7 Best Miter Saw for Picture Framing

Picture framing is not that easy task. It needs to be faultless accurate, and also, its angles must be equal to each other. Making a delicate and perfect picture frame is impossible without using the best miter saw. But it isn’t apparent to make a wise selection about the best purchase unless you have a guide. Well, we have made a top list of the best miter saw for picture framing for your better pick by doing deep research here.

Here, we will introduce you to the 7 best miter saws that will work outstanding for your picture framing. These saws have come with quality features to meet your professional requirements. On the other hand, it is pretty challenging to get quality tools on a tight budget. But we have picked all the cheapest tools that will cost you less but perform you high.

DIYers Pick: 5 Best Miter Saw for Picture Framing

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac Metabo HPT 10-Inch Color: Green
19.7×14.98×13.8 inches
Weight: 24.5 Pounds
Number of Teeth: 60
Power Sources:
Corded Electric
Blade Length: 10 Inches
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backpac DEWALT Miter Saw, 12-Inch Color: Yellow
21x17x17 inches
Weight: 56 Pounds
Number of Teeth: 60
Power Sources:
Corded Electric
Blade Length: 12 Inches
Speed: 3800RPM
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cordlessblower Genesis GMS1015LC Color: Silver
19.5×16.25×15 inches
Weight: 1 Pound
Power Sources:
Corded Electric
Blade Length: 10 Inches
Speed: 4600RPM
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cordlessblower Makita LS1040 10″ Color: Blue
20x10x21 inches
Weight: 34.1 Pound
Power Sources:
Corded Electric
Blade Length: 10 Inches
Speed: 4600RPM
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cordlessblower Skil 10″ Miter Saw Color: Red/Ash
Dimension: 22.44×35.43×14.17 inches
Weight: 39.4 Pound
Power Sources:
Corded Electric
Blade Length: 10 Inches
Speed: 4800RPM
Check Price

Besides, we have made our review, not only for the professionals but also for the beginners. All users can choose their tools from our list as these are the standard featured tools. And, we hope it will be wise for you to go through our list because of our complete guidelines. So, be with us to get a perfect miter saw for picture frames. Let’s begin!

Go through this review and get what you look for in your picture framing work to save your time and energy. Here are our top products detail for your better understanding-

Top Miter Saw

Metabo: Best Miter Saw for Picture Frames

  • To get the accurate and precious bevel cut, you must go through a 45° bevel range maximum that starts from zero. And, the Metabo HPT will be your priority to get that clean cut.
  • This miter saw is featured with an exclusive horizontal handle to make you comfortable to carry it for a long time.
  • Its 15 Amp motor will offer high power for the toughest cutting materials.
  • The giant table will have all the support for securing your workpiece in terms of its vice clamping system.
  • Brand- Metabo HPT
  • Dimension- 19.7×14.98×13.8 inches
  • Weight- 24.5 Pounds
  • Number of Teeth- 60
  • Power Sources- Corded Electric
  • Blade Length- 10 Inches
  • Speed- 5000 RPM
  • Pattern – Saw

The woodworkers, framers, or carpenters find this miter saw ideal and reliable for their carpentry jobs. This saw will make a precious and versatile use for your trimming tasks. Whether you demand a crosscut or giant cut of your projects, the Metabo HPT is fit for all kinds of cutting shapes. And this is the reason why the professionals find it super useful for their framing work. Because this saw is lighter in its weight, you won’t get into any trouble while transporting it.

Besides, using this amazing miter saw will be easier and safer if you compare it with the general miter saw on the market. In addition, it has an extra facility for you that is included with a dust collector. Therefore, your workspace will remain clean and dust-free during your trimming time. However, the Metabo HPT will offer you 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty to keep your tool fixing tension away.

  • Using this miter saw will not get you any extra hazard of meter adjustment. It is pretty easy to work with this tool, even if it is your first time. And this tool will provide you with the 4″ flip fence for the means of accurate cut. So, working through a large workpiece will be easier for you while using this Metabo HPT meter saw.

  • The table plate can fall off unless you use it correctly.

