5 Best Staple Gun for Small Hands

A staple gun is an effective tool for fixing materials by driving through staples into them. You can easily use it for various tasks like – furniture building, woodwork, upholstery, fastening subfloors, etc. It is an excellent choice especially if the material you are dealing with is likely to split.

Because the pressure it provides isn’t much to cause damage to your material. There are several types of staple guns available out there and amidst them, the best staple gun for small hands is a criterion especially popular among a specific group of people. 

Handyman’s pick: Top 5 Best Staple Gun for Small Hands

When deciding upon a staple gun for small hands one has to consider several things and has to do thorough research. Because staple guns come in various forms. It can be manual, electric, or pneumatic. The size of each staple gun also differs greatly from one another.

Therefore, the selection process and differentiating among the staple guns on the basis of their features can seem a bit tedious. To make this process a little bit easier for you, we are going to provide you with pieces of information on the 5 best staple guns for small hands according to the comfort, convenience, ease, durability, and security they provide.

Top Pick Staple Gun

WETOLS: Best Manual Staple Gun for Small Hands

  • WETOLS Staple Gun is a 3-in-1 multi-functional staple gun that can fasten three types of staples.
  • The gun comes with 3000 pieces of staples for long-time operation.
  • It is easier to clear any stuck nail for the proper function of the gun.
  • The carbon steel material of the gun prolongs its service life and ensures great reliability.
  • It requires fewer steps to install and the operation is also easier and smooth. 
  • This staple gun is ideal for a variety of tasks and all ages of users. 
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The WETOLS Staple Gun is one of the best manual staple guns for small hands. It is a heavy-duty staple gun that’s versatile enough to operate with 3 types of staples. This gun comes with 3000 pieces of staples, as well as a remover. Therefore, you can use it for a long time without having to buy additional staples for your gun. The quality of this staple gun is praiseworthy because of its solid build of carbon steel material.

Another unique feature of WETOLS Staple Gun is that it clears stuck nails very easily and quickly. Installing and operating this staple gun is so effortless that no knowledge of the product is required beforehand. As a result, you can easily use this gun and get satisfactory results no matter how new you are to the tool. 

  • The WETOLS Staple Gun is a heavy-duty staple gun. You can use it for multi-functional purposes with great satisfaction. It comes with 3 types of staples offering great versatility. Due to its solid build, you will find it highly reliable and suitable for long-time use. The installation and operation are both quite easy as it is made for all levels of users.

  • You may find the WETOLS Staple Gun a bit heavy compared to some other staple guns out there. Therefore, working with it single-handedly can sometimes be troublesome. Also, the quality of the gun isn’t always as guaranteed. It also doesn’t have an anti-jamming feature which creates difficulty at times.

Runner Up

HAUSHOF: Light Duty Staple Gun for Small Hands

  • HAUSHOF Light Duty Staple Gun is great for light-duty operations.
  • It comes with 800 pieces of staples for long-time operation. 
  • This staple gun can fit different sizes of staples offering great versatility. 
  • It has a magazine release latch for quicker and easier staple loading.
  • The ergonomic design provides great comfort to the users while operating.
  • The gun comes with a handle lock offering greater security and preventing accidents. 
  • Storing this staple gun is easier as it requires little place. 
  • It comes with most of the necessary accessories. 
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HAUSHOF Light Duty Staple Gun is one of the top staple guns for small hands. If you are looking for a light-duty staple gun that can provide you with maximum security and comfort while operating, then this is the right one for you. The 800 pieces of staples it comes with ensures long-time performance without having to buy additional staples.

But even if you need to reload, the process is so much easier and quicker that you won’t feel bothered. This staple gun not only guarantees versatility but also ensures user comfortability with its ergonomic design. You don’t need to be concerned about the security as well because it features a handle lock to ensure safety. Finally, you can effortlessly store this staple gun as it doesn’t require much space.

  • You will find HAUSHOF Light Duty Staple Gun very handy and easy to use. It is an excellent choice for light-duty operations. Due to being multi-function, it is the only staple gun you’ll need no matter what the task is. You will also find loading staples more quick and effortless compared to other staple guns. It is not only comfortable to use because of its design but also has great security.

  • The HAUSHOF Light Duty Staple Gun is sometimes a bit difficult to work with. You may find the handle hard to pull while stapling which may also cause harm to the accuracy. It is not suitable for heavy-duty operations.

Light Duty Staple Gun

AECCN: Best Staple Gun for Small Hands

  • AECCN Staple Gun is a 3-in-1 multi-purpose staple gun for your various stapling needs.
  • Easy insertion of various types of staples is possible because of the unique binding groove. 
  • The steel body of high-strength chrome prolongs the service life of this staple gun and ensures reliability.
  • The surface plating guarantees no rust and minimum damage to the staple gun.
  • It comes with 2000 pieces of staples of three different kinds for all sorts of needs.
  • The ergonomic design of the gun ensures the comfort of the users and no-slip feature.
  • The easily adjustable thickness of the material makes the operation more effortless.
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You should consider the AECCN Staple Gun if you are in search of a staple gun for small hands that you can operate with minimum labor and maximum comfort. It is a multipurpose staple gun that comes with 2000 pieces of staples and fits three different kinds of staples without any trouble. This feature offers you great versatility.

