5 Best Nail Gun for Crafts

A best nail gun for crafts is a must-have for driving the nail at the desired depth for the most secure connection without leaving easily visible marks. Plus, it can handle a variety of projects, including fencing, woodworking, finishing, or framing, precisely and conveniently.

But nail guns vary in type, design, and purpose, so picking the right gun can be misleading. Thus, we have narrowed down the choice listing the top 5 nail guns for crafting, chosen based on deep analysis.

Handyman’s pick: Top 5 Best Nail Gun for Crafts

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac NEU MASTER NTC0040 Color: Green
Material: Plastic
9.3 x 2.5 x 10.3 inches
Check Price
backpac NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Color: Ash
Weight: 8.58 pounds
‎5.51 x 14.17 x 20.08 inches
Country of Origin:
Check Price
cordlessblower Hitachi NT50AE2 Color: Silver
Weight: 2.2 pounds
Model number:
5/8-Inch to 2-Inch
Check Price
cordlessblower DEWALT 20V MAX Color: Yellow
Weight: 5 pounds
18.72 x 11.11 x 6.36 inches
Model number: ‎
1 Lithium ion
battery required. 
Check Price
cordlessblower Freeman PFR2190 Pneumatic Color: Orange
Weight: 8.5 pounds
‎18 x 2 x 12 inches
Country of Origin:
Model number:
Check Price

The nail guns we have reviewed are multifunctional and ideal for both home and commercial use. Though they vary in function and design, they are extremely easy to use, load the nail, and prevent jamming automatically, making them a deal-breaker for any enthusiast’s toolbox.

Despite this, the guide includes some handy tips for using the nail gun for the first time, removing jams, buying a guide, and maintenance instructions. So it’s a pack of useful information on nail guns that you must check to make the investment valuable.

Top Nail Gun

Best Electric Nail Gun for Crafts

NEU MASTER: Best Electric Nail Gun for Crafts

  • This two-in-one nail gun and staple gun don’t require a compressor or hose to complete a wide range of crafting projects.
  • It’s the best nail gun for a shiplap project because it has a non-marring rubber nose for a flawless finish.
  • Constructed with a soft grip handle, this ergonomic nail gun won’t cause fatigue during prolonged use.
  • This affordable nail gun is designed with adjustable power for precise nail driving based on the work surface.

The NEU MASTER Brad Nailer and Staple Gun combo is our top pick for the best nail gun for crafts and upholstery. In particular, it’s hard to find a nail gun that can fire larger than 5/8″ and up to 1-1/4 “brad nails. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, you won’t find a single jammed nail in any carpentry or woodworking project, not even driving a 1” brad nail.

It’s a powerful electric nail gun that won’t be very versatile. But still, you should stick with a short extension cord in terms of power instead of versatility. Another impressive thing is that the manufacturer replaced the faulty nail gun rather than repair it.

  • The nail gun includes 800 brad nails and 200 staples and comes at an affordable price. Despite the nail gun is durable and has user-friendly features like a soft-grip handle and adjustable power, The customer service is also impressive.

  • This nail gun isn’t suitable for roofing and flooring. Plus, the nail gun can get weaker by using a long extension cord.

Runner Up

Best Framing Nailer for Crafting

NuMax: Best Framing Nailer for Crafting

  • The framing nailer is compatible with 16-gauge straight finish nails to complete a wide range of applications.
  • The small nail gun for crafts has a quick jam release function that lets you clean the jammed fastener quickly.
  • Constructed with a die-cast aluminium body and a comfortable grip handle, it increases durability, ensuring comfort and precise operation.
  • This pneumatic nail gun comes with a No-mar safety tip and a hardened steel drive blade to prevent damage and increase longevity.

This Pneumatic NuMax Finish Nailer comes at an unbeatable price which is almost the same as renting from a DIY store! If you have an air compressor and want to have a lightweight and ergonomic Finish Nailer for a variety of crafting projects, you can consider one of the best nail gun.

More importantly, it’s a low-maintenance and solidly constructed nail gun that is extremely easy to use for precise applications including framing, flooring, roofing, and siding, making the tool suitable for both seasonal DIYers and professional contractors.

  • This pneumatic nail gun includes Air tool oil and adjustment tools for easier maintenance and precise operation over a range of surfaces. Plus, the gun is durable, lightweight, and comfortable to use and comes with ‎1 Year Limited Warranty.

  • The nail gun may stop firing suddenly and it may be a bit difficult to fire in a horizontal position.

