7 Best right angle Drill for Plumbing

Plumbers face exhausted while working in tiny space and standard drills cannot reach to top. A right angle drill is the best solution here. Right-angle drills are specially designed to deal with the situation. But getting the best right angle drill for plumbing will need to check some specifications and performances.

Basically a right-angle drill is comfortable to use for its 90 degrees angle head. It mostly uses in confined spaces where standard drill cannot shoot the screws correctly. Moreover, the you can use the drill for average DIY projects, but it is ideal for plumber, handyman, and construction workers who had to drill on limited spaces more often.

Handyman’s Pick: Top 7 Best right angle drill for plumbing

Even some of the manufacturers attached build-in LED that helps complete the job more accurately without feeling tiredness. A number of drill brand added multiple positioned pivoting head with ergonomic grip so the right angle drill won’t slip while drilling.

The right-angle drills we have listed are covers some features and specification and fit in the budget. so the plumber can choose the most preferable and suitable drill for plumbing. To ensure inform decision we have added a buying guide as well as some relevant information.

We have picked the seven best right-angle drills that are perfect for plumbing on any tight spaces precisely and comfortably.

Top Pick Right Angle Drill

Best Right Angle Drill for Plumbing

Bosch PS11: Best Right Angle Drill for Plumbing

  • The right angle drill includes two LED to illuminate dark work spaces.
  • With a powerful motor, higher RPM, and maximum torque, this drill will be suitable for any type of plumber.
  • Design with a 5-position pivoting head so the plumber can set the drill head according to the demand of the situation.
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Another right angle drill in our list from Bosch brand and this one covers some extra feature4s. Apart from 12V motor and 1,300 RPM, it includes 115 in-lbs. maximum torque. It means the plumber will have more accurate and powerful drilling whatever he is processional or beginner. The key features include a 5-position pivoting head. Therefore the plumber can set the drill head from 90-degrees to a 180-degrees angle based on drilling requirements to have perfect drilling or driving.

Design with a 3/8-inch auto-lock chuck, this plumbing drill will be an appropriate option for a range of applications including drilling a pilot hole, driving 3-inch screws, or even using a ¾ inch spade bit. Besides its Variable-speed trigger will ensure precise drilling while the soft-grip handle will offer better control.  

The drawback of this right angle drill is some users report against its battery as they find smoke in the drill.

  • Available at an affordable price, this drill includes two LED light, powerful motor with maximum torque, 5-position pivoting head, 3/8-Inch auto lock chuck and variable-speed trigger.

  • The motor is this drill is the poor quality which needs improvement

Premium Pick

Best Drill for Plumbing

DEWALT: Right Angle Drill for Plumbing

  • With the dual-speed setting and 2000 RPM, this right angle drill will ensure increased user flexibility.
  • Includes comfortable and soft grip to reduce effort and offer a longer drilling season.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy design will ensure years of precise drilling service.
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With 20v maximum voltage and dual speed ranges up to 2000 RPM this DEWALT Right Angle Cordless Drill will be a decent option for drilling on tough surfaces conveniently. A key feature includes Compact 4 inches front-to-back length which will allow the plumber to work on hard-to-reach spaces.

Moreover, its multiple grip trigger will let the operator drill into tighter spaces more comfortably.  With lightweight and portability, this plumbing right-angle drill will be an optimal option for overhead tasks as well as repetitive work. Reducing effort and minimizing user fatigue, this plumbing drill will allow for longer operation.

Since the cordless drill isn’t designed with LED light and cost twice then previous, the user will face visibility problem in dark spaces even after spending more.

  • This plumbing drill includes a multiple grip trigger, dual speed setting, and three-year warranty. Besides, it is lightweight, compact, and portable.

  • It doesn’t have LED light, so it won’t be appropriate for tight spaces and it is a bit pricey than the previous one.

Runner Up

Best Corded Drill for Plumbing

Makita DA3010F: Best Corded Drill for Plumbing

  • Built-in shockproof white L.E.D. the light that will increases visibility.
  • With a powerful motor and variable speed setting the drill will be a decent option for a tough plumbing job.
  • This corded drill is designed with a Paddle switch to prevent over-tightening. 
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The next recommendation is Makita Right Angle Drill which comes with corded technology. So if you are looking for a right angle drill for a busy project where don’t have enough time to recharge the battery can consider this one. Despite it includes durable white LED light that will illuminate the drilling area.

