5 Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires

The mesh of steel belting in the tire makes it challenging to cut through, but the Sawzall blade can separate it into slices. To handle this kind of delicate task efficiently, you must need the best Sawzall blade for cutting tires.  It means the Sawzall blade should be tough yet sharp enough to cut any tire, whether it is old, thinly rubberized, or thick belted tires.

DIYers Pick: 5 Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires

Image Product Name Specification   Price
backpac WORKPRO 32-piece Saw Blades Color: Silver
Material: Cr-V steel, Bi-material
Compatible Material:
Tire, wood, metal,
plastic, drywall
The number of pieces
includes: 32
Accessories include:
Saw blade organiser
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backpac Freud DB CARBIDE Color: Red
Material: carbide
Compatible material:
Tires, hardened steel, metal, plastic
The number of the piece includes: 1
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cordlessblower Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo 9″ Color: Red
Material: Multi
Compatible Material:
Tires, metal, plastic,
wood, and drywall
The number of the piece
includes: 6
Accessories include: ToughCase Container
Warranty: 1 year
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cordlessblower DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Color: Yellow
Material: Multi
Compatible Material:
Tires, metal, plastic,
wood, and drywall
The number of the piece includes: 6
Accessories include: ToughCase Container
Warranty: 1 year
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cordlessblower Caliastro Saw Blades Color: Ash
Material: Alloy Steel
Compatible Material:
Wood and tires
Number of Pieces includes: 5
Accessories include:
Clear plastic storage case
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Despite this, investing in a high-quality Sawzall blade can provide you with versatility in a variety of cutting tasks on surfaces such as plastic, metal, and wood. So, before investing in such multifunctional and versatile accessories, it is absolutely necessary to conduct some research.

To help you out, we have reviewed some of the best Sawzall blades that are highly appropriate for cutting tires quickly without any bending or clogging. You will also have some buying tips and instructions on how to use the Sawzall blade for cutting tires as desired.

Top Sawzall Blade

WORKPRO: Best Reciprocating Saw Blade for Cutting Tires

  • The TPI design of these tire cutting Sawzall blades varies from 3 to 24 TPI for faster and smoother cutting overtires and other surfaces.
  • Power Blast technology adds a layer of compressive pressure to the surface of these Sawzall blades to prevent cracking or binding during cutting thicker tires.
  • This versatile Sawzall blades made in a variety of sizes to deal with different thicknesses of tires efficiently.
  • These tire-cutting Sawzall blades come in an organizer pouch to remain well organized and prevent loss in busy worksites.
  • Brand: WORKPRO
  • Material: Cr-V steel, Bi-material
  • Compatible Material: tire, wood, metal, plastic, drywall
  • The number of pieces includes: 32
  • Accessories include: saw blade organiser
  • Customer ratings on Amazon: 4.5 out of 5

WORKPRO Reciprocating Saw Blade Set, remember this name as its essentiality won’t fade quickly. This set has 32 pieces of reciprocating saw blades made of bi-material to give you increased versatility. So, after finishing your tire cutting task, this set of Sawzall blades will continuously serve you for metal, drywall, and woodcutting projects.

Finished with Cr-V steel construction, these blades are tougher yet rigid enough to complete your tire cutting project before the break. Apart from the combination of quality and quantity, the compatibility of these Sawzall blades will also impress you, as they are compatible with the majority of reciprocating saw brands.

  • The WORKPRO Reciprocating Saw Blade Set is versatile, strong, and multi-functional. With a range of sizes and TPI variations, these Sawzall blades are superb for professional performance. This Sawzall blade is also cost-efficient and perfect for tore cutting.

  • These Sawzall blades won’t be perfect for serious projects, and the large size may shatter sometimes.

Runner Up

Freud DB CARBIDE: Best Sawzall Blade

  • The Sawzall remains sharper for longer and cuts quickly, preventing bending, as it is made of high-performance carbide.
  • These four-inch sharper blades can cut tires with less vibration making it the best saw blade for cutting tires.
  • Engineered with an enhanced carbide tip, these Sawzall blades are tough enough to handle tires and hardened steel 
  • The Sawzall blade can ensure a straighter cut every time as it is constructed with a 1-inch oversized body.
  • Brand: Freud
  • Material: carbide
  • Compatible material: tires, hardened steel, metal, plastic
  • The number of the piece includes: 1
  • Customer rating on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5

These Freud DB carbide Sawzall blades have some unique yet amazing features, making them the second position on our list. If you need short-length mounting and a spark-free, faster cutting experience, use these Sawzall blades. Combining with high-performance carbide and solid connection with carbide tip makes these Sawzall blades suitable for cutting ties and other tough material efficiently.

Thus, experts DIYers consider these the best Sawzall blades for cutting hardened steel. The Sawzall blades also retain their sharpness for longer and produce less vibration, boosting the quality of the tire cutting task.

