7 Best Nail Gun for Crown Molding

Handymen and architects are emphasising to keep the best nail gun for crown molding. It saves valuable time and ensures better nailing or trimming no matter how narrow the space. Nail guns for crown molding will make your critical job easier like intersecting ceiling or wall.

With a fast refilling magazine and cylinder, you can punch multiple nails in mere seconds. The interior design is an intricate part where you will need to focus on bigger details to corner and cornicles.

Also, it leaves mundane, giving the Diyers more challenge for molding. An inappropriate nail gun for crown molding can damage the interior as well as expensive materials.

Handyman’s Pick: Top 3 Best Nail Gun for Crown Molding

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac NuMax SFR2190 Pneumatic Color: Ash
Material: Plastic/Carbon
Compatible Material:
Wood, Metal
Power Source: Air Compressor
Check Price
backpac PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Color: Cream
Material: Carbon Fibre/ Steel
Compatible Material:
Wood, Metal
Power Source:
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cordlessblower Makita AF506 2″ Color: Blue/Silver
Material: Alloy Steel
Power Source:
Air Compressor
Compatible with:
Number Of Pieces:
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When you pay attention to the corners, then you will become confused which nail gun for crown molding to choose. You have to consider a number of factors such as nail gun motor power, size, weight, durability, portability etc.

Thankfully, now we have some of the bad boys which will help you to beautifully craft or trim the shape of intersection. In this article, we will bring them all and tell  you every ins and out regarding these. 

Top Pick Nail Gun

Nail Gun for Crown Molding

NuMax: Nail Gun for Crown Molding

  • The NuMax SFR2190 features a durable magnesium design and gives you a lightweight experience. 
  • An ergonomic secure handle provides a strong grip while working under high pressure. 
  • Having a powerful motor and a depth adjustment feature, the nailer works flawlessly in all wood and plastic. 
  • A tough inner and outer layer provides a fine working experience for all siding or finishing projects. 

NuMax nail gun for crown molding comes with a 21-degree pneumatic design. Weight about 8.95 pounds, the nailer is just fantastic in terms of stability. Surprisingly, you can customise the firing depth for each nail. A no-mar tip ending ensures no dents and dings, giving you a professional finish.

Having an ergonomic grip, the nailer is easy to hold and decrease machine vibration. You can choose between a quick-firing mode or accurate placement fire depending on your work. Dust particles can’t ruin your final finish, as the nailer has an inbuilt air filter.

Additionally, you can remove the no-mar tip and make exposed teeth firing for dense wooden surfaces. To stop internal mangle, the nailer has an anti-dry fire, stopping nails when you need a refill.

Your flooring, siding, framing, or finishing works will see new lights once you buy the NuMax SFR2190. Standing at a price below the 90 dollar range, the nailer will not break the bank in any way. 

  • Highly versatile and powerful.
  • Tough and dependable for all projects.
  • Professional quality product with a decent warranty.
  • Easy on the pocket.

  • A little heavy.
  • No hanging hook.

Runner Up

Finish Nailer for Crown Molding

PORTER-CABLE 20V: Finish Nailer for Crown Molding

  • The battery-operated tool requires no costly gas, hose, or noisy compressor.
  • Multiple tool-free settings, including jam clearing, depth setting, and stall clearing.
  • Easily wearable with an integrated belt hook.
  • Intuitive Multi-functional dual LED lights for precise shots.
  • Excellent ergonomics with lightweight and a balanced center of gravity.
  • A 3-year limited warranty on tool, 1-year free service, and 90 days money-back guarantee.

If you are looking for a versatile finish nailer at an affordable price, Porter-Cable 18 gauge straight finish nailer is our pick for you. The cordless nailer is an excellent choice for both homeowners and professional woodworkers. It aids in effortless manoeuvring with a balanced centre of gravity. Turns out, affordability didn’t hold back its build quality and performance.

This versatile tool allows you to fire fasteners from 1 inch to 2-1/2 inch into the baseboard, crown moldings, and cabinet assembly. Integrated flywheel mechanism ensures the firing power and consistency on different materials. Also, multiple tool-free settings allow you to adjust and troubleshoot the machine easily.

Another intuitive feature is the multi-functional dual LED lights. The entire lighting system lets you make a precise shot by casting a shadow on the nailing point. However, there are some drawbacks as well. The nail pusher tends to pop around if you slap it against the nails. But you cannot attach and power up these nail gun by air compressor.

The Porter-Cable 20V (max) finish nailer comes with a 1.5 AH Lithium-Ion battery and a charger in the box. You can run up to 375 pins with the given 1.5 AH battery. Porter-Cable also offers a 4.0 AH battery that can run up to 1000 nails in a single charge. Finally, a 3-year limited manufacturer warranty backs the complete package for customer satisfaction.

  • High-quality build material at an affordable price.
  • Convenient handling with superb ergonomics.
  • Packed with multi-functional features.
  • Enhanced battery life (up to 1000 nails).
  • A 3-year warranty for customer satisfaction.