With comp[act and lightweight construction and 2-5/8 inches head, this plumbing drill will be an ideal option for cramped working spaces. design with a powerful 4.0 AMP motor and variable speed setting up to 2,400 RPM, the right angle drill will allow the plumber to drill on tough surface comfortably and ensure speed fastening. To make sure better service life and ease of operation, the plumbing drill comes with ball-bearing construction.

The error side of the drill is it doesn’t have enough torque power. Thus it may hard for some plumber to control the speed accurately.

  • With a lightweight and corded design, this plumbing drill includes a powerful motor and higher RPM, LED light, paddle switch and key holder.

  • It’s a bit expensive drill kit that won’t be suitable for a beginner plumber as it doesn’t have sufficient torque power.

Best Overall

Best Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee: Cordless Right Angle Drill

  • This drill is designed with eleven settings and drill mode to offer overall control to the plumber in the fastening applications.
  • Design with an extended multiple position handle that will bring extra versatility and convenience.
  • With Built-in LED and single sleeve keyless chuck, it will make the tight space job easier.
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With a great combination of electronic clutch and 3-3/4-Inch total head length, this Milwaukee Cordless Right Angle Drill is the most compact drill in the industry. With a great head length and Built-in LED, this right angle drill will let the plumber tough spaces job done more conveniently. Most importantly its eleven settings and drill mode will provide the overall control needed for the fastening applications.

To offer versatile drilling or driving the manufacturer design this plumbing drill with an extended multiple position handle. Even if you require powerful drilling with high accuracy still this cordless right angle drill will be an acceptable option, thanks to its 18V voltage motor and 150 lbs higher torque.

The error side of this drill is buying these tools you won’t have any battery. It means you will have to buy the battery separately which will increase the cost.

  • With a lightweight design, this right angle drill include electronic clutch, sleeve key-less chuck, higher torque, eleven settings and drill mode, extended multiple position handle and LED light.

  • However the drill is available at an affordable price, but the cost will increase since the battery and charger is not included


Best Drill for Plumbing

Makita AD04R1: Best Drill for Plumbing

  • Designed with ergonomic barrel grip to ensure extra comfort.
  • With a lightweight construction and ergonomic design, this plumbing drill will reduce operator fatigue.
  • With maximum torque and a powerful motor, the operator will have comfort and precise drilling season.
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Seeking a complete set of right angle drill with maximum torque? Go for this Makita Right Angle Drill Kit. With its 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion slide-style battery the operator will not only have a longer run time but also superior balance.  With a variable speed up to 1100 RPM and 245 in. lbs. of Max Torque, the plumber will experience nothing but efficient drilling, driving, and fastening in tight spaces.

Besides its easy-to-operate paddle, and Ergonomic barrel grip will allow the plumber to drill or driving consistently even without feeling any shoulder pain. More convenience features include a built-in L.E.D and key-less chuck to illuminate the work surface and ensure fast and easy bit installation.

Comparing with other competitors this drill doesn’t have a different setting and drill mode. 

  • Comes with plenty of accessories this right angle drill includes an easy-to-operate paddle, keyless chuck, L.E.D light, maximum torque, ergonomic barrel grip and 3 year warranty.

  • It doesn’t have a different setting and drill mode

Best Budget

Right Angle Drill for Plumbing

Ryobi P241: Right Angle Drill for Plumbing

  • With a long neck design, this right angle drill will easily reach into awkward place which makes it suitable for HVAC installation or plumbing.
  • This drill is designed with on board magnetic bit tray to keep the bits and fasteners safe.
  • Equipped with a powerful LED to allow working with improved accuracy.
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This Ryobi Right Angle Drill is designed with a long neck that will offer greater control and easily reach into tough space where typical drill cant.  An attractive feature includes an onboard magnetic bit tray that will keep the bits and fasteners and make your both arm free to complete the operation more comfortably. If you need to work in a damp workplace and need something with extra grip, still you can consider this right angle drill.