  • These Sawzall blades are sharper, more durable, and perfect for faster cutting over the tire. The Sawzall blades can also endure maximum impact and erosion. Its oversized design also ensures less vibration and highly accurate performance.

  • Can be too short for some projects, and the package only comes with one blade.

Best Overall

Freud: Reciprocating Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires

  • This tire cutting Sawzall blade is finished with a Perma-shield Non-Stick coating for less friction and gumming.
  • It is constructed with a unique plunger tip for easier and faster plunging.
  • Made of carbide teeth, these Sawzall blades have a longer life in a variety of applications.
  • Brand: Freud
  • Material: blend
  • Compatible Material: tire, wood, metal
  • The number of the piece includes: 3
  • Customer rating on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5

We called this Freud Reciprocating Blade Beast for its precision, especially being 9-inches long. After consistent use of overtires, metal, and wood, you won’t find any bending or chipped carbide teeth. With the special care of a patented variable tooth design, these Sawzall blades can cut quickly with the least vibration. Durability is also high-end. After a week of use, these Sawzall blades can cut like new.

However, the paint may wear off. But these Sawzall blades aren’t perfect for cutting too deep and causing bends. The compatibility of Sawzall is also top-notch as it fits plenty of reciprocating saws, including DeWalt, Bosch, HF, and Lenox.

  • These Freud Reciprocating Blades are perfect for cutting tires and other harder materials without getting bent. These durable blades can cut quickly and smoothly with less friction and gumming.

  • These Sawzall blades can get dull easily, and the value isn’t quite enough for the price.

Premium Pick

DEWALT: Best Sawzall Blade for Tires

  • With patented tooth forms, these Sawzall blades ensure optimized chip removal for convenient cutting through the tire.
  • These Sawzall blades have a tall and thicker profile to offer a straight cut with the least vibration, even on heavy metal, making them best sawzall blade for tires.
  • These DeWalt Sawzall blades are made of bi-metal construction that makes them tough yet flexible.
  • Its long-lasting cutting edge allows for faster cutting through the tire, sheet metal, or wood while maintaining sharpness.
  • Brand: DEWALT
  • Material: Multi
  • Compatible Material: tires, metal, plastic, wood, and drywall
  • The number of the piece includes: 6
  • Accessories include: ToughCase Container
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Customer ratings on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5

If you are looking for some best saw blades at a good price, even from the most trusted brand, you can’t get better than these DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades. DeWALT DIY tools and accessories are unrivalled in terms of toughness and longevity. This set of Sawzall blades is also made from bi-metal construction that offers them a tall and thicker profile for a straight cut in any heavy metal.

For the tire cutting project, these Sawzall blades will make the job efficient, easier, and faster. With a combination of low to high tooth count, these Dewalt Sawzall blades are versatile enough to cut through 2×4’s, stuff like drywall, thicker sheet metal, and tires.

  • These DeWalt Sawzall blades are perfect for straight and efficiently cutting through a variety of surfaces as made of durable design. the set includes 6 pieces of Sawzall blades that vary in TPI design and are compatible with any reciprocating saw brand.

  • The yellow paint may come off quickly as expected. Although cutting something flexible with these Sawzall blades is a nightmare.

Best Budget

Caliastro 9-Inch: Sawzall Blades for Cutting Tires 

  • These Sawzall blades are 9-inch long and have 5 teeth per inch, making them perfect for cutting old tires conveniently.
  • These wood-pruning saw blades are highly durable yet flexible, and can therefore cut deeply with the least aggressive vibration.
  • It comes in a durable and workable plastic case that keeps the Sawzall blades organized for convenient carrying and storage.
  • The blades don’t clog while cutting tires deeply, resulting in becoming suitable for novice DIYers.
  • Brand: Caliastro
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Compatible Material: wood and tires
  • Number of Pieces includes: 5
  • Accessories include: clear plastic storage case
  • Customers rating on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5

This set of Caliastro 9-Inch Sawzall blades is the best Sawzall blades for cutting tires deeply and quickly. Constructed with carbon steel, these Sawzall blades are incredibly flexible and capable of bending without breaking down. It means these blades won’t produce much aggressive vibration and clog while you are cutting tires or wood deeply. Thus, some woodworkers consider it the best wood-pruning saw blade.

Sawzall blades also have 5 teeth per inch for faster and smoother cutting of a wide range of materials, including wood and tires. These five pieces of Sawzall blade set also come at an unbeatable price, making them the best-selling Sawzall blades in the market.

  • These Caliastro 9-Inch Sawzall blades are available at an unbeatable price and are perfect for deeper cutting projects. The blades are durable yet flexible, so they don’t bend or get clogged while cutting or pruning. These Sawzall blades also fit into possibly all major reciprocating saw brands for versatile use.

  • The teeth of these Sawzall blades are extremely sharp and may get dull quickly.

Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires: Buying Guides

Construction Material: Check the construction material of the Sawzall blade to be sure of its capability of cutting tires. Tires come in various types, including steel-belted tractor tires, all-season tires, and SUVs. To cut your specific type of tire, you can use a Sawzall blade made of heavy carbon steel, stainless steel, or bi-metal. Don’t overlook the sharpness of the blade.