Runner Up

DEWALT Sliding Miter Saw for Picture Frames

  • It has the capacity for 45° cut by miter saw through 2×6 Inches and 90° cut through 2×8 inches in terms of your optimal crosscut trimming.
  • This miter saw will offer the 61/2 inches maximum vertical cut for tall sliding fences.
  • During trimming, stainless steel detent plates will improve productivity and ensure accuracy.
  •  The powerful motor that has the capacity of 15 AMP can speed up to 3800 EPM.
  • Brand- DEWALT
  • Dimension- 21x17x17 inches
  • Weight- 56 Pounds
  • Number of Teeth- 60
  • Power Sources- Corded Electric
  • Blade Length- 12 Inches
  • Speed- 3800RPM
  • Pattern – Saw
  • Material- Metal
  • Measurement System- Metric
  • Color- Silver

The professionals consider the DEWALT Sliding Miter Saw one of the best picture frame miter saws. Because it will formulate you the versatility for multipurpose cutting towards your picture framing, as it has a high RPM, you will be able to cut different types of materials in no time.

The back fence of this tool, on the other hand, has got an exclusive combination of corded electric power sources. As a result, you can quickly make a precious cut of 2×14 inches for a 90° lumber workpiece and 2×12″ lumber for 45°. Besides, while you need to work with thicker material, this amazing tool will assist you 100 on 100. It will make a clean cut no matter how thick your material is. So, you can deserve high performance while working through this outstanding DEWALT Sliding Miter Saw.

On the other hand, you will be well capable of collecting around 80% of dust due to its super-duper dust collecting system. Therefore, your working area will remain clean, which will make you a fresh feel. Pretty Amazing!

  • The most amazing matter about this tool is its warranty period. While the other ordinary tools provide only a 1-year warranty, the DEWALT Sliding Miter Saw will offer you 3 years of manufacturer warranty. And you can use this tool for all types of picture framing tasks.

  • You will not get any LED light, so it can make you uncomfortable while working in a deep corner trimming material.

Best Overall

Genesis GMS1015LC Picture Frame Mitre Saw

  • This tool will allow you to use compound cutting for your crown molding picture framing or shadow boxes. Therefore, you will get a precious cut.
  • It can work at 9 position stops to cut 45° left and right for all common angles.
  • Due to its electric brake and Arbor lock, it will provide a complete risk-free operation.
  • Also, you can change the blade quickly for its Arbor lock system.
  • Brand- Genesis
  • Dimension-   19.5×16.25×15 inches
  • Item Weight- 1 Pound
  • Power Sources- Corded Electric
  • Blade Length- 10 Inches
  • Speed- 4600RPM
  • Pattern – Saw
  • Number of Teeth- 60
  • Material- Metal
  • Color- Red

Do you want to begin a new DIY project? Confused about which tool to choose? Here you are! The Genesis GMS1015LC compound miter saw came with the laser to make utmost performance. While you require a sharp cut for an exclusive shape, you don’t need to buy additional blades. You can make all types of cuts with this tool blade.

The 15 AMP motor will produce high power for maximum RPM. This tool is easy to adjust and use for any angle cut. And, when you are concerned about the warranty period, the Genesis GMS1015LC will offer you 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

However, the design of Genesis GMS1015LC is completely customer-oriented, so you can get maximum tool cooperation from it.

  • What if you get your miter saw incredibly lightweight? Well, the Genesis GMS1015LC miter saw has got only 1 pound of weight that will allow you to carry it spontaneously. And, you need not buy any extra battery because the battery is free with this tool.

  • It is more costly than the ordinary miter saw, but you cannot crumb it for cost towards the high performance.

Premium Pick

Makita LS1040 Best Mitre Saw for Picture Framing

  • Its powerful 15 AMP Motor can provide high performance at maximum RPM than the general tool on the market.
  • This tool is well capable of cutting at right from 0 to 52° and at left from 0 to 45°
  • It is popular among users for its Dual-Post Pivoting Arms.
  • You will get the exclusive 9 setting positive miter stops.
  • Brand- Makita
  • Dimension-    20x10x21 inches
  • Item Weight- 34.1 Pound
  • Power Sources- Corded Electric
  • Blade Length- 10 Inches
  • Speed- 4600RPM
  • Pattern – Saw
  • Material- Metal
  • Color- Silver

The Makita miter saw is the best miter saw for picture frames in terms of its power and performance and the ease of using techniques. It has come with a stylish design and color that can easily attract your working mood. While you start the motor, it delivers smooth start-ups and continuous strength.

You can work independently with the Makita miter saw through its precision-machined features. It will provide an easy blade rotation while removing the work surface. Also, you will get a compact size because of its high portability. However, this amazing tool is perfect for the following professionals –

  • Professional woodworkers
  • General Contractor
  • Cabinet Installers
  • Case and base installers
  • Finish Carpenters
  • Siding Installer, etc.

  • Working with this tool will help you create a balance between your tool and materials. Also, it is the best one for accurate shapes. And, needless to say, how comfortable it is to carry due to its lightweight feature.

