How much does it Cost to Drill a Bowling Ball?

Drilling a bowling ball is a quite risky task and requires an extreme level of experience to drill accurately based on the user’s finger, which isn’t a cost-efficient option. So, learning how much does it cost to drill a bowling ball will be a wise decision to determine the overall budget and go ahead accordingly.

Whether you are an amateur or an advanced bowling player, drilling a hole is essential for getting better control over the ball to fit the finger perfectly and through it accurately. Thus, following the guide, we have briefly discussed the cost of drilling a bowling ball considering plenty of factors and include some relevant information.

Why it’s need to Drill a Bowling Ball?

A bowling ball doesn’t come with finger holes that need to create by drilling to play the game. However, most of the alloys offer a pre-drilled bowling ball at rent to the recreational bowler which has standard holes. The holes size varies from small to extra-large, which feels like someone’s restrictive as all the hands aren’t the same.

So, the hand can be much bigger for the medium hole and it would be uncomfortable to grip a large hole. Therefore, pre drills can negatively impact the game. To eliminate this difficulty, you can drill the bowling ball and enjoy the game comfortably and perfectly.

How much does it Cost to Drill a Bowling Ball?

Are you wondering about the charge of drilling the bowling ball? The price usually varies depending on lots of factors, including the drilling shop and the user. When it comes to drilling a bowling ball, you can have two types of service from the local workshop.

  • Basic drilling services
  • Custom drilling services

If you are a recreational bowler and have a bowling ball taking the basic drilling services will be ideal for you. Conversely, Custom drilling services are mostly recommended for casual players.

Basic drilling cost 

If you have a standard drill shop nearby, you can get the job done easily. But how much does it cost to drill a bowling ball there? Basic drilling will cost around $30 to $50 to drill a bowling ball using the average measurement of the hole and span size. Though it’s a less expensive option, the hole may not fit perfectly due to drilling according to the average measurements. To get a better fit, you have to make a little bit of a modification.

Custom drilling cost 

Drilling a bowling ball using a custom drill will cost around $50 to $70. At this price, you will get the installation of thumb slugs, finger inserts, and switch grips.

Drilling cost for beginners

For the beginner player, it’s a bit hard to go out and drill the bowling ball especially to the entry-level plastic ball. In some cases, the charge may surpass the original price of the bowling ball. For cost-efficiency, you can buy a pre-drilled bowling ball as the manufacturer doesn’t charge extra for that.

But if you are looking for a better grip and extra comfort, you may have to spend extra money. So, how much does it cost to drill a bowling ball for beginners? Drilling a plastic ball can cost around $50 to $70, which is pretty much the same as the ball’s price.

Drilling cost for advanced players 

Professional and advanced players are more interested in a bowling ball with a custom drilled hole. The reason is that they want to have a perfect fit to maximize the control over the bowling ball. But they also need to pay for drilling the bowling ball, and the quality of the ball determines the price. So, considering the quality of the bowling ball, the advanced player will have to pay at least $20 for drilling the ball and the maximum charge can be up to $70.

Extra charges 

Along with the drilling cost, there are also a few extra costs that the players have to pay to drill the bowling ball. Some companies don’t take any responsibility for the ball if it gets creak during drilling. Therefore, some companies charge $5 or $10 as an extra fee to provide a drilling protection service to cover the bowling ball cost if it gets damaged during drilling.

The players consider the service as an insurance policy. By paying extra money, you can also get some additional features like thumb slugs and finger insert service.

How to save money while drilling a bowling ball?

Purchasing the best budget bowling ball is the best way to save money while drilling holes in it. The fact is that you have to drill the bowling ball either from the company where you buy the ball or another shop. So, if the bowling ball price includes the drilling fees, it will be much more interesting and safer as well.

Otherwise, you have to pay $20 to $70 to get the job done. Despite, if you want to buy a quality bowling ball at a higher price, you should deal with an experienced company without compromising on the drilling charge for the damage or creak-free service. But if you are a starter, you are allowed to keep the cost of drilling the holes down.

Can You Drill Your Holes in a Bowling Ball?

Yes, it’s possible, but you shouldn’t attempt to drill a hole in your bowling ball. Some people can drill a hole in the ball on their own as they have good experience of this certain task. But if you are newly attempting drilling on a bowling ball, it can cause plenty of difficulties.

