7 Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

A right angle drill for electricians is a must have power drill. Right angle drill is basically 90 degree angle drill. It is specially made for electricians. A bulky drill with low power motor affects the drilling performance. At this situation, the best right angle drill for electricians is needed to drill smoothly at any corner of a room.

But finding the specific right angle drill for electricians is troublesome. Because of excessive availability, the you can easily be bogged down. It will waste the investing money on buying a right angle drill.

Handyman’s Pick: 7 Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

A 90 degree right angle drill is suitable for electric jobs. You can do heavy duty tasks while drilling electric materials. Thinking for the electricians, we unfold a lot of factors you should consider before purchasing a right angle drill. But finding out best drill for electricians from only right angle category is not that easy.

To simplify your decision, we also recommended the top drills in the market. We found some right angle drill options considering motor amp, weight, size, torque, LED light indicator etc. So, stick with this ultimate review to explore your best trait.

Top Pick Right Angle Drill

Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

Bosch PS11: Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

  • Bosch PS11-102 has a powerful 12V motor and can deliver a staggering 115 in-lbs torque.
  • Having a max speed of 1300 RPM, the drill can puncher material with the right drill bit for electricians.
  • A 3/8-inch auto-lock chuck helps replace the drill bits in mere seconds.
  • It has a 5 position pivoting head, which allows you to use the drill from 90 to 180 degrees max. 
  • You will have a keyless chuck design with a variable speed trigger as well.

Bosch PS11-102 comes with a highly efficient motor, providing you with a max speed of 1300 RPM. The cordless drill can pass through all regular metal sheets, wooden furniture, and your walls too. With a five-position pivoting head, the drill is perfect for drilling on uneven surfaces of your house. If you want to fix the electrical circuit screws of your house, the drill offers a low-speed high torque feature just for it. 

When it comes to exact serial screw driving, the drill has an integrated motor brake. A keyless chuck design makes drill bits easy to adjust in any situation you work in. The drill weighs about 2.75 pounds and reduces the arms stress while working for hours. Additionally, you will find a decent lithium-ion battery with a power-efficient mode for all best cordless right angle drill. 

Getting into small and hard to reach places just got an upgrade with the Bosch PS11. It has a soft grip handle and an ergonomic design for secure holding even with sweetie’s hands. Newbies will love using the drill as they don’t need any experience to hold this marvel. The best part is, you don’t have to break the bank as the drill sells for about 130 dollars max. 

  • Efficient and long-lasting.
  • Usable even after overheating.
  • Soft grip with ergonomic design.
  • High torque and low speed available

  • Imperfect battery adjustment.
  • keyless chuck jamming.

Premium Pick

Best Drill for Electricians

DeWalt: Best Cordless Right Angle Drill for Electricians

  • The right angle drill has dual speed range RPM settings and improves flexibility for a wide range of applications.
  • With 4 inches front-to-back, the drills make convenient drilling hard to reach.
  • Having a multi-grip trigger, the drill provides comfort and allows users to make fine right-angled drilling.
  • A 3.9-pound body helps reduce arm fatigue and shoulder discomfort. 
  • The drill has a shock absorption feature, making precise drilling every time. 

The DeWalt Dcd740C1, with high efficiency in tight places, makes it a fine choice for installing a new sofa, recliners, and so on. Having the right angle drill gives you a head start on a hard day of work. Due to the powerful motor with variable speed settings, this heavy duty right angle drill is one of the best choices for electricians worldwide. Having comfort in drilling and driving projects, the multi-grip triggers are remarkable. With the Dcd740C1, you can attach 2 Hex bits of 50 Mm for tight spaced drilling.

Furthermore, the drill has a front-to-back length of 4 inches, adding up to the hard-to-reach benefits. You can drill holes on wood, hard metal, and even ceramic plastic, changing the drill bits. The best part is, there is a 20V battery attached, which makes the drill portable and powerful at the same time. Overhead tasks and repetitive works are sure to see new lights with the drill. 

Due to low speed and high torque settings, electricians will just love driving screws into their working surfaces. But there is a catch. The drill doesn’t feature a no-battery power indicator during the use of battery mode. Other than this, the drill makes mind-boggling results when drilling holes, driving screws, and for 2×4’s. 