  • It will not fit your large-size trimming tasks but is perfect for picture framing work.

Best Budget

Skil MS6305-00 Picture Frame Mitre Saw

  • To get a high precision cut, you will get the LED shadow line that you will never get in the traditional lasers.
  • An exclusive and built-in handle is available for your utmost convenience to work for maximum time with comfortability.
  • The miter lock knob made it highly capable of accurate pruning.
  • The tall sliding fence is ready to support vertical molding at around 4-1/2 inches and crown molding at around 6-1/4 inches.
  • Brand- Skil
  • Dimension- 22.44×35.43×14.17 inches
  • Item Weight- 39.4 Pound
  • Power Sources- Corded Electric
  • Blade Length- 10 Inches
  • Speed- 4800RPM
  • Pattern – Miter Saw
  • Material- Blend
  • Color- Multi

If you are a right-handed user, this tool is right for you because of its horizontal grip handle. However, according to the user’s review, this Skil MS6305-00 is the best miter saw for picture framing. We didn’t find any awful complaints till we wrote this review. Yet, it is the most popular miter saw among users for its several features. Using this tool will give you a long-time tool life span.

Therefore, investing once will free you for a long time. The 15 AMP motor is the source of its high performance that attracts professionals. Also, these 10 inches sliding miter is well capable of providing extended power in terms of its maximum RPM.

In addition, cutting 50° of trimming job on the right and left will be easier for its 11 miter locations and 9 detents miter plates.

  • If you are a beginner, you can work through this tool easily because of its trouble-free tool adjustment. Also, it is safe to use the Skil MS6305-00 miter saw. And, we found it a great value for your investment along with its 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

  • No significant complaint we found regarding this tool.

Customer Choice

BOSCH CM10GD Miter Saw for Picture Frames

  • The Axial-Glide system will allow you to save more than 10 inches of working space to give complete control over your trimming motion.
  • It has a special chop lock system to offer maximum trimming capacity through upright and nested crown molding.
  • Its detents from 0 to 45° on the right and 60° on the left side angles.
  • The vacuum adapter of this tool is easy to hook up 35mm and 1-14 inches hoses to make you well concentrate on your accurate cuts.
  • Brand- BOSCH
  • Dimension-   32×26.5×20.5 inches
  • Item Weight- 64 Pound
  • Power Sources- 120V
  • Blade Length- 10 Inches
  • Speed- 4800RPM
  • Pattern – Miter Saw
  • Color- Blue

The BOSCH CM10GD is one of the best miter saw with its outer coating with heavy gauge materials. Therefore, it will last for a long time and give super productivity. Besides, this tool is extremely powerful for its 15 AMP motor. What is more, it has a strong fence to produce accurate angled trimming.

Also, it has got a brilliant design to make your trimming job faster, accurate, and easy in terms of its range selector. Without going up to the last level of the saw, you can set the bevel with ease. While using the BOSCH CM10GD miter saw, you can work through the maximum productivity for all the tight quarters and hallways.

It will deliver you the 4800 RPM to enable you to make the 12 Inches of horizontal, 5-1/2 inches of the vertical cut along 6 inches of crown cut.

  • This tool has an ambidextrous trigger handle to offer you the utmost comfort to use for the whole day. Also, you can easily make different picture framing shapes according to your demand. So, you will find your investment valuable while using this tool.

  • Carrying it for a long time is pretty tough for its 64 pounds.

Alternative Choice

Hitachi C10FCG the Best Miter Saw for Picture Frames

  • To deliver the accurate and clean bevel cut to the left, this tool has come with a 45° maximum bevel range.
  • For a safe and comfortable holding of your miter saw, you will get its horizontal grip handle available.
  • While you need to meet the toughest trimming for the picture framing, you require high power available through its 15 AMP motor.
  • The Hitachi C10FCG has a large and exclusive work table to fit the secured workpiece and thick material.
  • Brand- Metabo HPT
  • Dimension-   21.46×18.13×22.9 inches
  • Item Weight- 24.2 Pound
  • Power Sources- Electric Cord
  • Blade Length- 10 Inches
  • Speed- 5000RPM
  • Pattern – Miter Saw
  • Wattage-1800W

If you demand a miter saw that can meet multi-framing shapes, you should choose the Hitachi C10FCG miter saw. This miter saw is for woodworkers, especially those who need to maintain professionalism in their trimming job. The Hitachi C10FCG promises high performance through its reliability, precision, and accuracy.  

