6 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for Trees

Reciprocating saw blades are the perfect woodcutting arsenal for sawing limbs from a tree or demolishing an old roof. But if you fail to invest in the best reciprocating saw blades for trees, the experience can be hazardous and frustrating. Thus, a little research can save both you and your money, enabling smooth and straight cutting through trees without bending and getting dull.

DIYers Pick: 3 Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for Trees

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac DEWALT DW4898 Color: Yellow
Material: Metal
Dimensions LxWxH:
12.56 x 7.31 x 1.37 inches
Compatible Material:
Wood, Metal
Number Of Pieces:
Check Price
backpac HORUSDY 12-Inch Saw Blades Color: Orange
Material: HCS High Carbon Steel
Dimensions LxWxH:
0.8 x 0.5 x 12 inches
Compatible Material:
Number Of Pieces:
Check Price
cordlessblower Caliastro 12-Inch Color: Silver
Material: Alloy Steel
12 x 0.05 x 0.75 inches
0.1 Pounds
Compatible with:
Number Of Pieces:
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We filled this guide with the 6 best reciprocating saw blades that are suitable for cutting through wood, metal, plastic, and other materials to tackle indoor and outdoor use. Plus, the guide includes some safety tips and a method to replace broken reciprocating saw blades along with an informed buying guide. So, let’s complete your homework and invest the money in the most appropriate reciprocating saw blades for trees.

Top Pick Saw Blade

DEWALT 10-Piece Reciprocating Saw Blades for Trees

  • The set includes 10 adjustable size reciprocating saw blades that are suitable for cutting wood, heavy metal, and a variety of general cutting purposes.
  • These tree-cutting reciprocating saw blades are made of carbon steel and HSS, which offers better flexibility and a durable cutting edge.
  • The saw blades come in a durable plastic holder to keep the blades well organised.
  • These reciprocating saw blades have reinforced teeth to endure nails and other tough objects while ensuring an aggressive and straight cut.
  • Brand Name: DEWALT
  • The Number of Blades Includes: 10
  • Material: Carbon Steel And HSS
  • Customers’ Rating at Amazon: 4.8 Out Of 5.

Indeed, these DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades are the best reciprocating saw blades for trees. From the color choice, designed materials, size, and TPI (teeth per inch) variation, this DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades set gets all the essentials required in the best saw blade set for a fix-it person or enthusiast. This bi-metal saw blade set is made of a combination of carbon steel and HSS and finished in yellow color.

Thus, the handyman will have increased durability and flex over wood and metal, while the yellow color ensures improved visibility in the dark place. Impressive customer service is another strong point of this respected DIY tool producer, making them a world-class brand.

  • These DeWalt reciprocating saw blades for trees are flexible yet durable to cut through wood, metal, and other materials. It’s a fairly affordable saw blade set that includes a variety of types and lengths of blades and comes in a tough case for convenience.

  • The longer blades can bend easily, and the blades may not be suitable for commercial metalworking.

Runner Up

BOSCH: Best Reciprocating Saw Blade for Wood and Trees

  • Constructed with bi-metal material, these reciprocating saw blades have a hardened cutting edge to withstand extreme heat produced for longer use.
  • This versatile set includes different types and shapes of reciprocating saw blades and is suitable for wood, metal, and demolition tasks.
  • These reciprocating saw blades have 5/8 variable-pitch teeth to ensure an easier start and faster-cutting performance.
  • With their incorporated bi-metal construction, these reciprocating saw blades are the perfect choice for cutting wood with nails.
  • Brand Name:  BOSCH
  • The Number of Blades Includes: 7
  • Material: Bi-Metal
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.7 Out Of 5.

Not all the reciprocating saw blades can withstand longer wood cutting and get back into the shape after getting bent. But this BOSCH Reciprocating Saw Blade Set will let you cut through 3″-6″ diameter trees efficiently. If it bends, you can still get it back to the shape with minimal effort, thanks to the outstanding construction.