Some enthusiasts also believe that creating holes in a bowling ball is far more complicated than measuring fingers and pushing drill bits on it. It needs the best thought and practices to place the holes on the bowling ball. Plus, you must need the extremely sharp diamond drill bit, which increases the risk of injury. Apart from these, the process is so tough that sometimes professionals go wrong.

If you don’t have experience in drilling holes on bowling balls, you won’t be able to complete the task successfully. Therefore experts, instruction guides, and even YouTube tutorials don’t suggest drilling the ball to beginner DIYers. It requires a special technique that takes ample time to achieve.

Another important fact is that drilling holes incorrectly in the ball can crack it. If the ball gets cracked because of the drilling, it will need replacement which will cost more than paying the experts to drill the ball.

Even you may wonder how many times you can re-drill the bowling ball. The number of holes in the bowling ball depends on the reason for drilling the ball at the initial stage. In more detail, if you are satisfied with the layout of the hole on the ball and wish to plug the hole, you can create dozens of holes on the bowling ball.

Despite this, you can drill plenty of times on the ball for a different fit without worrying. Drilling lots of holes may make the bowling ball slightly weak, but it won’t be so weak that it could damage the ball. Conversely, if you aren’t satisfied with the hole layout and wish to shake things up slightly, you should keep the re-drilling number in the limit.

Some advantages of Drilling a Bowling Ball

A custom drilled ball fits perfectly in a certain hand, which is greatly beneficial comparing a typical bowling ball. Since you can drill a hole at the exact place of the bowling ball based on your finger, it ensures accurate holding and helps improve the game’s performance. So, while considering the budget of the bowling ball add the cost of basic drilling service.

Own Your Game

A custom-drilled bowling ball offers the advantage of showing off the personal preference. At the lane, it needs to use the common yellow or blue bowling ball that is used by numerous people and needs to play an average game. Conversely, buying a blank bowling ball, customizing it with your preference of color and a pattern will boost your confidence in the lane and make the ball eye-catching.

It may feel nervous for a beginner bowler, but most of the advantage players love the tricks and want to have different equipment than others. Customizing your bowling ball is pretty much the same as wearing an embroidered shirt and favorite shoes, which is far better than renting.


A bowling ball that fits perfectly in the hand usually lasts longer. Custom drilling makes the bowling ball better quality compared to the one found in the lane. Ensuring better control, a custom drilled ball prevents incorrect throws which not only improves the performance but also the longevity.  

Another impressive thing is that a custom drilled ball can perform for around 200 to 300 games, and even more if you maintain it properly. So, considering the price, you can enjoy a game spending less than a dollar, which makes the game worthwhile.

Custom drilled bowling balls can also help save extra money that may cost because of the injury of using an unbalanced ball. Finally, if you measure the number of balls, you have been through at the alloy, you will find getting your own ball a smart decision.

FAQs on How much does it Cost to Drill a Bowling Ball?

Does drilling a bowling ball time-consuming?

Drilling a bowling ball usually takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on the DIYers and the process. If the handyman doesn’t take your layout, it will take a longer time to make the hole and extending it to fit your finger.

Does the hole location of the bowling ball matter?

The DIYers should measure the user’s hand and finger to get the proper layout on the bowling ball. Though the bowling ball is round, it doesn’t mean you can create the hole anywhere as the hole location greatly affects the game. The hole location also controls the bowling ball’s performance on the lane.

What are the considerations of drilling a bowling ball?

If you are planning to drill a bowling ball, you must learn the players’ delivering technique, axis tilt, rev rate, and rotation. Plus you should know the loft distance of the lane and the player’s ability to control the ball speed. Since there isn’t a computer that will deliver you the right data and correct layout, the DIYers have to do it themselves.

Final words

Hopefully, now you know how much does it cost to drill a bowling ball. Apart from these, you got the idea of price range considering plenty of factors as well as some extra cost involve in the operation. So whatever you are an amateur or advanced bowling player, it won’t be difficult for you to take the right decision for having better control and improved performance of the ball.

Finally, consider those custom-drilled ball advantages while planning for getting a new bowling ball.

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