Best Overall

Hitachi: Best small Nail Gun for Crafts

  • This pin nailer comes with two no-mar tips and a large plastic housing shield for convenient use, preventing an accidental situation.
  • Designed with a depth adjustment, this nail gun will let you drive the nail based on the working surface for the most secure operation.
  • It’s the best nail gun for crafting that has a convenient reload indicator magazine to avoid dry firing situations.
  • It’s an ergonomic and user-friendly nail gun that has a dual trigger and a removable nose plate for the safe and accurate placement of nails and clearing jams effortlessly.

Want to have an advanced quality pin nailer for the most accurate nailing task with almost invisible marks? Buying this Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer will be the right decision for you. With a combination of depth adjustment, reload indicator, and no-mar tips, this pin nailer will let you enjoy the most accurate nail driving over a variety of surfaces while leaving a hardly noticeable mark. A key feature includes a large fastener capacity of up to 100 nails.

Thus, after having this best nip nailer, you won’t have to release nails frequently, which will ensure consistent driving tasks to improve productivity. This nail gun is also compatible with 5/8 to 1-3/8 Pin Nails to help you handle a range of nailing projects confidently for up to 5 years.

  • This nail nailer comes with safety glass, a bar wrench, and a 5-year warranty. Despite the gun included some impressive features, including a large fastener capacity, dual trigger, depth adjustment, a removable nose plate, and a large housing shield.

  • You will need a tool to release the jamb tool. Besides, the case it comes in is a bit larger.

Premium Pick

Best Nail Gun for Crafting

DEWALT: Best Nail Gun for Crafting

  • This lightweight nail gun allows loading of the magazine from the bottom, making the nail inserting task efficiently.
  • Compatible with five different staples and brads to deal with numerous applications.
  • This low-cost nail gun has a metal body that can withstand harsh job site conditions.
  • Designed with an ergonomic handle, this nail gun won’t cause hand fatigue during long-term projects.

DeWalt is one of the oldest manufacturers and a common name among DIY enthusiasts due to its reliable contribution to the power tools industry. Hence, this DEWALT 5-in-1 multi-tasker will exceed any of the DIYers’ expectations if chosen for home use for light-duty nailing tasks at a cheap cost.

It’s the best and cheapest nail gun that is compatible with a range of staples and brads to handle numerous applications, including attaching lightweight trim and installing carpet. Constructed with a metal body, it’s an extremely lightweight brad nailer that is only 3 pounds in weight. So this nail gun will enjoy seasons of service without causing hand fatigue.

  • This nail gun is extremely affordable, while made of a durable metallic body, and compatible with 5 different staples and brads. The nail gun also allows you to load nails easily and adjust the depth for an accurate drive.

  • The user manual that comes with the nail gun is difficult to read and doesn’t have much power to drive through pine boards.

Customer Choice

Pneumatic Nail Gun for Crafts

Freeman: Pneumatic Nail Gun for Crafts

  • This pneumatic nail gun leaves an almost invisible hole while driving into solid wood.
  • The handle is designed with a comfortable grip to reduce hand fatigue and ensure precise pin placement.
  • Its trigger is equipped with a safety function to prevent accidental firing.
  • The pneumatic nail gun is constructed with a durable aluminium body for enhanced durability.

Last, we have the Freeman Pneumatic Nail Gun, which is another best nail gun for crafts, picture frames, and molding. It’s an air-powered lightweight nail gun made of a strong aluminium body to endure a hard work environment. Apart from these, this pneumatic nail gun has plenty of exciting features to make the job more convenient, including a safety mechanism trigger, ergonomic handgrip, and a reversible belt hook.

More importantly, this nail gun is compatible with a 23-Gauge 1″ Micro Pinner to handle any nailing project like roofing, siding, and framing.

  • This pin nailer comes with safety goggles, belt hook, adjustment tools, and air tool oil for easier maintenance and operation while available at a decent cost. The pneumatic nail gun is lightweight and suitable for a variety of craft projects and includes a massive 7-year warranty.

  • The nail gun doesn’t have a tip pressure safety function and is a bit tough to adjust the depth, especially on soft material.

Features to pick the Best Nail Gun for Crafts

Crafting a nail gun isn’t a lower-cost appliance. To make investments worthwhile, consider these features along with your personal preference:


Based on power and versatility, nail guns come in mainly three types. However, a corded nail gun is the most dominant among the three types. It needs to stick with the power outlet. Luckily, there are some of the best nail guns that come with a longer cord to allow you to cover a large area. Cordless nail guns offer improved versatility but aren’t as powerful compared to their corded counterparts.