  • Multi-functional low and high speed control.
  • Powerful and efficient motor build.
  • Hard-to-reach drilling possible.
  • Low arm and shoulder fatigue.

  • No battery indicator.
  • A little side-heavy

Runner Up

Right Angle Drill for Electricians

Makita DA3010F: Right Angle Drill for Electricians

  • The Makita DA3010F has a powerful 4-amp motor for all sorts of drilling and driving screw projects. 
  • With a 0-2400 RPM variable speed meter, the drill provides fine control in drilling on wood, metal, etc.
  • Illuminating LED, which lights up when the work area is dark or has low light.
  • Having a paddle switch, the drill can limit the speed and prevent over-tightening. 
  • It has a one-handed operation switch for hard-to-reach places. 
  • The drill comes with a lightweight and compact design, adding up to the easy to conveyable option. 

Makita DA3010F drills churn out amazing power and fine drill quality on all work surfaces. With a variable of 0-2400 RPM, the drill gives you full control over wood, metal, or other materials. If you are looking for a corded drill for your electrical projects, the DA3010F, with its top-grade durability, is eminent. Additionally, your farming studs’ works will get a head start when you have a DA3010F lying around. 

A compact body design gives the drill its signature performance in all close-quarter applications. With the presence of a paddle switch, you can limit the dial speed according to your drilling conditions. You don’t have to buy an extra light, as the drill has an in-built LED for a low-light workplace. In an uneven working surface, the drill offers perfect control and a smooth drilling experience. 

Electrical screws need both forward and reverse drilling control for flawless driving. Not having a hand chuck makes it fit in tight switchboards where electrical screws need fixing. The only downfall is the price of the drill, which exceeds the regular 150-dollar range. Overall, you can work the drill for hours and not get any performance drop at all.

  • Dual or Single-handed drilling.
  • High performance after overheating.
  • Variable speed with low torque.
  • Durable and portable body.
  • Easy to carry in both hands.

  • No lower-half variable speed.
  • Kinda over-priced

Best Overall

Best Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee: Cordless Right Angle Drill for Electricians

  • Milwaukee 2615-20 has an 18V motor, making your drilling and driving projects easier. 
  • With two battery attachment features, the motor will have for hours straight with a second charge. 
  • LED lights ensure maximum efficiency in all dark and low light workspace. 
  • A full control trigger with integrated torque adjustment. 
  • The drill has eleven pre-installed settings for all your electrical or regular drilling projects. 

The Milwaukee 2615-20, with a pair of powerful batteries, is the industry leader in Chinese cordless drills. An 18V motor powers the drill and has a run time of more than 3 hours. You can buff an entire car with the drill without any drop in performance. While installing electrical components, the drill does wonders with its fine torque and low-speed variation. 

Integrated LED lighting helps perform equally well in places where light is too less. Turns out, the two heavy batteries don’t impact the drills’ weight, so you can carry it on the go. The drill has a solid build to it and is composed mainly of steel and a plastic grip. With this heavy-duty drill, there is no stopping what you can do on your work projects. 

A 5 years warranty backs up the beast and makes sure it lasts for years with grace. However, you have to buy the battery separately, which increases the price a little. Coming with a 3-3/4 total head length, the drill is one of the best right-angle drill drivers in the market. For a pro electrician, the multi-purpose drill with a keyless chuck provides more than enough versatility.

  • Long head and strong grip.
  • Both durable and powerful.
  • Changeable speed with high torque.
  • Decently priced in all region

  • No battery included.
  • All batteries don’t fit


Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

Makita AD04R1: Best Drill for Electricians

  • Makita comes in an ultra-compact size and a low-powered motor for all driving and fastening projects.
  • Having a keyless Chuck, the drill fits any tight space up to 3-5/15 inches. 
  • An ergonomic design and the compact size combine, making single-handed use fast and accurate. 
  • It weighs just 2.7 pounds, which reduces operator fatigue. 
  • With inbuilt LED settings, the drill can work in all low-light areas. 

