5 Best Screw Gun for Decking

Screw installation for decking is tricky task when you do not have screw gun. A screw gun for decking will make your decking task easiest. Choosing the right screw gun for decking will make you task precise. While choosing the best screw gun for decking, you have to consider some features.

Screw gun will help you for laying down the decking and keeping the board from popping up over time. A screw gun comes with a magazine that carries plenty of screws at a time and helps complete the job overnight. Aside from its portable and ergonomic design, it enables us to complete the task with ease.

Handyman’s pick: Top 5 Best Screw Gun for Decking

Some screw guns include user-friendly features such as LED lights and belt hooks for visibility and safety in confined spaces. Thus, a DIY worker should do some research to have the best screw gun within a budget.

Luckily, our experts have already done the job and prepared this shortlist of recommendations. Apart from these, the reader will have a deeply researched buying guide as well as a step-by-step guide, so they can use this screw gun properly. Plus, this article covers plenty of useful information related to the screw gun. So let’s hack it!

Top Screw Gun for Decking

Cordless Screw Gun for Decking

DEWALT 20V: Best Cordless Screw Gun for Decking

  • The Dewalt screw gun has 4400 RPM that has more power motor for decking.
  • The screw gun manufactured with a brushless motor to ensure efficient performance and boost runtime.
  • It has a nose cone lock for security and can be adjusted to three different screw depths for the precise job.
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The  DEWALT battery powered Screw Gun is our favourite screw gun for decking. From the brushless motor to the cordless solution, this screw gun has got almost all the essential features that should be in a screw gun for decking. With a 20V MAX Brushless motor, this tool has enough power to handle decking jobs such as plumbing and carpentry. It’s a cordless screw gun.

You have to stick with the power source, while you will have a limitless working area. This best decking screw gun measures 8.25 x 3 x 11.13 inches and is made of metal and plastic. Besides, this tool comes with ‎3-year limited warranty for customer satisfaction.

However, it’s an affordable screw gun, but the brand doesn’t offer batteries and chargers with the product. So it will increase the cost in the end.

  • It’s a powerful yet versatile screw gun, ideal for a variety of applications. Besides, the tool includes an ergonomic design, a powerful motor, and an LED light for increased visibility.

  • The tool doesn’t come with a battery or a charger. Plus, it may get a little dusty while you try to remove the nose cone.

Runner Up

Best Screw Gun for Decking

Milwaukee: Best Screw Gun for Heavy Duty Decking

  • The American screw gun brand has auto-start functionality, this screw gun will start automatically once it comes close to the deck.
  • Comes With a powerful battery and higher RPM, this tool will ensure a faster and longer run time.
  • This cordless power screw gun is designed with an LED on the foot of the tool and a belt clip for convenience.
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Milwaukee Drywall Screw Gun can withstand heavy duty task and still provides impeccable results. Thus, a contractor or a professional DIY worker who is looking for something multifunctional for decking, metal buildings, or drywall can try this item. It has slightly more RPM than the previous one, making it more capable of producing a reliable and quiet performance.

A belt clip is an impressive feature of this best screw gun for deck building. The feature will let you secure the tool with your belt and allow for freehand movement on the decking project. Despite the 4500 RPM speed, this screw gun comes with REDLITHIUM 5.0Ah batteries. Furthermore, its dimensions are 9 x 2.25 x 7.5 inches, and it is made of metal and plastic.

This screw gun doesn’t have a warranty policy and comes with a considerably larger and heavy body. So, after working for an extended time, it might cause hand fatigue.

  • This screw gun will deliver the balance and weight desired by DIY workers due to its powerful and compact design. Besides, it includes safety accessories and is available at a decent price.

  • It doesn’t have a warranty and it’s a bit heavier.

