How to drill out ignition lock cylinder | 2 Easiest ways

Drilling out an ignition lock cylinder is a daunting task as there is enough risk of damaging both the lock cylinder and ignition key. But applying the right method can lower the risk and help successfully replace the ignition lock cylinder for further use. So learning how to drill out ignition lock cylinder is the key step here.

Drill bit for Drilling out the ignition lock cylinder should be the last resort as it can damage the delicate parts behind the cylinder. Though it demands a professional auto electrician or a mechanic, an enthusiastic DIYer can also tackle the task once learning the method. Today we will discuss the process step by step along with an alternative way so you can apply the most preferable one.

Safe guides to drill out the ignition lock cylinder

Tools required:

  • Hardened drill bit
  • A power drill
  • Safety gloves

Pick the right drill bit

Use a drill bit that fits into the lock cylinder. It is better if you pick a slightly smaller drill bit than that cylinder. A hardened drill bit can be a reliable option for cutting through the cylinder as a normal bit can get damaged during drilling into metal.

Set the drill

Now lock the bit into the drill chuck and tighten it. Wear a protective glove and set the drill speed to low. Using a cordless drill bit will be more preferable as it offers some flexibility.

Create a grove

Starting at low speed, create a starter groove in the ignition lock cylinder. Don’t drill a deep hole since it can encourage the drill bit to slip.

Finish the job

Once you have created the groove, increase the drill speed to its highest point and drill out the ignition lock cylinder. Don’t force the drill and let it do its work. Otherwise, it could burn out the rotor of the drill motor and damage the power tool.

How to remove ignition lock cylinder without key dodge

If the vehicle doesn’t start easily and there is no problem with the starter, it’s time to replace the car’s ignition lock cylinder. But you have to remove the ignition lock cylinder first. Following this procedure will help you remove the ignition lock cylinder from a car even if you don’t have the key:

Ignition lock cylinder removal Tools:

  • Core key
  • Ignition key
  • New core
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrenches

Disconnect the Battery

Firstly, remove the negative cable from the battery. Then take out the covers from both sides of the steering wheel column by unscrewing the screws.

Remove the Steering Wheel

Pull the centre cover to lift the steering wheel. Disconnect the horn and remove the nut and washer that remain on the steering wheel. Now take out the wheel from its shaft. Pull out both the indicator switches and the windshield wipers as well.

Remove the Sleeve

Once removed, the wiper and indicator switch, the next step is to remove the spacer sleeve from the steering column by sliding it up.

Remove the Ignition Switch

Pull out the ignition switch by loosening the tabs. Make sure you have disconnected the wires before pulling the ignition switch.

Take out the Core

Now put the core key into the core and push down the retaining pin with a screwdriver. Rotate the key 10 degrees to free the cylinder from the lock covering. Remove the key slowly and you will be able to take out the cylinder from the housing easily. Remember, don’t turn the key back, otherwise, the cylinder won’t come out.

This process may vary depending on the make and model of the car. So you may need to work some more to remove the ignition lock cylinder. Better check the vehicle’s user manual for further information. Different types of vehicles may refer to a different process for removing ignition lock cylinders.

FAQs on How to drill out ignition lock cylinder

How to remove an ignition lock cylinder with a key?

Following two simple steps, you can remove the ignition cylinder using a key. Firstly, put in the key and release the steering wheel. Then press the metal push pin using a flat blade screwdriver to unlock the cylinder from the housing. You will find a metal pin under the ignition lock cylinder.

Why would a key get jammed in the ignition?

The steering wheel locking system is mostly responsible for a stuck ignition key. During parking the vehicle, its steering wheel can lock. Sometimes, the vehicle or ignition doesn’t cause the issues. A damaged key itself can get stuck in the ignition.

What causes the ignition to lock up?

A locked steering wheel is mainly causing the ignition to lock up. It can happen if the steering wheel moves after removing the key from the ignition cylinder. In such a situation, you can rock the steering like shaking the key in the ignition.

Drill out the ignition lock cylinder safely

An ignition lock cylinder is the first step to powering or starting up a car that can lock or get stuck easily. And if you don’t have an ignition key and are looking for something to remove the ignition lock cylinder, a drill can help you out.

Once learning how to drill out the ignition lock cylinder in the right way, hope you are confident enough for execution. Luckily, we have offered two different and most effective ways to deal with the task and successfully remove the ignition lock cylinder.

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