  • Dry fire lockout is unavailable.
  • Poor instructions on loading nails make it difficult for first-timers.
  • Integrated belt-hook is inconvenient for left-handed people.

Premium Pick

Crown Molding Nail Gun

Makita AF506: Crown Molding Nail Gun

  • The Makita AF506 holds a powerful motor, driving 18 gauge brad nails into any hard or softwood. 
  • Having an aluminium body, the brad nailer has high durability and strength. 
  • A low 2.9 lbs weight factor aids in locomotion and decreases arm stress.
  • It has depth adjustment, a narrow nose design, and a good finish for overall work result. 

The Makita AF506 gears up to your work, especially when it comes to driving brad nail gun. Turns out, it has an efficient motor, which can insert any 18 gauge nails with exact precision. Weighing just about 2.9 pounds, the nailer is a blessing where you need stability. An aluminium body uplifts the durability of the product, making it last for decades to come.

Prevailing as it may seem, the brad nailer has a narrow design, allowing easy access in confined spaces. Additionally, it has an air duster that clears edge chippings.

You will also have a depth adjustment feature, making stuck nails a thing of the past. The tool is easy to use, and you can use it in a wide range of wood and plastic materials. Having a multi-directional exhaust port, your finished work will always be flawless.

  • Usable on all wooden surfaces.
  • Lightweight and high pressure enduring.
  • Confined area access available.
  • Nail depth adjustment for 18-gauge nails.

  • Kinda side heavy.
  • Uneven first round.

Best Brad Nailer

Best Nailer for Crown Molding

NEU MASTER: Best Nailer for Crown Molding

  • The NEU MASTER NTC0023 with its battery powered motor can drive and 18 gauge nails up to 1-1/4 inches. 
  • Weighing about 7 pounds, the nailer is highly stable for all wood or thin metal nail driving.
  • Having a non-marring rubber nose, the nailer prevents major vibrations, and internal shocks.
  • LED lighting helps you see in work spaces where light is insufficient. 

Having a full battery powered motor, the NTC0023 knockouts the need of gas, compressor, or a cord. In fact, the 20V battery is usable in all NEU master tools. You will get a spiral drive feature, which decreases the runtime and improves durability.

Turns out, you can drive up to 1100 18-gauge nails in a single charge. If you are a professional crown molding, the NTC0023 is both easy to carry and efficient. Additionally, the ergonomic handle design enhances user comfort with precise controlling.  Professionals will have no trouble doing crown molding projects, due to its awesome versatility and efficiency. 

A quick release mechanism helps eject tangled nails and prevent tool damage. The tool has a non-marring nose, which prevents surface damage and produces a flawless finish. DIYers will just love having the nailer for its decorative trimming, sheet insulation, repair work, and more. 

  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Versatile and can deliver fine work quality.
  • Internal damage protection and shock resistance.
  • Efficient runtime and high on durability.

  • Not for roofing.
  • Uneven drywall installation.

Best Budget

Nail Gun for Crown

NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Nail Gun for Crown

  • The NuMax SFN64 has a lightweight durable aluminium body with a 16 gauge brad nailer capacity.
  • Having a no-mar tip, the nailer leaves no dents in the working surface.
  • A quick-release feature removes jammed nails, protecting the internal parts in the process. 
  • With a depth adjustment feature, you can set the depth you want to drive your nail.
  • Adjusting the sequential firing, you can use it in crown molding, window casing, chair rail molding, etc.

The NuMax SFN64 is the best crown molding nail gun with a 16 gauge straight finish. Weighing just 4.5 pounds, the nailer holds its ground firm in terms of lightweight and stability. If you want to crown mold, then this nail gun will make your interior and exterior finish flawless. 

When it comes to body design, the handle is ergonomic, giving you extra comfort. Additionally, you will get an aluminium body, which will not rust in moist conditions. With a no-mar tip, your interior or exterior surface will not dent or ding in any way. An integrated quick jam release improves nail driving when they get stuck together. 

You can force-fit any 16 gauge nail at a pressure of 0.76 max. The tool is tough and includes a wide range of staplers and nails out of the box. However, you will not find any warranty of the tool outside the US, which is kinda heartbreaking. 

  • Lightweight and firm to hold.
  • Rigid driving with vibration control.
  • Internal damage protection is available.
  • Nail depth-adjustable feature.

  • Don’t sink fully.
  • A bit heavy.

Best Overall

Best nailer for crown molding

DEWALT MAX: Best nailer for crown molding

  • The DEWALT DCN660D1 comes with an amazing sequential trigger for fine result quality.
  • With a quick jam release feature, your tool will never face internal damage. 
  • You can reset the driver blade during the event of a stall, due to the stall release feature. 
  • The nailer provides a 16 gauge angled finish in crown molding works. 
  • Due to the contact actuation mode, you can release both triggers and press the safety tip against the surface. 

Are you trying to find a good nail gun for crown molding? The DeWalt DCN660 with its 16 gauge cordless nail gun driving feature, makes ideal crown molding, casing, and more. Having a brushless motor, the nailer feels premium and sturdy. If you want a hassle-free experience from gas, compressor, and hose, you shouldn’t miss out on the DCN660. 

