How to Cut 2×4 with Circular Saw (4 Simple Steps)

A circular saw isn’t the only way to cut 2×4 but it’s a more satisfactory tool for this task among woodworkers because it’s powerful. Along with applying the right tool, the performance of the 2×4 also depends on the method you apply. Therefore, learning how to cut 2×4 with circular saw can give you straight and accurate results without causing any damage or injury. Carpenters need to cut 2×4 lumbers for a variety of purposes.

Hence, they need to cut 2×4 in plenty of ways, including cross cuts, rip cuts, and miter cuts. This guide has covered a variety of ways of cutting 2×4 safely and accurately without replacing the circular saw. So read this single guide to quench all thirst

The Challenges of Cutting a 2×4 with a Circular Saw

Along with its advantages, using a circular saw brings some challenges as well. Like other power tools, the performance of a circular saw depends on the user’s skill as well as the specs and power of the machine.

Its excess power makes controlling the saw a bit challenging, especially while cutting 2x4s. Therefore, getting a precise cut on 2x4s is slightly hard.

Even the circular saw can jump if you don’t anchor the saw and the workpiece solidly. It would be a severe fault and could stop you from operating the circular saw on 2x4s. Relax! Following the process, you can cut 2x4s without any catches, jumping, or kickback. Despite, take the appropriate safety measures, especially when operating a saw.

How to Cut 2×4 with Circular Saw

The operation of cutting 2×4 requires some equipment to complete the task efficiently. Use these tools to get amazing results on 2×4:

  • A circular saw
  • Circular saw blade
  • Circular saw blade sharpener
  • Hold down clamp
  • A Teflon Sheet
  • Sawhorse

Safety Equipment required

  • Goggles
  • Earmuffs
  • Respirator mask
  • Woodwork gloves

 Don’t wear loose-fitting and polyester cloth

Check the Circular Saw and its Blade

Before beginning, check the circular saw and its blade to see whether they are functional enough or not. The reason is that using a non-functional tool can end up messing up the whole project. The vital parts to check are the lower blade guard, power source, and the teeth of the saw blade. Make sure the saws don’t have any cracks and that the blade is sharp enough.

Set the Blade

Blades setting mean putting it in the blade depth, which later determines the cut depth. Many woodworkers set their blade depth as they wish, which is a bad practice. If you set the blade deeper than required, it will lead the saw while cutting 2×4. The saw can also be nicked back, and due to more exposure, its cutting won’t be straight and smooth. So setting the blade depth properly is crucial. To do so, pull back its blade guard and hold it against 2×4 wood. Slide the blade depth until ¼ of an inch left. The depth shouldn’t be over ½ inch.

Support the Wood

Now you will need a hold-down clamp, but don’t support the wood on both sides. Remember, a hold-down clamp should only support the wood on one side. Otherwise, the hold-down clamp may start falling down gradually while you are likely to finish cutting on 2×4 wood. It can also cause your saw to resist, making it difficult to handle the tool. So hold the wood on one side and get better control over the saw.

Rest the 2×4 wood on a sawhorse perfectly, and make sure the portion you want to cut is freely hanging over the sawhorse. Tighten the other portion securely to get the best cut.

Cut Straight

After supporting the workpiece properly, mark a straight line across it with a pencil. It will guide you through straight cuts, avoiding rough sawing. You may also saw away from the straight mark if the handshake frequently or circular saw vibrates harshly. If somehow you start sawing away, attempting to bring it back will be another mistake. The best technique is to stop cutting instantly.

Power off the saw and let the blade stop spinning before pulling out of the wrong cut. Then set the blade in the right direction and start cutting again.

Using a speed square is also a good trick to get a straight cut. With a combination of miter and protractor, a square help get a straight cut on 2×4 wood. This tool is also supportive of cross-cutting.

Hold the speed square against the straight mark on the 2×4 wood and then lead the saw against it to get a clean and straight cut.

How to Cut Multiple 2×4 with a Circular Saw

If your project requires cutting multiple 2x4s, you can still use a circle to get the job done. But this time you have to include a jig so you can set the cutting length efficiently and facilitate the project.

Your first step here is to create a jig with plywood that is straight. Estimate and mark the length on the left side of the plywood, as most of the saws are right-handed. Place a stop block on it.

Then measure the required length from the block and mark the plywood. Square it across the workpieces. For cutting multiple 2x4s at a time, cut plywood that can cover the parallel 2x4s width. Make sure the plywood strip is a minimum of 3 inches wide so it can support the circular saw while cutting.

How to Cut Multiple 2x4 with a Circular Saw

Set the blade depth to 1/8′′ deeper than the workpiece to efficiently cut the whole 2x4s.