This set includes seven reciprocating saw blades that have a 6 TPI tooth design to offer a faster cutting experience with a longer life span. Even the saw blades retain their sharpness for a long time, so the DIYer can enjoy the same woodcutting experience every time they attempt it.

  • These reciprocating saw blades are specially designed for faster woodworking with durable service. The set is available at a decent price and includes a variety of blades to apply on wood, metal, and other demolition projects.

  • The 9-inch blade can bend easily compared to others, and the case is a bit difficult to access.

Best Budget

Caliastro 12-Inch Reciprocating Saw Blades for Pruning Trees

  • These pruning saw blades are engineered with tough, quality carbon steel for a faster woodcutting experience.
  • The reciprocating blades are 1.4 mm thick, thus ensuring a straight line cut minimising vibration.
  • The thickness of the blade makes them highly durable and able to withstand extreme heat during cutting wider trees.
  • The set comes in a durable and convenient case for safe storage and easier transport.
  • Brand Name: Caliastro
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • The Number of Blades Includes: 5
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.5 Out Of 5

While researching, we found these Caliastro reciprocating saw blades are best reciprocating saw for pruning and cutting sago palm trees. The set includes five wood pruning blades that are 12 inches long and have 5 TPI, making them perfect for cutting wider trees and pouring efficiently even without wearing out.

We also find these reciprocating blades are amazingly flexible and aren’t brittle. So you can cut through even the roots at the bottom of the trees. These saw blades can also cut the wood conveniently at a faster speed, but it’s better to operate at a moderate speed to maintain a straight line.

  • These 12-inch reciprocating saw blades are extremely durable while remaining flexible enough to cut through a larger tree in a straight line. The blade set is also available at a considerably lower price and is perfect for pruning.

  • These reciprocating blades can’t cut very aggressively, and the blades are only compatible with wood.

Best Overall

HORUSDY 12-Inch Reciprocating Saw Blades

  • Designs with rugged tempered HCS material, these reciprocating blades are ideal for wood demolition along with pruning.
  • These reciprocating saw blades have an advanced 5 TPI design, making them perfect for smooth yet faster wood cutting.
  • Engineered with an ultra hardened cutting edge, these reciprocating saw blades for pruning trees can withstand high pressure and heat.
  • The reciprocating saw blades have an extremely sharp tip for a faster cutting job while keeping the blade angle.
  • Brand Name: HORUSDY
  • Material: HCS
  • Color: Orange
  • The Number of Blades Includes: 5
  • Customers Rating at Amazon: 4.4 Out Of 5

These HORUSDY Reciprocating Saw Blades are compatible with almost all reciprocating saws and allow you to cut the tree in a tight corner. This pruning saw blade set has plenty of similarities to the previous set, including TPI design, number of pieces, and even a carrying case.

But the difference is that this reciprocating saw blade set is surprisingly cheaper than the previous set while made of HCS material, making it the best budget reciprocating saw blades for trees. Another exciting difference is, the blades come in orange color, making them highly visible in a dark and tight place.

  • This budget-friendly reciprocating saw blade set is suitable for cutting wider three and wood demolition efficiently. the blades fit in most reciprocating saws to offer smoother cutting performance and come in a carry case.

  • The blades are toothed and may vibrate significantly more than the competitor. So, maintaining the straight line can be tough, especially for novice DIYers.

Premium Pick

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades for Trees

  • With a patented shape tooth design, these reciprocating saw blades will maximize chip removal for more efficient cutting.
  • The saw blades are tall and thick enough to ensure a straight cut through the tree and heavy metal.
  • Engineered with bi-metal, the reciprocating blades have a durable cutting edge and the body is tough enough to handle demolition applications.
  • This versatile set of reciprocating saw blades is compatible with a variety of surfaces, including wood, plastic, metal, and drywall.
  • Brand Name: DEWALT
  • Color: Yellow
  • The Number of The Blade Includes: 6
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.7 Out Of 5.

This is another versatile reciprocating saw blade set in our list from the world-renowned DEWALT brand. But this time, the set includes 6 pieces of reciprocating saw blades, as expected, at a lower price. Still, the saw blades in the set vary in TPI design, making them suitable for metal and woodcutting.