It is designed with an over grip rubber handle that will provide maximum grip strength and freedom of movement without worrying about the slip. With 130 lbs torque and 1,100 revolutions per minute the manufacturer promises a convenient and precise drilling and driving job.

However this plumbing right angle drill is available at a relatively low cost, but it doesn’t come with a battery.

  • This right angle drill covers 1,100 revolutions per minute, powerful LED, over grip rubber handle, on board magnetic bit tray, longer neck, and available at considerably low cost.

  • Don’t come with a battery, so it will need to buy separately

Best Alternative

Bosch: Best Cordless Drill for Plumbing

  • Design with 3/8 inch single sleeve 3 jaw chucks that firmly hold the drill bit.
  • With higher RPM and 20+1 torque settings, this right angle drill will provide enough power for the plumbing job.
  • Comes with 12V Charger, Screwdriver Bits, and Soft Carrying Bag.
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This Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit comes with almost all the specification that the plumber looks into a right angle drill. This power drill is incredibly lightweight at just over two pounds. So the plumber can easily handle any type of job whether it is in tight spaces or in over the head. Design with higher torque, this right-angle drill includes a two-speed setting that will allow the plumber to drill into any tough material including wood, drywall, or even metal.

With 1,300 RPM and 20+1 clutch settings, this plumbing drill will allow the operator to make precise torque so they can have accurate drilling. The manufacturer includes two 12V Lithium-Ion batteries and LED lights so the plumber can drill for a long time even in dark areas without facing any lighting problem.

Likewise, each product is available out this cordless drill is also got some downside. Many users find it difficult when they try to remove or replace the battery. Besides, the drill doesn’t come with a brush-less motor.

  • This cordless right angle drill is available at an affordable price while comes with a compact and lightweight design, powerful battery, and 3 years warranty. Beside it is design with two speed settings, higher torque and LED light.

  • Apart from the battery removing problem this drill kit from Bosch has got an average quality motor.

Key features to pick the Best Right Angle Drill for Plumbing

Following some attributes should check a plumber in the right angler drill before make a final decision.

Tool-Free Disc Changes

It may seem a basic feature but only the professional plumbers know how difficult is to change the disc without the advantage. That’s why it is recommended for a plumber to choose right-angle drills with tool-free disc changes feature to have an easier plumbing season.

Vibration Reducing Handles

You may have to suffer from cramps because of the continuous vibrations coming from their right-angle drills. To prevent this common issue one should check vibration-reducing handles while choosing right-angle drills. It will allow the plumber to drill for a long on a hard surface without feeling pain on the hand and arms.

Lightweight Materials

A plumber had to drill in different places and different angles. Even it needs to drill on the overhead point. A heavy-weight right angle drill will make the operation difficult and it can cause shoulder pain. In that sense, a lightweight right-angle drill will be a decent idea that will let the plumber handle any kind of job easily.

Built-In Led Lights

Working in a tight and dark area may cause many issues due to a lack of visibility.  Thus a right angle drill should have built-in led lights so the plumber can observe where he is working on.

Easy-To-Operate Chunks

An easy-to-operate right angle drill is the most desired appliance for a plumber that makes the job easier and more comfortable. That’s why one should give the maximum effort to finding such a right angle drill that includes Easy-To-Operate Chunks

Long-Lasting Battery

Since most of the plumber is look for cordless right angle drills, having a long-lasting battery is a crucial consideration for them. It will not only increase the durability but also offer consistent longer run time.

Powerful Motors

A plumber used to work more often in tight places on tough surfaces. So the right angle drill they will pick should be powerful enough to allow them to deal with such a challenging situation. Therefore, brush-less motors with over 1000 RPM will be an acceptable feature to have on the right angle drill.

A brush-less motor makes the drill not only more powerful but also durable. Brushless Motor is a must-have feature in terms of making the right angle drill appropriate for any DIY project or home use.

Strong Voltage

A strong voltage also plays a vital role to produce enough power. Make sure that the right angle drill you are getting has at least 12v voltage.

