellent to use for a long time. The metal drill case will help you be free of worry about breaking and creaking.

What a Left Handed Drill Bit Exactly is?

You also call this left-hand drill bit a reverse drill, a powerful tool for outstanding performance. However, the left-hand drill bits are similar to the standard twist bits through one critical dissimilarity. More clearly, the left-hand drill bits work opposite of the regular twist drill bits.

A regular twist bits twist up and around in terms of its clockwise direction. The left-hand drill bits, on the other hand, twist up in terms of their counterclockwise directions. And it is completely opposite to the customary bits. The left-hand drill works in reverse and allows you to remove the broken screws or bolts.

How to Remove a Broken Stud Using Left-Hand Drill Bits?

It is not that simple to remove your broken stud, but it will be an easier task if you go through left-hand drill bits. To use these bits, you need a drill with reverse gear. And when you use the bits in a drill, the bits will bite into the drill and take out the stud from the threaded hole.

And, if the threaded hole is a blind hole, it will require the left-hand drill bits. In such a case, if you use the right-hand drill bits, it will push the stud more into the hole. So, there’s no way except to use left-hand drill bits.

However, grind the studs or bolts and make it as flat as possible to start with a left-hand bit set. Now, you’ve to centre the punch in the centre position of the stud and keep drilling through the centre drill. This time, you need to place the left-hand drill into the chuck and bore the crack in reverse. It will now easily extract and remove the screws or blots from the hole.

FAQs on Best Left Hand Drill Bits Set

Is there such thing as a left-hand drill bit?

Yes, there are! A left-hand drill is well suitable for dealing with broken bolts or studs. You can easily make your 135° while you need to make a fast penetration. A left-hand drill, by the way, will help you start accurately without having any centre punch. So, there is such a thing as a left-hand drill bit. There is a strong existence of left-hand drill bits on the market.

Can a drill doctor sharpen left-hand drill bits?

Yes, Smoothly! A drill doctor has the complete capability to sharpen your left-hand drill bits in terms of its chuck adapter. While you use a drill doctor, you’ll find it is a great way to use trouble-free. Using a drill doctor will indeed remove all your worries for chisel points and cutting edge. The cutting edge will be just right, and also, the chisel point will be accurate due to a drill doctor. Now, you must understand the workability of the drill doctor.

Is cobalt or titanium better for drill bits?

If you want to have your machine an extra-long life and more resistant, you can look for cobalt or titanium. Conversely, cobalt and titanium will allow you to deal with the most challenging materials with ease. But the thing is that cobalt and titanium are too expensive to afford for regular buyers.
But, it is a must for you to choose between these two bits like cobalt or titanium whenever you deal with a challenging project.

Why would you need a left-handed drill bit?

The left-handed drill works as a removal of a broken fastener, which means, while you need to remove the broken fasteners, you need a left-hand drill. It is the most common use of the left-hand drill among users to remove a broken fastener. The left-hand drill, on the other hand, is familiar for loosening the fasteners.

Can I run left-handed drill bits in reverse?

Yes! You can use your left-hand drill in reverse while you need to remove the broken portion of the stud or bolts. It will help you remove the broken portion hassle-free with the help of your left-hand drill.

To Wrap Up

The necessity of the best left-hand drill bits set is beyond all your doubts if you want an accurate removal of broken bolts or studs. A left-hand drill has its uniqueness in terms of counterclockwise rotation. The left-hand drill isn’t that familiar yet among users; sometimes, it is pretty challenging to find the best one.

However, considering this fact, we already have rounded up all the quality left-hand drill bits. And, made a list of 5 standout left-hand drill bits set to save your time with repairs. These bits have different materials and sizes. So, you can cope with these tools with ease.

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