An impressive feature includes patents for tooth forms. It means the chip removal process will be optimized to offer more efficient cutting performance, making it the best reciprocating saw blades for wood.

  • This versatile reciprocating saw blades set comes with increased durability and ensures straight cuts through various surfaces. The saw blades are also long enough and have patented teeth for efficient cutting.

  • Due to heat and wear, the blades are slightly thin and may bend after a few uses. Unfortunately, these reciprocating saw blades won’t fit in the Bosch Reciprocating Saw.

Customer Choice

Caliastro 9-Inch Reciprocating Saw Blades

  • Designed with five teeth per inch, these reciprocating saw bladders are perfect for shearing and ripping through green and wet wood.
  • The saw blades are constructed with sturdy carbon steel to offer smooth and faster-cutting performance.
  • The blades come in a sturdy and clear holder that keeps the blade secure and well organized.
  • Brand Name: Caliastro
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • The Number of Blades Includes: 5
  • Customer Rating at Amazon: 4.6 Out Of 5

If 12 inches is longer for you, buy this set of Caliastro reciprocating saw blades to tackle the same branch size. The set includes five reciprocating saw blades that are 9 inches long and made of tough carbon steel to handle pruning and woodcutting jobs. More importantly, the saw blades won’t vibrate much, especially compared to standard, taller blades. But the reciprocating blades are flexible yet robust enough to cut through the tree from an awkward angle efficiently.

  • This set of reciprocating saw blades is effective for cutting wider trees and flexible enough to work from an angle. These saw blades are fits with most reciprocating saw and cut faster and smoothly.

  • The saw blades can dull quickly and won’t offer a clear stroke over a thicker branch.

Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for Trees: Buying Guides

Because of the ongoing popularity, a massive number of manufacturers enter the competition, making it a daunting task to choose the right reciprocating saw blade. However, by keeping these essential features in mind, you can select the best reciprocating saw blades for three reasons:

Blade Material

As long as the material allows it, choose a blade that is sturdier than the cutting surface. Reciprocating saw blades come in a variety of types, and four of them are suitable for cutting through trees. Let’s have a quick look:

High-Carbon Steel (HCS) blades: they’re the softest and least expensive blades and are capable of flexing without breaking, but they blunt quickly. The blade is suitable for wood, particle boards, and plastics.

High-Speed Steel (HSS) blades: the blades are durable, heat resistant, yet brittle, and tend to snap under pressure. Still, the blades are ideal for hardwood, aluminum, and metal.

Bi-Metal Blades: made of a combination of carbon steel and HSS, these blades are flexible, sturdy, heat resistant, and perfect for cutting through wood and metal.


The length of reciprocating blades varies from 3 to 12 inches, whereas shorter blades mean more rigid and aggressive cutting. Shorter blades are perfect for cutting and slicing, while longer blades are suitable for cutting softwood, hardwood, and pruning. You should determine the length based on the cutting surface, but make sure the blade is 3″ longer than the cutting material.


Wider reciprocating blades have more rigidity and offer a straighter edge, making them preferable for heavy-duty tasks. Stick with a reciprocating blade that is 0.75″ to 1″ wide to handle most auto industry and demolition projects.


The thickness of a reciprocating blade ranges from 0.035 inches to 0.062 inches, which is ideal for standard to heavy-duty use. opt for the thicker blades as these can endure high load pressure and don’t vibrate much. Thicker blades can also cut denser and wider material and are acceptable for fire and rescue services.

Teeth per Inch (TPI)

Reciprocating blades have 3 to 24 teeth per inch of density, with lower density resulting in a rougher cut and higher density resulting in a finer finish. A reciprocating blade with 12 to 18 teeth per inch is a better choice for both wood and metal.

Why should I Invest in The Reciprocating-Saw Blades?

