How Long Does a Drill Battery Take to Charge?

Knowing how long does a drill battery take to charge is handy for properly and completely charging the battery and preventing overcharging. It also helps get the best performance from the drill’s battery every time without hurting its longevity and productivity. But the required charging time varies depending on brands and models. 

Thus in this research, we have discussed the charging time of different brands including Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, craftsman. So whatever cordless drill and battery you are using, reading the guide you will learn about the required charging time along with tips to maintain and improve the battery’s performance.

How long does Drill Batteries Take to Fully Charge?

The charging time of certain drills battery depends on their capacity, technology, and conditions. In general, a cordless drill battery takes around 15 minutes to 5 hours on average. But using a fast charger you can shorten the charging time. Another important thing is you must fully charge the battery in the first time to get the faster charging and longer run time.

How long does a Lithium-Ion Battery take to charge

Manufacturers upgrade their cordless drill batteries, and most of the brands currently use lithium-ion batteries. It’s a reliable cordless drill battery that is more powerful, comes with a higher capacity, and ensures a long run time. More importantly, lithium-ion batteries get a full charge quickly, which is around 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Top 7 Bands Drill Battery Charging Duration

Ryobi Cordless Drill Batteries

The type of charger determines the duration of charging time for the Ryobi battery. It also depends on the battery power and charging rate. However, if you have a Ryobi 18v cordless drill and lithium-ion battery, you can charge it using any Ryobi charger.

Apart from these, a Ryobi 18V ONE+ compact charger can deliver a charge at 1.5 Amp/h. Its means this charger will charge the 1.5Ah battery fully within only 1 hour. Likewise, this charger will make the 18V 2.0 Ah lithium battery fully charged in just 80 minutes.

A Ryobi 18V ONE+ Fast Charger ensures a speedy charge which is 5.0 Amp/h. Thus, you have to only wait for a 1-hour for full charged 18V 5.0 Ah battery and 50 minutes for a 4.0 Ah battery.

Following are some types of Ryobi charger and their charging rate:

Type of ChargerRate of Charge
18V ONE+ Compact Charger1.5 Amp/h
18V ONE+ In-Car Charger1.5 Amp/h
18V ONE+ Compact Charger 22.0 Amp/h
18V ONE+ 6-Port Charger2.7 Amp/h
18V ONE+ Fast charger5.0 Amp/h

Makita Cordless Drill Battery

Makita created their lithium-ion batteries with advanced technologies that allow them to charge faster than standard lithium-ion batteries. Comes with a smart charging system, this brand keep its batteries ahead of the competition with efficient and faster charging. The brand offers a variety of batteries that vary in capacity.

Its 18V 1.5 Ah battery charges within 15 minutes, while the 2.0 Ah batteries takes around 20 minutes. Along with industry-leading charging speed, the Li-Ion batteries from Makita offer a longer runtime as well. Thus, Makita cordless drills are suitable for larger projects. 

Following the list of some Makita batteries with charge time:

Battery CapacityCharge Time
1.5 Ah15 minutes
2.0 Ah20 minutes
3.0 Ah30 minutes
4.0 Ah40 minutes
5.0 Ah50 minutes
6.0 Ah60 minutes

Bosch Cordless Drill Battery

The voltage of Bosch cordless drill batteries varies from 12v to 30v and the charging time varies based on the charge ampere. So using a high ampere charger you can charge the Bosch batteries quickly.

Here is the list of some Bosch batteries and charging time:

BatteriesCharging Time
12v battery25min – 240min
18-volt battery12min – 200min
36V battery30min – 55min

Dewalt Cordless Drill Battery

Dewalt produces some higher voltage battery up to 120 volts. So you have to wait for a bit longer time to get a full charge battery. Apart from the high voltage battery, the brand offers a large number of chargers that is different in charge rate, resulting in vary in charging time.

Following the list of different types of DeWalt chargers and required time to charge the various batteries:

Charger TypeBattery TypeCharging Time
Dewalt (DCB115) 20V Max Charger 20V and 60V Max* Flexvolt 9.0 Ah BatteryAround 90 minutes
Dewalt(DCB114) 40V Max Battery Charger4.0 Ah 40-Volt max Li-Ion battery90 minutes
Dewalt 12/20V MAX Charging Station3 Ah battery60 minutes
Dewalt (DCB107) 12V/20V Max Charger 20V, 4 Ah Li-Ion battery3 hours
Dewalt 12/20V MAX Charging Station4 Ah battery90 minutes
Dewalt(DCB114) 40V Max Battery Charger6.0 Ah 40-Volt max li-ion battery130 minutes

As you can see DeWalt charge takes up to 3 hours to charge its battery however these aren’t the exact time. For the specific information for a certain model of DeWalt battery, check its user manual produced with the cordless drill.