The construction of this staple gun includes a steel body of high-strength chrome and ensures durability and reliability. You can also be sure of not facing rust related issues with this staple gun as it features surface plating. It is designed in a way to ensure comfort, convenience, and easy operation for its users. 

  • You can use the AECCN Staple Gun for all sorts of tasks including decoration, fastening, and repair. You can rely upon the solid construction of the staple gun and be sure of its long service life. It supports several types of nails which makes this staple gun more versatile. You will find this gun to be handy and comfortable due to its user-friendliness. Its labor-saving quality prevents any sort of fatigue. It also has a not-slip feature for better precision.

  • You may face difficulty while shooting if you use the AECCN Staple Gun. If you are on a budget, this staple gun may not be the right choice for you.

Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Arrow T50: Best Heavy Duty Staple Gun

  • Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun has a heavy-duty construction of alloy steel.
  • The hardened 1500 degrees of furnace provides prolonged service life. 
  • It can work on a variety of projects as it can fit different types of staples effortlessly.
  • The jam-resisting mechanism ensures trouble-free operation.
  • It has a staple-viewing window that lets you know when the gun needs reloading. 
  • For a comfortable experience and support, it has a leverage handle. 
  • The staple gun provides great consistency while fastening. 
  • The coil spring ensures easy operation for all sorts of users. 
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Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun is one of the best electric staple guns for small hands. It can easily operate with 5 different types of staples without causing any issues. As a result, you can operate this staple gun during various types of projects including crafts, general repairs, upholstery, installing insulation, etc.

The best feature of this staple gun is its jam-resisting mechanism. Because it ensures smoother and quicker operation. It also has a coil spring that guarantees ease for all levels of users. You won’t have to worry about checking if you are out of staples because there’s a staple-viewing window to solve that problem as well. The leverage handle it comes with ensures great comfort and support. 

  • Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun is a highly stable gun because of its solid construction. It is very durable and reliable. You can use this for all sorts of operations without facing trouble. This staple gun is very easy to operate. It provides maximum smoothness while operating. No guesswork is required for acknowledging when you are out of staples.

  • Arrow T50 Heavy Duty Staple Gun is a heavyweight gun. As a result, many people face difficulty while operating with it. In fact, if you are dealing with a long-term project you should avoid this staple gun as it may cause fatigue and discomfort.

Electric Staple Gun

Arrow E21: Best Electric Staple Gun for small hands

  • A safety feature includes a stapler base to keep the stable gun upright and safely on the workbench.
  • This stable gun is compatible with genuine Arrow JT21 staples which can be loaded conveniently into a bottom-loading magazine.
  • This affordable stable gun includes a soft over-mold grip for ease of use and prevents accidental misfires.
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Looking for the best electric staple gun for small hands that is versatile and safer? Try this user-friendly Arrow E21 Cordless Electric Staple Gun. Available at a decent price, this compact-designed stable gun perfectly fits in a small hand as well as a toolbox. Not only that, this electric staple gun is built to handle any heavy-duty task conveniently, whether it is upholstery or a hobby project.

Especially this stable gun comes in a cordless design with a rechargeable battery and promises around 3 hours of continuous run time. Combining these features, this electric staple gun for small hands will be a handy option for working in a remote place with limited power sources.

  • This cheap electric staple gun is made of plastic and metal and comes with a stunning look in black and red. Plus, it’s a lightweight, stable gun that is versatile, easier, and safer to use for reliable performance.

  • The electric trim stable gun can be a bit loud and it doesn’t include staples. So the customer has to buy the staples separately.

Staple kit

KeLDE 3500-Pack Staple Kit for Staple Gun

  • KeLDE 3500-Pack Staple kit comes with a pack of 3500 staples.
  • It consists of 3 different types of staples which let users perform a wide range of applications.  
  • It comes with  ensures the user’s comfort and convenience. 
  • The lock mechanism guarantees safe operation and storage. 
  • It comes with a warning window that allows observation of the staple quantity. 
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If you are searching for a staple kit for staple gun you should consider the KeLDE 3500-Pack Staple Gun. This staple gun comes in a package with 3500 pieces of staples in three different sizes. The sizes include- ⅜ inch, 5/16 inch, and ¼ inch. Due to this versatility, you can easily perform various kinds of operations with a single staple gun. The comfort and support it provides with its grip handle are also remarkable.

The rubberised handle ensures a slip-free operation by increasing friction. As a result, you can easily operate the staple gun without having to worry about losing control. This also ensures greater accuracy and precision. The KeLDE 3500-Pack Staple Gun also comes with a handle lock. So, safety isn’t something you’ll ever have to worry about during operating as well as storing. Another great feature of this staple gun is its warning window. This window lets you observe the staples while operating so that you can see if they need reloading. 

