6 Best Masonry Drill Bit Set

The perfect completion of the masonry project is greatly dependent on using a quality masonry drill bit through the right drill and applying with proper skills. Hence, choosing the best masonry drill bit set can turn into a long-term investment providing precise yet aggressive drilling through heavy-duty masonry and other dense surfaces.

The reality is picking the right masonry drill bit set can be a tougher task while recognising the masonry bit is a tough job. Thus, checking the top-class recommendation list of the masonry drill bit and getting some ideas from it can be a lifesaver.

Handyman’s pick: Top 6 Best Masonry Drill Bits Set

Following the guide, we have reviewed the top 6 best masonry drill bit sets that are made of Tungsten Carbide materials with a sharper and durable tip for a convenient masonry drilling project. Plus, the guide includes broad information on masonry drill bits to help you pick, use, and maintain the drill bit properly and for a long time.

Top Pick Drill Bit

Best Masonry Drill Bits Set

DEWALT 7-Piece: Best Masonry Drill Bits Set

  • This masonry drill bit set has a double cutter carbide tip to maximise contact with tough surfaces and increase longevity.
  • The drill bit set comes with a four-flute design to clean the debris completely and ensure quick and efficient drilling.
  • It has three flats on the shank that prevent the bit from slipping in the chuck and offer a safer drilling season.
  • This masonry drill bit set is universally compatible with a power drill, whether it is corded or cordless.
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DEWALT is a name of reliability among enthusiasts when it comes to a precise DIY project. So, whether it is drilling, driving, or accessories, DEWALT spreads its reputation all around. Made of two cutter carbide tips along with four flute designs, this 7 piece Masonry Drill Bit Set is a worthwhile example.

So, whatever your demand is for fast and efficient drilling, longer bit life, or safer drilling through the toughest surface, this masonry drill bit set will meet your challenging demand and let you satisfy it at the end of the project. Plus, the set includes a 3/16 to ½ size drill bit to let the operator drill through the pilot to a larger hole with both a corded and a cordless hammer drill.

  • This 7 piece masonry drill bit set is durable and comes with a rock carbide tip. It is suitable for drilling heavy-duty material and is designed with three flats on the shank and four flutes. The drill bit set also has a 1-year warranty.

  • This masonry drill bit may get hot quickly, so you have to apply lubricant often. Some customers receive drill bit sets with poor packing.

Runner Up

Masonry Drill Bit Set

Owl Tools 10 Piece: Masonry Drill Bit Set

  • This masonry drill bit set is made with a carbide tip to keep the drill bit sharper for a longer time for increased productivity.
  • The drill bit set is highly resistant to heating, so it won’t get hot quickly and cause easy damage.
  • With a chrome-plated design, this wood drill bit set assures longer durability.
  • This 10 piece drill bit set is suitable to drill through 1/8″ to 1/2″ holes on a wide range of solid surfaces.
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This Masonry Drill Bits Set is another excellent drill bit set that provides more high-quality bits on a limited budget. It’s a multi-material drill bit set that is suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, including masonry, concrete, stone, and even wood. The drill bit set is compatible with most of the drill brands and comes with a convenient storage case for safer and organised use.

An impressive feature includes, the drill bit set has a 1/8″ drill, which is ideal for drilling starter holes. So, for up to a 1/2″ hole, you will have safer and higher-quality drilling from start to finish.

  • This large package of masonry drill bit sets will offer years of service due to its heat-resistant capability and sharpness retaining ability. The drill bit set comes in a convenient case and offers a lifetime guarantee.

  • Operating the case is annoying as it is made of poor design, though it keeps bits organised.

