7 Best Step Drill Bit Set

The step drill parts are the parts that allow drilling holes of different sizes with just one part. It increases gradually as you lower the bit. Generally, it looks like a cone shape to drill various holes without changing bits.

The best step drill bit set always depends on its metal. Titanium and HSS (high speed steel) drill bits are suitable for aluminium. Certain alloy and higher amount of fibre-glass are waste of money. 

The right cutting fluid has a miraculous effect on all drill or cutting material combinations. Carbide parts are an essential step in drilling harder metals and joints. 

Moreover, the bit tip requires more force and creates additional heat to the workpiece and end. If possible, compare the energy applied with a drill of a similar size for each tip type. 

Handyman’s pick: 7 Best Step Drill Bit Set

You may be surprised how much relief helps. Again, apply a cutting fluid suitable for your metal, usually sulfuric oil for cutting steel, and a special lubricant for aluminum.

Always try to ensure those features, as mentioned earlier, when buying the best step drill bits. We have made it easy for you to find the suitable one for you. We have tested several products and read customer reviews from the renowned marketplace.

Top Pick Drill Bit

Best 3-Piece Step Drill Bits Set

DEWALT: Best 3-Piece Step Drill Bits Set

  • The DEWALT drill bit set comes with a titanium two flute spiral design that delivers longer life and improved chip removal.
  • The laser-engraved numerals improve visibility and make your job easier.
  • The drill bit from Dewalt has a split point tip, which aids in speed.
  • Surprisingly, you may use the Dewalt drill bits on metal and plastic surfaces; there is no need to change the bits frequently.
  • It, too, has a 1/4-inch hex shank and is designed for use with an impact driver.
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Dewalt, the most well-known name in the electrical business, provides this top choice step drill bit. The 3-piece set is trendy since the pieces can easily cut stainless steel.

Another fantastic feature is the offset construction on each step, which ensures that your bits’ steps remain sharper for longer than other versions. Because of its flexibility, the Dewalt Step Drill Bit is a must-have for every electrician. Drilling into metal is impressive, especially with the appropriate Dewalt bits.

Moreover, the Dewalt Step Drill Bit, designed for multi-diameter hole drilling, is an essential tool for configuring LEDs or toggling buttons into aluminium and other metals. It also works great on plastic.

  • This component is specifically designed for use with an impact driver. Besides, this item comes with laser-engraved numerals and a two-flute spiral design from Dewalt. Its Split point tip accelerates. Furthermore, the Offset design on each level adds versatility. Again, you can change the drill bits, so there’s no need to change them too frequently.

  • Some users advise caution when using it in walls; bits may go lost in walls.

Runner Up

Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

Neiko 10197A: Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

  • The Neiko has a traditional high-speed steel structure with a titanium coating, providing the toughness necessary to drill through sheet metals.
  • The bits’ split-tip design is at a 135-degree angle, allowing for quicker drilling on most surfaces.
  • Their tri-flatted shanks will easily attach to your drill press and provide a secure grip.
  • Its bits are capable of tackling copper, aluminium, stainless steel, and other forms of sheet metal, as well as plastic.
  • The drill bits come with a robust, blow-molded organisational container to keep them safe.
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Why not check out this product if you’re looking for extreme strength in drill bits? It will give you all the power you need to work on the most challenging workpieces.

The diversity and quality of this toolkit are two things we like. These are composed of high-quality HSS and, of course, titanium.

This is long-lasting and robust due to its solid build. Since you can’t sharpen step bits, you need something that will last, and that’s precisely what they were designed for.

Another feature of this Neiko set is that you can use it on a wide variety of surfaces. You may use this to make clean, precisely round holes in steel, plastic, or metal sheets.

  • Since the non-slip construction of the shank, this item has a fantastic expanding capacity. Also, it has a total of 50 different hole sizes! Furthermore, the firm will supply you with an organising case. It is more powerful and user-friendly due to its self-centring and walking-resistant construction.