Blade Length and Size: Blade dimension also varies where a short blade is essential for an aggressive cut. But for cutting tires, you need longer Sawzall blades, especially for deeper cuts.

Compatibility: Checking compatibility is an important factor to look out for. So, while choosing a strong yet rigid Sawzall blade, make sure it is vastly compatible. It will keep your Sawzall blade investment from becoming a waste of money.

TPI (Tooth per Inch): Your Sawzall blade should have more teeth per inch so you can get a cleaner cut on tires. Despite this, teeth with a more extended sharp edge will ensure a deep cut.

Durability: A stiff blade can break easily, while a rigid blade lasts a long time and can withstand high pressure. For increased durability, the Sawzall blade should be taller, thicker, yet flexible.

Versatility: Choose a versatile Sawzall blade that you can utilize in a range of applications. A multi-functional Sawzall blade will still serve you after finishing the tire cutting project. It will also limit the usage of different types of tools.

The Best way to Cut Steel-belted Tires

Cutting a steel-belted car tire is quite difficult as its steel belts cause all the trouble. Though commercial-grade cutting tools can handle this, their cost is unaffordable for the average hobbyist. Following we have shared a process of cutting steel-belted tires precisely using a reciprocating saw.

Best way to Cut Steel-belted Tires

Tool requires:

  • Reciprocating saw
  • Sawzall blade
  • Heavy-duty drill
  • Wooden wedge or chisel

Mark the tire

Mark the position on the tire where you desired to cut it. It will help keep your saw blade on track and manage it properly.

Drill starter hole

Create a pilot hole to insert your saw blade into it. But don’t cut the sidewall through the inner rim of your tire. This part of the blade can wreck the saw blade quickly. To properly maintain the desired cutting pattern, create a pilot hole in the inner rim and cut around the tire along the inner rim. Then remove the bead-like donut. After removing the bread, you can cut the rest very easily.

Start cutting with Sawzall blade

Now insert your Sawzall blade into the hole by pushing it along the marked line. Don’t push the blade quickly; otherwise, the blade can bind over time. Run chisel following the cuts to keep the blade from moving forward quickly and getting bent. If you need to reset the chisel, turn off the reciprocating saw. After removing the tire, cut the waste part into pieces to keep the gap from closing behind the binding and blade. Follow these tricks carefully, especially if you are cutting bends or turns.

Note: It works slowly, and a Sawzall blade with smaller teeth is a perfect tool to apply. Wear leather gloves and an eye protector to remain safe from sharp wire tips.

Usages of a Sawzall or Reciprocating Saws Blade

A Sawzall blade can perform huge tasks, including the following:


A Sawzall blade is handy for cutting overgrown shrubs or trees when inserted into a reciprocating saw. You can also trim and prune the twigs of trees using a Sawzall blade. Using a long blade, you can easily get access to the hard-to-reach branches and give your bushes and hedges a beautiful look.

PVC and Metal cutting

If you have a Sawzall blade, cutting metal pipes and PVC pipes won’t be a concern. So the Sawzall blade is suitable for construction purposes as well.

Emergency Situations

Sawzall blades take up a tiny space for storage, and they are sharp as well. Thus, some people keep these closes and use them for emergencies like fire outbreaks.

Attaching Windows and Doors

Installing a doorframe or window frame is a challenging task. But a reciprocating saw with a Sawzall blade can easily replace your need for a belt sander or table saw. A Sawzall blade can fit into the tiniest corner to offer a flush finish on a door or window table.

FAQs on Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires

Can I use a Sawzall blade to cut a tire?

A high end saw blade can cut tires quickly and efficiently, thanks to its firm yet flexible construction and shape edge. the sawzall also should have perfect TPI design to cut your tire quickly.

What is the best gear to use to cut a tire efficiently?

A utility knife is the best tool to cut a tire, whether it is a thick rubber tire or just a standard one. But if you want to cut the tire in half the easiest way, use an electric circular saw. A reciprocating saw with a demolition blade and a Sawzall blade is also effective.

Can a Sawzall cut rubber?

A reciprocating saw is a versatile tool and it can cut possibly all materials including rubber. But you will need a special type of blade to cut the rubber smoothly.  Despite this, some tires consist of belted steel, and cutting through it is quite challenging, which Sawzall blades can handle easily. A Sawzall can also cut a heavy-duty rubber.

Final Words

Your tire-cutting Sawzall blade should be flexible yet rigid so you can lead it even at an angle cut without bending. Cutting old tires requires enhanced durability and extremely sharp teeth. So, choosing the set of best Sawzall blades for cutting tires can be challenging.

But once you have such a list of Sawzall blade recommendations, nothing can stop you from getting faster and more efficient at cutting through tires. More importantly, these Sawzall blades are versatile and handy for a range of applications on different surfaces.

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