Best Price

Masonry Drill Bits Set

TITGGI: Masonry Drill Bits Set

  • This affordable masonry drill bit set is made of Tungsten Carbide Tips for improved strength and long-lasting sharpness.
  • The glass drill bit set is designed with a U-Type Groove for smooth chip removal and optimum drilling efficiency.
  • The drill bit has a three-flat shank to insert and set tightly into any electric or hand drill for safer drilling.
  • This ceramic drill bit set is superbly abrasion-resistant and ensures easier drilling.
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If you are a seasonal DIYer who needs only a few masonry drill bits for tough drilling within budget, buy this TITGGI Masonry Drill Bit Set. Though this Concrete Drill Bit comes in a smaller set at a lower price, the manufacturer didn’t compromise with its quality and capability. From the tough Tungsten Carbide Tips to the Universal Triangular Handle and Reinforced U-Type Groove, the brands have all the specifications needed to penetrate a variety of tough materials.

The masonry drill bit size ranges from 1/4″ to 1/2″ to allow drilling through the smallest to largest diameter holes whenever required, inserting into various types of drill.

  • It’s a low-cost drill bit set that includes 5 pieces of a masonry drill bit. The drill bit is highly durable and abrasion resistant. These can be drilled through brittle material and retain their sharpness for a long time. The drill bit set is also suitable for any electric and hand drill.

  • The drill bit set isn’t suitable for older concrete to drill through and may get hot quickly.

Premium Pick

SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit

BOSCH 7 Piece: SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit

  • This heavy-duty masonry drill bit is made with a carbide tip head to endure heavy loads and offer durable service.
  • The SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill bit comes with an optimized flute design to lower stress and temperature for convenient drilling through the dense surface.
  • A unique feature includes a centric tip for a smooth edge and rounder holes over a wide range of materials.
  • With a four flute design, this masonry drill bit ensures faster dust removal for convenient drilling.
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This masonry drill bit set is compatible with the SDS-plus Rotary Hammer Drill to drill through the toughest concrete, masonry, and blocks efficiently. This 7-piece concrete drill set may be slightly more expensive than competitors, but comparing the versatility and longevity, you will still find it impressive.

This SDS-Plus rotary hammer drill bit set is perfect for anchoring and it has a tougher carbide-tipped bit head. Thus, the drill bit set will easily withstand any heavy loads on a busy project. The manufacturer also offers rugged storage cases for easier access and to keep them well organised after extensive use.

  • This top-class drill bit set includes a variety of sizes of drill bits to allow you to create holes based on your requirements. The drill bits are heavy-duty and suitable for versatile use. suitable for SDS-Plus rotary hammer drills. These drill bits come with a 1-year warranty.

  • It’s an expensive masonry drill bit set that can handle heavy-duty drilling tasks.

Best Overall

Masonry Drill Bit Set

BOSCH HCBG700: Masonry Drill Bit Set

  • This set includes a softened straight shank drill bit that offers aggressive gripping power.
  • The masonry drill bit comes with a robust head design to offer a long-lasting drilling opportunity.
  • This BOSCH drill bit has a diamond ground carbide tip for accurate drilling through the tile and tougher stones.
  • Design with High-temperature brazing, this drill bit set can effectively prevent breaking out of the carbide-cutting edge.
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This is another best masonry drill bits set from the well-known brand BOSCH. Though this set of masonry drill bits also comes in 7 pieces, the drill bit set is different from the previous one in plenty of terms, including price, design, and workability. This concrete drill bit set is available at a considerably lower cost while still ensuring fast impact drilling through masonry, stone, and concrete. 

It has a carbide-cutting edge that can prevent the breakdown of the drill bit during deep drilling in extreme heat. Another important thing is that it has a 1/8 to a 1/4-inch diameter drill bit, so it will be ideal for a pilot hole, but won’t allow creating a larger hole like competitors.

  • This masonry drill bit set is available at a decent price while coming in various sizes. The drill bit set is overheated resistant and suitable for precise drilling through tiles and stones. It is especially compatible with most of the electric power drills, including the Blue Granite Hammer Drill.

  • The drill bit set doesn’t have a larger diameter bit to create larger holes, and the durability isn’t exceptional.