  • According to some users’ experience, rapid dulling may happen. However, most of the reviews were positive.

Best 1-3/8 inch

1-3/8 inch Step Drill Bit Set

Klein Tools: 1-3/8 inch Step Drill Bit Set

  • The drill bit has silver marks for various hole sizes, allowing you to visualise the size of the hole you wish to accomplish.
  • This drill bit has a glow-in-the-dark handle that stays lighted for half an hour, so you won’t lose sight of it if you’re working in the dark.
  • The hex shank is 3/8-inch thick and does not round out in the drill’s chuck, providing excellent holding.
  • These Double-Fluted Drill Bits cut and drill quicker than single flute bits.
  • The KTSB15 also has a quick start and non-walking tip, making the job even more accessible.
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When it comes to luxury products, Klein is still another option that many experts like. Klein has been providing high-quality hand tools since 1857, making it an established brand.

The Klein Tools Step Drill Bit has three distinct hole diameters to aid in accurate cutting. Its 38 hex shank offers a secure hold and prevents it from spinning out of the drill.

Another reason we appreciate this drill bit is that it has a non-walking drill point that starts quickly. This eliminates mistakes, making the drilling safe and fast.

In addition, the Klein Step Drill Bit has visible silver targets inside the size fluctuation to reflect the regular drilling sizes.

  • This item has a spiral tool flute and a quick-start drill tip. Snug-fitting into the chucks strengthens and expands its use. It also includes a simple chip cleaning system. For the most outstanding results, it comes with a variety of hole diameters and hexagonal shanks. Finally, two flutes cut quicker while remaining somewhat more remarkable.

  • According to some users, it is slightly more expensive than alternatives.

Best overall

Silver Metallic Step Drill Bit Set

Milwaukee: Silver Metallic Step Drill Bit Set

  • It can drill holes ranging in size from 7/8-inch to 1-1/8-inch, allowing you to prepare 2x quicker.
  • The step bit has a twin flute design that allows it to drill fast and comfortably while also providing exceptional control when drilling.
  • The bit is made of silver metallic and coated with black oxide, which allows it to cut through like butter and give a very clean finish.
  • The Rapid Strike tip enables a quick and precise start while producing less heat, resulting in a more extended bit tip life.
  • The Secure-Grip shank with three flats guarantees a secure connection with the drill chuck.
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Milwaukee’s step drill bit has a highly smooth surface, allowing it to work without jamming during the drilling process. The step bit has a two-flute design that enables it to drill fast and comfortably. The double design also allows precise drilling control.

This drill bit is made of silver metallic and has a black oxide finish. It performs excellently during high-speed drilling. No fragments falling off the wall will endanger your life.

Electricians will appreciate this drill bit because it does not generate a lot of heat when cutting. This makes the process safer and decreases the possibility of sparks flying at you. Furthermore, the piece will not grow dull too quickly.

  • This variant is designed for high-speed cordless drills. Its Rapid Strike Tip produces rapid, precise beginnings while producing less heat. Furthermore, it has a bit life that is up to 4X longer due to improved geometry. User productivity is increased by up to 50% more holes per battery charge.

  • Some users say that it is difficult to use on hard surfaces. The majority of the remarks, though, were positive.

Best Titanium

Best Titanium Coated Step Drill Bits Set

COMOWARE: Best Titanium Coated Step Drill Bits Set

  • The Dewalt produce 165 PSI from it’s 6 gallon tank and delivers The drill bit pack contains five basic sizes for versatility and is compatible with most brands on the market today.
  • The drill bits included in this set are suited for a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, and even plastic.
  • The cutting angle for the pieces included in this set is about 118 degrees, enhancing wear resistance.
  • You can process several types of diameter holes with the step drill bits they provide, which saves you a lot of time.
  • It has an automatic centre punch, which minimises the time necessary for each application even more.
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Step drill bits set are subjected to a great deal of strain throughout a project. And it is critical that the drill bits in our arsenal can withstand such abuse. Comoware has introduced a drill bit that promises extraordinary endurance and lifespan if you have difficulties choosing the appropriate one.

