How to Drill into Brick without a Hammer Drill

Drilling into brick without a hammer drill can be challenging, but isn’t an impossible task. You can conquer this solid surface to create a hole by applying the proper method with the right tools, even except the hammer drill. This guide will teach you how to drill into brick without a hammer drill.

Drilling a hole into brick is a common task and a hammer drill is the most preferable option to use. But a hammer drill isn’t available in many DIYers’ toolboxes. It also requires skill to operate a hammer drill, making it a difficult option for beginner enthusiasts.

Thus, the article covered an easier and more useful way to drill into brick using some common and user-friendly tools.  It’s a safe method and especially allows you to create a hole in a brick wall without using a hammer drill.

Guides to Drill into a Brick without a Hammer Drill step by step

A normal drill is an effective substitute to a hammer drill for drilling into a very hard brick. But remember, you have to use a harder drill bit to cut through. Not only that, the process will be a bit more time-consuming and hard-working than a hammer drill operation. But still, the regular drill is worthwhile as it is more affordable. So here is the process of drilling into brick.

Tools are required:

Firstly, collect a dusk mask as drilling through brick will produce lots of brick particles and some can enter the mouth. You will need safety goggles and gloves to keep your eyes and hands safe during the drilling through the brick operation. Other tools are required.

  • Pencil or marker
  • Regular drill
  • Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit
  • Diamond core drill bits

Mark the spot

Starting with marking the spot will lead to drilling an accurate hole in the brick wall. At least it will identify the exact spot needed to place the drill bit. Measure and re-check the spot and mark the center of the hole using a marker pen or pencil.

Note: marking wrongly will create an incorrect hole through brick. Since it is already time-consuming and harder work, this type of mistake can cause you serious frustration. So verify the drilling point carefully and then go head for the further step.

Use the proper drill bit

Regular drill bits are unable to create a hole through brick. If you carry on using a common drill bit in the drill, the drill bit will blunt away over time. So a tungsten carbide drill bit would be a useful alternative to cut through such a solid surface. The tungsten carbide drill bits are toughly constructed and possess the crushing power to drill through brick.

More importantly, you should consider replacement bits to complete the drilling task efficiently. The reason is that the tungsten carbide drill bit may be strong, but still, it can blunt away, resulting in creating obstacles in the project. However, these drill bits will last longer than the usual HSS bits.

While regular power drills aren’t sufficient enough to drill through brick like a corded hammer drill, stronger bits add the extra ability to complete the task.

Start with a pilot hole

Whether it is drilling through brick, concrete, or other hard surfaces, creating a pilot hole provides great efficiency. The reason is that the pilot hole offers a small cutting face that reduces the pressure needed to create a hole in the brick. Not only that, the pilot hole helps prevent cracking the brick around the hole as it keeps it from using a larger bit initially.

Another advantage is that it keeps the drill bit from slipping and moving around while drilling, which is a lifesaver for drilling through brick without a hammer drill. So wear your safety gear and use the smallest size of the bit to create a pilot hole.

Start drilling

Now attach your diamond core drill bit to create a larger hole. Once you have attached the drill bit, set the drill’s speed at lower. Place the drill bit right at the center of the mark, and slowly push the drill to let the bit do its duty.

The regular drill will generate lots of heat while drilling through brick. Apply water regularly to keep the bit cool and prevent it from becoming dull. Applying pressure may cause fatigue, so take breaks. Between the intervals, flush out the holes to clear the brick particles.

Extend the hole size

At this stage, you can enlarge the hole size as you desire, including pipe work. It is more preferable to use a set of diamond core drill bits so you can replace them immediately if one gets dull. Keep drilling until you discover the hole in the brick with the desired depth and width.

Drilling In the Hard Brick Sections

Sometimes it is needed to drill into the tough position of the brick wall. If you have to, apply a cold chisel or star head drill to complete the task. Start by marking the spot, setting the drill on the mark, and hitting the drill with a hammer. After a few hits, rotate the bit 45 degrees around and start hitting to conquer the surface.

How to drill into brick wall without cracking it?

A crack is a common difficulty while drilling into the brick. Thus, it requires extra care and proper planning to complete the drill successfully. Firstly, create a bigger hole than the thing you need to install. For example, if you are willing to install a pipe, drill a larger hole than the diameter of the pipe so it can’t develop a crack while installing.

How to Drill into Brick without a Hammer Drill

Secondly, the hole and the bit should be proportional as the much larger bit can encourage the brick wall to crack. Properly use the right size bit to prevent cracking into the brick while drilling through it.

FAQs on How to Drill into Brick without a Hammer Drill

What can I apply rather than a hammer drill to drill through brick?

A combination of the masonry drill bit or Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit with the regular drill can offer you a hole in the brick. But it will take time and effort to compare hammer drills. In particular, masonry drill bits are intended to work through tough surfaces like masonry, brick, concrete blocks, and other surfaces to create a hole.

How to drill through brick properly?

Set the drill at the right speed as the wrong setting won’t let you continue the project. Drilling through the brick with speed is the real difficulty, as it produces extreme heat and makes the bit dull. So start with a slower speed and use water to drill through brick properly.

Can I Use an Impact Drill Instead Of Hammer Drills to drill into brick?

Drilling into the brick with an impact driver is a preferable choice. But this tool can be expensive compared to a hammer drill to buy or rent. Thus, DIYers use a power drill to complete the brick drilling project. But if you previously had an impact driver, you are welcome to use it to drill into brick.

Final words

Drilling into brick can be challenging without the right tool like a hammer drill, especially for beginner DIYers. But hopefully, you have learned how to drill into brick without a hammer drill as we have explained effectively and more easily. So, remember the safety measurements, be patient and follow those steps properly. Lately, but lastly, you will discover your desired hole in the rick without using a hammer drill.

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