Best Brand

SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit Set

Makita 5 Piece: SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bit Set

  • This SDS-Plus Drill Bit Set is made of Tungsten Carbide for rust-resistant, durable, and tougher drilling through solid surfaces.
  • The masonry drill bit’s flue allows for the removal of a maximum amount of concrete dust for convenient drilling.
  • Design with a sharp Carbide Tip edge, this concrete drill bit set will ensure maximum impact on masonry and concrete.
  • This heavy-duty drill bit set is ideal for aggressive drilling over cinder block, concrete, and masonry.
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This Makita Drill Bit Set is compatible with the SDS+ Rotary Hammer Drill to ensure aggressive drilling through masonry and concrete. Made of premium Tungsten Carbide, this masonry drill bit is highly rust resistant and a tough drill bit that can handle any hardcore drilling project. But make sure you are drilling through keeping this drill bit at the right angle, otherwise, it can break down easily.

Apart from these, its flute will ensure the maximum amount of dust removal to make the drilling process easier. Available at a reasonable price, this set of masonry drill bits includes a wide variety of sizes of bits to drill through smaller to larger holes in heavy-duty masonry, tile, and reinforced concrete.

  • This 5-piece Makita drill bit set is available at a reasonable price while ensuring effective and precise drilling over reinforced concrete and tough masonry. It is made of premium tungsten carbide with a sharp carbide tip to offer aggressive drilling with long-lasting service.

  • The drill bit may wear out fast, and some customers receive the drill bit set in a broken case.

Features to pick the Best Masonry Drill Bit Set

The numerous brands and various types of masonry tasks make choosing the right masonry drill set difficult. But keeping these factors into consideration, you can find the best masonry drill bit set that will be suitable for a wide variety of masonry projects:

Types of masonry task

Considering the type of masonry task can lead you to the right drill bit set for a certain purpose. Though most masonry drill bits can drill through medium-strength concrete, poorly made bits can’t drill through harder surfaces. While the regular drill isn’t suitable for working through stone and concrete, go for a masonry bit with Durum or tungsten tips for faster and neater drilling.


The material used to make a masonry drill bit determines its durability.  The masonry drill bit can be made of different materials, including tungsten carbide, low carbon steel, and high-speed steel. Among them, the first one is heat and rust-resistant, durable, and suitable for hardcore drilling tasks. But the tungsten carbide drill bit can break easily if held at the wrong angle. 

Despite this, low-carbon steel masonry bits are affordable and ideal for masonry surfaces. But it can’t withstand overheating, so it won’t be suitable for harder surfaces. Lastly, high-speed steel is much stronger, and more durable, yet slightly more expensive. These are also heat resistant and minimize corrosion while coming with different material coatings.

Bit types

Since the market is full of various types of drill bits, picking the right masonry drill bit can be misleading. Usually, the masonry drill bit is made of steel bodies and carbide tips, which makes it capable of drilling through concrete, bricks, and stones. You can also identify them by looking at the diamond hole-saws and tungsten carbide.

Power drill compatibility

For a smooth and hastened task, picking a compatible masonry drill bit with the power drill is a vital consideration. So check the shank length of the bit and make sure it fits properly into the drill chuck. Though some universal drill bits fit on any drill consult with the store manager or check the product details to get a compatible masonry drill bit.


Masonry drill bits come in a variety of sizes where the diameter varies from 3 to ½ -inches and the length varies from 300 to 400mm. Determine the right diameter and length of the masonry drill bit by considering the size of the hole you require.

Types of coating

Considering the budget, you can have a masonry drill bit set with different types of coating to improve performance. You can usually choose from tungsten carbide, black oxide, titanium oxide, and Diamond Powder Coating for corrosion-resistant, tough, and durable performance.

Basic of Masonry Drill Bit

Drilling through tough concrete is a quite challenging task for DIYers due to its wild strength. Applying a regular drill bit on such a surface will offer nothing but a tough time, as it only requires a tough tool with a tougher attachment. This is where a masonry drill bit plays its role.