Having an easy to operate paddle and variable speed control, Makita DA04R1 offers both high performance and durability. The drill has LED lighting with an afterglow illumination for low light corners. If you are tired of using an ordinary screwdriver for those pesky screws, the Makita DA04R1 is here to the rescue. 

The drill offers you variable speed control and a keyless chuck, which fits perfectly in tight spaces around your house. For drilling on wood or metal, you can use a maximum speed of 100 RPM and a torque of 245 in. lbs. Weighing just above 2.7 pounds, the drills fall in the low arm fatigue category.

A 12V battery powers the drill in cordless mode and performs smoothly in all overloading situations. The battery is overheating proof, and you don’t have to worry about the over-discharging problem any time soon. Overall, you will have a smooth and easy 3/8-inch right angle driver at an affordable price. 

  • Easy for the pocket.
  • Efficient and fine weight distribution.
  • Good quality and long-lasting battery.
  • Long-lasting in all conditions.

  • Low motor power.
  • Variable speed fluctuates

Best Budget

Ryobi P241: Best Budget Right Angle Drill for Electricians

  • Ryobi P241, with its long neck, offers great performance in all hard to reach spaces. 
  • You can use the drill under sinks and rafters of crawl spaces at a right angle to the surface. 
  • It has a firm grip with maximum efficiency in all dry and damp workspace. 
  • Adjustable on all sorts of drill bits meant for screws and bolts. 
  • An integrated LED lighting helps you see in conditions where you can’t see clearly. 

The Ryobi P241 drill is a standard mid-budget high-efficiency drill machine for electrical purposes. Having a long drill neck, you can reach any place under the sink, rooftop, or sofa. If you want a drill that can make fine holes on cardboard, screw gun, or other fasteners, the Ryobi P241 will serve you well.

A chuck-less design adds up to the versatility option while making the electrical project bloom in tight places. The drill has an onboard magnetic tray, which helps to hold the bits and fasteners during double hand use. In the dark, you will have no trouble seeing the screw bits due to the drills’ LED lighting. 

The best part is, you can adjust most of the “P” series batteries in the drill. Due to the rubberized over grip, you will have no trouble driving and boring holes onto your surface. Overall, if you look for a mid-budget deal then it turns out to be the best electrician drill.

  • High performance while overbearing.
  • Compact size for easy carrying.
  • Corded and uncorded mode.
  • Fine grip for single handed use

  • Battery not long-lasting.
  • Low powered LED

Customer Choice

Best Drill for Electricians

Bosch PS31: Best Drill for Electricians

  • With a powerful motor and low weight feature, the right angle drill for electricians outperforms even high-end drilling tools.
  • Having LED lighting, the drill helps you perform in all low light or dark areas with ease.
  • It has a user-friendly design and soft grip, which increases both security and performance.
  • Due to the low weight and speed variation settings, the machine does wonders for right-angled drilling.
  • The drill has a smaller size with powerful internal parts, giving you maximum torque and experience. 

The Bosch PS31-2A comes with a top-grade powerful motor, making it a leading tool kit in today’s market. If you are a professional worker, the tools’ premium performance-to-size ratio will serve you vivid outcomes every time. Surprisingly, the tool is just over two pounds, and you can carry it to any drilling site with ease. Having a top speed of 1300 RPM, the drill machine is just what you need for rigid surface right angle drilling

When you rely on heavy drilling tools, the price and carrying cost increases dramatically. The Bosch PS31-2A is efficient and lightweight at the same time, which improves drilling in all hard-to-reach places. Plumbers, electricians, contractors, etc., can beat over the head drilling or diving for the drills’ performance to weight ratio. Due to the LED light placement of the tool, your performance will remain constant in all dark and low-light areas. 

With a 20+1 clutch setting, the drill has amazing torque adjustment for accurate screw drilling. It turns out the drill uses a 12V battery, providing you with increased runtime. A drawback of the drill is the gear switches between level 2 and 1, and cause the clutch to not engage for the first spin. However, a DIY person or a pro will have no trouble hanging pictures, installing shelves in the kitchen, or mounting a flat-screen TV on walls. 