This is a set of five-step drill bits that includes 50 various diameters for drilling holes. The minor hole diameter feasible is 3/16 inches, with a maximum diameter of 1and 3/8 inches. This is a wide variety of drilling sizes that will suit practically all applications.

Another significant aspect of this product is the holder that comes with it. Organising the tools will be enjoyable with this device.

  • This item has the most popular bit sizes, as well as quick chip removal. Its holder neatly arranges the tools. Furthermore, it features a long-lasting structure. Also, it has a cutting angle of 118 degrees for speedier application. Finally, the case facilitates the external use of the bits.

  • Additional features are sometimes useless for basic applications. Beginner users will not get advantage.

Best Budget

HSS Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

Neiko: HSS Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

  • The Dewalt produce 165 PSI from it’s 6 gallon tank and delivers 90PSI at 2.6SCFM.
  • It is suitable for quiet work environment as it’s noise level only 75.5 dBA.
  • The air compressor is lightweight of only 30lbs.
  • It has 2 quality couplers for two users at once. 
  • The protective rubber leg cover to prevent damages.
  • It comes with cord wrap for an easy storage option.
  • The Dewalt’s high-efficiency motor will start without any problem.
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If you’re a professional looking for the best step drill bit for its proper application, we’ll tell you right away that this might be the most significant step drill bit for metal that we’ve tested.

Neiko’s products have already pleased us, but what keeps this tool in the forefront is the value you gain from it. You won’t find a better drill bit to cut through metal with complete control than this. It cuts quickly and pierces precisely.

The twin fluted construction provides a smooth and rounded opening with no sharp edges. Furthermore, this, like other Neiko products, works well with power tools. So there should be no problem there. However, because this is a three-set tool, you will not receive a box with it.

  • This item is made of steel and titanium nitride and is ideal for cutting thin metals with precision. With its double fluted spiral shape, this step drill can be cut neatly. Furthermore, the t1/4″ hex shank is a great universal fit that will offer you peace of mind while working. The company improved the drill’s capabilities and durability by applying a titanium nitride covering.

  • Some users are dissatisfied with the thin body construction. But it’s better for small hole drilling.

Customer Choice

Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

HYCLAT: Titanium Step Drill Bits Set

  • The Dewalt produce 165 PSI from it’s 6 gallon tank and delivers This step drill bit is far too adaptable to be used on stainless steel sheets, plastics, aluminium alloys, or wood.
  • The X-type apertures and multiple cutting blades provide faster and smoother cutting.
  • In drilling holes, the traditional and robust high-speed steel with titanium coating has demonstrated capacity and durability.
  • The 135-degree split point tip lets you cut quicker over a more extended period.
  • A well-organised box allows for convenient storage and transportation, making it a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and HVAC specialists.
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Are you seeking a tool kit that you may use for a variety of tasks? Then you should have a look at the product we’re going to discuss. 

There are relatively few projects in which these components will not be helpful. Every element in this kit appealed to me in terms of style and use.

The Hyclat step drill bit set has a solid structure, which makes it so dependable. This is extremely strong, as it is made of cobalt and titanium. The titanium simply adds to the efficiency of the process by providing a smooth drilling experience.

Furthermore, you will receive a lovely metal case to keep everything secure at all times. The piercings’ edges aren’t jagged or harsh; instead, they have a smooth feel.

  • When compared to regular bits, this item provides low stress and is nearly challenging to snap. Besides, the design of the multiple cutting blades allows for faster and smoother cutting. When drilling, X-type holes are used to help remove cutting debris. Furthermore, the three-sided shank minimizes slippage in the drill chuck.

  • Some people believe the case is fairly weak. This is actually not a problem.