Masonry drill bits are specially designed with touch materials to drill through concrete, brick, stone, and other dense masonry materials. Usually, the masonry drill bit is constructed with a combination of steel body and tungsten carbide tip, which makes the bit tough and extremely durable compared to a typical drill bit. Therefore, masonry drill bits offer clean and professional-grade tasks on a variety of surfaces. The masonry drill bit comes in a range of diameters that varies from 20 to 300mm.

How to sharpen a masonry drill bit without a sharpener

Sharpening masonry drill bits restore their productivity and are a pretty easy process. But it needs to follow some steps to make the task safer and successful.


Firstly, clear the unnecessary items from the workbench and keep them far from the grinding area. Now secure the bench grinder to the surface close to the edge to stand in front of it comfortably while moving the bit. Secure the grinder properly to the workbench. Keep a container of cool water close to the grinder. Then place the bits on the workbench that you need to sharpen.

Inspect Each Bit

Now take one of the bits and inspect its tip where it needs to be sharpened. Rotate the bit to see whether the tip gets fully dull, flaws, and other imperfections or affected a little bit.

Hold the Masonry Drill Bit at right Angle

The point angle of a masonry bit tip varies from 118° to 135° including the angle of the tungsten carbide tip. Most of the time, it is 135°. So you have to hold the masonry drill bit against the grinder at 60 degrees to 67.5-degrees to get the desired angle of 120° to 135°. It will not only ensure enough sharpness but also prevent cutting the tip too much. Practice a couple of times before powering on the grinder to hold the proper angle during operation.

Power on the Grinder

Now switch on the grinder and make sure it is running smoothly. Place the dull masonry drill bit against the machine, contacting its tip with the grinding wheel. Keep your forefinger on the power button to lead the bit properly, keeping the finger at a safer distance.

 Grind the cutting edge

Keeping the drill bit close to the grinding wheel starts to press the bit lightly against the wheel. Maintain a few seconds of interval after pressing for a couple of seconds to keep the head of the bit cool. It will help sharpen the masonry drill bit properly and allow you to hold it comfortably.

Check the Sharpness

After sharpening the masonry bit a little, inspect the area to see if there are any chips or if it has become uneven. Holding the bit at the wrong angle will cause a disappointing result. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about.

Grind the Angle

Along with smoothing out the bit tip, smoothing out the heel of the bit is also essential, which is found behind the cutting edges. Making this area smooth will help the drill slide into masonry easily, preventing dragging and running against the material. Once again, place the bit at 60 or 67.5 degrees, but this time tilt the bit upwards to grind only behind the cutting edge. Apart from these, apply some drops of cool water so often to keep the heat lower.

Blunt the Edges

The cutting edge of a masonry bit should remain a bit blunt due to prevent the sharp tip from being chipped off and breaking down easily. So use a belt sander to blunt the sharp cutting tips slightly and increase their endurance by drilling masonry, concrete, or other tough surfaces. After sharpening the drill bit at the desired level, replace the bit and start the process again. The methods can be a bit time-consuming but effective for sharpening masonry bits and restoring their productivity.

What’s the Difference between Wood vs Masonry Drill Bits?

All the drill bits look similar at first glance and are mainly used to drill through different surfaces, including wood and masonry. But you will have to expose plenty of differences between masonry and wood drill bits to apply closer inspection. Finding the result is significant for applying the right drill bit to the right project.

Wood drill bits

The wood drill bit is usually made from high-speed steel or carbon steel. It is available in different types, including Brad Point Bits, Spade Drill Bits, Auger drill Bits, and Forstner Bits. Among them, the brad-point bit is mostly recommended.

Masonry Drill Bits

It’s a type of twist bit that comes with tungsten carbide cutting tips. Standard masonry bits are typically made of HSS with a carbide coating to keep their sharpness while hammering through concrete or masonry.

Wood vs masonry drill bits: different in various features

Drill Bit Design: A wood drill bit rotates and drills through the wood. This working principle is also true for masonry drill bits, as these also use rotational and hammering motions to drill holes in tough material. Apart from these, it comes with a gently sloping angle that allows the bit to blow into masonry efficiently where the wood drill bit is incapable.