Milwaukee Cordless Drill Battery

Considering the cordless hammer drill and batteries, Milwaukee is one of the world-class brands. M12 and M18 Li-Ion batteries are among the best-selling battery from the brands due to their long run time, speed, and high power. The M12 and M18 charger only take 40 and 60 minutes to charge 12V and 18V batteries. Milwaukee M18 & M12 Rapid Chargers are the upgrade version that can charge 40% faster than the other counterparts.

Apart from these the brand manufactured Milwaukee Super Charger for a 4x faster-charging experience. Thus this latest model of Milwaukee charger takes only 1 hour to charge an 18V, 12.0 Ah battery while a typical Milwaukee charger may take 4 hours.

Following a list of some Milwaukee batteries and their required charging time based on a different charger

Battery ModelTypical ChargerRapid ChargerSupercharger
M18 HD12.04 hours2 hour 10 minutes1 hour
M18 XC8.02 hour 33 minutes1 hours 23 minutes45 minutes
M18 XC6.02 hours1 hour 4 minutes35 minutes
M18 CP3.01 hours 5 minutes35 minutes35 minutes
M18 HD9.03 hours 4 minutes1 hour 43 minutes1 hour 43 minutes
M18 XC5.01 hours 45 minutes1 hour1 hour
M18 CP2.042 minutes25 minutes25 minutes

Craftsman Cordless Drill Battery

The battery for the Craftsman drill usually takes a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours to be fully charged. However, most of the battery takes 1 hour on average to get fully charged. Apart from these, the charging speed is greatly dependent on its charger where more amperes mean high-speed charging.

Here is the charge of different models of Craftsman drill and their charging time:

Types and ModelVoltageCapacityCharging time
Li-Ion Battery CMCB209V20 9.0 AH1 hour
Li-Ion Battery CMCB206V206.0AH1 hour
Li-Ion Battery CMCB6050V605.0AH2 hours
Li-Ion Battery CMCB6025V602.5 AH1 hour 15 minutes
Li-Ion Battery CMCB6050V60 5.0AH2 hours 30 minutes
Li-Ion Battery CMCB6075V60 7.5AH3 hours 45 minutes

Black and Decker Cordless Drill Battery

The batteries for the Black + Decker cordless drills come in 12V, 18V, and 20V and they take 30 min to 3 hours to charge fully. Even some batteries for Black + Decker cordless drills can take up to 6 hours. Apart from these, you have to charge the new Black + Decker drill’s battery for 9 hours to prolong its longevity. Finally, it’s recommended to check the user manual of the drill to learn specific charging times for certain model

Tips to maintain and improved performance of the cordless drill’s battery

We have listed some does and don’t of cordless drill batteries in this following section. Practice these techniques while using the rechargeable battery to maintain its longevity while getting superior performance every time:


  • Recharge your cordless drills battery if you notice the lower level of charge
  • Use the battery regularly as lack of use reduces its longevity. If you hardly need to use the drill consider a corded drill.
  • Make sure you have charged the drill’s battery completely and check the indicator to be sure about it.
  • Store the battery dry and cool place and be careful about the temperature while running the drill
  • Store your drills battery in a cushioned bag or carrying case and make sure you have to use the plastic cap to prevent short-circuiting and protect from moisture.
  • Having a secondary full charged battery is a handy decision to complete the large project
  • Gently use your cordless drill battery as a creaked or damaged battery won’t work
  • Use the right drill setting for a certain job as incorrect settings put excess pressure on the drill and eat the battery charge quickly.


  • Don’t run your cordless drill till the large charge as deep draining can permanently damage the battery.
  • Don’t leave the battery with the charger after full charge as overcharging will reduce the battery’s longevity and damage it.
  • Extensive heat is deadly to the drill’s battery and even causes explore, so cool down the battery if gets hot.
  • Never expose your cordless drills battery to the water and remove the moisture if you find any.

FAQs on How Long Does a Drill Battery Take to Charge

How many times require charging a dead battery?

Firstly you have to check where the battery starts charging or not. After inserting into the drill if the battery begins charging leave it for hours. It may take some hours to fully charge the dead battery.

Can I overcharge my cordless drill’s battery?

Overcharge will not only shorten the battery’s life but also can damage it permanently.  Since all the chargers don’t have an automatic shut down option you have to remove it if the battery gets a full charge. Plus make sure the drill’s battery is cool before recharging it.

How long does a drill battery last?

Most manufacturers expect their battery will about 3 years or a thousand charging cycles. Brands like DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, offer 3 years on their Lithium-ion batteries

Final words

Hopefully, now you know how long does a drill battery take to charge whether it is Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, or other. Though the charging time and rate vary depending on brands and model, Makita batteries relatively get quicker charge. Keep those does and don’t in mind and practice carefully to get a faster charge with longer battery life whatever the brand you are using.

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