Factors to pick the Best Step Drill Bit Set

A drill bit is a great tool you should have in the arsenal. Whether you are a regular do-it-yourselfer or a weekend do-it-yourselfer, you may likely use your drill more often than any other essential power tool. So, find out what to consider before buying a step drill bit set.

Dimension Marking

Dimensions printed on the body make the step drill bit so popular. When you drill your hole to drive screws, you may always go for the specific size where size marks are needed.

That’s why we recommend laser-cut bits instead of other types of markings. With different types of markings, they can become dull and difficult to see.

Shank of the Drill Bit

Now we turn the shank directly into the mixture because if it does not resemble your power tool, it’s a shame to buy it. Check the adaptability of the handles with your instrument. 

Also, consider the quality and shape of the shank. Weaker shanks can make the part unstable to use and also make the hole rougher.


It is applicable for every bit you purchase. The product’s effectiveness, whether it breaks even before the blade hits, depends to some extent on the material from which it is made.

High-speed steel (HSS) is suitable for step drills or thinner coats such as aluminum, plastic, and other soft alloys. But if you have to drill more brutal slabs, you must need a more substantial material such as cobalt. 

However, you should not blame the material for everything, even if it breaks. That’s because, in most cases, this is due to improper application.

Size Choices

The main advantage of Step Drills is that they offer many options. Thus, the more options for the size you get, the more varied work you may do with this item. It extends the capabilities of the device and gives you more opportunities to go with it.

Finishing Component

Titaniums are the most traditional finish for stepped drills. Also, this separates these types of bits from the batch. Titanium coating lessens friction between the bit and surface and makes piercing more natural.

How to choose the Right Drill Bit?

Understanding what drill bit utilizes and when to use it increases your chances of correctly getting the task done the first time. As these instruments have so many applications, various drill bits are available, each dedicated to a distinct purpose. Understanding what they all accomplish will go a long way toward ensuring the success of your project.

Here’s how to pick the best drill bit for your job.

Materials for Quality Drill Bits

Black Oxide-Coated HSS: Because of its coated finish and resistance to wear, Black Oxide-Coated HSS Drill Bits outlast other high-speed bits. They are far more durable, and they work well with various materials, including metal, hardwoods, softwoods, fiberglass, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Steel bits: They are less expensive and are often used with softer woods. They wear and dull fast and can occasionally shatter, mainly when used with more hardwood products.

Titanium Coated Bit: These are more costly than high-speed steel bits, but they last longer, are more demanding and keep their sharpness better. They are most effective when used with metal, wood, fiberglass, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

High-Speed Steel (HSS): These bits are trickier, stay sharper for extended periods, and drill soft metals, PVC, wood, and fiberglass.

Carbide-Tipped Drill: These Bits are more expensive, but they keep their sharpness longer than any other bit.

Cobalt Drill Bits: These are difficult to use and quickly dissipate heat. They are employed in the penetration of more critical metals such as stainless steel and aluminium.

Size of drill bit

Drill bits come with pilot hole charts to assist you in selecting the correct bit for the job. These formulas are based on the screw shank and should only be used as guidance:

  • If you’re unsure, go with a drill bit that’s 1/64″ larger than the hole you want to make. This takes into consideration things like wood density and screw type.
  • When working with other materials, use a bit that is the same size as the hole.
  • For softwoods, use a bit that is 1/64″ smaller than the required hole size.

Benefits of Step Drill Bits

If you’re still not convinced or unsure whether to use a step drill bit instead of a standard bit, let me help you by outlining the advantages.

It has an excellent drilling accuracy; even a minor decline is noted only in holes more prominent than 15 mm. Because of the improved strength of the cutting surface, you will have a more comprehensive working resource.

It is capable of drilling holes in hard materials without sacrificing quality. Another advantage of utilizing a step drill bit is its sharp cutting edges that provide smooth-walled and straight hole sidewalls. It removes the necessity for the centering tool to be used during the preliminary process.

As step drills are created as different sizes in one tool, there is no need to attach, remove, or reattach the bits while drilling. It can drill holes at fast speeds without sacrificing the quality of the hole’s edges. You will have the option of creating a so-called triangle hole.