Even drilling into wood using both types of drill bit, you can compare the results. You can drill through the wood using a masonry drill bit, but it will leave a rough and uneven hole compared to a wood drill bit. Conversely, applying a wood drill bit to masonry will find nothing but a ruined bit.

Drill Bit Material: Hardness is another deciding factor between wood and masonry drill bits. While masonry drill bits are made of tungsten carbide, most of the wood drill bits are made of carbon steel. So a masonry drill bit is clearly stronger than a wood drill bit.

Which is better?

Both types of the drill bit are best for their intended purposes. While wooden drill bits offer smooth and precise holes in wood, masonry drill bits can conveniently drill through tough material. So the main task is to use the right tool in their strong zone to get the desired performance.

Benefits of masonry drill bit

Drill through solid surfaces: Masonry drill bits are reinforced with tough material to drill through strong surfaces efficiently. It’s a great alternative to a hammer and a nail that saves physical effort and time. Using a hammer and nail to cut through concrete or strong won’t offer professional quality like using masonry drill bits.

Improved precision: Apart from the convenience, a masonry drill bit also improves the accuracy of the work. Using a masonry drill bit, you will have a tidy and more standardised performance over masonry surfaces. Even a masonry drill bit can drill through the delicate surface like glass without cracking.

Minimise noise: Cutting through masonry surfaces for a longer time also causes noise until the project’s end. Increasing the productivity of the masonry drill bit helps complete the task within a short time and helps reduce the overall noise.

Protect masonry surfaces: Using a normal drill bit can easily creak and chip the masonry surfaces. It is especially true when you are performing on glass, stone, or brick surfaces. Conversely, a masonry drill bit is designed to handle such brittle surfaces and lower the risk of damage while offering smooth-edged holes.

Improve lifespan: Using the best masonry drill bit means you will have enhanced speed and greater precision. Despite this, it lowers the time span of the operation compared to the typical drill bit, which preserves the longevity of both the drill and the drill bit itself.

FAQs on Best Masonry Drill Bit

What is the strongest masonry drill bit?

The DEWALT 7-Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set is the strongest masonry drill bit set out there. This drill bit is made of premium carbide material with a double cutter carbide tip. Plus, the drill bit has four flute designs and three flats on the shank to withstand overheating while drilling deep holes and ensure fast and efficient drilling, maximising the contact against masonry.

What is the best drill for masonry?

Both the hammer drill and rotary hammer are suitable for masonry projects. So it’s better to opt for the best rotary hammer drill that has multiple modes of operation so you can enjoy the advantages of both rotary and hammering action. However, ensure that the drill is powerful and sufficient and that it has an SDS chuck for better hammering action, as the tougher hammer may struggle with poured concrete.

What makes a good masonry drill bit?

The masonry drill, on the other hand, has some essential specifications in order to be good at their working field. It should be hard enough to drill through a solid surface efficiently. In this case, the masonry drill bit should be made of tungsten carbide or HSS material and coated with either tungsten carbide, or black oxide coating to offer corrosion resistant, long-lasting durability.

How to recognise a masonry drill bit?

The masonry drill bit is pretty similar to larger twist drills and comes with a slightly tighter corkscrew shape. You can easily identify a masonry drill bit due to its wide arrow-shaped heads. This drill bit is mostly used to drill through dense surfaces, including masonry, stones, and concrete. Some are also used in brittle materials, including glass, and brick.

Final words

Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, the masonry drill bit is a handy item for some repair tasks and tough drilling projects. The drill bit sets we have reviewed above are among the best masonry drill bit sets you will ever find on the market.

The set includes the various sizes of the drill bit and is made of quality carbide material with a sharp and durable tip for precise and efficient drilling. However, most are universal fits for hammer drills, but some only go with a certain model. So it’s check the compatibility before making the final call on whatever you are picking from the list or wide market.

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