It works through a battery which offers limited-time run time. A pneumatic nail gun is quite popular among craftsmen who use pressurized air to fire the nails. It is also extremely powerful, but it requires a lot of maintenance. You can select any of these nail gun types based on the nature of your project and your needs.


A nail gun should perform smoothly and drive a nail through the work surface without leaving any marks. If you need a tool mainly for small trimming, power is the key factor. Conversely, jamming can delay the project speed, so pick a nailer with the tool-less feature. A nail gun with a dust cup can be a deal-breaker to capture entire debris to prevent jams.


A heavy-weight nail gun won’t be ideal for working too long and it can be worse for working on an angle or overhead. So go for a lightweight nail gun that is around 2 pounds or even less.

Depth Adjustment

It’s a key consideration that greatly determines the accuracy of the project. A nail gun with a depth adjustment will let you drive the nail at the desired depth for the most convenient work.

Difference between Brad Nailers vs Finish Nailers

You wonder which one will be the best nail gun for crafting. Is it a brad nailer or a finish nailer? While both nail guns have some similarities, they are also intended for particular purposes. Following the section, we have listed some key differences between these two nail guns to help you pick the most desired nailer for crafts:

Hole size

Both the nail guns create different-sized holes on the work surface. But the difference is that you will need more putty to cover the hole left by brad nailers on the wood surface compared to finish nailers. However, you won’t find any noticeable holes in the material using brad nailers.


Brad nailers can fire 18-gauge nails while finish nailers drive 15 or 16 gauge nails. Following the table will let you better learn about nails driven by nail guns:

Nail sizeSize in inchesMillimeters
18-gauge (Brad Nailer)0.04751.207
15-gauge (Finish nailer)0.07201.83
16-gauge (Finish nailer)0.06251.588


Between these two finishing nailers, one is more powerful and suitable for driving a nail through heavy and thick trim. Conversely, a brad nailer will be ideal for thinner trim where finishing a nail gun can become a hindrance.


The brand nailer won’t crack or split while working on wood. Despite this, a brad nailer is preferable to driving a nail into a corner, as finish nailers can damage the corner edge.

Which one is better: the Brad nailer vs the Finish nailer?

Choosing the right nail gun over another largely depends on the weight and thickness of the workpiece. If it is thick plywood or hardwood, finish nailers are definitely a way to go. Conversely, a brad nailer is a right option to apply to thinner pieces of wood to drive the nail without causing any crack, split, or corner damage.

Brad nailer vs Finish nailer

More importantly, the brad nailer uses an 18-gauge nail, which is ideal for securing a light or completing a delicate project without leaving noticeable marks. The Brad nailer is also a handy item for a range of DIY projects with materials and leftover wood, including making a picture frame.

How to load a nail gun properly for the first time

Operating a nail gun is a quite risky task. So the operator should be extremely careful, especially if it is a beginner. To complete any of the actions properly using a nail gun, firstly wear heavy-duty goggles and an eye protector.  Don’t plug in or turn on the nail gun until you finish loading the nail as it can accidentally release a nail.

Locate the magazine

While the magazine placement of a nail gun can vary from brand to brand, it is helpful to read the user manual of a certain model. It will let you locate the magazine and inform you of the type of nail that is compatible with the gun. However, the magazine is placed at the bottom of the device.

Position the nail gun

Point the nail gun upside down and toward the ground to prevent the flyway of the nail. Even so, it will help to load the magazine more conveniently.

Choose the right nail for a certain gun

Hopefully, after reading the user manual, you have learned the suitable nail for your gun. If so, buy the right nail from a local store or online. Inserting the wrong nail can jam the gun, so if you have confusion, asks the storekeeper for the right one.

Connect the gun to the air compressor

If you are using an older nail gun, check inside the magazine if there are any nails before inserting new ones. However, you should worry if you are practicing on a new nail gun.  Connect the nail gun with the compressor, push the compressor tube into the gun’s coupler, and replace the sleeve.

Insert the nails

Slide the magazine’s pusher out and assemble the nail strip with the gun’s magazine. Now push the nail strip into the gun, applying gentle pressure until you hear a clicking sound. Make sure the nails are placed facing the front of the nail gun and remain angled toward the direction.

Replace the pusher

A pusher is usually used to hold the nail in place and load it into the drive system separately. So, after inserting the required nail, replace the pusher and let it do its duty.