  • Small and compact body structure.
  • Powerful motor with regular efficiency.
  • Usable in low and dark places.
  • Fine torque and speed combo.
  • Durable in both dry and wet workplace.

  • Uneven first round.
  • Not for soft-handed.

Features to pick the Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

Fixing electrical parts like switchboards, fuses, or just regular remotes can be a problem without the right instrument. Drill machines offer tons of versatility when it comes to driving screws and fasteners into various material surfaces. If you are an electrician, you will use some features of a drill, eliminating the other in the process. Turns out, getting a drilling machine is out of the box comfortable when you have these features below.

Right Angle Drill Size

Getting the best drill for your electrical projects is easy as a snowball. Electricians need compact drill machines to attach bulbs, fix fuses, and so on. Pick the best drill for electricians ranging from 17 to 18 inches. But don’t confuse the bit size with a total drill size, as both differ entirely. Small drills are easy to carry in any projects you might have. 

Drilling Power

Electric drill machines come in many voltage ratings, and each of them offers its uses. However, electricians need a low RPM drill for driving screws. And you don’t need a high-powered drill to drive screws into the circuit board. These drills are also power efficient and will give you long-time support in a single go.

Motor type

A drill machine motor can be a brushless motor or a brushed one. If you have no issue spending money on your product, get a brushless motor. Brushed motors have more vibration issues, creates friction, and lasts way less than brushless ones. 

Getting a brushless motor drill will make more accurate results, less heat and noise. However, a brushed motor is cheaper and more affordable to mass buyers. 

Drill Handle model

In today’s market, drills with a T-handle model provide maximum versatility and prevent hand slippage. Having a T-shaped body, the drill gets extra accommodation for batteries and electrical parts. 

Then again, a gun-shaped model is good too, but not as great as a T-handle. 

Chuck design

The chuck in a hand drill determines how the drill holds the rotating bit. But the key part is safety. Some low-quality drills don’t care about the chuck and focus on the motor instead. Having a keyless chuck will help you make the removing and adjusting of the drilling bits easy. 

Right Angle Gripping

The gripping part depends solely on how you feel when holding the drill machine. Many premium-grade drills have a rubber grip for maximum user comfort. If you don’t want a shoulder, wrist, or elbow issue, try getting a high-grip instead of a regular one. 

Variable speed of Right Angle Drill

Speed variation is made drill, driving, and all fastening works easy and fantastic. Decreasing the speed during driving screws makes the screws fit holes accurately. If your driving screw projects need more torque and low speeds, try a variable speed control drill. Additionally, you can use the drill for other projects by merely increasing the speed to the maximum. 

Battery life for cordless design

When you are looking for an easy-to-carry drill, look for a cordless drill with a long-lasting battery. The life of your drill will make long time use possible in a single on-the-go charge. But don’t just rush after seeing the drill battery only. If the drill doesn’t have suitable quality materials, your results will be uneven after a few minutes. 

FAQ on Best Right Angle Drill for Electricians

Why should I use a right angle drill for?

A regular drill is often stuck into the tight space, where a right angle drill comes and wins the game. The angel comes with a small head with a shorter extension, turns out it can drill from the inside. Here is why you should use a right angle drill. 

What is the best all-around drill?

Bosch PS31-2A is the best overall, we came to know after sinking so many holes. The valid reason to be the best deal is to have excellent torque adjustment of it so it can ensure the accurate drilling. 

What voltage drill should I get?

It depends on whether you will opt for the light-duty work or the heavy-duty work. The light duty one comes with the 8-10 Voltes on the other hand, the heavy one Volts starts from 12 to 18 Volts. 

How do you drill a 90-degree angle?

The easiest hack to drill into the 90-degree angle is to drill perfectly through a piece of wood that would be 1 x 2 scrap pieces. Using such a board will allow the drill to go straight precisely. 

Take the Best Drill for Electricians

Based on chuck design, variable speed, portability, and so on, we put together the top 7 Best right angle drill for electricians. So, you can pick any of them from the list based on your personal preferences.

Keep in mind; buying a right-angle drill is an investment. Don’t waste your money or throw it in the dustbin by picking the wrong one.

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