  • KeLDE 3500-Pack Staple Gun is an extremely versatile and long-lasting staple gun. It guarantees to provide you the accuracy you require. You will find the handle of this staple gun to be extraordinarily comfortable and friction-free. There’s no scope of running out of staples as you get a warning window with this gun. It comes with a warranty of 12 months.

  • The only problem with the KeLDE 3500-Pack Staple Gun is its weight. Even though it has a compact structure and you can hold it with small hands, the heavy-weight may be a concern. Because it can cause discomfort and fatigue during operation.

Factors to pick the Best Staple Gun for Small Hands

There are several things that play an important role while selecting a staple gun. The factors that are most important to consider are given below for your consideration.


It is very important to consider the power of a screw gun and staple gun before buying it. Because it is one of the top things that decides what kind of work you’ll be able to do. Depending on what type of project you have at hand (light-type, medium-type, heavy-type) you’ll have to check out the staple gun’s power. But in order to get a staple gun that’s versatile, you should aim for a highly powerful one. 

best manual staple gun for small hands

Staple Size 

Depending on what type of project you are dealing with, you should decide upon the staple size. Because a specific sized staple gun won’t be able to perform all sorts of nail work. Therefore, you should consider buying a staple gun that allows you to adjust the size of the staple according to your requirement. 


Comfort is another essential factor to consider. Doesn’t matter if you plan on using your staple gun on a regular basis, or once in a while, it should always be comfortable to operate with. Therefore, you should ensure that the staple gun you are buying has an ergonomic design.

Because this design will provide you with utmost comfort and ease. Also, make sure the staple gun features a rubberised handle for better grip and support. The weight of the staple gun always plays a role in the user’s comfort. So, ensure the weight of your staple gun is something you can handle without facing fatigue while operating for a long time. 


Doesn’t matter what product you aim to buy, durability is a common quality to look for. Because no one wants their product to break down after only a few uses. The durability of a staple gun depends upon its material. Make sure your chosen staple gun is made with high-quality material. And also, look for the warranty it comes with. Because a warranty is a way of ensuring the confidence the manufacturer has in the product. 

FAQs on Best Staple Gun for Small Hands

What is the smallest size staple?

There are different sizes of staples available out there. Because the size of a staple depends upon what kind of project you have at hand. For each project, you need a specifically sized staple. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired output or you may damage the material altogether. Therefore, it is important to know the sizes available. The smallest size staple according to thickness is 20-23 gauge. According to weight, the smallest one is 4 ounces and depending on the dimension it is 2.3x2x1.2 inches. 

What is the easiest stapler to use?

Among the staple guns we have discussed, the WETOLS Staple Gun is the easiest staple gun to use. It is a heavy-duty, long-lasting staple gun that comes with 3000 pieces of staples. So, no matter what kind of project you are working on, it will provide you maximum reliability. The reason why we chose this as the easiest staple gun is its installation and operation process. Each process requires minimum time and effort. Therefore, no matter if you are a professional or new to this tool, you can effortlessly use it without having to face any difficulty. 

What are small staple guns used for?

We use small staple guns for different kinds of applications. They are the best choice when you need to drive staples through materials that don’t require too much pressure. This is why, in such cases, you need small staple guns rather than nail guns to avoid overkill. Also, due to the materials being a bit on the soft side, using nails guns may cause damage to your project and the material. Small staple guns are used for upholstery, carpeting, wiring, roofing, house wrap, insulation, etc., and can easily drive into masonry, plastic, wood. 

What is the most common size of staple?

As mentioned earlier, the staple of staple gun comes in a variety of sizes to fulfill different kinds of needs for different types of projects. Among the sizes, depending on the thickness, the most common staple sizes are 16, 18, and 20 gauge. Because these common gauges can provide satisfactory results for most of the applications. Within this thickness, the most common length of a staple is 2 inches and the width is 7/32 inches to 7/16 inches. So, to perform several sorts of operations, you should settle for these all-purpose staples. 

What can I use instead of a staple gun?

There are different types of tools that you can use instead of a staple gun. A staple gun is used for holding materials together by driving staples into them. But in case you don’t have a staple gun at hand, this task can also be done by other alternative tools like- hammer tacker, rivet gun, glue gun, etc. these tools also have the capability of doing what a staple gun does for you. However, the outcome may not be as expected or long-lasting as each tool has its own purpose. 

Take the Best Staple Gun for Small Hands

Recently, staple guns have made their way into the list of most required tools for both home projects and professional work. Due to having several options, the selection process of the best staple gun for small hands includes considering variables like- durability, staple size, convenience, strength, comfort, etc. Even though everyone has their own preferences, their own list of pros and cons, we can only help you by listing down the best among all the available options. In this article, that is what we have focused on doing. 

Here, we have tried to provide you with all the necessary pieces of information regarding the best staple gun for small hands. We have discussed the top 5 to consider by providing you with their features, as well as advantages and disadvantages. In case the provided options aren’t enough for you and are unable to fulfill your preferences, we have further added a buying guide. This guide will help you through the process of selecting by guiding you through the features to look for. We hope you find this article helpful and wish you luck in fininf the right staple gun for your project. 

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