Premium Pick

Best Cordless Screw Gun for Decking

Makita: Best Cordless Screw Gun for Decking

  • The Japanese brand screw gun includes a brushless motor of 0-4,000 RPM to tackle a range for decking task.
  • The tool is designed with Push Drive Technology that will ensure a quieter work environment and offer a longer run time by saving battery power.
  • Create the XPT for better dust and moisture protection.
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If you are looking for a more durable screw gun that will offer a longer run time, then this Makita Cordless Drywall Screwdriver can make you feel satisfied. This screw gun has an 18V brushless motor with an all-metal body. Combine these features and the operator will have not only a longer run time between charges but also a long-lasting addition to the toolbox.

It’s a bit pricier screw gun that has an adjustable nose piece to allow to set the desired depth of the screw. It’s a lightweight cordless gun. It measures 10 x 5 x 6 inches in size. Besides, this best auto-feed screw gun for decking offers 3 years of warranty. Despite the higher price range, these tools don’t come with batteries and a charger.

  • It’s a heavy-duty screw gun ideal for tough decking and drywall applications. The screw gun also has a powerful Brushless motor and an Extreme Protection Technology design.

  • This screw gun doesn’t have an LED, charger, and battery, but it costs a bit more.

Best Overall

Best brushless Screw Gun for Decking

Ryobi: Cordless Screw Gun for Decking

  • Ryobi screw gun has variable speed trigger with a lock-on feature is included to ensure a precise and comfortable decking job.
  • To improve accuracy, this best cordless screw gun for decks has an adjustable and removable nose cone.
  • The user will have a quieter and brighter operation with the LED light and QuietDrive feature.
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If you are on a tight budget but still looking for a reliable screw gun for decking, look no further than this Ryobi Drywall Screw Gun. This screw gun comes with an 18-Volt Brushless motor at an impressive 4700 RPM. Moreover, this tool covers an adjustable and removable nose cone while being surprisingly available at a relatively low cost.

With this best screw gun for decking, the manufacturer includes an LED light and a 3-year warranty for convenience and confidence. Furthermore, the screw gun’s dimensions are 10.4 x 8 x 3.4 inches, and it weighs 2.59 pounds. This screw gun doesn’t have screw length limitations. Besides, the user may face trouble driving 2-inch screws.

  • It’s a budget-friendly screw gun that has variable speeds and a lock-on feature. Aside from its user-friendly and powerful control, it is suitable for all decking and foam applications.

  • It should come with a stronger magnet to hold the bit in place and is not ideal for driving 2″ screws.

Best Collated

Best Collated Screw Gun

DEWALT 20V: Best Collated Screw Gun for Decking

  • The US brand screw gun also designed with nosecone locks for user safety.
  • Because of its ergonomic design, this screw gun will not cause hand fatigue while providing an optimal runtime.
  • It comes with an LED light and a belt hook for increased visibility and portability in small spaces.
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If you have a healthy pocket and are seeking a screw gun for superior performance with unmatched runtime, you can pick up this DEWALT Collated Screw Gun magazine. With a max of 20 volts brushless motor and durable steel parts, this screw gun will handle any extreme decking or home projects effortlessly and withstand seasons.

The decking screw gun has an adjustable nosepiece on the front with a locking mechanism, so the operator can drive the screw at the desired depth without having any accidental shifts.This screw gun magazine will cost quite a bit of cash and it is only compatible with Phillips screws.

  • This collated screw gun magazine will provide years of precise service thanks to its powerful motor, higher RPM, and durable construction. Besides its ergonomic design, the LED light and the belt hook make it suitable for any tough operation.

  • It’s an expensive screw gun that doesn’t offer a warranty, battery, and charger.

How to Use a Screw Gun for Decking

Sometimes screw guns needed despite of using drill for drywall for faster and lightweight project. Before using any power tool, consider the safety equipment first. So you will need a face mask, gloves and goggles.

Set Up the Screw Gun: If you want the screw to be flush with the drywall, place the driver bit 1mm ahead of the nose. The reason for this is that the clutch will disengage the motor once you reach a certain depth.