You can then make multi shapes like miter cut or cross cut for your picture frames easily. It will give you the confidence to work independently while you can make precise stability between your trimming and tool. You will have a versatile experience in terms of this amazing miter saw. So, why don’t you try this best miter saw for picture frames?

  • Maintaining this tool for your everyday purpose will be easier for you. Besides, you can buy it at a low price for high performance. And, carrying it on your job site is completely trouble-free because of its lightweight trait.

  • It will seem easy to trim, turn, or manoeuvre unless you have prior experience operating such a tool. Pretty Challenging!

Best Miter Saw for Picture Framing: Buying Guide

You must follow different measurements before you buy a miter saw. It will be challenging unless you can cover some essential factors. You might understand how important it is to consider these factors. So, let’s see what you should look for.


The motor is said the heart while you think of a miter saw. The quality of a motor will determine the performance of your tool in the means of its RPM. In this case, you have to consider the motor before considering the other things. We recommend the standard AMP for a quality motor is 15. You should not choose the miter saw motor below 15 AMP to get the 5000RPM maximum.


If you want to get the precise and accurate cut for your picture framing task, you have to ensure the quality of your miter saw blade. We strongly suggest you ensure the blade quality. It will make you go for a smooth cut through any kind of material.


While you talk regarding the base of a miter saw, you have to focus on its table. It is where you can start making a precise cut.

Types of Miter Saw

There are two major types of miter saws available on the market. Based on your trimming style and category, you have to decide which one to choose. Let’s see what are these two major types first-

  1. Manual Miter Saw
  2. Compound Miter Saw


After the blade, motor, and types, an essential factor that you should consider is the features. There are many significant features to get a quality miter saw. Among them, 5 main given features below are inevitable. Let’s see what they are-

Wide Miter Range

A wide miter saw works fine to provide a quality cut. You will get a difference between the miter ranges on the market. So, we suggest you go for the miter range that varies from 50 to 60″.

Positive Stops

If you want to make a good angle adjustment, you must determine the positive stops. Make sure the saw you decide to buy has a positive stop.

Sliding Fence

The sliding fence can make your task easier when you need to work through hard material. A sliding saw of a miter saw can support the full height. So, ensure a sliding fence is available with your decided tool.

Electric Brake

An electric brake is essential to make your trimming job secure and safe. So, it is a must to have an electric brake in your miter saw.

Adjustable Handle

Trimming job is not just you have started, and it ends. A trimming job takes a long time to finish, requiring the utmost comfortability. In this case, you should choose a miter saw that has a well-adjustable handle to carry for a long time.

FAQs on Best Miter Saw for Picture Framing

How big of a piece of wood will a 10-inch miter saw cut?

You can cut two-by-six at a right angle across a board that is 2×6 inches wide with a 10-inch miter saw. But, if you want to get an exact answer, then the answer is a 7 1/2″ wide workpiece maximum. Remember, the bigger the miter blade, the wider the trimming range of your tool.

Which is the best saw for making 45° angle cuts for a picture frame?

Well, several miter saws on the market are considered the best for a 45° angle cut. We have listed all the top products in our list. Still, we found the Genesis GMS1015LC miter saw, DEWALT Sliding Miter Saw, and the Makita LS1040 miter saw are the best fit for 45° angle cuts. These miter saws are enough for making 45-degree angle cuts for a picture frame which is helpful for crosscutting.

How much does a miter saw cost?

The cost of a miter saw varies in terms of variables, such as brand, features, quality, power, etc. The higher your budget, the better you get. You can get various types of saws that cost differently. But you can start from 100 dollars that end at approximately $800. It can be more or less based on the quality.

How do you make a compound miter picture frame?

You must draw a dimensional framework to get an accurate measurement. And, later this framework will deliver you an accurate final product. However, while you have finished drawing the framework, take the different wood pieces based on the measurement. Remember, you have to resize the wood pieces exactly as the measurement is written in your dimensional framework.  

How do you cut a picture frame with a miter saw?

If you want to make a picture frame with a miter saw, you have to gather your essential frame materials and 4 pieces of wood for blank borders. Make a 45-degree cut on each of these wood pieces. If you find it tough, read the manufacturer’s guide.

To Wrap Up

If you find the picture framing work tough for you, you should change your tool. And, the miter saw can work fine for your picture framing task. So, to get a quality outcome, you need the best miter saw for picture framing. And, to help you out of your miter saw finding job, we have our top product list.

However, you have finished reading our article means you have got a wonderful idea about all the ideal miter saws. So, choose which one will be your best fit, depending on your job type and requirements. Once you try a miter saw, you will never want to get back to using it. All the best!

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