How to fix a jammed Nail Gun

Getting jammed by a nail gun is a common problem that DIYers have to face. After pressing the trigger, if you find nothing comes out, then the most possible reason is nailers jam.  Simply follow this method to find the jam of a nail gun for crafts:

Firstly, wear your protective gloves and goggles as safety is vital. Power off the nail gun and remove the battery or unplug the power cord, following the nail gun model. Maintain a distance from the nail gun while working on it. Now take a rag to clean under the gun and open the case of the gun. 

Find out the release level to remove the jammed nail however, all models don’t have a convenient lever. If your nail gun doesn’t have one, then you have to use a pair of pliers to remove the jammed nails, which is also time-consuming. Remove the nail from the gun that doesn’t face properly and refill. After that, reassemble the nail gun and turn it on for further use.

Some crucial maintenance tips of Nail Gun for Crafts

Safety is the top priority, especially when working with a craft tool that fires sharp nails. So, maintaining the nail can properly improve its productivity, ensuring optimum performance of every part. Maintaining a nail gun properly will not only prolong its longevity but also keep you safe. Some must follow maintenance steps:

Add a Bit of Oil

The moving parts of the nail gun require oil to function smoothly. Apply a few drops of light oil (Air tool oil is more preferable) to the nail gun’s moving parts and fitting placed at the bottom periodically before the day of using the gun. While oiling in the air fitting, use your figure to put some oil into the O-rings.

Clean the Feed System with air compressor

Never use lubricant in the feed system as it can attract debris instead of throwing it away. If it is a pneumatic nail gun, firstly wipe off the feed system using a rag but don’t leave any fabric while working. Then blow away the debris inside the feed system while using nail gun with an air compressor. Repeat this step regularly.

Tighten the bolts and screws often

The consistent vibration of the nail gun during operation can loosen the screws and bolts eventually. Tighten the loose screws or bolts immediately if you notice anything during operation, otherwise, monthly action will be OK.

Check the Nail Gun Battery

This step is only for cordless nail guns. If you have other models, skip the step. Along with checking the charge level of the battery, it is also vital to check the expiration date. Always try to start the nail gun with a fully recharged battery for maximum runtime and replace the battery if it has passed the expiration date.

Replace the Broken Parts ASAP

While checking the nail gun, if you find any broken parts, fix or replace them immediately. Delays can cost the project and cause serious injury. A nail gun usually includes a long warranty which can help you fix the problem, but if it is a minor problem, don’t rely on the warranty.

FAQs on Best Nail Gun for Crafts

What is the best nail gun for home projects?

Overall NEU MASTER Electric Brad Nailer for Crafts is the best nail gun for home projects. It’s an extremely powerful electric-powered nail gun that is compatible with 1-1/4” brad nails to handle a range of crafts, Upholstery, and Woodworking projects precisely.

What is the most useful nail gun?

WORKPRO 6-in-1 Staple Gun for Crafts is the most useful nail gun available on the market even within budget. This nail gun allows plenty of types of nails and staples to drive through the different surfaces with accurate power.  It can prevent nails from jamming automatically and it is extremely easy to lead the nail and drive it.

What nail gun is best for fencing?

NEU MASTER Electric Brad Nailer is the best nail gun for fencing. With adjustable extreme power and a flawless finish, this nail gun will help build a wooden fence with precision. Even you will find this nail gun reliable throughout the framing process and place the nail in the exact place efficiently.

What is the right size nail for framing?

It is vital to pick the right size nail, especially for framing interior walls. While a too-long nail will be difficult to drive, a shorter nail won’t hold the connection securely. To ensure better and secure framing, use 3 1/2-inch nails, which are also known as 16-penny and 16-d.

Who makes the best finish nail gun?

NuMax makes the best finish nail gun, which is the NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer. Available at an unbeatable price, it’s a pneumatic nail gun that is lightweight and dependable. This 16-gauge straight finish nailer prevents fastener jams and includes a depth adjustment function for accurate driving. Thus, you will have a quality straight finish nailing task every time you use it.

Take the Best Nail Gun for Crafting

Hopefully, the guide is enough for you to choose the best nail gun for crafts as well as framing, upholstery, roofing, and other nailing projects.  The nail guns we have reviewed are multi-functional, easy to use, and productive.

But they vary in the operational system, budget and have some unique purposes that should be considered while investing. Don’t forget to invest in safety measurement as well and follow those tips and user manuals of a particular nail gun to practice enough to prevent any accidental situation. Finally, if the recommendation isn’t enough for you, the buying guide will be a lifesaver.

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