Check the Depth: To ensure that you have set the screw at the desired depth, drive one as a sample into a piece of drywall. If you find it sitting flush without causing any damage, you are ready to go.

Brace the Drywall: Secure the drywall in the right position temporarily. Get aid from someone to hold the drywall in place until you drive in a couple of screws.

Load the Screw: Now load the screw into the driver bit. Level the screw gun with the drywall by raising it. Don’t be afraid of falling into the screws on the ground, as most bits are magnetic.

Drive the Screw: Switch on the screw gun by pressing the trigger and quietly push the screw against the drywall’s surface until it bites. At this time, the screw will feed itself into the drywall. Once reaching the desired depth, the clutch should disengage the motor automatically.

Benefits of Using a Screw Gun for Decking

More power: Using electricity to do something that could be tougher by hand is one of the key advantages of a Screw Gun. This gear can generate enough power so the operator can tackle any task, including decking.

Easy operation: Once you squeeze the user’s finger, the screw gun starts its action immediately. A screw gun is a helpful tool since the user doesn’t need much force and anyone can operate this simple tool.

Benefits of Using a Screw Gun for Decking

Multifunctional: Screw guns are a useful tool that is suitable for a range of tasks. You can use it in the garage, the house, the job site, and almost anywhere.

Storable: Impressive things about the screw gun are it is relatively small and hand-held. Therefore, one can easily store it in the garage and use whatever the user wants.

Increased productivity: The screw gun only takes a few seconds to install and loads a lot of the screws within minutes, which will keep the user ahead of the clock.

Features to pick the Best screw gun for decking

Ergonomic design

While holding a screw gun, it is essential to stay safe and ensure the task is completed precisely. The best screw gun should give priority to a user-friendly decking design by incorporating features like larger triggers or throttles. The ergonomic design means the screw gun will be suitable for a range of situations and applications.

Long cord or cordless

Depending on a power source can be a frustrating experience, since many job sites don’t have multiple power sources. So, between the long cord and the cordless one, it would be better to choose a cordless screw gun. Besides, it should feature a long-lasting battery that will let you work long hours.


Check that the screw gun has adjustable features like torque and depth of drive. These features allow the operator to adjust to the desired target to complete the job efficiently. The screw gun itself could be adjustable, allowing it to rotate into various positions.


Pick a durable screw gun so you don’t need to invest in it again before the end of the season. A crew gun should be made of rust and stain-resistant material. A screw gun that takes abuse and doesn’t fall apart easily will withstand long use.

Auto feed or feed on return

It’s a standard feature found on most screw guns. A screw gun with an auto-feed system allows you to load another screw automatically if the first one is ejected. You may find this feature on some screw guns as a feed-on-return feature.

Brush vs brushless

Brushed motors are less expensive and last longer, but they still require maintenance., a combination of a cordless screw gun and a brushed motor won’t offer more run time between charges. Thus, a brushed motor is more suitable for a corded screw gun.

Conversely, brushless motors don’t need much maintenance and come with a considerable life span. Besides, it can boost the battery run time by up to 50 percent. Brushless motors are more expensive, but they are made of newer and more advanced technology and are suitable for cordless screw guns.

Rechargeable Battery

A rechargeable battery is amazingly handy, especially for mobile repairs. Keeping you free from fixing up a power source, this feature will boost the range of service areas. So, pick a screw gun that has a rechargeable and long-lasting battery.

Carrying Case

As a bonus, some manufacturers offer a carrying case with a screw gun. However, it’s not compulsory to have them, but a carrying case will allow a professional to carry the tools comfortably from site to site. Besides, it will let you store the gun securely while not in use.

Extras and Attachments

Depending on the price, screw gun manufacturers offer different types of additional components with their products. Having those accessories will make your deck or driving job much easier, so look into them.