A reciprocating saw is powerful enough to cut through almost anything. But it needs some of the best reciprocating saw blades to deliver the best output. These combined tools are the perfect solution for cutting lumber for woodworking or cutting branches off trees for proper gardening. Reciprocating saw blades are made of the toughest material, resulting in a sturdy enough cut to cut through metal tubing or nails.

Even some of the reciprocating saw blades are flexible enough to slice through masonry and tiles efficiently. It means reciprocating saw blades are an incredibly versatile tool that can tackle tons of applications.

Another impressive advantage is the length of this blade. The length of the reciprocating saw blade is long enough to cut wider and larger materials conveniently. The overall reciprocating saw blade is a worthwhile investment for both small and heavy-duty cutting tasks on a wide array of surfaces.

How to Remove a Broken Reciprocating Saw Blade from a Saw?

No matter how durable it is, a reciprocating saw blade can break down during operation. Therefore, learning how to replace broken reciprocating saw blades can come in handy in such a situation.

Before attempting any step, power cut the saw.  Unplug the saw or take out the battery if it is cordless, and take out the finger from the trigger. Check the position where the blade is broken. It happens close to the attachment point in most cases.

After detecting the place, check the area if there are any loose pieces, sharp edges, or dented materials that need to be removed first. If the blade brakes far from the attachment point, you will have a safe grip point. So lose the lock function slowly and lift the blade from the saw. Conversely, if it breaks near the attachment point, you won’t have the required safety grip. So you will need to lose the lock function and shake the blade so it can come out. In case the broken blade doesn’t come out, spray some WD-40 or toothpick to complete the job. Finally, put a new reciprocating blade in place and lock the mechanism properly.

Safety Tips to Remember while using Reciprocating Saw Blades

Reciprocating saw blades are quite risky tools to operate, especially for novice DIYers, thus requiring extra care and cushion. Maintain these safety measures while such a risky tool is in hand:

  • Always use a sharp reciprocating saw blade, as a dull blade requires extra pressure that increases the heat and ends up causing a creak.
  • Wear safety gloves before holding the reciprocating saw to protect your fingers from the blade and extensive heat.
  • Safety glass will protect the eyes from flying wood chips and other particles.
  • Maintain tight contact between the saw base and the workpiece that you are cutting.
  • Let the saw blade achieve top power, then start cutting.
  • Maintain a safe position away from the workpiece that you are cutting.
  • Don’t try to attach or lift the saw blade from the hole, keeping it in motion.

FAQs on Best Reciprocating Saw Blades for Trees

Can a reciprocating saw cut trees?

A reciprocating saw can cut limbs and branches. It can also cut down a small tree. These power tools are especially suitable for cutting through stationary material.

Which are the best reciprocating saw blades?

DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades are the best reciprocating saw blades due to their tooth design, durability, and flexibility. These saw blades can cut through a variety of materials smoothly and quickly, maintaining a smooth line.

How to choose the right reciprocating saw?

A reciprocating saw with a 3000 SPM and a minimum stroke length of 1-1/8′′ would be a good investment. There are also some compact and cordless models that you can choose from to enjoy improved portability. But cordless reciprocating saws don’t offer much speed and stroke length, but they are perfect for working in a tight place.

What are the other popular names of reciprocating saw?

Some DIY enthusiasts call this reciprocating saw a “recip saw” or “hognose saw.” The machine comes with a large blade and an oriented handle that makes the saw perfect to use on vertical surfaces without any trouble, encouraging the DIYer to consider such a name.

Does the reciprocating saw a blade fits in any saw?

Yes, all the reciprocating saw blades are designed with the same shank to fit any reciprocating saw. It means the blade can be different in length but comes with the same sized shank and the attaching process of all the reciprocating saw blades is the same.

Final words

Reciprocating saw blades are a cost-efficient, versatile, and handy tool that can demolish whole trees when attached to a saw. Thus, getting the best reciprocating saw blades for trees is beneficial for both gardening and home improvement tasks as well.

Throughout the guide, we have reviewed enough variations of reciprocating saw blades. So, hopefully, you have got the most appropriate set for your upcoming branch cutting project.

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