Mark a straight line on the workpiece and place it on the right side of the line. Put down the circular saw, place its blade in the groove and keep it in the center of one 2×4 wood. Mark the right side of the table of the saw and square through both 2x4s lines.

Now place one 2×4 wood against the marked line across the other piece to guide the saw for the next cut. Afterward, remove the stop block and position the next 2×4 under the guide block on the rails and start cutting to the required length.

How to Cut a Crosscut on 2×4 with Circular Saw?

 As a part of its versatility, a circular saw is also handy for making crosscuts on 2x4s. A crosscut is mainly required for carpentry projects, and precise measurements are a must for an accurate crosscut.

Put the tip of a tape measure on the end of your 2×4 lumber and reach it a bit farther than the required length. Then mark both the exact and excess length. Connect both the marks with a rafter square and double-check the measurement.

Now set up the circular saw perfectly for cutting at the proper angle. While keeping the circular saw unplugged, adjust the depth of the blade and its bevel settings. If required, you can loosen or tighten the levers. Finally, begin cutting a crosscut on the 2×4.

How to Make a Miter Cut on a 2×4 with a Circular Saw?

The miter cut is pretty much the same as bevel cuts as both are angled cuts, but the cutting process is different. If you cut an angle through the length of the width of the wood, you will make an angled cut. But by cutting through the thickness or vertical of the wood, you will get a bevel cut. To make your miter cut; you have to angle the saw blade along the horizontal side of the wood.

But the challenge is that the saw blade can tend to drift while you are trying to make an angle cut. As a result, making a miter cut on 2×4 woods is more difficult than crosscutting. Still, you can successfully make a miter cut on your workpiece. Simply take the exact measurement, clamp the wood to prevent it from moving while you slide the circular saw through the cut line.

How to Make a Bevel Cut on 2×4 with Circular Saw?

As mentioned, bevel cutting is all about cutting through the vertical edge of the wood. For making a bevel cut with the circular saw on 2×4 you need to adjust the base plate angle for a perfect result. Start by unplugging the saw and loosening the bevel to adjust it.

The placement of the knob or lever varies from model to model. So, find the knob on your electric saw to adjust the angle and then tighten the knob. Plug the saw, start cutting along the cutline.

Reason to Use a Circular Saw to Cut a 2×4

Circular saws are a precious upgrade over jigsaws for the more efficient and least wasteful cutting task. It’s a worthy alternative to Sawzall tools and is able to power through lots of cuts amazingly quickly. Circular saws have higher cut power, making them better woodworking tools for hardwood lumber. Along with cutting quickly, a circular saw can reduce burns. With precise cutting action, a circular saw reduces wood wastage compared to other cutting tools. Hang on, we haven’t ended yet! The most impressive benefit of using a circular saw is that it can save some tool space.

Some circular saws are extremely versatile and can handle a variety of tasks. Even learning how to cut 2x4s with a circular saw can limit the use of power tools and the use of lots of woodworking tools, resulting in saving space and time.

Tips to follow while operating a circular saw

  • Before operating your circular saw, check its base, saw, and other parts that must be in good condition and functional.
  • Work in a spacious environment as you’ll need enough space to avoid hindrances. The working area should also have enough light.
  • Don’t set the blade at an excessive depth, as it can cause a remarkable kickback.
  • Secure one side of the 2×4 lumber instead of two. Otherwise, the circular saw will lose control over the lumber.
  • Keep your hand on the hand of the saw to prevent any unwanted damage.
  • Don’t rush while cutting 2×4 with a circular saw to keep the cutting line straight.


What is the best gear for cutting a 2×4?

A miter saw is the best tool to cut a 2×4 as it can make both crosscuts straightly. Despite its blade being adjustable, the angle cut is pretty easy. By setting up a stop block system, you can have a gang cut on 2×4 pieces for increased production.

What size circular saw is ideal for cutting 2×4? 

If you want to a 2X4 at a 90-degree angle, use at least a 5-3/8-inch circular saw. It will take one cross-cut to finish the job. For a 45-degree bevel cut, this size circular saw takes two cuts. For avoiding multiple cuts to make a 45-degree bevel cut, use a 7-1/4inch or 10-inch blade.

What saw blade is best for cutting 2×4?

A circular saw blade is preferable for cutting 2×4. Typically, its diameter is 7-1/4 inches and it maintains a perfect tooth ratio per inch, making it best for 2×4 framing lumber.

Final words

A circular saw is a handy woodworking tool for cutting dimensional lumber. As a novice, operating a circular is quite difficult, and things can get worse while working on 2×4. But the technique we have described will lead you to a neat and precise cut on 2×4 lumber. So, your first step is to learn how to cut 2×4 with a circular saw and practice with complete concentration, maintaining proper precaution.

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