Torque and Speed

These two features are related since most plumbing jobs need more torque but less speed. Luckily most of the right angle drill design with adjustable speeds setting. So the operator can adjust the RPM or torque based on the requirements.

Chuck Size

The next thing is to consider is chuck size which lets the drill bit connected with the drill. The chuck size determines the drill bit size which you can attach in your right angle drill. It’s a vital consideration since different project needs different size drill bit. Apart from these, you will need more torque for a larger frill bit.

Handymen tested to find out the Best Right Angle Drill for Plumbing

Going through the following test, our expert’s team prepare the recommendation list of the best right angle drills for plumbing:

Ease of use Test: While researching, we kept the following consideration in our mind in term of offer the visitor the most comfortable right angle drill:

  • Convenient
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use
  • Light

After reviewing a dozen of the product we made a list given a score out of 10. Those products got more than 8 were picked for next step.

Power Test: To suggest some most heavy-duty right angle drill to the visitor we considered the toughest drilling jobs. The products that offered consistent drilling power were listed for the next level.

Durability Test: During the durability test, we carried each of the drills to their limits to find out how well and consistently they can perform. The right-angle drills offered promises performances are listed as the best right angle drills for plumbing.

Benefits of using a Right Angle Drill for Plumbing

Offer comfort drilling season: After hours of plumbing, the majority of plumber feel hands and arms champ. Plumbers go through the experience due to using bulky and heavy right angle drill. Fortunately, using the best right angle drills for plumbing, the plumber can effectively avoid that awful situation since it covers plenty of ergonomic features.

 Allow to work in a tough situation: A common hustle for plumbers is working without observing the spot. Since they need to drill at a tight and dark pace plumbers experience the situation more often. Having the best right angle drill means working in a dark and tight place more comfortably as it includes led lights.

Provide firm control on Torque: Right angle drill offers a higher amount of torque directly to the step drill bit. While angle attachment can’t handle much torque and get damage, the right angle drill makes the tough job easier.  Besides, plumbers need higher torque for the bigger hole. If they don’t use the right tools for a certain job they may get injured.

Allow the Plumber work for long: Brush-less technology hugely reduces battery consumption and offers longer working hours. The best drill for plumbing comes with a brush-less motor resulting in consistent run time.

Ease of use: The best plumbing drill allows buffing the car and drilling into broken bolts even in tight places. Despite, drill big holes on studs and joists, a right-handed drill well acceptable device.

How does a Right Angle Drill Work?

Right angle drill is one of the best accessories to any toolbox of any handyman. Its angled head allows the operator to drill a hole or do fastening work in any tough space. Come with a compact design the tools are lightweight enough that can be operated using one hand. Besides, it offers enough room so the plumber can maneuver comfortably.

Some of the right angle drill design with cordless technology which makes the device more appropriate to apply on tight space since it is free from extension cords.

Some include a built-in LED light that offers better visibility. Right angle drill can be rotated between a forward and reverse motion using a switch. Even the appliance allows working at a range of variable speeds which makes the DIY work easier and precise.


What does a right-angle drill do?

The primary intention was to design a right angle drill to work on tight space where the typical drill can’t use. The angled design of the drill allows for a little head and smaller extension of the handle to drill the corner from the inside. This device is also effective where traditional drills can’t is applied.

What drills do plumbers use?

A cordless power drill is mush needed item for a plumber for their project. Sometimes they need hammer drills to make a hole into masonry and concrete so they can install brackets to hold up waste pipes.

How do you keep your drill level?

Set the drill bit in the middle of the hole point and line the drill up using its reflection in the CD for a 90° angle. Now make a jig attaching some 1×2 or 1×4 scrap pieces. It will make a right angle too. Set it on its side using bit pressed flush and fix it against the inside end.

Hope you got the Best Drill for Plumbing

The best right angle drill for plumbing is the one that allows a plumber to drill or driving into tough spaces more accurately and comfortably. The products we reviewed above are functional, versatile, and lightweight.

So you can choose anyone for your challenging plumbing job whether it is homer DIY work or a commercial project. Moreover, we have mentioned a good research buying guide to help you make a confident purchase based on your specific requirements.

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