How does a Drill Bit work?

A drill bit is a type of cutting instrument used to create or expand holes in solid metal. These are used in conjunction with a chuck-equipped manual drill or drill press. To tighten or loosen the clamp on these drilling machines, a key is used.

Every drill necessitates using a source of power, which we’ll refer to as the machine. Electric motors with a speed-adjusting gearbox often power a modern residential DIY drill. Massive diesel engines or pneumatic compressors power outdoor drilling rigs.

The drilling bit is the revolving, cylindrical instrument used to cut or bore into the drilled material. Drilling creates a lot of heat, harming both the material being drilled and the drill itself.

Additionally, drills have replacement bits that exist in a wide range of different and exact lengths. Drill bits are frequently designed so that cooler fluid (even sometimes regular simple water) can be directed to the sharp end.

For instance, when drilling a metal hole, burrs (sharp metal edges) are forced into the pit and appear at the exit pit, where they must be detached using a file. When drilling a pit on a subway or metro tube, it is usually necessary to strengthen it with concrete to prevent collapse. The same may be said for simple holes drilled in your home’s walls.

FAQs on Best Step Drill Bit Set

What is a step drill bit most useful for?

A step drill bit is often used for drilling holes or expanding existing holes in soft materials. They can also drill in plastic, thin sheet metal, aluminum, and hard materials like cast iron, bronze, and steel.
Step drill bits, once again, drill into any metal sheet up to ¼” thick by spinning clockwise. As most step bits don’t need pre-holes or pilot holes, it is renowned as a self-start drill bit.

Are Step bits good for metal?

As step bits do not twist, they are ideal for drilling through sheet metal and other thin, stiff materials. As you proceed through the steps, they gradually shave off material and create progressively bigger holes.
A standard drill will catch as soon as the bit begins to enter the metal. That will most likely snap the drill bit or result in an intense backlash. That is not an issue with a step drill.

Can step drill bits be used on wood?

Step drills are perfect for cutting plastics, metals, and wood up to 4 millimetres thick and stainless steel up to 1.5 millimetres thick.
They are intended chiefly for thin or sheet metal up to 1/4 inch thick. Surprisingly, you may also use them on wood and other materials such as plastic or metal. So, if you’re going to use them on wood, make sure it’s up to a maximum thickness of 4 millimetres.

Can I sharpen a step drill bit?

Any step drill bit will get dull with usage; thus, you should regularly polish the tip and flute for the most outstanding performance. You may sharpen it with a specific sharpening attachment or with a regular bench grinder. Hold the shank firmly with one hand so you can rotate the drill while supporting your torso with the other.
Make a 45-degree angle with the drill tip to the grinding wheel. To a wheel, apply a leading or cutting edge.

How thick of metal can you drill with a step drill bit?

Step drilling bits are used to make holes in thin materials like sheet metal. Whether you require a correctly sized electrical service panel, a neat hole in a metal junction box, or a stainless-steel sink, these are the instruments you employ. A metal step drill bit enables you to drill holes of changing diameters, and many will drill through metal as thick as 3/8 inch.

Final Verdict

Finding the best step drill bit set is always a challenging task. But after reading the article, you may have a precise knowledge of the step drill bits. We have brought about all the products near you with its maximum efficiency along with a buying guide.

For me, the DEWALT Step Drill Bit Set is the best purchase. Drilling holes with this metal will make you wonder why the hell you’ve never tried this before. The debris this thing throws on impact will make you smile and try to pierce your eyes and make you burn for a time. 

But my colleague Andy loves the Neiko 10197A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set. This one drill-like higher-level steps for him. It drills a scout hole, uses a lower drilling speed, colder oil, and constant pressure. In fact, it drills almost anything and lasts a long time.

But you can’t put the other five aside. They have taken place on our list with their quality and functionality. So, get one for you that meets your needs.

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