Difference between Screw Gun vs Drill

Comparing a drill and a screw gun is the same as comparing chalk and cheese. They may appear similar, and, apart from the fact that they are used to driving screws, they have no similarities.

Screw guns contain one function: to drive screws. It lacks a chuck, which would allow it to accept universal attachments. But the screw gun comes with a single cross-head nose for driving screws. With a depth-adjustable function, this tool allows the user to set the desired depth.

Moreover, the screw gun includes a magazine with hundreds of screw carrying abilities. This function, in particular, increases the work rate. That’s why a screw gun is a go-to tool for drywall experts and contributors who need precise and quick work.

Conversely, a drill driver is a multi-functional tool that is ideal for a variety of purposes. It is used to drive drills and screws, and it can also be used as a hammer to cut through tough materials. Besides, it has more torque, making it ideal for a complex project.

The drill is a universally popular tool, thanks to its 3-toothed chuck that allows nearly entire bits. However, the downside of a cordless drill is that it allows a single bit that needs to be loaded manually. Besides, it doesn’t allow you to set the screw depth. So, comparing screw guns makes the drywall job harder.

Here is a short list of differences between a screw gun and a drill:

Screw GunDrill
It comes with a “nose” rather than a chuck.
The driver’s bit was fixed.
Low torque.
One use only.
Specialised equipment.
Includes a clip or magazine of screws.
Support almost all the chuck. 
It is the one with the most attachments.
Higher torque.
Can drive different types of drill bit and guns.
Load screws manually.

Some crucial Tips that you about screw gun

  • Spending a bit more on any power tool, including a screw gun, can be worth it in the end. Those few extra dollars can make the difference between replacing the tool for the first half of the season and consistent work throughout the year.
  • If you have to work on a site where other screw guns might be near your tool, mark your name on it. Thus, you will easily separate your screw gun and there won’t be any confusion while you pack it.
  • It’s not necessary to depend on the same brand for all tools. It means you may have a screw gun from the DeWalt brand and an impact driver from Makita.
  • Check and recharge the screw gun before going out to work. It is preferable to work with a full charge to reduce the possibility of leaving a job incomplete.
  • Some screw guns come with a belt loop to boost the security. More importantly, it will let you hang the screw gun so you can manipulate the work area using free hands.

FAQs on Best Screw Gun for Decking

Can you use a drywall screw gun for decking?

A drywall screw gun can be workable for decking as long as you choose a quality tool. It should be versatile, powerful, long-lasting, and reliable.

Is pre drill essential for deck screws?

It’s not required to pre-drill for deck screws since they are installed in the field rather than near the board’s end or edge. However, the pre-drill may need to be close to the end of the deck board to make some space for the screw.

What screws are most ideal for decking?

Usually, screws come in a variety of styles. Among them, a screw with a 2 1/2- to 3 1/2-inch length would be ideal for decking. Besides, it should be tapered, sharp, self-sinking, and resistant to corrosion.

How do you hide decking screws?

Hiding decking screws is a popular option that can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Using Trex grooved edge boards in conjunction with the Trex Hidden Fastener system will give you consistent service.

How do you hide decking screws?

Hiding decking screws is a popular option that can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Using Trex grooved edge boards in conjunction with the Trex Hidden Fastener system will give you consistent service.

Which is better for deck boards: nail or screw?

Deck screws are more acceptable since nails may fall and cause a hazard. Furthermore, it is more prone to corrosion. However, screws are costlier but they hold properly and don’t corrode, Just make sure you are using the right type.

Take the Best Screw Gun for your Decking project

A screw gun is a portable device that saves time and cost while allowing driving screw effortlessly into the deck and other surfaces. Finally, we were able to recommend some excellent screw guns that are worthy of their reputation and ready to provide dependable service.

So, whichever tool you choose from the list, will be a great value tool for a specific purpose. However, it’s recommended to choose based on individual project requirements to get the most from the screw gun.

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