Completely running on battery, you can easily carry it to your workshop and enhance your working experience. You can drive more than a thousand nails on a full battery charge. The nail holes are a lot smaller, making it a premium pneumatic nailer in the market. 

If you want both sequential and contact actuation mode in a single tool, the DeWalt DCN660 should work flawlessly. A quick-release feature helps you eject the jammed up nails, stopping any internal damage or more jams. The best part is, you don’t need professional experience before holding this beast for your work. 

  • Easy to hold and use.
  • Low price and high quality.
  • Multifunctional and user-friendly.
  • Easily clear nail jams.

  • Hearing protection needed.
  • Some nail jams, you have to take care after using.

Customer Choice

Cordless Nail Gun for Crown Molding

Ryobi 18V: Cordless Nail Gun for Crown Molding

  • 16 gauge fastener is highly adjustable with the air pressure while performing nail driving.
  • During the dim condition, the LED lighting helps to see your job sight.
  • A low nail indicator will let you know when to replace the clip.
  • The Knob has designed such a-way, so you won’t need a tool to execute its operation.

Ryobi is a safe investment and gives you easier Diyer work for the long haul. The best part of it is its versatility again, it makes trimming so fast due to fasteners measurements in between 3/4″ to 2-1/2″. The Ryobi P325 sold out to consumers in the maximum numbers, which proves its popularity. 

Once we delve into its feature the first thing that came up to us is its tool-free adjustment and clearing jam will be a breeze to you. Seems like it is easy to maneuver and the weight is just only 1 pound so you can easily handle it for long hours of operation. 

Also, multiple tool-free settings allow you to adjust and troubleshoot the machine easily. Another intuitive feature is the multi-functional dual LED lights. The entire lighting system lets you make a precise shot by casting a shadow on the nailing point. 

When you take it to your job, the single LED will help you in the dark. The magazine is open-sided, making your task easy to accomplish and the sliding lever will easily tweak the air pressure. The heck with the ease of jam clearance is with the amazing beefier lever. 

  • Works fine on every wood including oak.
  • Easy to handle and lightweight.
  • Not required any tool adjustment.
  • No Jam, easy to load and easy to use.

  • The battery and charger are not included in the product.
  • Sometimes against the trim, you will need to hit so hard, in order to activate.

Key Factors to pick the Best Nail Gun for Crown Molding

Crown molding is hard, especially when you have an impractical nail gun. There are different types of crown molding nail gun in the market, and most importantly, the nail guns vary due to this. So, how do you find a nail gun, which will churn out fine results during your crown molding projects. The things you need to consider are,

Nail type and size: A lot of nails prevails in the market, and creates chaos among nail gun manufacturers. For this reason, each nail type has its own gun. If you happen to be crown molding, you should get a 15-gauge nail gun or a 16-gauge one. However, you can also use an 18 gauge nail gun for your projects, but the results won’t be as effective. 

Power of the gun: Depending on the power, there are two types of nail gun. One is the pneumatic and the other one the electric one. A pneumatic nailer has an air compressor, which helps draw power from the air. An electric one on the other hand has a battery or a cord powering the powerful motor. If you want to carry the gun in multiple places, it is better to get a cordless electric nail gun. 

Portability: Portability is another prime factor for choosing a multi-functional nailer. As you know, nailers come in many forms depending on which one you prefer. Getting a corded nailer will give you more power output, whereas a cordless one will give you less. If you have a power supply available where you work, then a corded nail gun will better your performance. 

Weight: Sometimes you would need to hold the nailer for hours without even taking a break. Professionals have to go through this stage every day, and finish their job. A nailer weighing less will decrease arm fatigue and help you perform better. However, heavy nailer guns make up for the downfall by giving you even edge and perfect nail insertion

FAQs on Nail Gun for Crown Molding

What type of nail gun do you use for crown molding?

For you to crown mold, you would need a compressor and a finishing gun in the least. Using a brad nailer, the exterior corners need attaching. Finishing nailers offer 15 or 16 gauge nails driving capacity, which is a must in crown molding. 

Can I use 18-gauge nails for crown molding?

When you don’t have the necessary nails for crown molding, then an 18 gauge nail may just work. However, you should try using a 16 gauge nailer instead. 

How do you nail crown molding with a nail gun?

To nail crown mold, first, you have to locate the wall studs and hold the nail on the working surface. After that, you need to drive 2 inches of nails into the surface, placing each of them 16 inches apart. Using a nail gun, fix all the nails in place, both wall and ceiling. 

What size nail gun do you use for a trim?

If you want to install thick trim, try using a 15 gauge nailer. You can also try 16 or 18 gauge nailers, but the results may get a little flimsy. But if you have a thin trim project, the 16 gauge nailer will work just as good.

Take the best nailer for molding

If you know what you are working with, it’s relatively easy to fulfil the job requirement. However, a newbie’s face can’t find the best nail gun for crown molding due to lack of experience. Keep on reading the article from high up if you missed any prime info. Have a good day, Sir. Bye-bye. 

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